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  1. Must Haves: Feculant Gnarlmaw at least x1 Start Collecting Daemons of Nurgle at least x1 You will always get a use out of those two boxes no matter what direction you take. The Gnarlmaw has uses no matter what and the Daemons box is a great launchpoint for a daemon centred army or provides you with a summoning tool box for a mortal/Rotbringer based force. After that I'd really consider pursuing a daemon/rotbringer/mortal build. There's certain must buy units for each of those army types that don't play well if they are mismatched. For example a Harbinger of Decay is a must have in a mortal/Rotbringer list but has zero use in a daemon list. Do you currently have a preference?
  2. It isn't a legal Plaguetouched Warband. You need 1 Slaves to Darkness Nurgle hero and then 7 Mortal Slaves to Darkness units. That list is currently at 1 and 3. You have also selected the Blessed Sons sub faction. I assume that's a mistake? The plan with the GUO is a waste of points in my opinion. GUO are extremely underwhelming in combat without support and kitting him out with the bell (support piece) but using him as a solo blocker is contradictory. If you want a singular unit to put out some damage I would highly recommend a Lord on Kakadrak. He is a proper combat monster and has a reasonable stab at carrying a number of artefacts to some effect.
  3. Don't despair. You could easily restructure it to be a Plaguetouched Warband, that battalion is fine in Nurgle.
  4. Yeah Munificent has some nice stuff in there, shame about the Mucktalon ruining things.
  5. Where's Thricefold Befoulment at these days? I really want to make it work but haven't seen any high placing lists for a while.
  6. The Daemon Prince of Nurgle does not have that command ability anymore. Its been changed a single d3 MW regardless of how many 6's are rolled.
  7. Is there any mileage in the Pleasurebound Warband? It's got the lowest drop requirement of all the god marked battalions, so much so that dropping Archaon into it is doable.
  8. I cannot stand the direction taken in the Slaves to Darkness book. Being forced into a subfaction and losing out on a general option to take instead killed my interest in the army stone dead. For me, that design choice was a real shame.
  9. I think I'm probably going to go down that route.
  10. Clearing out some bits and bobs, mainly Stormcast. https://ebay.co.uk/usr/concretegoose
  11. This book really has turned out to be a dissapointment and the FAQ just seemed to hammer it even harder.
  12. Having acquired 20 marauders in a trade I'm keen to get them on the field. However, two questions arise: Is a unit of 20 worth it? And, is there any positive to them having flails? Unfortunately they are pre assembled as such and I can't get rid of them for hand weapon and shield.
  13. Forgive the noob question but: Azyr lists big stabbas as a unit size of 2. Just to be absolutely clear, that means 2 bases, ie: 4 actual orcs carrying 2 stabbas?
  14. Does anyone have any pointers on converting up Maniak Weirdnobs and or Wardoks? Not keen on the official models.
  15. UK based. Have 6 pigs, 5 Brutes, 2 war chanters and 20 Ardboyz. All under coated. War chanters have some kit bashing on them. Looking to trade for Bonesplitterz.
  16. Hi everyone, Having taken some time off from Shadespire over the last year or so I find myself ready to get back in with Beastgrave around the corner. I have purchased all the war bands up to and including Zarbags Gits. As I contemplate rounding out my Nightvault purchases I have some questions. In light of rotation, will the universal cards in Garreks Reavers and Steelhearts champions be legal? They are season 1 warbands but their packaging as seperate releases has the Nightvault branding. If that is the case am I better off buying Echoes of Glory? To the best of my knowledge EoG just contained the neutral cards from those seperate releases. I also don't own any boards beyond those found in the two starter boxes. Do I need to buy the separately released ones or is that enough?
  17. This is good news. I suspected its the case, I just find that particular command ability worded in such a weird way that it gave me a bit of a pause for thought.
  18. So he can use it by himself then? No buddy daemon necessary?
  19. Regarding Repears of Vengeance and the command ability Leave None Alive: If I took RoV as my Slaughterhost with Archaon in my list, under what circumstances could I trigger this command ability on Archaon? Would he need to be within 8 inches of a non named RoV daemon? Or, seeing as he would gain the RoV keyword too, is it legit to use it on him even if he is going solo?
  20. Fair, I did think that might be the case.
  21. I have an 8th edition Lizardmen army I'm considering rebasing on to rounds. Only thing is I cannot be arsed with another summoning heavy army. Is there a viable way to go with Seraphon that isn't summon spam or is that really their only angle?
  22. Was expecting to see something about allies in the GHB but after an initial pass I can't see anything. Am I missing something or has this been over looked again?
  23. I consider Path to Glory as half a dozen pages of scrap paper included with every battletome.
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