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  1. Actually ignore that, just read up on it. Hoo boy!
  2. Whats the deal with the Slaughterhost and the Artefact?
  3. The best thing about GA chaos is being able to take Plaguetouched Warband, Fatesworn etc. Quite easy to make a one drop army and even though you are stuck with the hot garbage that is the GA Chaos command abilities you can at least double dip into realm artefacts.
  4. I think there is an argument to be made for taking warriors with halberds under certain circumstances. ie: You have a lot of them and are using Blades of Putrefaction. With the extra reach provided by the halberd allowing you to fight "in two ranks" you are ramping up your chances of getting the mortal wounds to pop. Fringe case I know but worth considering!
  5. Is there any halfway decent 1000pt lists lurking in this new book?
  6. UK based but I have two sets left over from making a terrorgheist. Message me if you want to sort something out.
  7. Hi all, Bought two halves of the Slaanesh Wrath and Rapture box along with the following; 10 Daemonettes 5 Hellstriders 1 generic daemon prince. Everything is NOS. Looking to trade for Khorne collection of similar size and condition. UK based.
  8. Ah you already get two poses. That's brilliant.
  9. New Flesh Eater here, looking for some advice. I have sketched out a 3 Terrorgheist list and need some advice on how to vary the models so I'm not stuck with the same pose. I'm planning to adorn each of my ghoul kings with various paraphernalia to differentiate them, the big beasties are the problem though. Anyone got any experience with this?
  10. Also interested in FEC.
  11. I feared as much. I have pretty much everything on the Nurgle roster available to me and can't see anything that would work. To be perfectly honest I struggle really hard against Legions lists without Nagash in them. I don't feel like Nurgle has the tools to get at Death generals and stop the resurrection, and with things like plaguebearers it's hard to even get the damage off in the first place. It's quite frustrating.
  12. I have now faced Nagash (2x 40 skeletons, 2 x necro) twice using my Maggotkin. Got tabled first game with the net loss of 2 skeletons and lost the second when Nagash took out 30 plaguebearers, a pox bringer and got a GUO into his last health box in two turns of combat and one hero phase. Is there anything, at all, Maggotkin can do against Legions and specifically, Nagash? Because I'm completely at a loss. I had a tough time with 1000pt games against normal non Nagash legions, but feel 2000pts is hopeless. Do Maggotkin just suck or is it me?
  13. How on earth do you beat legions of Nagash as Nurgle? Beyond hoping the opponent lazily bubble wraps their general and you can squeeze a drone strike in, what else should you be doing? I'm completely out of ideas.
  14. How do you Maggots find vanguard games? I tend to play a lot of 1000pt level games at the moment. This isn't really out of choice, I'm stuck with a 4x4 table at home for the time being. I'm finding it very hard to be effective at 1000pts and I'm struggling to put my finger on why. I'm playing against Legions of Nagash almost exclusively. I don't feel there is enough in the tool box at 1000pts to put up any real resistance against them. I can't set up a big enough anvil to weather the 40 skeleton assault without compromising every other element of the list. If I do dish out enough damage to kill something I'm too slow to pressure grave sites and find myself back to square one. Anyone have any advice or experience for things to consider at the 1k level? I can't seem to find the balance to mitigate our slow movement and low damage output. Or is Nurgle at 1k just a very tough ask?
  15. I didn't realise Gors/Ungors could be taken as battleline in anything aside from BoC allegiance or just good old GA chaos. If getting the mark of Slaanesh is enough to make them legal battleline then this is good news indeed.
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