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  1. Aegisgrimm

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    The next GHB should have literally a one-two page addition of "Now with terrain rules!", because other than nitpicky rules lawyers, most level-headed players need about that many rules for effective, fun terrain. Especially with area terrain, I figure with the right visual resources I could fit useable Cover, Difficult Terrain, Dangerous Terrain, Garrisoning rules, and Linear Terrain items, along with attending diagram pics, in about two pages of rules. Especially for an army-scale game terrain selection which is usually more streamlined. For a skirmish game, I could probably fit in climbing, falling, and jumping down at enemies, too.
  2. For a different take on Root Kings, other than the Magmadroth's fiery looks, you could make a really neat force of Ghyran "Woad Raiders" from Fyreslayers painted with lots of green or blue bodypaint. Maybe they would make a neat Skirmish project!
  3. Aegisgrimm

    Some inspirational art

    I love landscape/atmospheric art, especially forests, and this one is just awesome.
  4. Aegisgrimm

    New Years (Hobby) Resolutions?

    Oh, the pain I also feel..... Right now my goals are two-fold, at least for the Fantasy side of things. -Paint the remaining three Shadespire Orruks, a Gore Grunta, and three Savage boyz for my Orruk skirmish collection to be completely painted, even though I can already field a good size force that's fully-painted. -In the same vein, paint three Stormvermin, a Grey Seer, an Ogre (a mercenary addition), and maybe a trio of Gutter Runners to make my Skaven warband collection field-able as a fully-painted force, even though there are some half-dozen Clanrats and an Ogre Leadbelcher also waiting in the wings for the same force but they are not assembled yet.
  5. Aegisgrimm

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    Yeah, basic rules for Area Terrain made up of Difficult Terrain, Dangerous Terrain, etc. would be refreshingly old-fashioned.
  6. Aegisgrimm

    The Rumour Thread

    No, but they are quite large analogues of each other. on another note, it was interesting to hear the tidbit about Darkoath, when before it had been wondered if they were a separate faction somehow caught between human and full-Chaos, when now it seems they are maybe replacements for Marauders? AND they have no problem using normal ranged weapons!
  7. Aegisgrimm

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Awesome skin tones! I like the idea of Fyreslayers not just looking like extra-fancy-helmed WHFB Slayers. It makes them more unique, and ties them into their Undermountains-Lava setting better.
  8. Aegisgrimm

    The Rumour Thread

    Sounds like Gitmob Grots might take the Wolf Riders aesthetic and go full -on Mongolian/old school Warhammer Hobgoblins?
  9. Aegisgrimm

    Painting for skirmish

    You could try giving the crystals and hourglasses a blue glow, and then keep onlookers' eyes moving around the model by giving them a blue glow deep in the eye sockets to tie it together? You could also use the same glow on the recessed detail of the weapons, making them look magically empowered. I like your use of bare metal, though! I did the same thing; I think it makes them look less glaring than gold. [/url]
  10. Aegisgrimm

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    I only thought about Anscestors to give a tragic element to them being destroyed on the battlefield, really.
  11. Aegisgrimm

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    Still not sure how giving Duardin a way to give their Anscestors a way to live on in stone constructs is just a lazy version of Stormcast. If anything they would be like magical versions of Dreadnoughts from 40k (or more sentient Wraith constructs). A few giant Troggoth-sized constructs is not an army of perfect beings with a magical answer to everything. It seems very Dwarf-like to honor their anscestors and the knowledge of old by giving them a way to be like living libraries. Make mountain Duardin the opposite of KO, where instead of innovation, they found a way to keep information from being lost with it's teachers, as they stick around to keep teaching and enforce Grudges. The tragic part would be that when they are called to defend their Holds, when they are destroyed that's it- no get out of jail reforging like Stormcast. Or maybe Grungni trumped Sigmar, in that while no new 'Living Anscestors' can be made, because they are all a relic from the Time of Legends, they also don't lose a part of themselves when their master rune is collected from the battlefield and struck into a new empty body which is waiting in a limited stockpile deep in the Holds, all of which were stored away in the Time of Legends. Collecting them from fallen constructs would be a main drive of Mountain Duardin to go to war with a vengeance. Maybe many were lost during the wars with Chaos and they are now trying to track them down, alongside recapturing their fallen Holds.
  12. Aegisgrimm

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    I'd say give them animated constructs. I'm just getting into the game, but wasn't their god one of the architects of making the Stormcast alongside Sigmar? Seems like Duardin would just do it with stone. Anscestor spirits infused into Rune golems? Hell, give them cavalry for once! Don't go the go-to easy reaction of goats or bears, make them riding rune-infused quadrupedal golem mounts the size of Gore-Gruntas. Legitimate heavy cavalry would definitely divorce them from Old World Dwarfs.
  13. Aegisgrimm

    The Rumour Thread

    Yeah, but Chaos warriors aren't pulled apart and remade, arriving into battle on bolts of lightning, and on death being released as pure magic to ascend to the heavens and then be reassembled. Space Marines from 40k are closer to normal humans than Stormcast, who are really more like the current Seraphon are, but in the shape of humans, at least as far as I (someone relatively new to AoS) am concerned.
  14. Aegisgrimm

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    Do we really need to have Duardin end up being the reanimation of Squats, just in AoS? At some point, the game ends up just being Steampunk 40k, not High Fantasy.
  15. Aegisgrimm

    New Years (Hobby) Resolutions?

    My spirit is willing, but not my body. Having two kids under 4 seriously kills doing something each day, every day. I had a project where I wanted to paint a Stormcast skirmish warband by doing one figure a day, and that lasted three glorious days. Now it's been 6 months and the last figure isnt even started yet.