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Found 17 results

  1. Hello all and greetings from Sweden! Old fantasyplayer returning for some of this lovely plastic crack and focusing a lot on the wonderful painting experience that is Warhammer. Had Ogors, Vampire Counts and Goblins in fantasy and mainly focusing on Legions of Nagash (Soulblight) and eventually going to continue my squigproject (With all those lovely new models, back in my days they were in finecast/metal 😄). Been lurking a while here and enjoying all the rumours and hobbyinspiration in this thriving community and probably going to post some progresspictures eventually to keep the motivation going. Posting one of my Morghast that is one of my new favorite models Looking forward to be a part of this community! PS. Gief new Soulblights now!
  2. Collecting all the squigs together to begin building a Gloomspite army, but with Nurglings in lieu of Gobbos. It seems natural to me.
  3. Found that list somewhere and wanted to give it a try. The results: a very fun list to play. A squig army is not only based on alpha strike, it can be very hard to counter, and was still working at turn 3. Mangler squig is a real beast agains hordes, but the real MVP are Boingrot bounderz. Do you want something dead? Send them that way and watch it disappear. Also, regular squigs act as a dissuasive unit. They seem pretty weak, but once they start doing mortal wounds to an enemy unit, they are treated with more caution. Give it a try! Allegiance: Gloomspite Gitz Mortal Realm: Ulgu Leaders Loonboss on Mangler Squigs (300) - General - Trait: Fight Another Day - Artefact: Doppelganger Cloak Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig (110) - Moonclan Stabba - Artefact: The Clammy cowl Fungoid Cave-Shaman (90) - Lore of the Moonclans: Squig Lure Madcap Shaman (80) - Lore of the Moonclans: Itchy Nuisance Battleline 18 x Squig Herd (210) 15 x Squig Hoppers (270) 10 x Squig Hoppers (180) Units 15 x Boingrot Bounderz (300) Behemoths Mangler Squigs (240) Battalions Squig Rider Stampede (140) Endless Spells / Terrain Chronomantic Cogs (60) Total: 1980 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 154 I'm not sold about the moonclan stabba of the Loonboss on giant cave squig, 2" are great if you stay at the rear of a unit, but taht 4+ to hit is a bit troublesome (specially if most special rules improve to wound only). Also, I may change something to add a unit of fanatics, to give the army some surprise factor. Thoughts?
  4. Hi all! So with the Gloomspite release I went absolutely squig mad pre-ordering 5 Hopper boxes, 2 Squig Herd boxes, 4 Mangler boxes and a few other Gitz that took my fancy, one of the Mangler boxes I am butchering to create 2x Loonboss on giant squig (not a fan of the finecast model and don't want to buy two copies of the Forgeworld 3 model set). So quite a lot of squigs to work through but it's going to be fun! With most of the minis built now I am beginning to paint them up! so thought I would post my progress here, I have decided to go for the classic colours with the pale grot skin shown on boxes and I want to try doing the armour plates in yellow when I get to those. So far I have fully painted one model, I felt compelled to do the Squig Gobba as my first Gloomspite model and I must say I am very pleased with the results, I've had my eye on that model for years... it's so full of character! Next up will be my 24 Squig Herd. Hope you guys like the Gobba!
  5. So, I love the Squig Gobba model from FW, it is one of my favourite model ideas ever, and was thinking about sculpting one... or an army centered around them, eventually, so I downloaded their rules to see how they worked and, at first sight, I discovered that they simply don't, they seem to be a horrible unit to take. However I might have missed something and there isn't too much about them on the internet (and in the few places that talk about them they also regard him as lacklustre and a bad choice). However there are a lot of creative minds on this forum who may come up with something, so I thought that it was worth to post. I don't know that much about AoS yet, but I made a pros and cons list about him: PROS: - He's dirty cheap at 60 points - He doesn't count against your artillery limit as he doesn't have the artillery keyword - The two first pros mean that he can be spammed (to the point of bringing 10 at 600 points) - You can't snipe his crew because they all count as a single model - Having FW rules people might be scared about him or don't expect what he can do CONS: - He has a 4d6 range... wich is an average of 14"... definitely bad for artillery - He can't move and shoot in the same turn - The two first cons means that he will have big problems to shoot things, and can easily be outmanoeuvred - His shooting profile isn't even impressive, with only d3 attacks which hit on 5+, wound on 4+, have no rend and make d3 damage - He is very easy to kill with only 5 wounds and saving on 6s So, can anyone think of a good reason to field them, they might be cheap and spamable, but that's worth nothing if they don't bring something to the army. Edit: they actually do count towards the Artillery limit, so they're not even spamable...
