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  1. The Living City which was Dispossessed, Sylvaneth, SCE, and us; Hammerhal which is all order except for Seraphon; and strangely Greywater Fastness which is the heavily industrialized city whose allegiance focused on war machines.
  2. There were 7 cities from Firestorm - Hammerhal, Anvilgard, Tempest's Eye, Hallowheart, The Living City, Greywater Fastness, and The Phoenicium. Wanderers could be part of The Living City, Hammerhal, and Greywater Fastness - we'll see if the book makes any changes to which factions' units can be taken with which cities. This was kinda interesting, in a breakdown of the news from Open Day the Warhammer Weekly guys ended up speculating about the future of Wanderers for a few minutes when they started talking about the Warhammer Underworlds teaser. They actually seemed pretty optimistic about future releases for us, here's link to where they start talking about Wanderers: "They are going to get the 'Daughters of Khaine treatment.'" How cool would that be?!
  3. No support < GHB Allegiance < Combined with City-Slickers < Combined with Sylvaneth < Battletome: Wanderers Not at all - we're one notch up from where we were yesterday and two notches up from when I dropped hundreds of dollars on the army in the first place. And if the WHU 3 teaser has anything to do with Wanderers [or aelves of a similar aesthetic] I'll be over the moon. Ultimately Wanderers players have already won because we have the coolest models and theme. 😋
  4. I guess it's just a matter of perspective - Ogors, Orruks, and of course my beloved Wanderers are my personal favorite Warhammer factions so I'm pretty pumped for all of it and didn't need anything else to be very excited as it is. Of course for me it's: Any news for Wanderers whatsoever > Anything [and everything] else they could possible announce.
  5. Hey, did you hear about this new teal contrast paint - Akhelian Green? More like Namarti Green - you'd have to be born without eyes to think that paint is green! Eh? Eh? What else, what else....
  6. Wow, lot's of new y'all. Pretty excited that we're getting support in a battletome, would have rather had a book all to ourselves but I guess sharing with the city-slickers is far, far better than nothing at all. A bit concerned for our metal heroes being relegated to Warhammer Legends, but no use worrying about it until we know more. And it's not like, rules wise, any of us would miss the Waystrider, for example (though the model is still awesome). It would be amazing if we actually get the warscroll rewrites that we need though (Wild Riders actually feeling like shock cavalry for one). The ability to include Sylvaneth units as fully part of a Living City army (not allies) could be very interesting. I could see myself adding Alarielle and even Drycha to my Wanderer collection for sure. Very, very interested in all the rumors still swirling that we could be part of a Looncurse style battle box or that some of those silhouettes for the new season of Underworlds could be Wanderer related somehow. Plastic Wardancers in some form is all I could ever dream of.
  7. I understand where your coming from but they also mentioned: "That’s not all! There will also be a painting competition, a paint-and-take area, as well as Warhammer Previews that will offer you a glimpse into the future of the Mortal Realms…" That last bit seems encouraging for potential battletome previews, I think they are just trying to get folks excited about the stuff we already know about (Warcry, season 3 of Underworlds) so they can surprise us with some new announcement, hopefully for AoS itself.
  8. Why do you assume we must be getting hysh aelves? Really hoping for a Wanderers update.
  9. I mean, I originally used the old website warscroll as well and it didn't list rend on their bows there either... What I was trying to tell you is no version of their warscroll has ever had rend in Age of Sigmar. I didn't play Warhammer Fantasy, so perhaps they had the equivalent of rend in that game back when they were the Sisters of Avelorn but Sisters of the Watch have never had it. Would be nice if they did though. If you ever thought they had rend, that was just wishful thinking.
  10. They never had rend in Age of Sigmar. Their current warscroll hasn't been changed since it was originally printed in the Grand Alliance: Order book. If Sisters of the Watch had -1 rend and double the shots per model vs Glade Guard and still only cost 33% more they would be a no brainer. Sisters of the Watch put out a solid number of reliable shots that will force your opponent to roll a lot of saves, but they don't excel at targeting heavily armored enemies. We don't have much rend outside of the Glade Guard's once per game Arcane Bodkins, which is why they remain a good option to have in our toolkit.
  11. The off board deployment that the battalion's version of Realm Wanderers grants is optional, and can be used on a unit by unit basis. You can deploy off the board all, some, or none of the units in the battalion in any combination; you effectively lose a hero phase only if you choose to deploy all your wizards and heroes off the board at the start. Instead you can have just a couple of key units off the board ready to move in and flank but deploy your heroes normally and not lose a hero phase. In short, the Waystone Pathfinders "Realm Wanderers" ability is really just a nice optional bonus but it's really the Defensive Volley ability and the big reduction in number of 'drops' you have that make the battalion worth it.
