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  1. Devices are for playing video games. Boardgames and minis games are for reality. The most I will use technology is if a game has an FAQ/Eratta document that would cost too much to print out. Paper books, real minis, cool terrain, dice. Accept no substitute.
  2. Besides Battlemasters, I actually started playing 40k in a very AoS-like fashion after I bought an old boardgame called Tyranid Attack when I was probably 10 years old. My best friend and I used the boardgame profiles for the minis in the game (changing the grid measurements to inches) and added in the stats for alternate forces in the back of the book where the marine player could swap out some of their scouts for Space Marines or Terminators. Then we just plonked the models on a table with some homemade terrain and had fun battles that were not in the least balanced, and the armies started getting larger as I ventured into buying the blisterpack metals. Used to do the same thing with Fantasy as a skirmish game by taking individual models from their Battle Masters unit trays and slotting them into spare bases, using HeroQuest dice, rules and stats (homemade when necessary) to field small warbands amongst model trees and terrain made from my father's train-set making materials. I fondly remember the fuse-lighter from the Great Cannon being used as my awesome Wizard, lol. Not my paintjob, but this figure:
  3. Luckily you still only need one Warpthrower Stormfiend in a Skirmish Warband to completely gut other forces by pretty much killing one model per turn without even rolling, as long as you can get in range. I feel too guilty to even do it, lol.
  4. I'm not sure which edition released when, but I was beginning to paint actual 40k and WHFB minis when I was about 12-13, in the early to mid 90's. But technically I was into Warhammer back when Chaos was advancing on Altdorf in the game Battlemasters when it came out in 1992. Hopefully in 2-3 years that same copy will be my son's first wargame, too. Unfortunately my dead zone of a state means I have played less GW games in that time than some people who have started a year ago.
  5. Yeah that didn't stop me from nabbing the last box from my LGS for a project that required them, lol. After 20+ years I am wary of GW, lol. Couldn't trust it to be a simple reboxing, even though that made the most sense.
  6. Well, to be fair, pretty much everyone fixed that problem immediately for GW just by calculating renown for all the figures they didn't include in the 1.0 pamphlet. Forgotten Heroes puts them all in a handy place, too. It's really a bummer that they are simply reskinning 1.0 into taking place on Chamon, when maybe two to three extra pages in the second White Dwarf could have at least introduced a Hinterlands-style advancement into the mix.
  7. I sure hope so! I was just about to buy a box of them for an ongoing project.. Hopefully I can trust my local store's slow moving stock to have a couple of boxes, yet.
  8. Yeah, as some of the videos show a lot of Gnolls being used in scenarios, I'm thinking 50 bucks for a box of Gors and a box of Ungors would go a long way to fill out a collection of "bad guys" for a Warhammer setting, especially as I already have lots of Orcs and Skaven. Maybe a couple of Chaos warriors both on foot and mounted, as well.
  9. On the flip side I have been pondering using Rangers of Shadow Deep (which uses the Frostgrave engine) to portray Imperial agents adventuring in the Great Forest of the Empire in the Old World. Just changing some of the monsters around, thematically (Gnolls would be portrayed with Beastmen models, etc.)
  10. I think that it's the warriors and thunderers that really need the update; they still look like starter set models from the old days. I personally think everything else has a nice, solid visual aesthetic, from Ironbreakers to Gyrocopters to artillery.
  11. Yeah, I am a big fan of lowering the points of such skirmish games by approx. 100pts, and having every warband use such leaders, too. It actually sounds really fun to me, to see lower-level leaders being forces to step up an be a hero when the big-time posterboy heroes are not around. Gives much more of an intimate Mordheim feel (I guess we are supposed to say "Shadespire" feel, nowadays?), when you don't have heroes and their loads of dice and Mortal Wound causing-effects being thrown around to take the spotlight.
  12. How would humans be less surviveable in a Mortal Realm than say, Night Goblins? Humans just need an armor and uniform rehab to not look so "War of the Roses' era. This is a setting where, after some fluff reinvention, the standard Human knight could be a Demigryph knight rather than a simple horseman. Remember that humans are who keep Azyr and the base level of Stormcast settlements running. They could have a pretty epic level of control of faith and mysticism compared to WHFB humans. In the second book of the Realmgate novels there was a description of human 'chronomancers' actually reversing the effect of Chaos on the land of Chamon with their magic, as well as human artizans rebuilding ruins to occupy.
  13. The 2 "rules of three" From Hinterlands also balances Skirmish immensely. 1. In any Phase, no model can attack or use an ability against more than three enemy models. 2. No model can inflict more than three Mortal Wounds in a single turn. Any other Mortal Wounds are dealt as normal wounds with "-" Rend and a Damage of 1. But I also like the idea of removing Heroes to larger games of AoS, and having the leader of a Warband be a selected Champion upgrade who gains all the other abilities of a Hero leader, to represent Skirmish conflicts being small actions where a Commander or General is elsewhere. Makes the warbands more intimate.
  14. The next GHB should have literally a one-two page addition of "Now with terrain rules!", because other than nitpicky rules lawyers, most level-headed players need about that many rules for effective, fun terrain. Especially with area terrain, I figure with the right visual resources I could fit useable Cover, Difficult Terrain, Dangerous Terrain, Garrisoning rules, and Linear Terrain items, along with attending diagram pics, in about two pages of rules. Especially for an army-scale game terrain selection which is usually more streamlined. For a skirmish game, I could probably fit in climbing, falling, and jumping down at enemies, too.
  15. For a different take on Root Kings, other than the Magmadroth's fiery looks, you could make a really neat force of Ghyran "Woad Raiders" from Fyreslayers painted with lots of green or blue bodypaint. Maybe they would make a neat Skirmish project!
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