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  1. I'm loving all the attention the Daemon Prince is getting. about the wording on his flying. The intent is pretty clear, I just think that his warscroll is pretty old. And that's more or less how they were written back then. Here's an old Wip of my DP, apperantly I haven't taken a picture of him finished (or at least didn't find one on my phone).
  2. I love my daemon prince. Just hang back and wait for your time to strike and he usually stomps the daylight out of something. Just gotta be careful of counter attacks. But if he's left to his own devices he can swing into the enemy backline and take out support heroes or ranged units while your main force locks down the frontlines to keep him free. He's won me games this way. Almost tempted to give him something that doles out extra blood tithe because with the +1 damage he usually overkills heroes anyway. The claws is more of a backup if the axe whiffs in most cases
  3. I think if you're a tournament player, there is absolutely no reason to go only mortals or only daemons. If you play non-tournaments and want a cool themed army then that's another thing entirely. Personally I would never do competetive tournaments for that reason, a fun game for me is a close fought one with an army that I enjoy both gameplay wise and thematically. I play mostly mortals with some daemons. Like the Daemon prince is a nice beatstick with good mobility, I tend to summon bloodletters. I want flesh hounds, they might also be a decent screen, but I think I'd use them in a different role. My main problem with deamons is actually how few of their heroes do any real buffs (unless they're blood thirsters). Like the cheapest bloodletter hero seem rather pointless to me, or am I missing anything? I might have to try some 5 man blood warriors it seems. I've only ever taken them in 10s. The Goreglaive is that amazing. But now that gorefists actually do stuff it might not be that painful to lose out on it for a good screen that'll do some damage on the way out (something Reavers never do). @AresX8 : it means if they cast a debuff or something that does damage, it won't work on a unit that ignores the effects of a spell. This goes both ways so even if it would somehow buff or heal the unit it won't work. It's immune. It's not quite the same as dispelled though. Say it's a spell that does d3 MW to everyone within 6". It won't do anything to the immune unit, but other units could still take damage from the spell.
  4. oh yeah, I keep forgetting about marauders! I actually used to run them back when reavers didn't even have a 6+ save. We do have som bravery buffs and battleshock immunity in Command abilities still, which helps. And there's always Inspiring presence. Since it became reactive instead of preemptive it has become sooo much better, it helps mitigate the Bloodsecrator banners loss somewhat imo. edit: oh cool so brass despoilers would become part of your BoK army? What units does it require you to take? (damnit, I don't need more stuff! )
  5. Yeah I'm basically skipping 90% of posts here because all I could see was the same whiny complaints over and over. I come here to engage in a fun community and enjoy reading about fun lists, combos, victories/defeats etc. But I can't because it's all clogged down and depressive. Back on track and what I came here to originally post. I've read a lot of people dislike the Reavers lately, personally I think they're good screens and don't expect them to do more than to die for the Blood god. But I've been thinking maybe 5-man Blood warriors or even Chaos warriors would suit better as screens if you want some more defense and bite? 5 Chaos warriors is only 20 pts more for the same amount of wounds and a heck of a lot better defense. But with a smaller footprint and they're slower. What do you guys who've sworn off reavers use?
  6. Yeah 140-160 and I'd still take em but it would make doing a horde of elites unfeasable (as it should be). I'm actually very happy on the magmadroth changes, runesons on droths will be a lot of fun. Especially if you bring 2-3 of them as Lofnir and have some command points to spare. Auric hearthguard seem kind of insane with their CA too. Especially against scary monsters (of which there seems to be more and more lately..)
  7. Very suprised they only went up 20 pts. With how many +1 save buffs we get and offensive buffs they get pretty damn crazy. I actually agree they should probably loose the discount at max size because holy cow.. When it comes to Vulkites will you guys be running them in 10 man squads now? It feels so freeing to actually consider it
  8. People acting like the cannons are gone now They can still be buffed to hit and be used as a threat at range, and still be decent at melee. Sorry they're not the cheese you were hoping for. This is shaping up to be a pretty balanced book I think.
  9. That feels more like purposely misunderstanding the rules to me tbh.
  10. It's such a cornercase that it almost feels like a miss
  11. I feel this Battletome is a huge step in the right direction for the army Can we get some more models down the line too please?
  12. Hah, I like how the Zharrgron Flame-spitter is basically a turret you place Otherwise nothing to bonkers in the endless spells department unless I'm missing something. I was hoping the Molten Infernoth would have behaved more like a unit of sorts but oh well. Yesterdays preview was so big that todays just made me shrug (our local group has yet to use an endless spell).
  13. I won't tell if you don't 😂 Too soon to say on the points. Vulkites I could see stay about the same. The others... No clue. But it's hard to say without the full warscrolls etc. H.berzerkers will probably go up. Depends a lot on if they keep their save-after-save I think. The extra attack fixes my main issue with them thankfully. I love both options (in the old warscroll). If the flamestrike stays the same.. I can only imagine it changing because of the extra attack as it would double their Mw output if it didn't.
  14. Having a couple of foot heroes run rampart sounds really fun, I do hope that's a viable build. Usually foot heroes die to quickly in combat. But I really really want like 3 berzerkers just chewing through stuff Can't wait for the next preview but I think I can safely add another Start collecting to my force... and maybe some more of the now properly elite units too 🤔😅
  15. Hopefully the book lets us do a bit of whatever we like. But a priest ot two would probably be a safe bet.
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