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  1. Once you select your general there are pull-downs for the command trait/mount trait/artifact of power though. OP was asking about rules for them. The Reminders topic on this forum has a cool system for building pages to help you keep your selected items in front of you though.
  2. this was one of my chief requests when I participated in the survey earlier in the year and I reiterated it multiple times.
  3. I personally do not want to see Soulblight as an expanded faction. You have two vampires as Mortarchs and can run a Vampire force with either one more or less. and then you have the FEC which is sort of a Vampire led army as well. Vampires should be super elite and I just don't see a reason to expand them lore wise or figure wise compared to all the awesome possibilities the Mortal Realms hold. I do think Deathrattle or a Skeleton heavy army led by Wight Kings and Liche Masters can be aesthetically improved upon (the Underworlds Sepulcher Guard taken to 11 for example) and would make a different playing style hopefully than super ****** horde (zombies) to super elites (Morghasts and what I would think an all Vampire army would have to be). The rumors of either a Mongolian-esque thing or some throwback to TK don't really interest me all that much. Skeleton giants, ogres, dwarves, Skaven, Gobo's, maybe even monsters and big things... that interests me a lot. I used to have quite a large skeleton army 20+ years ago with chariots and archers and cavalry, a giant, a skeleton war mammoth and even a giant bone rhinoceros with howdah on his back (some of this stuff was not GW but I don't remember what was what). That type of aesthetic and play style could really alter the Death shtick in a good way.
  4. He didn't say. He just said "we now know" He did not reveal sources or anything else but I don't go to 4chan so no idea. Tom usually has a bit more than your average insight but like I said, some grains of salt might be necessary to digest this all. All of the rumors he stated fall in line with the mini trailers we have seen and hints given by GW but it could be wish list projection and/or just connecting dots based on these things.
  5. LoN has a Necromancer as their leader so a mage of sorts. Heroes and Mages can quickly tip the balance point. One of the things they have achieved with the controlled and "low profile" nature of the members of the warbands is to keep it in a state of easy balance. Abilities are tied to the warband itself and luck via doubles/triples etc instead of warscroll power creep. I hope they planned properly to scale up Warcry but if not I have lots of new models and scenery for AoS which is my primary interest anyways. And yeah, they are using this as a gateway drug to AoS and you can tell by the full page ad for the AoS Core Book on page 4 of the Warcry rule book (which I am not knocking in anyway).
  6. For anyone who hasn't watched it yet, on last night's Warhammer Weekly Tom says he got the scoop on the rest of the year for AoS In a nutshell, everything has gotten pushed back at least a month due to the Sylvaneth delay. Looks like Underworlds is getting moved up potentially to next month to fill a release hole caused by this. Cities and Orruks Tomes would be coming after or around this time as well. No mention about spells or terrain at this point. October is going to be Ogre tribes and the new Death faction. Toms says all finecast from Ogres is getting the axe and that a new Butcher model will be replacing. The cauldron will not be attached but a big ole meat feast will be the terrain feature with spells being a maw in the ground, an ever-winter thing, and a giant piece of meat (this one sounds kind of dumb to me). The new death faction will be Mongolian-esque and feature Ogre Skeletons (!!!). Apparently the Tithe of bones was that the Ogres offered up the skeletons of their dead once they ate them clean and it held the peace but this pact has been broken. Archer heavy Mongolian foot and mounted skeletons. This will be a dual/duel box it sounds like and dual Battle Tome at the same time. Last book of the year will be Tzeentch pushing Slaves/Everchosen into the new year along with the handful of hold-outs waiting on v2.0 tomes (Seraphon and K.O. anybody else left?) Tom has been right a lot in the past but somethings might need to be taken with a grain or two. All sounds pretty solid to me though.
  7. Not a rumor per say but last night I stopped by my local non-GW store to see about the few Warcry warband card sets I am missing. I picked up the Legions of Nagash but they too are out of Iron Jaws. He told me that if I don't see the ones I am looking for to try online as the only way he car restock them is to buy the entire box of mixed offerings. Apparently no one locally is interested in FEC. I am not sure what to make of them selling these cards as packages to the stores instead of on individual interest but now I am only missing FEC (which is readily available here and at the GW ) and Iron Jaws (which is currently not available around here). One other thing I noticed about Warcry while I was going through the non-Chaos warbands is that the fighter cards themselves have no names on them, just pictures of the miniature. This could be confusing at points if you are not using the exact miniature that they are showing I suppose but I found it odd that they don't reference the fighter name on these cards only on the overall warband card. Surprised they didn't use the Underworlds Grave Guard miniatures for the skeletons in the LoN warband, they are so much cooler than the ones they did choose to depict. Also interesting that this warband uses a Necromancer. Magic users are in the warbands but not used in a hero phase/wizardly process that we are currently used to. Makes them so much more simplified which is both good and bad.
