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  1. The Unmade are to me the most aesthetically original Warcry warband. Beautiful models. All of Warcry Chaos warbands are quite amazing, but this spider guy just looks lame.
  2. Strange but definitely a original list and well thought out list.
  3. Case by case basis. Raging Heroes or Creature Caster should be fine in my opinion.
  4. Honestly, I would like to see Kurnothi released as a proper army, not just Underworlds or even Warcry warbands.
  5. @LeonBox Absolutely amazing, you have a very rich imagination! GW should let you write our battletome. Could I ask you for a favor, could you apply your rich imagination and expand upon the Lurid Haze faction, if you could come up with six artefacts of power, six command traits and battle traits that are lore fitting for the Lurid Haze faction? I would be eternally grateful to you if you could do this, since I am planning on making a purely Lurid Haze themed Hedonites (there will be heavy customization of miniatures, I already got various censers from Skaven) army and I am dying for lore inspiration! My thanks in advance!
  6. I can only say thank you to both @LeonBox and @CeleFAZE for their work. Our battletome really does come off as lore shallow overall.
  7. I agree. Honestly, just a point decrease for a few units and Slaangor rewrite. That is all we need. Let us pray to Slaanesh that GW takes a look at our survey data.
  8. We did our part, the rest is up to GW. Tournament data from the world places us at Beasts of Chaos level in competitive scene. For a newly updated army, that is quite bad. People look at armies that got updated such as Lumineth or released such as Soulblight and the difference is truly great. Just take a look where Lumineth and Soulblight end up on tournament data.
  9. @Enoby@AngryPanda My friend has picked up our survey, it has been sent to proper GW departments.
  10. @Enoby you gem! I have sent the document to GW. When my friend picks it up, I will let you all know. Anyway, the results are interesting, Glutos being "No I think they are too highly costed: 145 (51.8%)"
  11. @Enoby you gem! I have sent the document to GW. When my friend picks it up, I will let you all know.
  12. Take a look at this Metawatch stat. Overall, it does seem that for a newly updated faction, Hedonites are struggling, at least competitively. My own personal experience in casual games has been pretty good, although I would like to field more Painbringers, Slickblades and especially Slaangors.
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