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  1. What was your list and how did you run it? How did it handle fec dok and shootcast?
  2. Savanah Loxodon Gut busters ive found a lot of really cool 3d printed loxodons where the heads are just the right size for an ogre body. Swap out the gut plate for something less savage which are the same size of a lot of shields online and green stuff the fingers into 3 fingers and boom. Loxodon. Maybe the weapons could be less savage but ya know theyre still elephants and even in mtg lore they arent too bright or known for their craftsmanship. Butcher make him a little more robed and rid make the pot less bloody or find something different. Also can be done with rhinox heads but theres way more greenstuffing the thick necks. ive kicked this one around for years but it hasnt been a financial thing, but im really bad at greenstuff. Ive been building old dwarf kits and just filling gaps takes me time. Maybe if i spent a lot of time learning id be ok but this is heavy on the conversions but i think would have a super cool and unique look. You also look hard enough you can find walrus minis. Now those models are like 20 a pop. But being that you only need so many. It could break up the gray skin.
  3. Free the beards bury the tomb Kings!
  4. Warhammer weekly is my absolute favourite met the guys at events theyre always down to earth and really cool. https://youtu.be/uaRdv3-jvTo
  5. I mean. Theyre faster than a ironweld arsenal cannon without the range or the two shots. Theyre not great... right now... Id hold out. Ive been assembling mine and putting them ready to get painted. I have hope. The way these new books have gone big boys have gotten stronger. They really are monster focused. Everyones getting a new book who at least has a battle tome currently. And they'll have it within the next year which means we're getting a book soon tm. The ships are pretty dope looking models just mostly utility game wise. So in order to sell more dope looking models hopefully they make em pretty good and hopefully theres a possibility at a K.O. air force army being a real thing. short answer, right now, not at all its a waste of 160 points unless you think it looks cool.
  6. I dont agree with the spell weaver. The dispel scroll is really strong and cheaper than the stormcast one. Also with realm spells he has 8 spells to cast a turn. We can find something useful for him. The archmage is really good but in my games with him i find the shield to be nice but lacking. I put it in the fyrseslayer chat but vulkites have an in built +1 (against melee) save. Take a battle smith its +2 sisters of the thorn found a new best friend. Bouncing mortals on a 4+. No mortal wound protextion but thats what the two wounds are for
  7. So built in vulkits get +1 to their save in melee. Add a battlesmith and its +2. It might have to be mixed order but hello sisters of the thorn. Bouncing mortals back on a 4+
  8. Hey i havent been able to post i began the project for this quarters escalation league I had a dwarfs painted but they were all to the quality of back 5 or so years ago. So we’re redoing them! 30 irondrakes 10 longbeards 80 warriors 1 archmage on dragon 1 knight incantor. Might have to buy a more dwarfy one 2 runesmiths everblaze comet gemanids might switch those out for a cannon or something. i dont have pictures yet ill post progress when i get home. I am going tempests eye and will paint them to that. My dwarfs undivided did alright last league winding up with a 50% winrate. Kinda curious how mostly dwarfs will do.
  9. Hey im doing a little bit more orderly looking ogres and i was wondering if anyone makes or i can get 3d printed bits for alternative weapons and gut plates
  10. Finished i said id do it by the beginning of this month. I didnt my game is in about 36 hours. BUT. We done. I was stressing all day this was a huge learning experience and usually painting frustrates me or feels like a chore. But as this all came to gether the only thing i want to do now is paint more. Knowing how much i dilly dallied i really could bring this up. The rest of them i do i think will be way higher quality once i finish this as a full 2k plus army. First time airbrush. First time osl, first time using texture paints. First time fully finishing an army. And first time basing an army. Im really happy with the result even if i know i can do better. Ill be real nothing is more satisfying than painting the rims on these guys bases oh and for those who dont know ill be at adepticon for team games. Somehow we’re going to fit a halloween goblin army on the other half. Where rhe loonshrines going idk.
  11. So we’ve run into this a few times. If you have no line of sight to a person in melee can you hit them? Where it came up was the prismatic pallisade and in aqshy this realmscape feature 3 Clouds of Smoke and Steam: The battlefield in this region is wreathed in smoke and steam. A model cannot see another model if a straight line drawn from the centre of its base to the centre of the other model’s base passes across a terrain feature other than open ground and/or hills. we were in a woods and my front rank was base to base with his front rank but we ruled it as neither of our second ranks could see because our bases passed over the woods. Also in another game i heard about the person put the pallisade inbetwen his goblins and some stormcast. They were still within 3 so they were in combat but couldnt hit each other whats been a TO ruling on this?
  12. So we’re almost done for adepticon. Little bit of touching up from the airbrush snd finishing the arcanum and the everblaze comet. Ive never painted an army before and just learning has been insane. Its not my best work and was done quick. But my skill with the airbrush from first model to last model has been a huge change. First osl to last osl looks like theyre done from another person. Pretty stoked.
  13. Or you could upgrade the WoK to a skarbrand. and hey. Blood tithe point.
  14. So matt campbells list from cancon which 5 gamed actually just got cheaper and more options. Blood stoker blood secrator slaughter priest slaughter priest blood thirster of incessant ghyr strike wrath of khorne blood thirster 10 reavers 10 reavers 5 blood warriors 10 flesh hounds 10 skull reapers gore pilgrims now has 80 points leftover now ghyr strike isnt as good on the blood thirster not making it explode on 4s anymore but still
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