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  1. "Lumineth Realm-lords" - you don't think this is a mouthful? It seems like the naming convention is suffering a snowball effect where the words are becoming less relatable (e.g. Shadespire vs Vanari Auralan Wardens) and more difficult to remember/pronounce (e.g. Thundertusk vs Akhelian Leviadon). I wish it was more concise and thought through to be honest. Then I wouldn't have people laughing when I say "My army of STD's". It's the same with battletomes too. It's still difficult for certain people to grasp the lore of AoS. Having to read something like this really doesn't help: "They include such abominations as the Undulant Scourge – a tentacled parasite that bursts through the victim’s flesh from a space beyond reality – the Crimsonweal Curse, which rapidly exsanguinates its victims and possesses a malign sentience that wishes only to spread to all living things, and the cannibalistic fury of the Redmaw Plague that sees its victims rend, tear and devour one another until they are dissolved by the virulent acids churning in their guts." I mean, I'm happy for all the apologetics whose memory is equal to Yanjaa but I know for a fact that people don't use "rapidly exsanguinates its victims and possesses a malign sentience" in their every day language, making it more difficult to read in literature, and plain unpleasant when the literature is flooded with such. I'm struggling with understanding it. I need special care and wish it was simpler. The naming, the language, the approach.
  2. Hi, I'd like to start some waves around the issue of an outdated roster builder (Varanscribe) and the lack of an up-to-date PDF template for a warband roster. I'm not pushing people to grab their pitchforks or start throwing things at GW but am attempting to get more people to email and/or reach out to GW directly and ask for this issue to be bumped up on their priority list. GW customer support email: uk.custserv@gwplc.com Warcry FAQ email: WarcryFAQ@gwplc.com Do spend 2 mins of your time and send one question to both emails. Not gonna take much out of you. 1. It would've been fine...ish if the Tome of Champions did not say "You can find a new warband roster for Champion Mode at ageofsigmar.com/warcry/" making this a promise not delivered. I'm fine with waiting but at least don't tell me to go look for stuff that ain't there. 2. It would've been fine if there wasn't a sea of new and amazing features in the game that the current roster just doesn't have the space for. 3. It would've been fine if it was the first update to a roster but there is supposedly a third version already. The statement in the ToC allows for a fair assumption that a pdf is out somewhere. Let's make a request for it. To at least replace the PDF in the link above with a newer version, which has the mercs, the challenge quests, the wounds and the whole bundle of newer stuff in it. Suggest doing it before the new warbands hit the shelves. We can use the pencil to write down the new warbands while they work on updating Varanscribe. From a customer perspective I feel insignificant when there is this little consistency in what we're told. Instead of bashing the guys in the comments, say "emailed" and show your support and interest in Warcry. It is a brilliant game after all. P.S. Spread this to your gaming/social media groups etc. It's not super easy to find the contact info for GW and maybe your friends want to but just don't know where to go.
  3. I like your interpretation of the rules even though it might distort imagining reality a bit. It sounds like you played it in a fair way. Im guessing “fly” shouldn’t be given more thought than just being able to ignore vertical while moving, until we get an adapted rules set.
  4. For Splintered Fangs, their double is used more than onslaught. Often same with Untamed Beasts.
  5. Hahaha! We were JUST discussing it last night that someone was bound to find a way to break things. This looks almost as extreme as that 14 snake Splintered Fang warband.
  6. Keep in mind that Warcry allows to have more than one warband and rotate them when you feel like you'd like to change things up a bit. I mean if you feel like you get tired of shooting things, avoiding getting hit and want to jump into the fray and smack faces with a big axe then having both of them is the best way to go. Also, you are the only one who knows what you like. You don't need us to tell you what you like
  7. I just pick a number that includes half the fighters. So out of 11, 6 definitely includes half the fighters but 5 doesn't. But no more than half includes exactly half so your'e good The 1/5 plague rats with sticks seem like a serious critfishing threat in numbers. That's before you put artefacts on them. But I wonder about plague leader. What are our thoughts about racial quad?
  8. Aye, six people can find themselves struggling in many scenarios. I don’t think I’ll go over a combination of two fiends, ogres or in between. Kinda want that Skaven swarm feel too
  9. So what list do you think about making with the leaders being all 100+ points?
  10. At risk of being repetitive, I may just go ahead and divide mercs and new warbands into 4 grand alliances and take them. See any problems with houserules like this?
  11. We will take it all in our hands and just divide new warbands into 4 GA and cross reference them with old mercs so that we can use them all, right? It will be weird not to take MM SCE mercs into SCE2 warband lol
  12. So who got the cards by now? How are they?
  13. They are super strong and actually pleasantly niched. The quad is great and the 250pt leader feels like auto-include. Wish we had mounted chaos warriors though but even without them you can build a really thematically visible warband
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