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  1. So we’ve run into this a few times. If you have no line of sight to a person in melee can you hit them? Where it came up was the prismatic pallisade and in aqshy this realmscape feature 3 Clouds of Smoke and Steam: The battlefield in this region is wreathed in smoke and steam. A model cannot see another model if a straight line drawn from the centre of its base to the centre of the other model’s base passes across a terrain feature other than open ground and/or hills. we were in a woods and my front rank was base to base with his front rank but we ruled it as neither of our second ranks could see because our bases passed over the woods. Also in another game i heard about the person put the pallisade inbetwen his goblins and some stormcast. They were still within 3 so they were in combat but couldnt hit each other whats been a TO ruling on this?
  2. Bozly

    The Painting Contract - March 2019

    So we’re almost done for adepticon. Little bit of touching up from the airbrush snd finishing the arcanum and the everblaze comet. Ive never painted an army before and just learning has been insane. Its not my best work and was done quick. But my skill with the airbrush from first model to last model has been a huge change. First osl to last osl looks like theyre done from another person. Pretty stoked.
  3. Bozly

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Or you could upgrade the WoK to a skarbrand. and hey. Blood tithe point.
  4. Bozly

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    So matt campbells list from cancon which 5 gamed actually just got cheaper and more options. Blood stoker blood secrator slaughter priest slaughter priest blood thirster of incessant ghyr strike wrath of khorne blood thirster 10 reavers 10 reavers 5 blood warriors 10 flesh hounds 10 skull reapers gore pilgrims now has 80 points leftover now ghyr strike isnt as good on the blood thirster not making it explode on 4s anymore but still
  5. Bozly

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I like it too especially since all the units have a 4+ in that battalion.
  6. Bozly

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    So already just thinking of dumb alpha strike lists. Reapers of vengeance Skull master Bloodthirster Blood Thirster Blood thirster 6 blood crushers 6 blood crushers 6 blood crushers Blood thunder stampede Tyrants of blood its exactly 2k So assuming your opponent doesn't have a brain and doesn't chaff wall and also moves up so hes within roughly 17 inches of you You have 3 command points so you can move up, pretty much give everyone reroll charge with just one point Fly everyone in like a banshee Your blood crushers if they can all get in do 6d3 mortal wounds pre combat You attack with your blood thirster first then they all attack. Then you use your command ability to attack again with a blood thirster or whatever else. Whatever it is its probably dead. If youre still in combat and have killed 4 things you have enough blood tithe to attack with whatever again. So its very Bone splittas esq of just again again again. Then after if its by a blood crusher unit, d3 extra run rerolling 1s on battle shock and youre if all are touching you're on average guaranteed 12 mortals on impact. So if you're spaced out over a few units they may not have enough CP to immune all of em.
  7. Bozly

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    reposting this for my sanity
  8. Bozly

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Agin: So this book is Air tight. So if I forgot to type wholly within or this battalion or unit from this battalion "it cant attack again unless an ability lets it do so" Assume it. because most of em are. Also for this I put the big keyword after the allegiance name so you know all things in this are specific to daemons or mortals. Reapers of vengeance (daemon) Ability: Add d3 to enemy units who failed battleshock while within 3 of a unit (daemon) (if youre still in combat d3 more run if I typed that weird) Command ability: 1 daemon unit wholly within 8”, Make a pile in and attack a second time Trait: General Attempts to unbind one spell in the hero phase, Unmodified unbind is an 8 take d6 mortal wounds on wizard Artifact: Ignore spell effects on bearer on a 2+ Blood lords (Daemon) Abilities: Reroll hit and wound rolls of 1 against heroes and monster Command: Hero phase Heal 1 wound allocated to each friendly blood lords daemon unit wholly within 16 Trait: Add 4” to move and reroll charge Artifact: The bearer fights at the start of the combat phase and cant attack again without ability The goretide (mortal) Ability: Reroll melee wound rolls of 1 for mortal units wholly within 12 of an objective marker Command: Use it before run rolls for a unit wholly within 16” blood warriors or blood reavers makes run a 6 and then you can charge in same turn Trait: Add 1 to damage of a melee weapon (not mortal specific) Artifacts: Ethereal no modifiers (no fly incase ethereal gives you fly) Skullfiend tribe: Mortals Reroll hit rolls of 1 for units within 12 of an enemy hero Command ability: Reroll hit and wound rolls for skullfiend tribe khorgoraths wholly within 10” of the model who uses this Command trait: Receive 2 bloodtithe when general slays a hero (not mortal specific) Artifact: add 2 attacks to 1 weapon
  9. Bozly

