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  1. Will definitely depend on the overall points drops, so far the main points drops I’ve seen have been the older or ‘less competitive’ books like stormcast. Will be good to see how it all unfolds. No doubt a major issue will still be damage output for mine, when compared with newer tomes. An underrated benefit of the old tome though is that so many of the rules are still ‘within’, rather than ‘wholly within’ which gives so much flexibility.
  2. If those points rumors above are correct, then it’s going a long way to make Nurgle very competitive again. Would add in roughly 200 points to a list I’ve previously been running with success.
  3. Early progress on my own greywater fastness. Was anyone having much success with heavy artillery/copter builds?
  4. Hey! So I’ll try and give a little rundown on some of the games and why I chose the units in the list. TLDR: I think the book is fantastic and has some great tools. Game 1: Played against hermdar(?) fireslayers on border war with a big bunch of 20 hearthguard, a bunch of smaller vulkite units and characters. He deployed the big unit of hearthguard on one side going for the objectives, with vulkites central and on the other side of the board. I gave him turn one and then proceeded to alpha strike all the vulkites off the board with gruntas, krusha and teleporte
  5. Took the list below to cancon and went 5 major wins and a minor loss, finishing 9th/222. Found the list to be awesome really, so much flexibility and I only went full alpha strike once during the tournament against big waaagh and got the win. Played hermdar fireslayers twice, skaven twice, khorne and big waagh. Allegiance: Ironjawz - Warclan: Ironsunz Mortal Realm: Hysh Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (460) - General - Trait: Right Fist of Dakkbad - Artefact: Sunzblessed Armour - Mount Trait: Mean 'Un Orruk Warchanter (110) - Warbeat: Killa Beat O
  6. Has anyone had much success with artillery? Had my first 2k game with the greywater fastness battery, and while being a big distraction, they didn’t do too much. Irondrakes and gyrocopters on the other hand were absolutely amazing.
  7. It still allows me the ability to waagh this way and the extra range on the big base for mighty destroyers is my thinking.
  8. Thoughts so far: I’ve played three 2k games with the new book now with rough variations of this list, with and without iron suns against idoneth twice and FEC once. So far the list has been far better than expected. Ironsunz is simply amazing and I think warchanters are borderline broken at 110 points, the extra damage on big units is insane. So far a game hasn’t made it past turn 2-3 due to the sheer damage output, but I’m keen to play it a bit more.
  9. I’m thinking of starting small with a 1000 point list of cogsmith lord ordinator 20 handgunners 2x10 freeguild guard with shields volley gun Rocket battery 3 gyrocopters Not sure that it will be too effective, but it should be fun and themey
  10. With the new Cities of Sigmar book about to drop, I thought Greywater Fastness could use its own thread. I’ve also seen a few list ideas floating around the Cities of Sigmar discussion. I’m pretty keen to do a small gun-heavy army to start off, with plenty of handgunners and artillery. What are other people thinking of unit choices?
  11. Was there a restriction on stormcast being a general? Wanted to include a lord-ordinator as general of a greywater army
  12. Anyone have pictures of the other cards? Whilst I’m still going to buy and play with this warband, I’m not sure they’ll be able to match it with a couple of others. They seem to have similar offence with less abilities.
  13. The WC article got me super keen to grab a box of these guys, their abilities look like a lot of fun, and they seem to be gunning for criticals
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