  12. The correct answer is always going to be rule of cool here: if you're tempted to take some Phoenix Guard, go for it! They're super resistant to mortal wounds, have quality attacks, and can reroll 1s to charge (and Aura of Dread is pretty nifty if it ever comes up). But in a Wanderers army, Eternal Guard are battleline - which is potentially more important than anything else. They also get double the number of models per point, which is key for holding objectives against large enemy units. The units nominally have equal bravery, but Eternal Guard will reroll battleshock in a Wanderers army while allied Phoenix Guard will not. Fortress of Boughs not only allows Eternal Guard to match the Phoenix Guard's attacks and save rolls per point (both get 21 attacks on 3+/3+ and one has 20 wounds on a 4+ and the other has 10 wounds on a 4++), but it also makes Eternal Guard have more synergy with Shield of Thorns compared to Phoenix Guard as the +1 modifier is more important than the base armor save there. And naturally only the Eternal Guard can properly synergize with the Nomad Prince, Waywatcher, and Spellweaver to reroll 1's, get -1 to enemy shooting attacks, and return d3 models to life. To me, Eternal Guard win out as a highly efficient choice in a Wanderer army while the Phoenix Guard are a great choice in a mixed order army.
  13. The good news is that all the compendium units got their points reprinted in the new GHB, so all the old wood aelf stuff is now 100% matched play legal again. I miss my Wardancers and Waywatchers...
  14. Yes you can! Any allegiance can take the realm artifacts as additional options once you declare from what realm your army hails. Really hopeful we will get a battletome but I don't want to get my hopes up by expecting it to come soon. I do think one of the GHB allegiances will get a book within the next three months like Beasts of Chaos did last year, but who's to say which one? You could take two expensive endless spells, like the Emerald Lifeswarm and the Aethervoid Pendulum, or add another Wayfinder, Waystrider, or Nomad Prince for 80 and then get one of the cheapest endless spells with the 20 points left over.
  15. Looks like a really fun list! I like the Emerald Lifeswarm model, and I think it fits a Wanderer army really well thematically. I've been trying to make it work but have personally found the spell hard to use effectively. The initiative can be so important for a shooting army I find my opponent ends up being the one to move the Lifeswarm, usually to the middle of nowhere. Glad to see they reduced the cost to 50, though. Hopefully it works better for you and it was just down to poor planning and placement on my part. There's always the Aethervoid Pendulum, now at 50 points, if you have the same luck as me. Placing the Nomad Prince so that he is within 12" Protective Volley range of any worthwhile target but is not also immediately killed by any such target before your next hero phase is the core puzzle that Wanderers players looking to use the battalion have to solve. It's a puzzle with a lot of variables and it's a pretty tough one. I don't know if I'm the best to give good general advice on the subject but what I have personally found with Myst Walker specifically is that you may be surprised by the number of ways opponents will get around it. It could just be my local scene and the armies my friends have but there are many units with abilities that can cause mortal wounds without actually making an "attack" which would be prevented by Myst Walker. Evocators and Morrsarr Guard both have 3" range mortal wound abilities, for example, and armies like Gloomspite and Nurgle can put out streams of D3 mortal wounds without an "attack." That is not to mention that an enemy's damaging Spell casts will be able to target the Prince normally as well. It's a very cool and thematic Command Trait and is extremely strong against the right opponents, but watch out for those sneaky spells and abilities. There are a couple of artifacts you could give a Nomad Prince to increase the defensiveness - Viridescent Shawl combined with the Waywatcher command ability and Look Out Sir gives -3 to hit with ranged attacks, the Forget-me-knot adds some defense against enemy heroes specifically, and in Malign Sorcery there is the ethereal artifact that makes your rerollable save un-rendable (still just as vunerable to mortal wounds though). I like your collection. You're definitely taking full advantage of the battalion with all the shooting attacks you can bring to bear. The thing that stands out to me is that your Sisters of the Thorn lack a particularly good target for their Shield of Thorns, as rerolling the Glade Guard's 6+ save won't be very effective. Having a unit of some Eternal Guard may be a good idea to screen enemy threats and give your archer more turns to shoot. They are also probably the best in-faction target for Shield of Thorns. Potentially you could swap out 20 of the Glade Guard, and put in 20 Eternal Guard (either 1 or 2 units) to stand in front. That'd leave room for another 80 point hero of your choice and a cheap endless spell to give your 3 wizards something else to cast. If you take a second Wayfinder prioritize putting him in the battalion over the Waystrider as his shooting attack is better for Protective Volley. A second Nomad Prince is another option, and would add a decent melee combatant and some good redundancy on his command ability should one of your Nomad Princes fall. Endless Spells don't have to mean buying new models either, if you have some weapon bits laying around you can make your own 'Quicksilver Swords' pretty easily, for example. You could also consider swapping the Waystrider for a second Wayfinder. Rules wise there isn't a great reason to take a Waystrider right now at 80 points when a Nomad Prince is better in combat and has a better command ability and the Wayfinder fulfills the same battalion requirement, is better at shooting, and makes Wildwood Rangers battleline. It's sad because the Waystrider is really cool, and I was hoping he was going to go down to 60 points to give us more reason to include him.
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