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  1. On the Bloodthirsters, you can either build them as flying or on the ground with the right leg (literally the first step in the assmbly). I'm just wondering if the flying one makes him less stable? I'm guessing the on the ground one is better (also makes him slightly lower), but does anyone have any advice to which is better?
  2. Did our Coach drop in pts btw? Or the dreadblade harrows? Super glad of the hexwraith pts drop. And KoS. (I run a Deathriders list) Still won't fix the army, but it should help.
  3. My wife just bought Ironjawz so she'll be pretty stoked on their point drops and spell lore. Plus their movement boost is a cp now and doubles as a fight in the hero phase for some extra punch! Most of my armies recently got battletomes so not much for me. Except for Seraphon, new spell lore seems ok. Some nice point drops. Kinda wish they'd nerf summoning some because it feels a tad ridicolous. My Nighthaunt list (mostly hexwraiths) saw some nice points drops too, might give them another go now
  4. yeah it's 6" from objectives 1" from other stuff. for the initial trees. Do we know about the others?
  5. How are you supposed to use the old wyldwoods with the new warscroll? 😩
  6. Beat some Fyreslayers recently 1250 pts though. The scenario was the one with 3 objectives on the centre line, one randomly being worth more points. I tried something different from my usual lists with 2x10 blood warriors, skullreapers, wrathmongers a throw away unit of 5 chaos warriors. Skarr, priest, bloodsecrator and bloodstoker. I lost most of my bloodwarriors to vulkites as fyreslayers got the early double turn. But I managed to whittle them down thanks to the fists and No respite at least. I had luckily managed to grab a decent foothold on the objectives. My wrathmongers got shot off the table by tunneled auric hearthguard so I didn't get to use Skarrs combo with them but he himself was quite the beast against vulkites getting a ton of attacks in. Skullreapers went to town and mopped up 10 heartguard berzerkers with the help of my priest and bloodsecrator. I summoned in 10 bloodletters and pulled a 9" charge into the auric gunline. At this point most things were dead or only few models left. At the end I managed to summon another batch of bloodletters to screen the objective and securing a win. I got quite lucky with the objectives, and managed to get an early lead too. I seriously need to learn to use the bloodtithe for other things than summoning, but getting more bodies in saved my army. But having the reapers fight again would probably have been gold.
  7. I'd so much rather see new armies instead of shoehorning old ones back in.
  8. As someone who has 10 hexwraiths and plans to get 10 more... yeah, if they became better I would not complain
  9. That is a crazy list (I love it!) 🤣 I'm actually a bit worried how my friends will react to my fyreslayers toting two wounds and easily a 3+ save on top of whatever prayers I cast (like the debuff or further +1 save..) and runes being activated. If they're not bringing lots of rend or mw's it's gonna get gross
  10. Sounds more like fluff to fuel the imagination/cool conversions. Hopefully down the line we could see something like that .^^
  11. Ah I see. That makes more sense then I like the double runeson with javelin on droths. Should be scary for other monsters to face. Personally I think I will run Hermdar or Greyfyrd (and I gotta try Lofnir once I have more Magmadroths!). I just love the lore of Hermdar, and greyfyrd getting more artefacts is fun but their command trait is probably the worst in the entire book It's a meh buff that's also conditional I mean c'mon... Vostarg do seem really strong. Especially as they negate one of our weaknesses (speed). I'm just never a fan of the big 'main' factions
  12. Looks solid but needs another battleline no? 🤔
  13. Thanks for the advice! I haven't looked at Reil much. What is his role? Strong magic caster? He would fit the theme a lot too 🤔 I see the rasps as maybe turn 1 screens and after that they can park on objectives or hold the rear but maybe I can drop a few for something. I'm not overly fond of them.
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