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  1. Well contrast is really just a paint with a lot of medium so people painting for a while have some pretty good takes. this is a high level look at it and he painted with them for like 40+ hours before he made the video and still uses them based on these tips but realistically its intended tool doesnt need an experienced take. Prime it white, zenithal prime it if you want a better effect and slap the paint on and you’re good.
  2. Hey i want to add phoenix guard to my army but i dont like the old models and i want to use the cypher lords. I like going to a lot of tournaments and have never brought any converted minis. what can i add to the cypher lords to make them more phoenixy so a t.o. Would approve it and i’m not just doing counts as? i’ve never converted a model before only really painted
  3. Also am i missing something w/ the admiral command ability? Reroll charge and volley fire already exist
  4. I dont play much K.O lately but i have a whole army on the shelf i was wondering what was good with them nowadays. i see a lot of ironclad gunhauler lists at tournaments but what you get after seems up in the air. Curious on what you all think
  5. I’m not a sylvaneth player, how do yo mu guys feel they are in the current meta. Where do you think they fall between a bone reapers/ tzeench list or a dispossesed list? What tier are they right now and whats the main lists
  6. I want to buy some bonesplitterz savage orruks. Mostly looking for infantry not the boar buts but i’ll take it all. only current models please
  7. The core is 1490 a warshrine is good but gets pretty expensive. Like lets say we want to go endless spells with this. By time we put in kaiross and a few endless spells or we do the gaunt summoner and a cursling so we have excellent anti magic and 10 pink horrors (which fun fact: is a 50 wound tarpit unit for free) we’re out of points the sorcerers buff gets us just barely by i really love the warshrine in the nurgle or khorne iterations of the list even slaanesh if its more infantry focused. But its still the opportunity cost of that vs a keeper a bloodthirster and multiple epitomes that’s my favorite part about this book so many options are good its hard to decide whats the best. You arent really wrong with any decision
  8. I really like a strong core of 1x Daemon Prince 1x Belakor whispers 1x Sorcerer lord 20x marauders 20x marauders 20x marauders 15x warriors Godsworn champions of ruin battalion this feels like a strong core no matter what i want to run i’m curious what you all think. Go despoilers and the demon prince slaps. Solid chaff and a crunchy warrior anvil with some disruption by belakor want tzeench? Pick up kairos or a gaunt summoner and a cursling plus some endless spells want khorne? Bloodthirster secrator swap the sorcerer with a lord. And add some warriors or more marauders. Alternatively drop the bloodthirster grab a darkoath queen and more marauders nurgle? Harbinger of decay, lord of blights and a warshrine. Now your anvil is tough as hell. Slaanesh a few epitomes and you got a potent spell casting army again. You could also run hell striders and a keeper and itd be similar to khorne. But the fast. Im curious to what you all think about something like this and if anyone has run this
  9. Not true I always proxy my rook as a second queen. You have to pay 1500 for it through chessworld but I did a pretty solid conversion so people let me use It.
  10. Im new to the ogres but i was looking at the skal battalion with a hunter and some sabers. It looks like an efficient little detachment. +4 to charge baked in and the current wording lets you spam +1 atk on the sabers unit. Might be a halfway decent backline assassin unit. Curious if you guys have tried it
  11. You and i have the same mind i thought exactly of this kit but the more ant eatery head rather than arrow head is what id have to fund a way to change. Im going to convert some splintered fang into a Small DoK army and am wanting to go a bit extra and bougie on some doomfires.
  12. Thats a really interesting idea actually
  13. Im curious if any of you know of any snake models that would work as mounts for a doomfire warlock sized base. I was thinking of the old tomb king necropolis knights but they're impossible to get ahold of now
  14. You want the metal one or the plastic one from the old dwarf goblin box skull pass was it? I have the metal one witha. Two handed axe
  15. Hi i am looking for Phoenixes, phoenix guard dragon lord and knights, high born archers anything wanderers mostly glade guard generals on griffin, basic halberders and swordsmen, great swords and demigryph knights Really want: Hellstorm rocket batterys. Only new long beards for dispossessed and one new runelord.
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