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  1. @Yoid Your draft of a novel, which I reread 3 times, is a proper and rich exploration of Slaanesh. BL could definitely use your creativity. Slaanesh can be approached from literally infinite amount of angles, but only if the writing is good. Otherwise, as @Enoby and I discussed, all Slaaneshi characters become fundamentally the same, a trap which BL routinely walks into. I will admit that I am genuinely surprised, not even disappointed, that we got zero novels. There is so much to explore, the Children of Slaanesh, Sigvald and Glutos are walking the realms. How Hedonite societie
  2. Executions are great....wait that came out wrong.... I am simply not sure that Skaven are that popular.
  3. I have collected Skaven since WHFB 5 edition. But are Skaven truly so popular to warrant a Chaos treatment? That each clan becomes its own faction as each Chaos god now has its own faction.
  4. Nope, that one is still on my to-read list. Mostly because BL take on Slaaneshi antagonists is in most cases absolutely identical.
  5. Hedonites have appeared as antagonists. I read all that I could find. I was hoping to see them as protagonists of a novel dedicated purely to them.
  6. Today is Black Library day! I am hoping we get something. Maybe a Hedonite novel?
  7. Absolutely, you did a excellent job with survey. Personally, I think there are very big chances that this survey could lead to very good feedback from GW.
  8. I saw this suspicion mentioned multiple times on multiple locations by various people. It is possible, I guess. On the good side, I am 99% sure that sculpting department of GW loves Slaanesh.
  9. I do not find it strange, Slaanesh has always been the GW least favorite Chaos God and that has been shown systematically throughout their work across all games and all lore. I am honestly amazed we got such a beautiful model line, but absence of any new novels for such a massive and beautiful release was truly sad event. Lumineth are on their third full novel, we nothing. Considering that imprisonment of Slaanesh was set up as big plot device from start of Age of Sigmar, the fact that actual children of Slaanesh are walking the Realms should be a massive deal. Also, I hope that the
  10. So, I am new to forum, how do you know so much @Whitefang? Your leaks are, from what I see in the past, correct. You have good sources.
  11. You saw the most recent Pride of Everblight model? She is meant to be beautiful, reflection of Everblight aesthetics. One of most horrible models I ever saw, just plain ugly. Rumors are true, I guess, PP can not afford good sculpt artists anymore.
  12. Link? @Whitefang can you confirm or deny this?
  13. Slavic myself and I do see Slavic influence in etymology.
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