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  1. Hello Everyone , I am wondering if you guys could help me in selecting what best to use as a white undercoat for my minis? I never really did do white undercoats before but when I did give it a go I used GW's Corax White. The spray came off all dusty and grainy on the miniatures ruining the handful of models (also if anyone has any tips on how best to rescue these it would be greatly appreciated). Now I am kind of gun shy to use this white paint again , I sprayed when the humidity was pretty low for down south and it was pretty cool outside , so not really sure what happened or where I went wrong. So I am looking into other paints/primers or maybe giving corax white a shot again if i knew what went haywire and how to prevent the grainy texture from forming on the minis. Thank you all for looking and any help you can give!
  2. keeping my fingers crossed you have a better February. Fantstic colors used on your Miniature !! it just makes it so fun and looks like you had fun with it !!
  3. Your GUO looks brilliant !! love the dark tones to him , just fantastic !!
  4. Congrats on your Nova news !! The whole DoK trailer was just fantastic, and very much agree there isn't a model in that trailer i wouldn't want to paint. I have been itching to do DoK for awhile now so I'm getting anxious to jump right in! like the colors of your slaves to darkness !!
  5. So I finally put my brush to paint (been about almost 2 years) and started working on my Astral Templars. First time using a Large base brush from GW and have to say that it will take some getting used to. Previously I have used Small and Medium brushes to base , though I have to say it does get the job done a lot quicker using the large base brush , but I feel I miss some of the finer hidden parts using the larger brush (if that makes any sense ) again going to take some getting used to. Also I'm thinking after I finish these 3, sub assembly is going to be where it's at , as I will say some parts were challenging as a fully built model. I'm going off the Warhammer TV guide and based my Liberator using Screamer Pink. Now as the week goes on to finish the other two and get to giving them a wash.
  6. Very nice work ! I like the tone and the look of the model really looking forward to seeing your army grow !!
  7. Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I have been a tabletop gamer since the late 90s , and truly enjoy all aspects of the hobby. Be it building and painting miniatures or playing a few games with friends new and old, its a hobby I feel very much at home with. My first tabletop game introduction was Warhammer Fantasy, the game just jumped out and spoke to me (a Fantasy tabletop game what more could I ask for) and though I have been on and off again in the hobby I have alwaysenjoyed playing and seeing it grow and become Age of Sigmar! I wanted to start this blog to showcase what I'm currently working on , maybe some completed models and a few random musings here and there. I truly hope you guys enjoy what you read here and thank you for taking the time to read my posts !
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    these look great ! Just really loving the look and the way you did them up !! Really nice work !
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