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  1. You and i have the same mind i thought exactly of this kit but the more ant eatery head rather than arrow head is what id have to fund a way to change. Im going to convert some splintered fang into a Small DoK army and am wanting to go a bit extra and bougie on some doomfires.
  2. Thats a really interesting idea actually
  3. Im curious if any of you know of any snake models that would work as mounts for a doomfire warlock sized base. I was thinking of the old tomb king necropolis knights but they're impossible to get ahold of now
  4. You want the metal one or the plastic one from the old dwarf goblin box skull pass was it? I have the metal one witha. Two handed axe
  5. Hi i am looking for Phoenixes, phoenix guard dragon lord and knights, high born archers anything wanderers mostly glade guard generals on griffin, basic halberders and swordsmen, great swords and demigryph knights Really want: Hellstorm rocket batterys. Only new long beards for dispossessed and one new runelord.
  6. they do always seem to be aware of this stuff. A few years ago there was no point to taking monsters besides maybe gordrakk because they were all potatoes. But now we have some really strong monsters on the table. Some go too far like ghoul king on TG but they did work to fix that.
  7. This makes me absolutely excited strong hitting cavalry? Break out the old brettonians and call em reiksgaurd lets go
  8. I dont really agree with this at all. I think we should look at the skaven book and that makes me more hopeful. They made it so each faction plays different. Eshin heroes do this, skyre heroes do this, pestillins are similar to neither of those. and they have a big model range too. I think its ok if we have a huge model range they can handle it like khorne. Khorne has like 50 battleline options. Sure in competitive theres clearly better options, but doesnt defeat the point. I think this book will be learning the lessons from those two books and creating a really cool book with a lot of options creating real identities. As for kits leaving saying like the dwarf warriors are canned is just pessimistic. Look at gutter runners they still got new rules.
  9. Ok so re looking at it probably like tree kin and maybe old slayers. And at least on azyr hunting hounds are still there. Stuff thats been updated like that. Mounted yeomen, warhawk riders, but the concept of the warhawk boys are sick i hope they just update that.
  10. If anythings getting canned its like the sisters on twin headed dragon kit thats 25/30 years old and like hunting dogs.
  11. What about just a 9 man unit of prosecutors. Takes up more spade than concussors still 1 drop and still durable against 3+ 4+ - chaff units dont get too hung up on the special weapons of prosecutors once you accept they suck at damage you’ll start finding way more useful ways to use them. I typically run mine most turns as it gives them mobility that the army really lacks. I also only use them in mixed order/ko lists so it might be different think of em like light cavalry or gyro copters from old warhammer fantasy battles. Theyre really mobile chaff. Throw em anywhere you want to break a charge. It works exceptionally well in this army as the spells get a whole extra turn to wail on em.
  12. Im one of them. I play mostly dwarf factions. Havent played the new fyreslayers, but this army as compared to ko dispossesed and disspo heavy mixed order. This is so diverse. Just one game messin around with gore pilgrims and all the prayers i noticed how much becomes available late game for khorne. I was doing all kinds of funky movement shenanigans with blood tithe to sling shot fuckers onto objectives it was great. The thing i noticed too looking at the recent pro lists im curious why the negative comments about the book. I saw a comment saying they needed 3 blood thirsters to compete. The past 5 high ranking khorne lists i saw had 1 possibly 2 blood thirsters i didnt see any courts. The courts i saw were mostly mid range in the tournament almost like a weaker fec gristlegore. The better lists are all over the place. I have mortals models i found one list that won with gorepilgrims but a list i saw on a top table had a Demon prince with a sword of japan as the general and a 6 man unit of blood crushers (or whatever the demon version is called). so as a new player to khorne im in I see an ocean of potential with this book. Im curious what you guys see
  13. So uh. The aether strike force is now points legal. Anyone else like 12x skywardens khemist up double tapping at +1 every turn?
  14. Im looking for about 750 for the whole thing. Let me get you some pictures ill have em up tonight. And depending how far you are some help on the shipping cost. It shouldnt be too bad its not a heavy box just a big box.
  15. I really want to sell it as a whole collection so i dont have some still sitting around. I was copy pasting my collection inventory so it probably didnt make as much sense. The built ones are mostly painted. All the warriors are at least primed. Few arent. The miners are mostly unpainted. The iron drakes are un painted and the non metal hammerers are painted. The 10 long beards are un painted. The painting would be easy to cover up. None are too far gone. absolutely id ship to france but i am from ohio. I would just need help with the shipping cost. The only country id be worried about is england because i dont really want it to get stuck in customs. If someone more familiar than me knows its all good id do it. Once i get off work ill start photographing
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