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  2. Gonna have to address this one. Yes, that is only the people in your area. Competitive (and non-competitive) people who are really into Age of Sigmar are also amongst the people who aren't a fan of the doubleturn. Not to say all of them are, but to say that generally few of them aren't, or none of them are/aren't, is massively misrepresenting it. -- Carry on with the rest of the discussion I'm still outside of it. Just can't handle misconceptions like that.
  3. I don't think I'm following. Since SCE last year would you say more or less of the battletomes include the phrase "6+" or "Unmodified 6s"? Since the introduction of phase specific command abilities, would you say there are more or less abilities that are phase specific that that trigger in the hero phase? Are there more or less examples of "reroll XXX" instead of "reroll failed XXX" in old battalions than there are in these most recent battletomes? I'm not sure evidence would be against me on this and I'm not taking a stand on my preference. It definitely clears up confusion on reroll but I think rend is too rare and too valuable to begin with so hurting it at all is very dangerous.
  4. I asked them to stop breaking the combat system. 1 of the things I really liked was that you always got to fight back in the combat phase. But with always fight first and pile in from outside 3" its starting to be anoying. I had a game today against a melee army, my Bloodthirster with always strike just deleted unit after unit. Its just stupid unless opponent has ranged or a strong list. I'm not going to play it again in casual games. Its adding gotcha moments which was some of the things from Fantasy I was most happy to be rid off. Make things stronger if you want them to be great, don't have them break the basics of the game. Keep doing that and we will need a Fantasy to AoS reset in a few years. Also voted for the double turn. I almost stopped playing 40k, to many games you know 1 hour in who is going to win and either stop way early or just play to see how big the win is going to be. In AoS if behind I always think I have a shot at winning if I just get the double turn at the right time. Sure it can go the other way, if you are already behind and the other person gets it, but then at least the game is likely to be over soon. Sometimes you can't do anything, but after playing for a while you learn to play so a double turn will mostly not decide the game. Its a skill and I find some of the people who don't like it just try to avoid it instead of handling it. Maybe its only the people in my area, but here I find the people who actually play a lot of AoS like it, while people not that into AoS don't like it. I would really hate if a ton of people not really into AoS got the rules changed and then ,most likely still not play it much.
  5. I was thinking an army wide strike first if charged.
  6. Well I wouldn’t really call the wpv op. Its very strong, especially against the new meta of charging in the first turn while destroying everything, which we are starting to see with the Witch Aelves, deepkins, flesh eater courts and etc. not being able to fly or move as fast as possible from one end to the other will be a huge issue for this army, while the skaven still have a few more spells which can render their charge and runs to near useless. to tell the truth I think this spell was made to deal with such problems.
  7. It was always possible on a 1, so the trait makes it so you can hit single models on a 2. Not really worth it IMO, just because it only helps much before you start taking damage.
  8. It’s possible to anyway, as you need to roll equal to or less than the number of models (the tail is less only). But it does give you a much better chance of hitting a single model. Also, I would also say ignore the app until proven otherwise- if there’s a change it would appear in an faq or GHB. Something similar happened with idoneth warscrolls last year (basically several warscrolls with different rules appeared on the app) and the official answer usually is, if it’s being changed they will do so in an FAQ first.
  9. For the time being, only the Guardians. Although it does look like our regular tree-revenants will be getting the same treatment in the future.
  10. Sounds like a great game all round - as it should be. Glad the DP did well, he’s a bargain for 160
  11. Ok. So I'm just back from the club here in coventry, uk (Dreamdealers). We played the Focal points battle plan (determined randomly). I ran the list as described earlier, and my opponent had: Spider hero with venom totem (12" poison on 5+) Shaman on arachnarok x2, one had healing spell, the other had double mortal wounds on poison iirc. 5x10 spiderfang grotsa arachnarok with catapult Spider swarm endless spell. So, I completely forgot to take pictures, but some were taken for the club site, so I might be able to provide some later. The table had a citadel wood in the centre, and then 2 more wooded areas on each flank and some of the ophidian ruins scattered about to block Los. I deployed my prince, and 30 bestigor on my right flank, facing off against 2 big spiders and 20 small ones. Centre was the bullgors, ghorgon and doombull, as well as the bloodsecrator and slaughterpriest on the altar. Left flank was held by gors, chariots and flesh hounds (they were opposite 2x 10 spiders and spider hero). I left a squad of gor on my home objective and he left 10 spiders and one of the mages on arok on his. I gave up turn one, knowing I was slower and hoping to hit him with a heavy countercharge. The more on the left objective got charged and died, and the other spiders crept forwards, claiming the three objectives on the centre line for 6 vps turn one. My turn one saw the bestigor swarm towards the spiders on the right objective, failng the charge, but redirecting into the spiders in the center, where they join up with the gorghon and clear them out. On the left objective the bullgors get killing frenzy and doombull buff and delete some spiders .one chariot swings back to support the objective and the other dashes forwards to threaten the backfield. Turn 2, I lose priority, the flanking chariot gets charged and dies, and the spiders from the right hand objective charge the bestigor. The spiders in the middle form up, and the spider hero who had supported the initial charge retreats yo a safe distance. The rearguard arok then moves forward threateningly. The bestigor take casualties, but 1 