  6. When the grots of the Raggedy Moon Clan descended from their foothill caves to raid a duardin caravan heading to Greywater Fastness, Zeller Bullfungo and his fellow greenskins were expecting to find precious gemstones and metals. Instead, when all the stunty guards were slaughtered or chased off and the canvases thrown off the carts, to their dismay, all they found were wooden barrels. Barrels upon barrels upon barrels. Most of the clan turned back in disappointment: there were no shiny trinkets here to trade with the other clans and no greenskin was interested in the disgusting brew of the more 'civilised' races. Zeller Bullfungo, the clan's shaman, however, had an idea - quite possibly his first and to this date his best... Whilst the other grots returned to their caves, Zeller returned to the caravan with a pack of squigs and some willing (or intimidated) herders. Together they dragged the barrels (most of them) and returned (most of them) back to the clan's stronghold. Upon returning, Zeller sealed himself in his shamanic chamber, feverishly setting to work; cracking open the kegs and manically throwing in all sorts of strange, colourful fungi. For days, strange chants and magical crackles (and booms) could be heard from outside the cave and just when a small mob of grots were ready to break in and batter Zeller's brains out, he emerged; wide eyed and cackling. What he had created would come to be known as 'moonbrew' and it would forever change the fortunes of the Raggedy Moon Clan. Now addicted to moonbrew, the grots of the Raggedy Moon Clan launched ever daring raids on both human and duardin caravans - throwing away the useless gems and arcane books, seeking only the discusting ales that Zeller could use as a base for his moonbrew. Within months, word of the moonbrew had spread across the hills and surrounding areas, attracting more and more grots to the cause, swelling the clan's numbers. News of the raids also drew the attention of a greedy tribes of ogors and even a roaming gargant. Having 'shanked' the clan's chief, whilst in a moonbrew enduced trance, the scheming Scruk Truffleclub assumed command. Along with Drabtoof - a particularly vicious squig, Scruk quickly cemented his rule and began making dodgy deals and agreements with the surrounding tribes, drawing them together in to an ever swelling band. Thus the Madcap Moonbrew Co. was formed. The terms of membership to the company were simple: Scruk and Zeller would step up production of moonbrew and in exchange, the client tribes would provide the muscle to enable bigger and bolder raids. The Madcap Moonbrew Co. has continued to grow as a loose coalition of moonclan grots, ogors and even an aleguzzler gargant who together, through their mutual love (or addiction) of moonbrew, launch raids upon the caravans and breweries of the free peoples of Ghyran. Zeller now has has aspirations to go 'international' - setting up moonbreweries throughout the mortal realms, adding new exotic flavours of fungi to his repertoire. So, in the words of the Madcap Moonbrew Co., 'We'z commin' fer yoo an' we'z takin' yer brew!' (Here's the main foce I have painted so far)
  7. Hi all! As a general lover of destruction, I've found myself leafing through the grand alliance book many times to look for various themes that could make for a fun thematic army. I'm sure lots of you will have had the same sorts of thought processes as me - 'That model looks awesome, I could do an army with x,y&z!' only to have that niggling voice telling you, 'It really isn't that good in the game, it doesn't synergise and you'd be better off with a stonehorn.' I thought it would be cool to take a look at the 'grots, wots & nots' of some of these themed units, should people want to run them (even if they aren't the 'optimal' choice) and to get some community commentary on how best to utilise such units in games to get the best out of them (even if they are a bit pants - looking at you Squig Gobba). I realise there are plenty of threads looking at say 'moonclan grots' but I haven't seen any that specifically take a look at our fungal friends the squigs as a theme. Any input regarding unit sizes, general strengths and weaknesses, favoured types of enemy, what they work well with, what to avoid at all costs etc etc would be great. I can then compile comments in to the top post. Any opinions welcome even if you've only used them a few times - let's learn from each others' experiences! For