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  1. Max 20 model units in Kunning Rukk.
  2. If there are brutes in Beastgrave I would think there'll be just brutes in the warband. Bonesplitters would surely deserve their own warband and it would also give GW a chance to give us a new Wardokk or Prophet model to replace the resin ones.
  3. All charging IJ fight first? Yeaaaah that might be a tad OP.
  4. You can add another preytaker to this list and bring it to exactly 1000 pts.
  5. Beastspeaker is golden in finishing off those pesky 1-2 hp left models. She can do that from 9" away and still be able to command the Prowler to attack again (which is why you include her in the first place). I often move her up, command the prowler to attack and if the target survives with 1-2 hp, finish it off with the whip.
  6. Those points seem utterly wacky. A sorceror lord is cheaper than a Heart-Eater?
  7. There was talk that the Iron Hands and Raven Guard supplements would launch on the 28th, which means they would go to preorder on the 21st, which means if the Orruk and CoS tomes should go to preorder next weekend. Which means we should get the first previews TODAY!
  8. Yup teleporting to block the enemy deployment is a valid tactic until otherwise said by GW. DEADLY TERRITORY rule only applies to reserve units setting up the first time.
  9. I haven't seen anything of such in any designer's commentary or FAQ.
  10. Well even with -2 Rend they're still at 3+ save (with Staunch Def and Castellan's Light) with rerolls on 1s with the Shield so... yeah not unkillable but still pretty tough with their wound count. Don't want to do the math, but I believe it's somewhere north of 50 wounds with Rend -2 to bring them down. You're still much better off bombarding them with MWs.
  11. I knew my post didn't look broken enough for some reason... Thanks for the correction!
  12. An 80 point netter shutting down a 250 point Brute boss is priceless.
  13. In this case you would need to roll each save separately. It's slow but it's the only way to play it properly. In fact, even with a full health Stardrake with the same spell cast on it, you'd need to roll each dice separately, as if you rolled a 6 first and then 1 after that you'd still lose that would because the first healing save did nothing (but save, of course). Also keep in mind that Rend is applied to the roll before you check for the healing. I see so many players playing this wrong and healing their Staunch Defender Stardrake on 5+ saves against -2 rend...
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