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  1. For the most part I do like the scenery but totally see where people are coming from with it being a "must include" because they do offer a lot for the given army in a game play sense. We will see a lot of these scenery pieces on tables going forward it seems. I don't agree with the arguments of logic of how/why that piece got to the "front lines" type of thing though. I have not seen the story behind the forge for Fyreslayers so I may decide differently at that point but I just got the Blades of Khorne Battletome this weekend and in the first few pages it says that when the mortal bloodbound and immortal legions of blood march together to war the very fabric of reality tears and Khorne's kingdom from the realm of chaos starts to materialize around them. I easily can visualize this from their vivid descriptions and I can also easily see this brass war shrine folding through one of these tears in reality with gaseous billowing of sulphur and rivulets of blood without it necessarily rising from the ground. When I first read the FEC Battletome however, I exactly imagined the Abhorant Ghoul king raising his arms like the Night King and his throne assembles itself and rises from the earth from the long forgotten dead in the ground. Wyldwoods mystically sprouting and growing to full size under the power of a treelord ancient or Allarielle herself is an awesome mental image as is the disgusting count part in the Gnarlmaw of Nurgle. Gnawholes, etc. are all really thematic and cool. I can totally see a Cyghor or Ghorgon (or even a pack of them) being tasked with lugging a huge herd stone that they ceremoniously smash down into the earth followed by a crazy ritual right before the battle. In some ways the Daughters of Khain bring their "scenery" with them in the totem/golemesque avatars and blood cauldrons. I DO hope that they continue to be inventive and break it up a bit though. A default scenery piece that just fulfills a similar function as everyone else's is not that exciting in the long run. I just finished my Nighthaunt army but have to build some gravestone markers to go with them since they are not a prebuilt kit. I am about to start on an Idoneth Deepkin in earnest (have them all built and a few painted but now time to get to work) however I have not bought the boat and don't really like the look of it. I think I will scratch build something or get something from an aquarium store instead just for my own aesthetic tastes so I totally understand people not wanting to spend their money/time/paint on some of these things as well. I just don't find it very hard to imagine a way for this stuff to make sense on the battlefield within the context of the Mortal Realms. I do think this is something to relay back to GW though if it bothers you. Either thru their feedback channels or the survey coming up but there is a good chance that a lot of people are digging this as at least "something" new for their army if it is one of the ones without new models on the horizon.
  2. The current Sylvaneth Wyldwoods do have bases, they are just abnormally shaped, not round so it could be either I guess but Tom's discussion was based around it being scenery. We will see, I don't know if I am in for the box though. I want to start Sylvaneth and while I love the Gloomspite I don't think I want a predominantly Squig based force (which is what I suspect the boxed set will be since the mentioned fungi but the Gitz use the stuff in a myriad of ways, not just the living variation that you can ride to war).
  3. On yesterday's Warhammer Weekly Tom mentioned a few rumors he heard about the Sylvaneth / Gloomspite box. New Sylvaneth hero, something Branchwychy apparently and there are rumors of a new Wyldwood scenery piece. They speculated a bit about whether this would be a supplemental scenery piece or replacing the old Wyldwood (apparently it will have a round base if the rumors are correct). Tom also elaborated a bit more on the Fyreslayers from things he heard saying it is a pretty significant re-write of scrolls and abilities (nothing about new miniatures though).
  4. The question was asked at the panel about Dark Oath and the response was the Warcry teams will give a good start on that or something to that effect. They of course are quite cagey about future releases beyond the ones they are prepared to show but it definitely sounds further down the road but still may be this year at the rate they are going. I highly suspect Sylvaneth are coming in the Flora hint for the boxed set so I anticipate a Tome right around its release along with that flying moth-creature someone highlighted in this thread and of course some endless spells (maybe a variant of the wood terrain feature?)... I am quite excited for this as I am just looking for a good excuse to buy and paint Drycha.
  5. This does appear to be the full Slaanesh release without the Dark Prince itself being fully released from the prison. There is more to come than what we saw here according to what was said in the panel itself. It is a dual release for both systems with what being shown fitting into both universes to a point but was more heavily favoring AOS with endless spells and terrain piece (which looks like a portal of Slaanesh peering through from the prison?). There are still three different army builds, not just Seekers (that is actually stated in the Community preview). Maggotkin covered all of Nurgle, Disciples covered all of Tzeentch, Blades covers all of Khorne, This is going to cover all of Slaanesh for the foreseeable future. The Chaos gods cannot walk the Mortal Realms, the Dark Prince's release will most likely have huge narrative effects but not army building ones. I fail to see how this is not a "major" release. That Keeper alone is a major release but there is a lot more than that with what is already shown.. easily on the level of Daughters of Khaine release.
