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  1. Cities of Sigmar also can be build that way Tanky melee units in form of Phoenix Guards and Longbeards or Ehernal Guards many shooty options from basic crowbow man or explosive Irondrakes and warmachines like Hellblaster or Steamtanks to name the few and you will find some fast and teleporting units in here as well . CoS have the biggest roster in the game and u even can take ANY unit form SCE , Sylvaneth and KO so if like Order esthetic this may be a good choice for you
  2. Thank you. But can you tell me where can I find that unique characters can't take items ?
  3. ... can Gotrek be taken as not an ally in mixed order list ? and if so can he be given an magic item ?
  4. Do you need Life swarm in this list ? Ur units are 10 dwarf strong so if they take serious dmg will likely explode. Ur heroes are mostly support and u don't want to put them into combat , u should be able to snipe enemys snipers and with the exaction of hurricanum I don't see how will they take dmg and not die. That gives you 50 pkt left for +1 CP or u can change Ironbreakes into longbeards and have 70 for extra gyro or something else.
  5. What if we put a Endrinrigger inside of a Endrinrigger ?
  6. It is but you have to be a Warhammer TV sub on twitch to watch it ... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/503344961?filter=archives&sort=time
  7. I think list from Blood and Glory game 5 looked something like this. CoS vs Khorne and it wasn't even close ... in turn 2 bloodthirster ,skarbrand , unit of wrathmogers ,slaughterprist were dead (and something else Khorne had 5 blood points) , game ended in round 4 and CoS did not lose a single model.
  8. In Tempest Eye make him a general with Swift as the wind Command Trait (can run+charge + fight(dragon + guy on top) at the start of the combat phase) and give him Ignax's Scales (ignore moral wounds on 4+ ) to make him even more tanky.
  9. My list for 1250 had one game vs Nurgle on Putrid Blightkings +Lord of Aff + Harbinger + 2 mages+ some warriors of chaos Battle for the pass(old) he gave me 1st turn with +1save and +3 move i was able to secure 3 of 4 obj He had easy charges thx to that but only his Lord had good rend so i took the risk. I mess up and didn't deployed irondrakes into range of harbinger (i needed 2" more)but was able to harass him with hurricanum(however it end up exposed ). He charges Blighkings into Longbeards and Hammerers (and one guy tags hurricanum) Lord had good charge ro
  10. I heard some ppl say that CoS is only a 1st step ... but 1st step to what ? What do you think 2020 have in store for us ?
  11. I suggest watching those 2 yt videos: at 1:35:30 they start talking about Tempest Eye mostly dwarf army at in this on it's at 1:37:47 also they should give you some ideas on how to build Davi force in CoS
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