  8. I personally love their models. I have a pretty cool Idoneth force using their Aelf girls on Stingrays as Akhelian Guard and their girls on weird wyrm things as Mossar Guards combined with the GW Turtle, Shark, and Akhelian king. I also use two of their witchy Lust Aelves as Tide Casters. It all looks pretty awesome together and I am really happy with the army but I obviously cannot play it in a GW store. My IDK hail from Ghur and have tamed even crazier beasts than eels for their riders which fits the lore hinted at in the book with the multitudes of dangerous creatures in the Mortal Realms. I got in on their Kickstarters and you get a ton of stuff with stretch goals and they are under retail at that point so the money goes a lot farther but yeah, they are pretty expensive. Seeing their behind the scenes stuff though, they do hire top talent for Zbrush sculpts and their relationship with their foundry was very interesting to see in their KS updates. Supposedly they have their own game coming (sounds cinematic and very Warcry-ish). Not sure it will be any good or anyone around my area will play it but in the meantime I do enjoy painting their models as alternate options for GW armies. I did another Kickstarter a while back from GT Studios and got an all female Ork warband that is really awesome as well. Yes they have big ****** but they are covered up with armor and clothing for the most part. I found them really fun to paint and have a great back story for them. I was hoping Warcry might have a bit more flexibility with customization and heroes so they might have to do a Path to Glory campaign instead.
  9. They restocked the entire line. I was having major problems finding the Aethermatic Blue and Talassar Blue but was able to pick them up. I now have 23 of the 34. I will probably get the rest at some point even though I have found a few of the colors to be a little redundant.
  10. I went into the local GW store in Los Angeles area just to get a few more Contrast Paints now that they restocked and they had the entire Warcry box set broken out and after holding several of the miniatures I changed my mind and picked up their last copy. I still think of Python's Sir Bedevere holding up his mask every time he talks when I look at the Iron Golems though... I am going to have to mod those I think. I also picked up a bunch of different armies' worth of the cards. This store sold out of quite a few before I got there but I did get DoK, IDK, Nighthaunt, Gitz, Stormcast, and Bonesplitterz. Staff said Iron Jaws sold out first and then the other Undead pack. Its a BIG box of stuff. Still torn on the rules vs regular AoS but I think it will be fun to go back and forth and maybe try some Path to Glory using the scenery/board size as well as building up some interesting Chaos mortals.
  11. Community reveal article phrases it as such: Meanwhile, Skaeth’s Wild Hunt offers us new insights into the Mortal Realms with our first look at the Kurnothi – aelf-like creatures with a savage style of their own. First look suggests more looks are coming.
  12. I am starting up a Sylvaneth force now that the Battletome is out. My first additions are the contents of the Looncurse box so looking forward to painting the Arch Regent, Kurnoth Hunters and Tree Revenants. I kind of wish the endless spells were individual as I really like the magic centipede Gladewyrm but that tree is super weird looking. I cant help but think of it as an opening that Slannesh would quite like to jump into... not sure why they designed it that way. Anyways, my must have in the army is Drycha, absolutely love that model but after that I am a bit lost on what to get. Are the non-bow Kurnoths worth it? I want a couple of units of the Spite-Revenants to go with Dyrcha and I like how they look but not sure they will be very effective. Also wondering about how the AoS warscroll for the newly revealed Kurnothi warband for Beastgrave will fit in since they will be an isolated group for the time being. Assuming they will ally in with Wanderers but hopefully with the Sylvaneth as well - maybe not even as allies since their name is so close to the Kurnoth hunters.
  13. I have no interest in Beastgrave as a game but love both of the starting warbands for this season, especially the Kurnothi. Way cooler to me than any of the Warcry teams. Hoping they do a Warcry version of these guys with more models and variation and then a full AoS army. I think the poses are ok, I think the photography foreshortens some of them but I bet they will look awesome in person. I am torn on pulling in Wanderers. I would love for them to be a wholly stand alone force with maybe a combo battalion to pull in Wanderers easily but I do like the direction of AoS steadily distancing itself from the world that was and typical fantasy tropes with all new armies. The more they are tied to old-school forces from the world that was the more the designers' hands and imaginations are tied. Regarding someone who mentioned pulling back in the Sylvaneth, please no. I am reading the new Tome right now and I love them as they are. I am not that far into it but they do not mention Wanderers at all in the origin of the Sylvaneth. Allariele wandered alone after being awoken by Sigmar and out of isolation created a new race of her own. Some of the race had visual traces back to the "protectors" from the world that was that remained in Allariele's memories but they don't mention them in the origins so I am more than happy for them to exist completely on their own.
  14. I honestly don't think the last warband will be Hysh. In Looncurse the Sylvaneth have a "partially ajar door" into the realm and literally bath in the light of Hysh to receive its blessings of enlightenment. I am not sure the Dark Gods have much or any foothold in that domain anymore (if they ever did). Aqshy on the other hand roils the blood and temperament hence why Khorne found such purchase there. Now that I posted this it will most definitely be the opposite but that is my feeling at the moment.
  15. Never looked at the Merwyrm before. That thing is awesome! I would absolutely love to include that in my Idoneth army even if rules wise it sucked. I might buy it anyways. $115 is a bit steep for a non-functional beasty but my force is from Ghur and I already have some weird creatures in it so this would perfect for my force's background story.
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