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Found 70 results

  1. Hi guys, Just looking for a place to share some of my stuff! I've painted a little before I decided to choose Idoneth Deepkin for my Age of Sigmar army. This is really my first foray at actually painting an entire army. I watch a lot of tutorials and paint videos in my spare time for fun, so I like to think that I've picked up a decent understanding of the essential techniques. Some of the more advanced stuff like wet blending still elude me, however. Let me know what you think!
  2. Well, I decided to start a painting log. I’m not sure how well I will keep up with it, but here it goes. I started with Warhammer back in 5th edition and 40k during 2nd. Dwarves and Eldar were a strange pairing. I’ve painted a variety of armies and took a break for a while there. I really didn’t care for fantasy 8th and 40k 6th/7th. However, AoS finally got me back in and I love 8e 40k. I started back in with Khorne Bloodbound and have a large army and have dabbled in a few others. I’ll try to add pictures of other stuff later. I’m currently working on Stormcast because I like the new Soulwars stuff, but I didn’t want to go the gold route. So, I decided on Hallowed Knights. I got a new airbrush (Badger Velocity) and layer down Leadbelcher, Ironbreaker, and Runefang Steel. Then I gave them a wash of 50/50 Drakenhoff and Nuln Oil Gloss. I kind of wish I would have thrown down a gloss coat first to put it more in the recesses, but I think it will work. My next step is to give it a good dry brush of Necron Compound. My converted Sequitor Prime. I used the easy build prime and added the easy build castigator prime’s arm and helmet. The extended the hammer handle to make it a great hammer.
  3. The list style that I am currently looking at is MSU with plenty of magic and shooting. I want an army that competes in all areas of the game and can answer the key questions that I think you need to consider anytime you write a list (assuming your goal is to win games!) 1. What if you can't out fight your opponent? 2. What if you can't outshoot your opponent? 3. What happens if your opponent is immune to your trick? This is by no means an all encompassing strategy for Age of Sigmar, but it does cover the basics of list design and means you should have a flexible list. I am fully aware that many of the top lists bypass there rules and focus on being ultra powerful in a single area of teh game, playing the meta to stay on top. It is also those lists that will be swapped out every few moths as things rise up to counter them and a new hot list emerges. I prefer to play a list that is alway viable without having to worry about hitting a hard counter, or a swinging meta. So let's look at this in more detail and I'll go on to show how I have thought about this from both sides. 1. What if you can't out fight your opponent If you bring a full combat army, and you have no other options than to win a straight up fight, if your opponents army is better at this then you will lose. You need to have a plan B. It doesn't mean you need to bring some shooting, some factions just can't do that. But it might mean making sure you go 2-1 in flights, or that you can snipe off their support characters, or debut the units. Making sure you have a plan for this is important. In my list I do not go for the full combat assault, I have a mixed arms army so fighting is not my first option. I can magic and shot my way to a victory if needed. If my opponent does need to win only by combat, and have no other plan to back that up, I have the option to tie them up with Morathi, or buff my Bloodsisters so they hit hard enough to kill most units. I have plenty of options to sit back and avoid combat if needed. I can reply on the table edge and still have my key units engaged in the game. Morathi can cast spells with a huge range too. 2. What if you can't outshoot your opponent? Have you considered what happens if your bring a shooting army and face something that you can't outshoot? Maybe its Stormcast that present no targets, come out of the sky and shoot out your important missile units? Or you face something that is 1 drop and does the same? Or gun line with longer range. Are you able to get over the table quickly enough to stop getting blown apart? For my list it's all about the Khailebron Temple here. -1 to be hit from shooting. Its a great defensive trait against shooting armies. I also have the chance to close quickly with the Mistress of Illusions move, and the Mirror Dance. Heartrenders to drop out of the sky and my allied Ballistas to put the hurt down from range. 3. What happens if your opponent is immune to your trick? If your army relies on one trick to win, and your opponent can nullify that, can you still win. For example, 1 Drop battalions with a strong Alphastrike. What happens in Total Commitment or if you plan another 1 drop army and do not get the first turn? I have tried to include a few powerful combos the can be game winning, but not something that I will rely on. The biggest trick here is having Morathi use the Mirror Dance after transforming and being bused to be able to charge pretty much anywhere on the table. I also have the ability to put out a massive amount of mortal wound damage in the hero phase. My list and how this applies. Morathi High Oracle of Khaine (480) - Lore of Shadows: Mindrazor Bloodwrack Medusa (140) - General - Trait: Mistress of Illusion - Artefact: Shadow Stone - Lore of Shadows: Mirror Dance Hag Queen (60) - Prayer: Catechism of Murder The 3 heroes work will together. Mistress of Illusions can move a unit, but it can also place my characters where they are most needed. If I buff morathi and send her flying away, then next turn I can teleport the Hag to her and buff again. The Shadow Stone and Mirror Dance is a great combination, you would need to roll snake eyes twice to fail to cast the spell, so the teleport combo will go off if I am careful about placement. That Combo.... Heres how it works. Start of the turn I can use the Mistress of Illusions command trait to teleport a unit anywhere on the table outside 9" of the enemy. I can then transform Morathi into the Shadow Queen. I need to teleport a hero, and keep her within 24" of my General, and Morathi (this could mean I teleport my general) I can then cast Mirror Dance with the Medusa and swap the position of Morathi and the Character I already moved forwards. Morathi is now free to move. This also works well on teh medusa. V2. Khailebron move Morathi (In high Oracle form) so she can cast spells and do some damage. Cast Mirror Dance to pull Morathi back to safety and swap in the Medusa. The medusa is now free to move and shoot. This can get the gaze in range early on and blow up large units before they have chance to get any command points on the board. Its a nice trick! Its also great for keeping Morathi in the game and not getting isolated out of the battle. 