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  1. @Boomboombilly As far as I can tell it's a legacy things - drones are old and the kit choices were cosmetic until the Maggotkin book, so they want to try and codify them - you can still mix them though. I beleive proboscis are the best choice, yep. I will be using them as my main hammer unit.
  2. I believe it’s dependent on how they are modelled - foul mouthparts are the smaller heads, proboscis is the long trunk heads
  3. Stacking debuffs sounds fun, I have had fun in the past with Favoured Poxes (I believe?) but this is my first time running a rotbringer/mortal sorcerer so I had kind of assumed Blades was a Given? Will have to have a think and a few games when I have her and my last 3 drones painted. Will DM you for sure.
  4. I dunno if it was mentioned here but GW said Adepticon would be their biggest showing ever this year, my very hasty finger-math reckons they could get enough articles out of the remaining revelaed Lumineth models (2 on horses, 2 on teclis, 2 on Eltharion) to save any new stuff until then. Hang on, I am dumb. They're Bi-weekly. So... 1 for each of those kits
  5. @sal4m4nd3r Really liked your write up! Some friends of mine are going to LGT and they had 2 Teams full and one Team at3 players... so they roped me in. that means I have to do a LOT of training to actually learn AoS properly, but I don't intend to win, just have a good time as I have a very poor Maggotkin collection. I might post my current list here to see what you can think of to improve it, witht he caveat that I am sure it's a terrible list but money and my Masters course will keep me from expanding it big time in the future Actually here's the list so far. No Relics yet as I haven't really figured that side out. I think i'll be taking Munifcent Wanderers from the new WotE book, but not 100% yet cos I think it locks you into a subpar relic? Leaders Great Unlcean One w/Bell and Bile Blade - 340 Fecula Flyblown & the Wurmspat - 180 Poxbringer - 120 Harbinger of Decay - 160 Battleline 30x Plaguebearer - 320 10x Putrid Blightkings - 320 5x Putrid Blightkings - 160 Other Units 6x Plague Drones - 400 The vague plan is to use the PBs as a big anvil, especially with the Munificent Command Ability that does mortals if they are attacked in Melee, whilst using Fecula as a tanky wizard (she can pass wounds off to her bodyguard) to use Blades on the Drones or Blightkings - whichever unit needs it more. Harbinge is there to hit the DR onthe BKs if they need it, otherwise that CP will be used by the GUO to give the Drones Grandfather's Joy - Poxbrigner is doing Locus duties. It's probably a shambles of a list, but the rest of my collections is basically - all the other smaller heroes for nurgle (No Glottkin or maggoth) and Rotigus, 9 nurgling bases, and some Slaves to Darkness stuff. I could be tempted to swing elsewhere with units but I am not painting 80 or even 40 marauders!
  6. It is. He's known for taking lists to events where he finds One Big Model he likes and then fits as many in as he can. Did it with Steam Tanks for Cities of Sigmar for example.
  7. I think it's an Elven hammer, and that the Army will have units that represent Mountains, Rivers, Wind and Zenith - not only in magic, but in martial inspiration as well.
  8. As someone who bought some discs to support his BoC, and just bought Aether War, I was hoping the Herald would make discs battleline! Looks like i’m investing in Acolytes or Tzangor!
  9. That's pretty nice! I don't mind having the drummer with a drum, but we'll see after i've ordered the whole lot. New Ogroid model might make the Bullgor look a little old though, they are showing their age a little!
  10. Hmm, seems pretty cut and dry if you're running Khorne, they do look nice too. How many big axe heads do you get in the kit? I'll need a spare for the Ogroid covnersion.
  11. Hullo, I play AoS in a non-competetive setting primarily, and have just bought into beasts of Chaos a little becuase their Battalions will let me buy and paint up the two greater daemons I like (LoC, KoS). The announcement of the new Ogroid model seems like a prime Doombull conversion (as mentioned above) but I was wondering about Bullgors - are Great Axes really the way to go? Do dual axes not to as much work, if not more due to the better roll to hit? Cheers in advance!
  12. It's been a very long time since I graced these pages and I am going to be taking the time to have a look at everyone's work ASAP Currently working on reinforcements for my Maggotkin, so here's my latest hero model, probably the best thing i've painted so far
  13. GW are pretty swift at deleting negative comments, but they do turn up. There's one on the fan network right now. I don't particularly care to get into some kind of contest over this anyway. So far the rules reveals have been handled better than the 7th to 8th change in 40k last year.
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