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  1. I use a simple method of calculating the average of 6 rolls, each turning a different number, then multiplying it with the number of attacks. For example, the average damage caused by 1 attack with a big choppa against toughness of 3 is (0 + 0 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 4)/6 = 1,666... Multiplied by 3 (the number of attacks) it is 5. The same calculation for 2 choppas is (0 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 4)/6*4 = 4,666... I did have a small error in the spreadsheet though. Against higher toughness the 2 choppas are better, but toughness 5 is pretty rare in the game.
  2. I did the math and with the Ardboys there's a place for both the big choppa and the two choppas. The big choppa is on average more damage against lower and higher toughness, and equal damage against equal toughness. Two choppas obviously have a higher damage potential, but on the other hand the big choppa has a higher chance to finish off low health models. So in short, against equal strength/toughness model with many wounds left, it's better to go with the 2 choppas. Against different toughness and/or low health models it's better to go with the big choppa. If you're using Onslaught, the big choppa is even more better and the only thing better about the 2 choppas remains the higher potential with crits.
  3. You also have to consider many people have loads of AoS miniatures lying around. With your "guidelines" they would be unable to field many of them. Heck, if someone had modeled their dual-wielding Ardboys with dual axes, dual maces and dual swords, he would be unable to field any of them! WYSIWYG is an admirable goal, but you're taking it a level too far. I have a very hard time believing any new player would be confused about the version of Ardboys each of the Shadespire models would be representing. Much less the actual Ardboys miniatures that would be wielding dual maces, for example.
  4. What are we even arguing here about? @Sleboda are you saying that in order to field an Ardboy as the Choppa and Smasha version you need to have one sword-like weapon and one mace-like weapon in order not to confuse the opponent? I'm guessing you haven't played against/with Ironjawz in AoS? There is no stat difference at all between the mace-like, the axe-like and the sword-like weapons for Ardboys. The only difference is the two-handed weapons (of which there are also axe-like and mace-like versions), which are also separaten in Warcry. I think the only model where you could get confused is the boss, since the weapon configuration is quite similar to the Choppa and Smasha Ardboy, especially considering Gurzag from the Shadespire warband. Even then, Gurzag has a very distinctive fur cloak over his shoulders, and the Ardboy kit Boss is usually modeled with the huge axe-like choppa and without a helmet.
  5. Azyrite Halo is pretty situational and rarely useful in my opinion, especially as the Liberators don't have an option to reroll all failed saves.. I would replace with Chain Lightning, Lightning Blast or another direct damage spell to capitalize on your ranged damage.
  6. The way they handled the BoC warband is brilliant. Make a new warband for Underworlds and at the same offer a new plastic hero for the AoS range in one swoop, to replace the somewhat aged resin model. I certainly hope they'll repeat that with a Bonesplitterz warband, making a new wardok or wurrgog prophet (or even both) appear in that plastic kit.
  7. Well it sure is insane enough with the #2 interpretation, and still better enough than the generic Quad with the #1 interpretation. Would love GW:s clarification on this one, though.
  8. Meet Gorthuk Goretoof, Scourge of the Scablands
  9. tom_gore

    Is SCE OP?

    What do you mean? Most of them have a minimum range they can shoot into. It's not hard to block them off from shooting at you. The real problem is the SCE shooters hit like a truck in melee, too. The only unit really losing a lot of power when tied to melee is the Longstrike.
  10. EDIT: Not sure, but at least 2 of them for sure.
  11. You find that weird but not the fact that neither the Ironjawz Gore-Hacka or the Gore-Choppa don't have range either? 😛
  12. tom_gore

    Is SCE OP?

    We're talking about Warcry here. Skaven, Slaanesh and Fyreslayers don't even have rules for Warcy yet. From the existing Warcry warbands, I'd rank Gloomspite Gitz very near if not top tier.
  13. I think the Sempiternals battalions are costed under the assumption the SCE battalions are worth their points to begin with, which most of them are not...
  14. Except in AoS the Ironjawz are anything but slow. Especially with the latest GHB update adding a teleport spell and making Rampaging Destroyers a command ability instead of a random roll. If anything, Ironjawz can be made to cover ground faster than pretty much any army in AoS, across their whole army. That is not possible in Warcry.
  15. I would say they are way overcosted for the most part. Should tune up the stats or lower the costs for most units to have some kind of chance against the official warbands.
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