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  1. DynamicCalories

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    GW are pretty swift at deleting negative comments, but they do turn up. There's one on the fan network right now. I don't particularly care to get into some kind of contest over this anyway. So far the rules reveals have been handled better than the 7th to 8th change in 40k last year.
  2. DynamicCalories

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I'm not talking about here.
  3. DynamicCalories

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    If I never have to see another "command points are cancer" comment I'll die happy.
  4. DynamicCalories

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

  5. DynamicCalories

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Maggotkin article on the Community page confirms Look Out, Sir! is back in some form
  6. DynamicCalories

    The Rumour Thread

    The wording seems to suggest you get one per turn regardless of battalions, and a battalion simply confirms one at the start of the game.
  7. DynamicCalories

    Need help with a nurgle list please

    Blightkings are battleline for a Nurgle Allegiance, but you've got Chaos selected, so they won't show as battleline. From what I know, you'd be better off lumping all 30 of your PBs together, and having the BKs as a unit of 10 and a unit of 5.
  8. DynamicCalories

    Dynamic Painting Log

    Finally got some sculpted bases for my Gryph Hounds and Heraldor that I painted ages ago, think they're a decent match to the shadespire stuff!
  9. DynamicCalories

    Hinterland or AoS Skirmish?

    This seems like the most likely place to ask this - I didn't want to start a new thread. I am going to an event in three weeks time where a bunch of new players are meeting up to play 40k, AoS, Skirmish, Shadespire at WHW One of the 40k players has come up with a cool escalation style mini-narrative for our games. I want to do something similar for Skirmish, as there are a few people there that only have Skirmish level armies/Shadespire and will want to play. Does anyone have any links to some good resources for building a fun, short campaign that escalates ever so slightly from, say, 50 renown to 75/100? I want to couch it in the Malign Portents time frame as we have a lot of Death/Order factions. Specifically if anyone has a battleplan where a strong hero/monster is present as a rogue element, that would be cool too, as I want a Knight of Shrouds to be a centrepiece for at least one battle. Cheers in advance!
  10. DynamicCalories

    Future Aelves

    @Ollie Grimwood huff some warpstone, open your mind to the possibility spaces!
  11. DynamicCalories

    Maggotkin Start Collecting?

    Nothing yet, but if they get one it'll by Christmas/new year, based on the Kharadron/Vanguard release.
  12. DynamicCalories

    Future Aelves

    I know people wanted that yep, but I think they fit in Order. They don't want to ruin anything, they just want to keep their meagre civilisation going. They may have to poach souls to do so, but they aren't razing cities to do it. I want to see upset in the Pantheon, I think Malerion is the best candidate for that.
  13. DynamicCalories

    Future Aelves

    It would be weird given the history of WHFB, but it could be a good new narrative point. I agree it's unlikely, but order is looking crowded.
  14. DynamicCalories

    Future Aelves

    Cheers for clarifying that!
  15. DynamicCalories

    Future Aelves

    I think Tyrion's Aelves are called the Cythai? I am probably mistaken but there is a passage in one of the Idoneth posts: I don't think that is the first mention either. There have been a few mentions of them as angelic, winged beings, which I think fits - especially as the Idoneth ran away to the deep to hide. Malerion's Aelves will be the opposite I think, Draconic/Demonic in a non-Chaos way. Personally I would love Malerion's Aelves to end up in Destruction. It remains to be seen what happens with the Soul War stuff, but I think Malerion seems the most likely candidate to break off from the new pantheon of gods forming around the shared interested of Souls, and I'd like to see his faction land outside of Order and Destruction is the faction that needs the boost the most. Martial Aelves that believe a scorched earth policy is the only way to stop the masses of souls endlessly flowing between various powers in an ebb and flow sounds good to me. Tyrion/Teclis as the fire that creates, Malerion as the fire that purges - balance, in a fashion.