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  1. I'd like to see a sub faction that allows 1 in 4 units to be wanderers
  2. It's always been out of order here in Canada as well. I didnt even know there were advent calendars that were not scrambled
  3. I'd like to see more characters for each of the cities factions (wanderers, freeguild, ect) I'd also like to see units of mixed races that can choose between the different factions similar to slaves to darkness
  4. I'm learning so much thanks to you guys! I love all these lore tidbits you guys are giving me
  5. So I started collecting the old wood elves before age of sigmar launched and I absolutely love the lore for the Sisters of Twilight. Unfortunately I never found out what happened to them when the world ended. Did Slaanesh eat them or what happened. I'd very much like to know if they might have survived and could possibly show up in age of sigmar.
  6. One of the biggest things you need to do to get is check with the tournament organizers and see if they are ok with them being on different base sizes (I think Phoenix guard are on 25mm and cypher are on 32 but double check) I would personally remove any chaos markings but honestly it's a conversion so do what your heart desires!
  7. I haven't purchased any spite revenants yet so I'm not sure how good they are in battle. As for the branchwych vs archrevenant and branchwraith it depends on if you want to summon dryads (I've been pretty successful with my summons) or boost your hunters, I tend to use my branchwych as a extra caster. I think they're all good choices it just depends on what kind of support you want
  8. https://runebrush.pa-sy.com//warscroll/
  9. Runebrush is great! My friends and I use it for our narrative campaigns on special characters
  10. Did they say that in the article? I must have missed that
  11. That's the one thing I dont care for in this book is each city being locked to a specific realm.
  12. My friends and I started collecting about a month before fantasy ended. Thankfully most of my models survived the end times and returned as Wanderers and Sylvaneth
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