10 x Blood Sisters (280) My hammer unit. Every list needs something that can just line up and deal out the pain. They are also battleline 10 x Witch Aelves (100) - Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers 10 x Witch Aelves (100) - Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers Battleline. Mainly defence against alpha strikes. thats why they have bucklers. 5 x Doomfire Warlocks (160) - Lore of Shadows: The Withering 5 x Doomfire Warlocks (160) - Lore of Shadows: Pit of Shades I like 1x 10 but i'm trying out 2x5 for now. Lots of options for spells and unbinds 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (80) 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (80) Celestar Ballista (100) Celestar Ballista (100) Celestar Ballista (100) These 460 points are flexible. I think I will end up tweaking them around to settle on the best options. I like the ranged shooting, most armies I see recently are combat heavy hat will be forced to advance onto objectives. The 3 Ballistas should punish that. Aethervoid Pendulum (40) Quicksilver Swords (20) The endless spells are so I can really throw out the damage if needed. 6 casts in my list. if needed they can all be damage spells. Total: 2000 / 2000 So thats the list. My next post will be a review of recent games and how it is performing.
  4. Welcome to the Khailebron Temple. TGA has been up a couple of years now and since day 1 it’s had the feature of starting a blog and sharing it in this community. As the owner of the site you would have thought I would have a blog! But no. So this is my blog on my Daughters Of Khaine army, aptly named, The Khailebron Temple. Since I first got hold of the Daughters book I have always liked this particular temple, both in terms of game play and background. The Khailebron for me are the true descendants of the old cults of Har Garneth. In the background the Khailebron represent Khaine in his aspect a the Assassins, master of Shadow and Illusion. On the table this translates to some fun yet powerful combos. So what’s in my army? Morathi Morathi has been such a cool character since the early days of Warhammer, so to have her in the game awesome 99% of my lists include Morathi. I love the model and the flexibility she has on sth table, being a caster and a brutal combat character. Warlocks These have always been one of my go to units. Lots of options with magic, shooting and combat and a high movement . Bloodwrack Medusa I painted a Bloodwrack Shrine when it was first released and I’ve always loved using it. It’s not always the most effective list option, but if I can squeeze one in I will. The rest of the book is obviously great and I will be using all the units at some point. But this is my starting point. Play style. When it come to play style I’m in an odd spot with Age of Sigmar. Back in the day when “I used to be a contender” I always played an army that would be half way towards winning before the game even started. Not necessarily in a broken combo, but just down to the fact that I would always have a path to victory built into my list no matter what my opponent used or how they played. Since I’ve been playing AoS this has slipped away. Partly due to me playing less games, partly down to my army choices. I want to get back to tweaking my list to become a well oiled machine and be able to chase opponents around the table no matter where they are. My most recent list: This is what I’ve been playing recently. MSU + Morathi. Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine - Temple: Khailebron Morathi High Oracle of Khaine (480) - Lore of Shadows: Mindrazor Bloodwrack Medusa (140) - General - Trait: Mistress of Illusion - Artefact: Shadow Stone - Lore of Shadows: Mirror Dance Hag Queen (60) - Prayer: Catechism of Murder 10 x Blood Sisters (280) 10 x Witch Aelves (100) - Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers 10 x Witch Aelves (100) - Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers 5 x Doomfire Warlocks (160) - Lore of Shadows: The Withering 5 x Doomfire Warlocks (160) - Lore of Shadows: Pit of Shades 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (80) 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (80) Celestar Ballista (100) Celestar Ballista (100) Celestar Ballista (100) Aethervoid Pendulum (40) Quicksilver Swords (20) Total: 2000 / 2000 I'll go into this this a little more in my next blog post
  5. Hi, this will be a big one (actually like most of my projects). Here I have a project that combines most of the aelf factions. Some of this stuff was actually in blogs before. Here are the actual armylists, structures as the Aelfengroups and subgroups Frostaelfs Fyreaelfs Shadowaelfs Not definied aelfen groups Next will be the stuff I already posted in blogs. Fanmade Battletomes latest release: Brotherhood of Korhil current Version
  6. Hi everyone! Been in the hobby off and on (mostly off) for 23 years. My Dark Elves started around 2005 with a box of spears, then when the plastic corsairs came out, a couple of boxes of them and some cold ones. Collected a load more again in 2009 ish, but again, they've remained unassembled or grey. Always meant to start afresh with the launch of AoS, but yet again, life took over. Well, it's time to start again. Order Serpentis, 1k to start with, using models I already own (a few more than I can use pictured): Will be using the dragon (a High Elf conversion pre the Dark Elf launch dragon), a hydra (new to replace the ancient metal one!) 2x5 Dreadknights and I can choose between the chariot, sorceress and assassins to begin with. Theme: Blue skinned, though going to make this more grey with the unpainted models. Purple plate armour, silver chain mail, glossy black, bits of gold, and blue green style sea dragon cloaks. Unsure of colour for the hydra or dragon (black, but thinking of the highlight). The snow bases will be redone, now I have some actual snow stuff to use! First model, to ease me in, was selected by my 7 year old son. I hoped he'd pick the sorceress, but selected another assassin: Think he liked the claw! Aiming to have a good chunk ready by the end of March, playing the first proper matched game on 23rd with a mate who is also returning to the hobby! Hope to have most done by then... We'll see. Any more pics wanted, any questions, please ask!
