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  1. Oh my, those models are absolutely stunning. The knights and lord are giving me 6th edition Hordes of Chaos vibes, which is when I started to collect Chaos, so I'm very happy right now!
  2. Oh wow, I'm really digging the red skull, changes the vibe of the model I think. It looks completely unhinged, which I guess it probably would be if Nagash "Frankensteined" a load of souls together and stuck them in an artifically created body!
  3. Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but I think the grinning faces on the infantry might be masks. Have a look at the catapult crew, from behind it looks like they're wearing masks over normal skulls. So maybe there're alternate heads without masks like the cavalry's in the box? I like the Bonereapers, they look pretty cool and far-out, the sort of whacky thing Nagash would do to pettily one-up Sigmar and his Stormcast. I'll definitely be picking some up to go with my Death collection. Colour scheme-wise, I'm thinking of painting them with some more metallic colours, especially on the faces if they are masks. I am looking forward to seeing the different colour schemes people come up with!
  4. Does anyone remember that skeleton boatman that was revealed a while back? I wonder if he's one of the mercenaries you can hire, making me wonder if the mercenaries include various special characters, and not just troops from other Grand Alliances.
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