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  1. I consider Path to Glory as half a dozen pages of scrap paper included with every battletome.
  2. I'm trying to swing back from being cynical and think how best they could be used. Maybe the battalion, the witherstave and a Harbinger of decay backing them up. (Thermalrider Cloak on him too). Wide alpha strike to tie units up and then ferry units of plague bearers around with the boatman to cover the rest of the field. They aren't going to be a lolly alpha strike by any means but as a wall they might have some merit.
  3. Yeah I realise that, hence why I opened that post with "If this is all the Maggotkin changes".
  4. If this is all the Maggotkin changes then its clear to me that they have been motivated by one thing only; sell stock. No one runs Pusgoyles, no one uses that battalion, so I imagine there is shelf upon shelf of these kits gathering dust somewhere. Hate to take the cynical approach but this GHB does nothing for Nurgle in the competitive meta at all.
  5. Having just come into possession of some new on sprue Bloodthirsters I find myself wondering what the optimal load out is for a Tyrants of Blood list? One of each kind, or somewhere in between?
  6. I'm a UK based seller with 2 sets of each new on sprue.
  7. Actually ignore that, just read up on it. Hoo boy!
  8. Whats the deal with the Slaughterhost and the Artefact?
  9. The best thing about GA chaos is being able to take Plaguetouched Warband, Fatesworn etc. Quite easy to make a one drop army and even though you are stuck with the hot garbage that is the GA Chaos command abilities you can at least double dip into realm artefacts.
  10. I think there is an argument to be made for taking warriors with halberds under certain circumstances. ie: You have a lot of them and are using Blades of Putrefaction. With the extra reach provided by the halberd allowing you to fight "in two ranks" you are ramping up your chances of getting the mortal wounds to pop. Fringe case I know but worth considering!
  11. Is there any halfway decent 1000pt lists lurking in this new book?
  12. UK based but I have two sets left over from making a terrorgheist. Message me if you want to sort something out.
  13. Hi all, Bought two halves of the Slaanesh Wrath and Rapture box along with the following; 10 Daemonettes 5 Hellstriders 1 generic daemon prince. Everything is NOS. Looking to trade for Khorne collection of similar size and condition. UK based.
  14. Ah you already get two poses. That's brilliant.
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