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  1. In the realmgate wars they encounter spirits including a banshee in chamon that appear as though formed of liquid metal, always thought that would be a neat paint scheme for LoN or nighthaunt.
  2. There really are not any problems with the current destruction lore. The different manifestations of their culture and worship of gorkamorka are all laid out to some extent in grand alliance destruction (apart from fimir) and all except the generic orruks and gitmob grots feel like they have a faction core that could be easily fleshed out. The idea that they are one dimensional is kind of misleading. Yes some destruction factions love to fight and eat but then you have grot factions which are more about survival or zealotry, Gutbusters have a symbiotic relationship between big ogors and small grots. Spiderfangs think that giant spiders are gods Even a 1 model faction like firebellies is given enough to inspire an entire army built around the suneater cult. It just takes time destruction will have its day just as the ghosts are having now.
  3. Moonlightwolf

    Do people want Ogors to be combined with Orruks/Grots?

    Beastclaw raiders already have a pretty well established identity in AoS so I can't see them being combined with others. A destruction book that contained multiple allegiances allowing some combinations would be fine but honestly I think all the destruction factions bar maneaters have the potential for fully fleshed out tomes, though perhaps a greenskins allegiance that brought them together with gitmob might be a good option for those who want that classic orks and goblins feel.
  4. Moonlightwolf

    Will there ever be New Human models for Order?

    I'm certain we'll get new order humans in time, I'm hoping they expanded the devoted of sigmar to look like the guys in the recent celestant prime art https://www.artstation.com/artwork/k0wlz a faction of fanatical human warriors with supporting witch hunters and warrior priests who are accompanied into battle by celestial cherubs bearing stormcast relics is exactly where I'd like to see that faction go.
  5. Moonlightwolf

    The Forest of Athel Mirai

    Love the lore for these and that colour scheme is really nice.
  6. Moonlightwolf

    Black coach experiences?

    I've had mixed experiences, first game I played, it got to power level 3 on turn 1 and then rolled 11 on the charge between the impact hits it gets from the power level and attacking twice it wiped out a unit of namarti without taking any damage. problem was that it then got surrounded by enemy units and I didn't retreat which was a big mistake. and it was destroyed turn 2. From my experience it needs either support, as in a line of hexwraiths to keep it from getting surrounded or to use a very hit hand run approach. The strat I'd like to test would be using the spectral summons command ability to pull it out of combat then potentially charge again that same turn. The key is definitely waiting on the power level to be at least 3 before charging. Every time I've rushed in before that the results have been underwhelming.
  7. Moonlightwolf

    What do u use as graveyards?

    where possible go small with markers but really most things are fine especially if models can happily stand on the marker with out much trouble. remember that for game purposes the marker is just the point at the very centre so it shouldn't be blocking line of sight or obstructing movement. If you don't mind other miniatures being placed on top of the marker then you can pretty much go with any size just make life easy for yourself and place a distinguishing feature right at the centre of the objective so you have a point to measure from.
  8. Moonlightwolf

    What do I say to a buddy about this situation

    My main advice would be play smaller games to start with, 1000pts or even 500pts limits the amount of cheese that can be brought to the table and makes combos and battalions harder to pull off. A cheese list at 1000pts is usually dedicated to just one tactic and if you can spot it early enough you can often subvert it.
  9. So we already had nighthaunt prove this, soulblight somewhat prove it by its inclusion in Legions of Nagash and now theres Brayherd to nail the point home. GHB allegiances should be seen as test runs at this point rather than a kiss of death.
  10. In no particular order (except the top two because damn they need new sculpts) 1) bat swarms 2) fell bats 3) Gutter runners 4) skyre acolytes 5) zombies 6) Chaos warriors 7) marauders 8)Centigors 9)Rat Ogres 10) Gorgers
  11. I hope to see more fleshing out of older factions in the same manner as daughters of khaine and nighthaunt. Take a strong concept and expand it out into a collectible army. That said it would be good if they released battletomes for some of the complete factions like wanderers and gutbusters that are already full armies that just require a little more lore and rules love to bring them fully formed into AoS. I think legions of nagash proved they are willing to create faction amalgamation armies and it would be great if we saw one of these for each grand alliance. I'm thinking battletome free cities for order. A battletome for destruction that gives grot orruk and ogor alliances and Slaves to darkness covering not just that faction but all the other non-god specific chaos factions.
  12. I mean Phil Kelly has straight up said on a live stream Q&A that many of the souls of bretonnians are probably now stormcasts so I'm pretty sure it's confirmed that souls from the world that was can be grabbed by sigmar. Personally I hope the celestant prime's identity remains a mystery but that's not gonna stop me speculating that its Karl Franz or Guilles Le Breton.
  13. Moonlightwolf

    We need an Age of Sigmar video game

    A classic rpg where you play a witch-hunter or lord veritant investigating cults in one of the free cities would be cool, you slowly build a party of skilled allies maybe a shadowblade assassin, a battlemage, a knight questor ect. and combat both chaos and death cults. Add in plenty of side quests and stories for each of your party members. Would be a great chance to flesh out the order of azyr and dig further into life in the free cities. Alternatively the 1 vs 1000 style of dynasty warriors games feels like it would fit well with AoS. Morathi starting off in normal form and then exploding into her true form when her rage meter hits maximum would be perfect.
  14. Moonlightwolf

    Terrain usage and placement at tournaments

    The regular lack of LoS blocking terrain at tournaments is far more of a shock to me than Ben bringing his own. The game is very clearly designed to be played with plentiful terrain. To have a table that lacks any real LoS blocking terrain is to put any army that lacks ranged at a huge disadvantage. Some armies are designed to take advantage of choke points and terrain features, Hell it can even be argued that argued that core rules like keeping unit coherency only really have any impact once terrain is involved. I get that not every game can be on an amazing board but in a competitive setting, having no large LoS blocking terrain on a 6x4 table seems crazy to me. I understood back in the fantasy days when formations and movement trays made terrain an awkward pain in the ass but AoS is very intentionally designed with terrain in mind.