Squigmar!!! Grot Warboss on Great Cave Squig Grot Warboss with Great Cave Squig/Moonprodder Skarsnik, Warlord of the Eight Peaks Cave Squigs/Grot Squig Herders Wots: - High damage potential with a combination of -1 rend and d3 damage as well as 3+ to wound - d3 damage can be doubled on roll of a 6 by warboss command ability - If running Skarsnik, a big unit can ignore battleshock and attack twice with his command ability - Often overlooked 2 wounds per squig - Can be taken in 5s so unit sizes are fairly flexible - Although they die and run away in droves, running squigs can still cause mortal wounds on key enemy pieces if they are positioned well (squig bomb) - Get to reroll charges and runs if within 5" of herders - extremely handy ability - Herders come in relatively cheap pairs so multiple pairs can be taken to make them more survivable and herders aren't assigned to specific squig units Nots: - Hate attrition fights: They NEED to swing first and won't survive many rounds in a protracted combat - Abysmal bravery of 3 and save of 6+ means they can be shot/hacked and blown off the board with very little difficulty - They NEED nearby herders (5+ to hit with 1 attack without the herders is quite unreliable) - Multiple units of herders add more 'drops' to the army Grot Squig Hoppers Mangler Squigs Colossal Squig Squig Gobba
  8. Hi Folks, I've been working on this model for quite some time, possibly a year or so. This is often the case with me in that I am very good at ideas and starting projects/models but struggle with completing them. I like the idea of the Squig Mangler but felt that it didn't quite look crazy enough. So I started to add fungus brew laced fanatics to the model. The fanatics are in perfect poses to add greater dynamism and movement to the model. As you can see from the picture below these were mostly metal models which increased the models weight considerably. I added an additional seven fanatics and some weapons on ropes and chains for some additional carnage. Painting this models was a real challenge mainly because all the fanatics were glued into place prior to painting, which is why I procrastinated for so long in painting it. I rarely do 'sub assemblies' because I like to have the models built, it can take years before I paint them, and the glue bond is much stronger without paint on the model. Firstly like all my Squigs I use an airbrush to add the blue basecoat, this consists of three shades of blue. The whole model is sprayed a mid tone, the a lighter zenith spray then a darker nadir spray giving the model natural highlights and shading. I then base coated and washed all the other elements to the model, this was an enjoyable challenge. Next I started with highlighting the blue areas and realised that the Squigs have a lot of detail on their skin, a bit like reptilian skin, so these 'scales' were individually shaded and highlighted which took an age. After the blue areas were completed I took a break for a few months and worked on other models. Finally I tackled the rest of the model and added a blue toadstool to the base. I wanted to give the model a bit more height to make it comparable to the other large monsters being released for other armies. Painting the toadstool blue was a deliberate nod to the origins of the Squigs and keeps the blue theme dominant. Aquarium foliage was added to tone down the blue of the toadstool and continue the jungle these. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of painting this model and am pleased with the final result. Just one more Mangler to paint for my army. Thanks for reading.
  9. Hi all - looking to buy some cave squigs (newer version) and herders - metal or resin, painted or unpainted at a reasonable price! Love to see what you have.
  10. For those amongst you who love all things Squiggy, you'll be pleased to know I have been convinced to take the following army to Bristol Smash this weekend. 2 x Moonclan Warboss on Giant Cave Squig 15 x Squig Hoppers 27 x Cave Squigs 6 x Grot Squig Herders 4 x Mangler Squigs 1 x Colossal Squig 1 x Magma Dragon Squig My first match-up is against a Stormcast army with 2 x Tellyporta Banners, 10 x Retributors and 2 x Bastiladons, amongst other things. I'm doomed. The Squigs will be victorious!* I'll report back with how things go and will post a few WIP pics this week as I make final preparations for the event. DM *I'm doomed.
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