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Found 13 results

  1. Let's discuss if there any way of making stradrake more powerfull with cities of sigmar rules. 🐲🐲🐲 (or make stradrake okay choice ).
  2. Recently I became the proud owner of a Stardrake and have been lovingly assembling and painting it. I'm not finished but decided to take her out for a test drive in a few matches. In my experiences that day I learned a lot about the Stardrake, it's capabilities and it's rules design. My first match was against some Sylvaneth led by Alariele herself. I found myself looking from her and back to my Stardrake and then back to her again in utter disappointment. It is my understanding she is not considered optimal yet she seem to me more than worth her points. At 600 consider her abilities. Very strong attack profile, a 16" fly move, 16 wounds, heals everything d3 and herself 2 d3 each round. Casts 3 spells. a free unit worth between 200 and 300 points. This is only improved upon by Sylvaneths incredibly cheap and effective battalion options. The Drake on the other hand... 40 points cheaper. Bad attack profile. 12" fly. 16 wounds. Additional damage output is locked behind highly conditional requirements like the Jaws and Tail abilities, these are near useless abilities that auto fail against heroes/monsters and likely to fail against elites. The ability that acts as it's shooting attack is alright if a little under powered on the thunderhead option. The arcane lineage ability is a nice addition that is lore friendly and useful, no complaints. A bad command ability. It's best attribute is obviously its 3+ rerollable save that reflects MW onto surrounding enemies. The only real value the Drake represents is an unkillable footprint provided you pour resources into it like crutch of a command trait Staunch Defender, throw a lantern on him and make sure you dont charge to keep your buff. Thats not worth 560 point if you ask me. The model is only viable as the Lord Celestant version because of its shield and then its just barely so if you exploit it. The biggest issue for me is the design is from the old system of Sigmar where being elite meant you had rend at all and units were not designed with abilities that made them death machines. It used to be elite units simply inflicted slightly more kills on average than Battleline to trigger battleshock more effectively (see: The Everchosen). Things have changed and the Stardrake has not caught up which is a shame because it's a beautiful and characterful model that only ever limped along as a crutch itself. The Mawcrusha is another example of something I think that is at least more fairly costed at 440 when you look at its abilities and damage capabilities. My point in bringing up these behemoths like the Everqueen and the Mawcrusha is not just that they are relatively effective for their cost but that they also perform in a way that feels representative of the units narrative profile. My Freeguild general on griffon is a better fighter with a better command ability than the Stardrake and he is only 260 points, I think the Stardrake should have better, more reliable damage output to justify it's cost. I do not think a points reduction is the answer alone as it still doesnt have the right feel on the tabletop with its current rules. I should not feel disappointed every-time I play this beautiful centerpiece model.
  3. Hi, I have a question about the stardrake's Cavernous Jaws ability. The rule says the "After this model piles in", but before it attacks, pick an enemy model within 3" and roll a dice. So, If the stardrake cannot pile in (in case of already contact with other models), this model cannot use Cavernous Jaws ability? or The rule says just timing that this Stradrake can use Cavernous Jaws ability when he don't pile in? When I search web about this problem, I cannont find exactly reasonable answer So, I want know examples of tournament. How this ability was used in offical tournament? Thank you.
  4. Hello Fellas, i was hoping you would help me clear up an issue that came up in last nights game, We were playing a game of Triumph and Treachery, I was playing Stormcast and my opponent was playing Khone. I Brought a Lord Celestant on stardrake and i started Crushing his stuff, anyhow The Stardrake used his Cavernous Jaws: After this model piles in, but before it attacks, pick an enemy model within 3" and roll a dice. If the result is greater than that model’s Wounds characteristic, it is swallowed whole and slain. You can do this as many times as shown on the damage table above. on a Unit of Wrathmonger and ate 2 of them. My question is, What abilities is he entitled to use from the stardrake.? Is he entitled to use both Cavernous jaws and Sweeping tail? or Neither,? Sweeping Tail: After this model has made all of its attacks in the combat phase, roll a dice for each enemy unit within 3". If the result is less than the number of models in the unit, it suffers D3 mortal wounds. valid aswell? I couldent be bothered to argue it out at the time but iam interested in your opnion.
  5. Stardrake (any) Cavernous Jaws ability: "After this model piles in, but before it attacks" Is this considered instantaneous with the attacks? The problem is that, you could potentially swallow all of the models whom are within 2" of you, leaving you out of range. This is silly, to limit yourself with your own ability. You can easily eat everyone within 1", therefore you lose your claw attacks. Also, if this is some kind of sub-phase, weird things could happen to remove models in range. For example, Blood Warriors get to (despite being eaten) pile in and attack you, and a Lord Celestant's shield could then kill some more models, further removing you from combat. Seems like, to avoid nonsense, this should be considered happening at the same time as the attacks. Also what about the tail attacks? Is your opponent allowed to remove models to get their unit out of 3" so that you cannot hit them with the tail? Or should your opponent simply be tallying wounds/kills through all of your attacks and abilities and remove all models at the very end?
  6. Knegarconny


    For more, check out Knegarconny on instagram
  7. Hi there i'm new the this forum, i'v seen the Stormcast Stardrake on the table and tbh i wasn't that impressed. I was expecting a killing machine like Archaon or the new maw-krusha but it didn't seem to do much. But hey i'd like to hear from you guys and your experiences using/against this model, the model does looks amazing
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