  6. Since it is a command ability it requires a command point to be spent though.
  7. A couple of things I have noted that keep coming up in this thread that Tom and Vince talked about in their last Warhammer Weekly Adepticon preview episode two nights ago (I do recommend checking these guys out, their weekly show has really grown on me and they have a lot of good info): - first off, that piece of scenery/Forbidden Power - they mentioned that Forbidden Power has to do with the mythos of Sigmar just prior to gating off Azyr and the subsequent age of Chaos. Sigmar went across the realms and took artifacts of immense power and sealed them away in the vaults so the Ruinous Powers could not get a hold of them. The Necroquake has shaken those "locks". This piece of scenery is apparently one of these "locks" and any army can take control of it thus supposedly unlocking the Vaults/Forbidden Power. At least that is what I got of their summary from the panel which of course was vague enough to leave a lot of room to fill in the blanks at a later date but give us a tease of what is to come (i.e. a bit more than just Malign Sorcery 2.0). Forbidden Power is also supposed to advance the overall Soul Wars narrative. - Warcry is going to be something like Necromunda meets Kill Team for AOS. The kits ARE multi-build, this question was asked. All factions WILL be usable in Warcry. They are NOT pre-built warbands, you will be able to use your existing models. It WILL be supported on the level of Kill Team and is a new IP they want to flourish. - Slaanesh is getting a dual release for both AoS and 40K. It was listed under Realm of Chaos on their Community Page but they previewed the cover of the Tome for AOS. They said there IS more to come. What we saw is predominantly demon-kin so would work for both systems (although the demon-prince looks very hand to hand vs shooty, there may be optional builds). We may very well see mortals and additional models prior to actual release. - They said outright in the panel that they are going to attempt to bring EVERY faction they can up to AOS 2.0 levels. Some will be fast and furious for the time being with a book, endless spells/runes/prayers, and a piece of scenery. This appears to be the norm of release now so it will not change anytime soon. There will be some armies getting more and some all-new armies making their appearance in the Mortal Realms for the first time. It IS going to be a HUGE year for AOS. Also, regarding Stormcast. They opened the panel by saying their huge reveal was.... a new Stormcast Chamber. Which apparently was met with a room of absolute silence. They moved on with a "just kidding" so they are aware of the "online vocal crew". I am not sure if any of you are watching the new Stormcast pod-casts but they offer up a wealth of information on how GW actually goes about designing and planning their projects. I see a ton of speculation in this thread that could have some clear light shown on it by watching these. The latest featuring the godfather of the Warhammer design world, John Blanche puts a pin in exactly how Age of Sigmar came to be. He is asked point blank, how did design on AOS start.. He said with Stormcast. They were looking for an equivalent of Space Marines with the various Chapters that could be the basis of their new game. He spent "ages" working on designs for Stormcasts and the entire game is based around them and how they could port other things from the World that Was into this new setting. That is the basis. They did their work well. Stormcast are very cool and by packaging them into every release I have 2600 points of them and I have not bought a single stand-alone model. I have not painted them yet nor plan to for some time as I have a lot of what I deem "cooler armies" to work on first but I have no beefs with the SCE and as Phil Kelly stated in an earlier episode of Stormcast, that the Age of Sigmar story is really their story so they will continue to be a focal point until the end of the Mortal Realms.
  8. My Idoneth Aelves have purple skin, my Daughters of Khaine have blue skin, My Orruks have green skin, My Nurgle have yellow/olive skin. My Nighthaunts have polished gold "skin" and skulls and while I don't count Stormcast as human per say, they will not have Caucasian skin when I get around to them... have not decided yet but I want them to look like some of the pictures of the lightning infused artwork so translucent skin with some sort of blue lightning underneath maybe. My point is it is weird to discuss "real world diversity" in a game where humans are a minority and nothing dictates what anything can look like in this magical setting.
