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  1. With the newer design of warscrolls and the influx of peoples creativity with their own fractions, is there any programs or pdf's that people use to create their own warscrolls as i have used Runebrushes in the past, but it feels a bit outdated, and i would love to be able to add my own imagery and stuff in the picture areas. does anyone know of any programs, that i can use or is Runebrush the only warscroll designer so far??
  2. Thank you, is the battalion worth it at all, or it is not very good. Trying to compare with anvilguard, which requires the battalion to be really useful.
  3. Hmm, so is the trait worth it, or is it better just having multiple mages, each with taking different spells.
  4. In going for a magic casting general, to take advantage of the everliving druid trait, what magic user is best??
  5. i think it is a good way to get some old models far cheaper than they are on ebay. i am just waiting for a storm of chaos week, so i can get some tuetagon guard or old high elf heroes to finsih of my collection.
  6. I played with one today and was quite disappointed, obviously I don't have the full book to look for. So they have to be taken in a group, so that is alright. Also with the freeguild guard warscroll on azre it is correct compared to the book or different as only gaining hit roles rather than attacks seems really weird.
  7. Has anyone found any usefulness with the steamtank, as it seems so underwhelming now, with the change to the overpressure ability.
  8. i would simply play it as when rolling, roll each head separately and then simply when rolling damage saves, roll for each head, then you can simply allocate damage and if a head does kill you can choose.
  9. always more as highly competitive players will try and twist the rules to give them an advantage, when sometimes it is very plainly clear.
  10. with the store on the 4-5th of June having a large meeting, regarding age of sigmar and then told to make a new starter board, would suggest that we are getting a new edition.
  11. in regards to conversions, I general go for the rule, that the model should represent, what the model has, so for dark shards, converted from corstairs, would need crossbows and shields, not just having cloaks. and saying they are shields.
  12. as the lord of afflictions has the daemon keyword, he is better as he has the small healing which is invaluable. daemon princes, I find are not just worth the points.
  13. I have no clue< maybe in the future you will not have to pay for summoning units, or that it is useful for smaller games open play games, and thus it adds options for everybody wanting to play, not just those that use the matched play rules.
  14. probably around November/December. I am guessing Maggoth lords, with3 nurglings and blightkings.
  15. you would still have to pay the full allotted points for a unit of 3, but can only place down 1 nurgling base. it is better to save up contagion points for 3 rather than base.
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