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  1. Ok i need help buddy of mine got into aos went all in on new slaanesh and the new models. he’s really struggling as other people he got in with they’re playing stuff like Ko and stormcast and they’re netlisting like most people coming from video games do and he’s just getting tabled. I’ve been here before i feel his pain i used to play only dispossesed. I know the army is in a sad state but i’m an order and death player i dont know much about the new book. What list can i recommend him thats a little more training wheels or fun so he can at least get on the road to see some results past turn 2
  2. This was exactly what im looking for i really appreciate you
  3. Hey i want to get back into the game and Fec seem a good interesting way to do it without being a terribly expensive army thats not sec. Whats a standard FEC list that can compete? I understand that they arent top tier but i want the best of what they can do
  4. This anvils list is a bit different and came in fifth but i see it with some potential so there seems to be this trend of what I’m going to coin bulldozer lists. this lists feels like it and they have some potential in shooting meta. back in early aos lists like ironjawz gore gruntas and DoK were really strong because people didnt know how to chaff and theyd just run people over. Besides dok those armies kind of fell out because people learned to chaff and those first turn impact armies fell out of favor. Dok luckily gets better as the game goes on so they didnt have that
  5. Seems the point drops were huge variant anvil strikes showing up everywher. Another 32 man tourney Kroak Azyros Vexillor Aquillor troops Lib x 3 10 evocators Blades 9 longstrikes no birds endless spells Cogs and Suffocating grave tide core is the same it came second snugly between a fyreslayer and a older school skaven stormfiend vortex list. Shockingly ahead of standard KO it seems our boys in gold are doing better than predictions
  6. this list came second in a 32 player swedish tourney snugly between change host and a chaos hero soup player its the classic but updated incantor general deathly aura stormcaller relictor azyros Heraldor battleline judicator bows judicator bows judicator bows other 10 evocators - speed of lightning 9 longstrikes 4 units of aetherwings Extra cp
  7. Anvils of heldenhammer Heroes Lord Aquillor - General - Obsidian Amulet Knight Azyros - soulthief Knight Venator - Luck Stone Knight venator Battle Line 5 vanguard hunters 5 Vanguard Hunters 5 Vanguard hunters Other Unites 3x Longstrikes 3x longstrikes 3x Longstrikes Aetherwings Aetherwings Aetherwings Palladors Vanguard Angelos Vanguard Auxillary Vanguard Justicar 1 drop Thoughts?
  8. Sometimes this makes me feel like those crazy toilet paper people but of plastic.
  9. So like any good hobby project the first thing we do is break the budget rule. I’m buying it with different hands but we have the sisters of the ale. They got kegs they got pipes you can get spears and normal hands for em. It’ll be like 70 bucks but i dont care. Theyre pretty cool. Might buy the griffin too
  10. ooh... i like this. i can even see it.i could build em up like they're being drug down a mountain put some flowy cloaks on em. good ideas.
  11. man if they weren't 73 for 3 id be all over that. theres some bones bear models i might look into. I like the theme better. I even have a few that is a dwarf on bears. maybe i can use the legs and swap the torso... good ideas here
  12. I wanted to do a Quarantine army but didnt want to go buy boxes. I have about 9,000 points of old world dwarves and all kinds of random dwarves. So my budget is 30 dollars for additional supplies, or additional models. heres phoenix guard some models i probably bought in 2011 finally seeing some use again. Shadow warriors current concept eternal guard budget might get spent on an anvil to make an anvil of doom for a celestial hurricanum Battle mages no idea what i’m going to do for sisters of the watch, got 30
  13. Anythings viable right now just keep in mind theyd kinda play like a endrinrigger list. Theyre assassins they’ll kill anything low armored. And you can get them there pretty easily. Just know after they kill it theyre likely dead. A stiff breeze will kill em. so just make sure if you have a pack of 12 and thats one threat you bring 2 other threats which can be a second pack of 12 and just rip apart lightly armored targets. This could easily do a ton of damage to anything with just a 4+ ironjawz stormcast bonesplitterz you would shred them. Mix in a few monsters of your choice and you
  14. Second list i’m a little more interested in it can do some fun stuff. So coalesced and starborne versions of this list are both good but have drawbacks. We run shadowstrike and thunderquake fangs of sotek or thunder lizard Skink priest engine of the gods sacred steggadon helm or incandescent slann starmaster General potentially aetherquartz brooch or itxi grubs ripperdactly chief Chamber weapon skinks x3 Bastilidon x2 full hunting pack. Probably salamanders unless we need more chaff razordons. 6 ripper dactlys i really like how th
  15. Ok so i got some lists together that i think may have some competitive gas. I don’t typically play seraphon but i bought into the army because i want two bastilladons on the table. I’m working based on 3 threats my first list thunderlizards Kroak general great rememberance astrolith bearer - fusil of conflageration engine of the gods - incandescent rectrixes knight incantor 3x10 skinks 2x bastilladon 3x salamanders or razordons to taste Thunderquak starhost everblaze balewind an option in this list is dropping a
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