  7. Alright, here we go... So I’ve been painting minis for over thirty years now, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. At the very least, it’s a hobby that helps me achieve some level of zen meditation, a way to block out the real world for a little while. Not that the real world’s terrible, or at least my little corner of it, but it’s always a nice break to escape to the realm of Sigmar for a fantasy recharge. I’ve loved GW’s versions of the dark elves since Trish and Aly Morrison broke off from GW to form Marauder Miniatures. They were a couple of the original GW sculptors, who also share the ignominy of sculpting the original Nagash. Well, everyone has at least one skeleton in their closet to hide... As I was saying, they made the first complete, fleshed-out line of delves, complete with some really characterful mastiffs. If anyone is familiar with the Dakka site, that’s where I picked my “Mastiff” moniker from, when I’d post my 40k projects. Anywho... I always have had a soft spot for the delves. Surprisingly, I’ve never picked up a single Drizz’t novel, nor read any Malus Darkblade. But I’ve always gravitated to bad guys with a sense of style (team Empire over Rebellion all the way!) and these guys had it in spades. Unfortunately, my painting productivity is best described as “glacial”, so completing the hundreds of figures required by a WH Fantasy army was itself a fantasy, so I stuck to 40k. Until AoS. I still held out for a while, not wanting to get involved until they had point values for armies. I kinda assumed they wanted to kick around the rules for a while before committing to figuring out relative costs. In any case, when they finally released the “proper” game with pts, I dug up my half-completed delf units to see what could be turned into an army. Congrats on reading this far, thanks! Here, have some photos of my Dark Elf army, which has been put on hold since the Daughters of Khaine finally gave me a fun and competitive army to play: Damn, GeeDub really made some amazing models for the delves. Really hoping they revisit them some day, I’d love to field corsairs and cold one knights again, and not just as allies. In my next post, I’ll start talking about my Daughters of Khaine and post WIPs, which is what the blog is intending to cover.
  8. It's been a while since I've been able to take any decent photos but in the last few months the Blood Cult has really come together. Apologies for the shoddy photos. I've finished: 1 Cauldron with magnetized Avatar and Mirror. Cauldron designed to fit 1 of 3 models, a Slaughter Queen, Hag Queen or Medusa 30 Witch Aelves with paired daggers 15 out of 20 Witch Aelves with shields and daggers 2 of 3 Medusae, one converted using an old metal Morathi head to represent Drusala Dark-talon the Gorgon Sorceress, she has her own converted 40mm base too. 3 of 4 Death Hags 1 of 3 Slaughter Queens with a converted 25mm cauldron base. the Ynnari model Yvrainne who will proxy as either a Hag Queen or Slaughter Queen on a to be converted Cauldron 5 out of 15 Blood Sisters 10 out of 15 Khinerai (5 Lifetakers, 5 Heart Renders) 1 of 5 Doomfire Maidens (converted warlocks) Other items on the painting-converting table are: Darkling Covens Sorceress A converted Morathi, using a Bloodwrack Medusa body and hand with Heart from Bloodbowl Witch Elf. This is early days and some sanding and pairing of the GS needs to be done. Heaps of Sequitors Astreia Solbright 1 Loremaster 1 Archmage 1 Tzeetnch Sorcerer/Fatemaster 1 Chaos Sorceror on daemonic mount And a few Underworld's warbands' bases That's about it for the moment. Will post up some lore for the DOK force soon and try to get some decent photos next month
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  10. Arkalid


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  11. Just started my Daughters of Khaine army and I was inspired by following work by WL OP to attempt to paint using Non-Metallic Metals. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/AAkvX For a first attempt I'm pretty happy with how it went though I feel like I want able to capture the effect on the cloth as I wanted. I'd love any c&c people can offer, especially on how to get faster (this one model took a week and a half's worth of work and I have 29 to go...)
  12. Concept Aelves. Possibilities include, 1) female human Blood Reavers, 2) Aelves as part of Blades of Khorne, 3) Aelves as part of Slaanesh warhost

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