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    So GMG Talks so fast but we got there. So this book is Air tight. So if I forgot to type wholly within or this battalion or unit from this battalion "it cant attack again unless an ability lets it do so" Assume it. because most of em are. Also all heroes are 1 ofs. I think that can make this a bit weak in cases kind of the same problem as the kunnin rukk. Kill the hero and a lot of the bonuses are gone. And its not like your hero will be safe hes going to be hoppin into the fray. But they are cheap command points and magic items Name New/Old Blood host 180 / 220 Blood thirster 7 or more blood letter heros blood thirsters blood letters blood crushers skull cannons and flesh hounds Ability: reroll charge rolls for units wholly within 16 of a blood thirster Blood hunt 120 / 180 Kharanak Wrath of khorne BT 3-8 flesh hounds or bloodcrushers Add 1 to wound rolls for attacks that target a hero Bloodbound warhorde 150 / 140 mega battalion Bloodfordged 120 / 160 1 Skull grinder 2-4 of wrath mongers 1-3 of blood warriors Immediately after wrath mongers have fought while still within 3 of enemy models and wholly within 8 of the skull grinder they may immediately fight again Bloodthunder stampede 140 / 180 1 Skullmaster herald of khorne 3-8 Bloodcrusher Murderous charge and slaughters charge automatic Brass stampede 140 / 200 Lord of khorn on juggernaut 3-7 Skull crushers Murderous charge and slaughterous charge is automatic Charnel host 140 / 200 Blood thirster of Unfettered fury Blood master herald of khorne 3-8 units of bloodletters Reroll wound rolls of 1 while wholly within 16” of bloodthirster Dark feast 110 / 200 1 Slaughter priest Blood stoker 3-6 blood reavers add 1 to their attacks while wholly within 16” of slaughter priest Gore pilgrims 140 / 200 Blood secrator 2-3 slaughter priest 1-2 blood warriors 1-2 blood reavers Add 8 to the blood secrator while they are wholly within 8” of any slaughter priest from battalion *Note only one slaughter priest and buff the banner. also banner can move now Gorthunder cohort 120 / 130 Herald of khorne on blood throne 3-8 skull cannons Reroll hit rolls of attacks made by skull cannons (specifically the missile) wholly within 12 of a herald of khorne on blood throne Murder host 160 / 220 Blood letter hero 3-8 Blood letters flesh hounds blood crushers skull cannons Add 2 to run and charge rolls when wholly within 16 of a blood letter hero Red headsmen 120 / 160 Aspiring Deatbringer Skullgrinder 3-6 of blood warriors Ability: Each time an enemy hero or monster is slain by this receive an additional bloodtithe point Skullseeker host 120 / 170 Bloodthirster of incenciate rage Herald of khorne on bloodthrone 2-5 units of blood crushers 1-3 Of Skull cannons Reroll wound rolls of models that target a monster Skulltake 140 / 190 1 blood stoker 2-3 of skull reapers 1-2 of khorgoraths 0-2 of bloodwarriors or blood reavers If unmod wound roll is 6 and wholly within 12 of blood stoker is 6 add 1 to damage Slaughter born 180 / 160 1 exalted death bringer 2-4 of skull reapers 1-3 of blood warriors Worsen rend of attacks targeting this unit by 1 to a minimum of 0 The gorechosen 110 / 160 Cant legally take Tyrants of blood 140 3-8 bloodthirsters After a model from this battalion has fought pick a model in combat that hasn’t fought lets that unit attack fights immediately, cannot attack again without ability Bloodmad warband 160 Aspiring Deathbringer Blood secrator 3-6? Units of blood warriors 1-2 of blood reavers 1 unit of skull reapers Add 1 to attacks when they charge* NOTE this one DOES NOT require being "wholly within" anything it just gets it. kinda sick.
  10. Bozly

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Just incase nobody did it I don't remember seeing it. Updated points for all the battalions Name New / Old Blood host 180 / 220 Blood hunt 120 / 180 Bloodbound warband 160 / 220 Bloodbound warhorde 150 / 140 Bloodfordged 120 / 160 Bloodthunder stampede 140 / 180 Brass stampede 140 / 200 Charnel host 140 / 200 Dark feast 110 / 200 Gore pilgrims 140 / 200 Gorthunder cohort 120 / 130 Murder host 160 / 220 Red headsmen 120 / 160 Skullseeker host 120 / 170 Skulltake 140 / 190 Slaughter born 180 / 160 The gorechosen 110 / 160 Tyrants of blood 140 Ten or so got removed Looks like In general they all got a lot cheaper and magic items got a lot better. So even though a lot of nerfs happened warscroll wise. I think the army now is more likely a 3-4 drop list with 3 magic items.
  11. Bozly

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Before we get too negative about it. I think as of now the book is pretty versatile in its current state. I think we’re really underestimating the small points adjustments and the buffs with the clans and the endless prayers. I mean the current book just won a tournament prebuff. also khorgoraths were a hidden strong unit. Its a free blood tithe point that can easily kill a chaff wall and generate another before it suicides. I think 100 is more fair. A lot of top end khorne players were talking on twitter about running 2 or 3. I saw one show he had 6 painted.
  12. Bozly

    The Painting Contract - March 2019

    Ok road to arepticon update. I am now doing OSL. Ive never done it and i wanted to do it with my airbrush. I spent a solid hour cleaning and clearing it soaking it getting out any paint that got gummed up. went to put the nozzle back on it, but my hand slipped and and i ripped all but the threads of the nozzle off. Its busted big rip. So AIO this set and drybrushed it heres the result pretty chalky and bad. Especially around the eyes his shoulder pad caught the brush and the edges are extremely bright with nothing in the middle so we wentnout dropped 50 on air brush sucked it up and im much happier with these. Still wish i didnt have to rush andnim really happy with the color pallet. But wish i had the skill and time to pull off what this could really be
  13. Bozly

    The Painting Contract - March 2019

    I set a contract for myself to get my adepticon army done. I set the due date for today. While we aren't done here's the progress. Front boys have their top highlight done and a last minute list change means we have an entire lord arcanum to paint. Plus an everblaze comet. But basing is roughly cut out. Just needs drybrushed and a little flock. We also have a display board to do and less than ten days. It's not the quality I want but it's the quality I got. I want to make sure i atleast do the bare minimum, painted and based army, display board, so when im across those with gorgeous armies and boards it isnt completely offensive to em.
  14. Bozly

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    What allies do you use mostly to cover these? Cogs can give us problems with the runic icons. Whats a tournament/all comers list look like for you?
  15. Bozly

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Hey im going to get into idoneth what should i look to pick up?