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  1. How could I not see this as a map? I imagine Gargants surrounding it, playing Warhammer.... WIP... ❤️❤️😁
  2. A few tweaks yet, but here these babies are, just in time for #Adepticant. A labor of love and rot.
  3. Help? Here's what it says on Skragrott's warscroll: "If any wounds inflicted by Da Moon Onna Stikk are allocated to an enemy model and not negated, that enemy model suffers 1 mortal wound at the end of each battle round (even if the wounds inflicted by Da Moon Onna Stikk are subsequently healed)." So... Let's say that in Battle Round 1, Da Moon allocates wounds without being negated to say, Gordrakk, and thus deals 1 mortal wound to him at the end of Battle Round 1... Then, in Battle Round 2, Da Moon allocates wounds without being negated to Gordrakk... ... He obviously is dealt the initial 1 mortal wound as a result of Battle Round 1's attack... Does it deal an additional 1 mortal wound as a result of Battle Round 2's attack? (And so on...)
  4. I really intended to disagree with @Sleboda, but in comparison... An IRONJAWZ unit... ... that is more than 9" from any malls... Vs. ... that is more than 9" from all malls... I'm finding it difficult to disagree or see the relationship to permissions.
  5. But, wait. There's more ... Nurgling Cherubs "on" Squigs with Skragrott!!
  6. A little more progress... WIP... Be gentle. I'm still new, and Jack Daniels and aging eyes makes details hard... But from a standard lighting table top tournament perspective, I think they will win on Cool factor, even if they don't win overall. 😋
  7. Nurgling Cherubs riding Squigs... WIP continued...
  8. Starting to Correct... and added back in the little cherub (the one on the parchment) who apparently escaped, unbeknownst to me... Sneaky 'lil guy.
  9. Primed and drunkenly covered with contrast paint. Of @Sleboda's 4 C's of painting, I find that Correction is the most relevant and important for me. 🙂
  10. Nurgling CHERUBS on Squigs!!!! BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!
  11. An unfortunate baking mishap led to these wondrous Nurgle-y things. Methinks we should do whatever it is one does to preserve organic material, so we can prime 'em into something truly magnificently gross (celebrating the cycles of life and decay, etc.). Thoughts/suggestions?
  12. Continuing the saga of the Nurgling Squig army... It may be difficult to see the majestic beauty of this simple Nurgle-fied Squid Herder while it is plain grey... Perhaps, until it is painted, you may or may not be able to recognize its superior magnificence in comparison to what @Sleboda is creating for his Bone Reaper army... Oh, yes. This Nurgling is beautiful. Do you see? 😋🥰😈 This is the way.
  13. My son was inspired to create a Mandolorian after I made Baby Yoda.... Here they are together ..
  14. Latest addition to the Nurgling Squig army... one very glittery Moon spell. Glitter... 'cause Magic! 😋
  15. Next bit of squigs for the Nurgling Squig army... Happy Xmas!!
  16. The result is pretty terrible... Alcohol + painting + lack of patience = waaaaaay too many layers of paint. But, I should probably recognize that it won't get better than this at this point, so I'm calling it done. I present the potentially but not quite adorable... The Child, v1. (Baby Nurgling Yoda) "Optimism leads to Delusion. Delusion leads to Hope. Hope leads to Disappointment." -- Baby Nurgling Yoda
  17. Pretty sure my next unit of nurglings will look like this.
  18. At long last, I am proud to present the first 1000 points of the glorious Gloomspite Nurgling Squig army.... Skragott, our revered leader... Second in command, Loonboss on Cave Squig... Next, Loonboss on Manglers... Some bounderz... ... Hungry Squig Herd... ... And Old School Squig Herd.. ... under the light of the Bad Moon...
  19. I'm in favor of number 2, because of the logical reasoning of... Me like Stab Stab!!! 🙂
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