  9. At the last convention/event they teased something for each of the grand alliances and at least one fully new army (plus Forbidden Power and Warcry) if I remember correctly. As far as armies that have great models but need a new book I think Tom is on point with Kharadon Overlords and Sylvaneth. The Sylvaneth line has been of interest to me since the beginning days, Drycha and Allarielle are awesome models and I like the tree revenants as well as the Kurnoth hunters. I would be curious to see if they get endless spells but they are sort of the original included scenery army. Wouldn't mind a hero like Rocket-Rat or something but they do have a good looking force. I personally feel that Slaanesh is a ways off. They have a good thing going with the story of milking her majesty's imprisonment and they could have the towers that shackle her fall one by one, each tower bringing an advancement in story as well as a new army on the scene culminating in the next huge season/story turnover with a wicked four way showdown between Slaanesh, Light and Dark Elves, and Nagash. It would be cool to have Slaanesh consume Nagash and feed off o his power for a while and conclude the Soul Wars saga (The fight for souls will never cease however, just conclude that story focus).
  10. Plus Sigmarite is a thing. Gold is boring in context of the Mortal Realms and the Aether Gold the Kharandon Overlords seek sounds like a gaseous air-born thing and not stamped gold coins. It seems like the only reason the Fyreslayers seek gold is that some of it might be chunks of their dispersed god. I think that rumor engine might be something for Underworlds like new objectives or scenery like the couple of kits before. I honestly hope it is, I think Idoneth deserve something way cooler for their endless spells (like a tidal wave or giant tentacle beast). I saw mention of an Idoneth 2.0 Battletome in some of the comments above but I don't think that is necessary or coming. They came out right before Soulwars and have summoning techniques in line with the new methods. Aside from endless spells specific to them, I don't see anything missing. From Maggotkin forwards it seems that the tomes were written with AoS 2.0 in mind. I am ok with not everyone needing endless spells/prayers to be honest. Not the biggest fan of them. I am finishing up the Black Coach for Night Haunts and then diving into painting my Idoneth next and hope they get some extra stuff but I kind of doubt they will... it was a pretty big release as it is.
  11. I think it would be cool if they utilized/enslaved other burrowing animals: - giant worms ala Dune or Five Armies Bore-worm style - weird armadillo or mole creatures to help them dig the gnawholes - giant cricket farms for food and cavalry - giant ants and or centipedes put to work Perhaps that clan had been diminished of breeders or had some other sickness come upon them in thier time isolated from the rest of the Vermintide where they had to enlist non-rats for a lot of labor/combat tasks. Would be fun to paint a lot of this stuff too.
  12. I have been buying every Battletome as it is released from my local independent game store as well as the Warscroll cards to go with them. I usually don't pre-order with this store as I always come in the day of release but for the Skaven and FEC I ended up pre-ordering both Battletomes and the Warscroll cards. When the owner called me to let me know they were in stock he said they did not get the cards and that was told by his GW rep that they had moved to GW only. I ended up ordering both from GW online as the local GW store is 15 miles away and hard to make it to (Los Angeles traffic is deceptive, 15 miles away might be over an hour drive on a good day). Very odd how they are handling these cards. They are not only really handy but just cool to look through and have around even if I am not playing the army in question. It doesn't make sense to not have these as continued items. My only gripe is that somewhere through last year they changed the size and format and I now I have a bunch of them in the older/bigger size and the rest are the smaller/fold-out kind. I just wish they were all uniform one way or the other.
  13. In the new Skaven Battletome they state that only Skaven can transverse the gnawholes and live but they do say that after the Necroquake that Nighthaunts came flooding out of open Gnawholes and assaulted Skavenblight.
  14. I have nothing against open or narrative play in any way. I really did not foresee this thread going down that well-trodden wyrm-hole. I would love to play all three styles but I would most likely still want to field "legal" unit sizes as that seems the logical way you would encounter these creatures/beings unless in more of a small force/skirmish. If you had a "legal" unit of 10 reapers wouldn't you field them that way in any form of play? Why not give box-buyers enough to be usable in all three? I don't have a gaming group right now so the only way I can envision getting an occasional game in would be pick up games at local stores, GW or independent. Without knowing who or what I may face, I am buying and building my forces in a vacuum and even though I predominantly collect and paint far more than play, I still like the basis of a "standard" army structure to base my purchases and plans and deck out my troops. I don't think which style of play you prefer or most indulge in should have any baring of my wish that they put units at the minimum legal size in the boxes.
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