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The Painting Contract - October 2017


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Hello folks and welcome to the Painting Contract for October 2017 

If you don't know the rules they are:

Each month you post an amount of models that you agree to try to paint/build/convert/sculpt. This can be terrain, models, Warhammer Quest Silver Tower/ Shadows Over Hammerhal, Blood Bowl or Shadespire as well as AoS of course. 

On the 28th of the month the contract closes and you can then post your progress images so that they can be critiqued, shared and boasted about. It is a great way to get involved in the community and to get inspiration.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone share their progress!

I pledge this month to:

Finally finish Painting my Gaunt Summoner and 4 Familiars.

Paint my Chaos Spawn (that I built and primed last month)

As a stretch goal:

Build Silver Tower Mistweaver 

Paint The Changling

Build the remaining Blue Horrors to fill out a unit of 10 (and Prime them.)

Build Shadespire units (when it comes in!)

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Thanks for the thread TheOtherJosh!

I am on a two month success streak now and it is really helping to motivate me to get my army done. At this rate it will all be other by Christmas!

I pledge to build and paint 8 Blood Warriors and a Bloodsecrator. 

Stretch goal = Build and paint Garrek Gorebeard's 5 Reavers from Shadespire.

Why not make it a little tougher and add a Bloodstoker and 10 more regular Blood Reavers.


Argh that's 25 models, I am really hoping I can achieve this, it will be the most models I have painted in a month ever!

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You can do it @Charles!

Due to moving house next month i'm not expecting much but...

Before the move:
- finish the last 3 daemonettes (for a unit of 20)
- Build scenic base for my chariot. 

Stretch: After the move:
- Bases for the daemonettes
- Start on The Slaanesh Lord on Daemonic mount! My absolute favourite model ever and means a clean 1000pt Slaanesh Army. Practically the reason I started this project :D 

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Good luck @Memnoch

If you dare then so shall I!

First time pledge here as well, but I feel I need it to get it done.

My oktober pledge is my Stardrake with both riders. Magnetised the waist so I can play both the Templar and Celestant. It has been built since July but I've been nervous to start painting it, I want to make the model justice!

If it gets done I have misc. Vanguard Chamber models in line.

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This month is really going to be hard, as my wife and I are about 50% through building a house, so things will probably get crazy, so I am going to be conservative:

-Finish a Mercenary Ogre, a trio of Stormvermin, and possibly a Grey Seer for my Skaven skirmish force.

-Paint up a Savage Orc Shaman and a final Black Orc that have been in my "to do" list since being bought at GenCon for my Orc skirmish force.

-Add a couple more papercraft buildings to my fantasy urban collection.

As a Wild Card, if I can get a copy of the new female Stormcast figure from Blightwar on ebay for less than the atrocious $30+ that they are going for, I will be converting her into a female Lord Celestant for my Stormcast force.

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12 hours ago, TwiceIfILikeIt said:

I pledge this month to... paint some stuff.  Plan to work on Skaven army.

Today, painted these Warhammer Quest familiars, so far using nothing but washes.








This technique is fascinating! Would you mind summarizing the process here? e.g. how many layers of wash? You must have to wait for each one to dry too? Or they mix into each other? 

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3 hours ago, Snoe said:

What is the custom in these threads? Do you post WiPs or just finished pledges?

Sometimes we do a followup "how's everyone doing towards their pledges" about mid-month.

I know that if I've managed to complete one of my pledges I'll post it up. Mainly because I recognize that seeing other folks completed work makes me want to complete mine.

There is a WIP Wednesday thread as well.


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6 hours ago, Snoe said:

What is the custom in these threads? Do you post WiPs or just finished pledges?

Oh please share all progress. Try to do so myself as I find it inspires me when other people do so. Its also a friendly reminder to keep going. 

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Since it actually looks like I will have free time and can start painting again in that free time, I'll participate in this as well!

My pledge is to, in order:

- finish my mostly completed Megaboss

- work as far on Brute Squad as I can

- base coat my Maw-krusha

- base coat one squad of Gore-gruntas

- and start sharing pictures of them on these forums!

We shall see how this goes.  With any luck, my free time won't be taken up by other things that sneak in.

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Big thanks to @TheOtherJosh for picking up my slack this month!


This months pledge is to build and paint to a tabletop standard:


10 liberators

10 judicators

5 paladins

2 dracothian guard

1 celestant prime

1 knight azyr

6 prosecutors

1 celestant on star drake


I have 12 days to go before a tournament and its 75% built... HELP ME

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