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  1. Spiteclaw can be either Clanrat or Stormvermin leader (145 or 170 points) 2 Night Runners (fist weapons) 75 pts each 2 Clanrats (spear guy and shield guy) 75 pts each So you are looking at roughly half a starting warband with this box. Getting that one box with ogres, rats and packmaster will give you an amazing versatility, cool fluff and strong units.
  2. Since they are not being count as taken out, we didn't count that the player took them out and therefore no glory was given.
  3. I'm going to leave this here for the time it takes GW to... Yeah, I'm gonna leave it here. It's the next best version for the official roster template that seems to have it all except for a separate favored warrior field and challenge battle tickmarks. 1. Wounds 2. Territories rules 3. Points per person and total current warband 4. Editable fields that you can just print out I have no idea who made it so please go to their links at the bottom of the roster and buy them a round or two. This is properly good work. As for the official gods of chaos, how long has it been now since the last release? Warcry_Warband_Roster_Interactive_TOC_English_V02.pdf
  4. I've found mine here: https://imgur.com/gallery/KZpHzjL Yes, two boxes of dorfs and you are free to play Only 5 hearthguards might be a tight choice given that you might want 1 leader, 2 shooters 1 chain/axe guy and a couple others after you dominate some territories. Or just go with smaller guys. Seems like having just two boxes will be a perfect amount.
  5. There is a misunderstanding. You just repeated what you said without clarifying. Warcry forum is that sub-section where one could find all warcry faction topics.
  6. So these guys are gonna make it or break it: 1x Hearthguard Berserker (w/axe) Leader 3x Vulkite Berserker (Dual Wield) 2x Auric Hearthguard 1x Hearthguard Berserker (w/axe) 1x Vulkite Berserker (shield/axe) 1x Hearthguard Berserker (w/chain) 1000pts even. What you think? Not used to starting a warband with this many models. Really look forward to it this weekend. Any experience so far with them?
  7. No other big changes to anyone afais This is good stuff.
  8. GW themselves explain why this feels important much better than I do:
  9. Yep. I just realized I've cheated a bunch of my friends by bringing extra 200 pts of fighters and beating on them all day. Now I know where all that fun came from lmao Thanks!
  10. I had... 2x Ogors 2x Leadbelchers 1x Irongut Leader (315) ...and I fell in love with them. I even allowed myself to be a little cocky, when playing against Unmade and closing in on their leader I said "watch your leader drop from full to zero in one action", AND HE DID! O.O Lost most games but had the best time just enjoying these guys too much. The hand-cannons are ridiculous. They just delete things from the field.
  11. I've added a Night Runner to my campaign list just to try him out. Don't think his ranged will make a dent in anything but at least he can run around and harass things.
  12. Yes please. Many people are on the fence with them but I'm leaning towards joining the puddle of rot.
  13. Rat ogres are absolutely amazing. I've played half a dozen games with these guys and while my melee Stormfiend died almost all the time, the shooty ogre dominated the map no matter what was thrown at him. I have half a mind to get another one
  14. "Lumineth Realm-lords" - you don't think this is a mouthful? It seems like the naming convention is suffering a snowball effect where the words are becoming less relatable (e.g. Shadespire vs Vanari Auralan Wardens) and more difficult to remember/pronounce (e.g. Thundertusk vs Akhelian Leviadon). I wish it was more concise and thought through to be honest. Then I wouldn't have people laughing when I say "My army of STD's". It's the same with battletomes too. It's still difficult for certain people to grasp the lore of AoS. Having to read something like this really doesn't help: "They include such abominations as the Undulant Scourge – a tentacled parasite that bursts through the victim’s flesh from a space beyond reality – the Crimsonweal Curse, which rapidly exsanguinates its victims and possesses a malign sentience that wishes only to spread to all living things, and the cannibalistic fury of the Redmaw Plague that sees its victims rend, tear and devour one another until they are dissolved by the virulent acids churning in their guts." I mean, I'm happy for all the apologetics whose memory is equal to Yanjaa but I know for a fact that people don't use "rapidly exsanguinates its victims and possesses a malign sentience" in their every day language, making it more difficult to read in literature, and plain unpleasant when the literature is flooded with such. I'm struggling with understanding it. I need special care and wish it was simpler. The naming, the language, the approach.
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