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  1. Hello guys, do you have in mind a list aggro with Drycha and mass Kurnoth Hunters? I would like to try the potential of this type of list. Thanks
  2. Hello guys, I would like to get some recommendations/advices on armies that would match my playstyle. I might be the "boring" guy but I really like a good defensive strategy like turtle with melee defensive units in the front and then shooting units in the back with light units like archers or heavy units like siege machines. I think it would be good if I can add spices to my strategy with a few very fast units (fast or that can teleport) that can catch either objectives or kill a specific target like a support hero. I'm quite open with the army esthetic but I would privilege an army with recent models (but no SCE). Any ideas? Thank you.
  3. How can that even be viable? I mean 8 models army, good luck taking objectives
  4. What do you guys think about the Bok list that went 5-0 at that tournament in Sweden? https://tabletop.to/krigsluntans-grandiosa-turnering-2019/list/tim-skold
  5. From Reddit : Some CoS units have been updated with round bases https://www.games-workshop.com/en-EU/Warhammer?N=263841004+2863101202&Nr=AND%28sku.siteId%3AEU_gw%2Cproduct.locale%3Aen_EU_gw%29&Nrs=collection%28%29%2Frecord%5Bproduct.startDate+%3C%3D+1568378340000+and+product.endDate+%3E%3D+1568378340000%5D (Original post : https://www.reddit.com/r/ageofsigmar/comments/d3nz36/some_cos_units_pictures_and_descritptions_have/ )
  6. Up! Would someone be able to help me with this color scheme please?
  7. Hello! I always wanted to use a grey/black color scheme and I saw this paint job in the last White Dwarf. Could you please help me identify which colors have been used for the skin (black and grey part) in order to recreate it? Many thanks!
  8. So, what do you think will be a very competitive Fyreslayer list?
  9. Could someone please explain what is the Branchwych bomb tactic?
  10. I was not expecting so much. Thank you for your reply. I do have a bunch of questions : 1. Why do you bring Blue horrors when you can bring more pink horrors that will then split into blue when they die? Do you do that to directly bring more bodies to the fight and therefore get control of objectives? 2. Could you please share a 1K list, and what should be added to this list to make it a 2k list? Thanks again.
  11. Could someone please share an example of a heavy horror spam list?
  12. Interesting. Do you know his list?
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