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  1. The kurnothi have got me thinking about Orion a fair bit recently, Kislev is also a great call as most of those would make for a characterful free guild army that looks nothing like the current range.
  2. I mean I'm a lifelong destruction devotee with a little death and chaos on the side and I suggested it so... I mean perhaps its just me but I kinda expect my factions to show up as adversaries because even when they're bad guys you can still learn interesting stuff about them and get inspired by their portrayal. With the rpg idea you'd control a party of characters obviously they'd mostly be from the same allegiance (though I will always champion the inclusion of an ogor maneater for variety) but within that you can have plenty of faction variation and then the enemies you face would also be from a variety of factions.
  3. I'm massively in favour of a dragon age style rpg. Play an agent of the order of azyr and travel with a party of acolytes. Would be a great way to explore the society of the free cities and so long as your party was adequately diverse each character could offer a glimpse into their associated faction. For example you could have a darkling covens sorceress, an old free-guild veteran, a fyreslayer each providing more insight into how that faction lives. Other than that I reckon a third person action game where you play a knight questor would be great and still provide plenty of opportunity to flesh out a faction or a bit of the realms.
  4. I was sad my chonky boys didn't get rules for warcry so I decided to make my own. I present my Gutbusters rules for warcry. Still in the process of testing them but thought I'd let them loose on the world. Would appreciate any constructive criticism especially RE the model costs and the abilities. The idea is that they are a very hard hitting force but with low numbers that need to use the very low powered grots to delay the enemy and set them up for the ogor's charges. Once I've got these guys sorted I'm planning to make some mercenaries for them (butcher, tyrant, maneater). Few samples below Gutbusters Warcry.pdf
  5. I'm kinda hoping they stick them with the ogors/mawtribes, from a purely aesthetic standpoint I think their mongolian inspired look fits better with the ogors.
  6. Yeah this is very much what I've been thinking. The original shadespire miniatures were designed as more dynamic models you could slot into existing units but after they decided to make those models the basis of shadespire that role changed. The newer underworlds miniatures seem to have been designed specifically as warbands I think as time goes on we'll see more warbands like the kurnothi where they use them as a chance to explore some interesting bit of the realms without the need to develop a full army. Obviously I could be completely wrong.
  7. I always assumed the grotbag scuttlers would be an evolution of the wacky contraptions side of gobo forces, Scrap ships as likely to explode as stay in the air. squads of doom divers that rained bombs down on those below, Some form of ship bourne catapult or other war machine, backed up by gun toting squads of grots. Figured they'd fit into the gap of being destruction's only properly shooty army.
  8. I'm really surprised with all the destruction talk of new destruction factions that no one has mentioned the grotbag scuttlers, they're mentioned by name in the gloomspite tome and at least one other book, possibly forbidden power. Phil Kelly even described them on an aos live stream, I cannot remember the exact description but it definitely made them sound like the grot sky-pirates people have been imagining since the kharadron release. Edit: oops just read the above post, still no one seems to be discussing these little blighters.
  9. If you want an extremely balanced game you've got Underworlds (shadespire/nightvault/beastgrave) warcry is more balanced than necromunda but even reading the book narrative is still clearly the game's focus, the design isn't focused on balance as much as making the game compelling. Crits are compelling.
  10. Given that things often go unavailable a month or so before a re-box I really wouldn't take these as at risk, they are all plastic kits for one and free guild+ ironweald arsenal are almost certain to be getting a re-box to coincide with the cities of sigmar release. They've promised a list I just wish they'd hurry up and give it out since by this point the books will be at the printing stage and they definitely know whats getting dropped.
  11. King: I just had Hammerhal's ambassador for dinner. Courtier: Oh how was he? King: Delicious...
  12. I'm hoping this turns out to be the return of Krell and comes with a major update to deathrattle to make them more like a nagash following tomb kings army with Krell as their mortarch.
  13. At its simplest, my group tends to do open play by just matching points values but not worrying about unit restrictions. Its not balanced but can be a lot of fun. For example I'll bring a force consisting entirely of gargants which looks impressive and everyone gets afraid until they realise that the entire force is luck based, and two of my giants roll doubles on their charge and fall over whilst the others are decimated by a freeguild gunline. It definitely helps if your group is down for having fun more than seriously competing but its also far easier to accept a loss when everyone knows the forces aren't remotely balanced.
  14. This is such a good idea and presented so well makes me want to do something similar for my own armies.
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