CP stops the battlshock. In my turn 2 the ghorgon receives killing frenzy, the bullgors get +1 to wound from doombull and move and I summon the skulls, hoping they stick around. By this point I have 4 blood tithe, so the bestigors clear out some of the 10 spiders on the right objective in my hero phase. The chariot camps the left objective, ghorgon, DP and bullgors move up to charge the spider mage by the home objective of my opponent. Ghorgon fails its charge miserably, but the DP does 14 wounds before the bullgors swing! Hounds run into spiders threatening left objective, and kill a couple. Opponent claims 2 vps, I score 6. Turn 3, I lose priority, ghorgon gets charged by one spider, my bestigor the other, DP and Bullgors get charged by 10 spiders from his home objective. Lots of mortal wounds mean all four units are mauled, but functioning. The spiders suffer a similar fate. My turn 3, the skulls have stuck around and lurk near his spider mage. I throw the Doom bull at his spider hero and push the bloodsecrator onto the centre objective at a run. Combat wise, the doombull killed his general, my Dp dies to spiders who in turn die to the bullgors and the ghorgon takes the catapult arok down to 1hp. Vps +4 to me, +1 for spiders. Turn 4, I've not got priority. Blessing of the spider God heals the 1 hp behemoth for 6, after rolling a 12 to cast! He then attempted to cast a second spell and rolled an 8 inflicting 6 mortal wounds from the hexdrinker skulls. Spiders on the left kill the chariot, arok in the centre kills the ghorgon, and the mage on 1hp kills the last of the bestigor. My 4, I go stupid and throw the bloodsecrator and bullgor into the spider, having failed to do anything with the priest. (So I sent him to cap the left point as punishment.) Doombull sits on the spiderfang home objective. Combat went awful and I lost the bloodsecrator. However, I generated another 4 vps to my opponents 1. We ended the game at the top of turn 4, 16vps for khorne vs 9 for spiderfang (he was highly unlikely to catch up. And we were almost out of time). Sorry for the wall of text. But it was a bloody game, and I might have skipped some details. The DP did really well, as did the bestigor and bullgors. Keeping everything under all the buffs was impossible, but trying to keep each unit buffed a little bit worked really well. The DP was impressive, but with all the buffs i'd slapped on him he should be! I'm gonna run it again and see if I can iron out some kinks. Especially trying to keep the buffs in range better, as there were a lot of times I was out of range!
  12. Which probably means it's just a placeholder until the book gets released someday
  13. If we have the traditional three endless spells, to work with, and if (in a hypothetical universe) I were a GW game designer, I would have one of three broad categories One effect that was a destructive weather phenomena (storm, cyclone, etc) One effect that was some sort of aerial predator of some kind (like the megalofins described in the fluff One final effect that was technology-based in some way. Like the aerial mine field that Ecosta just described, or perhaps some sort of buffing mechanic. Perhaps an aether-refueling station that would make our ships faster? Something along those lines.
  14. Today
  15. But is it really the WLV combo winning those games? Plenty of people on both sides saying the WLV is either OP or it isn't and I stand by it not needing drastic changes (if any). I typically can't get it off vs. Tzeentch and Khorne can be troublesome as well.. any player complaining about it killing all of their heroes needs to learn that lesson 1 time and start thinking harder about deployment and movement phases. As discussed however, wholly within ranges are typically quite short and abundant now so, what can you really do? I imagine it will get some sort of change, but at the same time I don't.. and the reason for that is because the power creep on all of these new tomes seems to be evening things out. Sticking a big block of 30 Vulkites somewhere will be another shift to the meta. The more that things get released, the more things will equal out and thus there's a good chance that the WLV + Warpgale + Shackles combo will have something comparable show up from another army in the future. Everyone thought Witch Aelves were far too strong and the tournament evidence supported that. But as time has gone on, they begin to equal out with things of similar power cropping up. The same goes for us and FeC.
  16. So while this unit is on the field tree revs get the fight at the beginning of battle round treatment? That looks super strong. Like an auto include.
  17. I think it could be solved in other way. If I'm not mistaken Poison Wind Mortar was 8th ed invention, so GW didn't have old metal model to sell again (they did it with warpfire thrower), so if they still have moulds for metal Lothern Sea Guard they can rerelease them (I know it's not a perfect solution, but it's still better than removing units from the game). Of course it probably means that High Warden would be lost, but hey, sometimes it happens.
  18. Going up against a friends Sylvaneth next week. 2000 pts and he's bringing Alarielle. My guess is he'll have at least one treelord and alarielle will summon another. And a horde of dryads and some kurnoth hunters (he has one unit of each loadout. Unsure what he'll take). I'm thinking of bringing this: Reapers of Vengeance IR bloodthirster general with Mage eater and skullshard mantle. slaughterpriest - kill frenzy slaughterpriest - bronzed flesh Daemon prince (with axe and wings) Bloodsecrator 2x10 Blood warriors 1x20 Bloodletters (I only have 20 so far) A unit of 6 bloodcrushers 1x5 skullreapers 1x5 wrathmongers 1950 pts. No battalion sadly but that gets me more units on the field I guess. No idea what to expect. My Khorne has never fought Sylvaneth and I've never seen Alarielle in action. I kind of want Skarbrand but he's a lot of points and can't take the lovely Reapers stuff.
  19. i assume battletombe trumps app
  20. I'm down for a "stormhost" treatment for our army. I generally play smaller games, so I can't use battalions. Being able to get additional fluff without spending extra points sounds very cool. Also, this looks to me like a concerted push away from tieing extra rules to battalions and therefore semi-mandatory one-drop battalions.
  21. I do believe it was a buff given to a unit that was kind of trash without it. I am ok with them having it because it fits the theme of Skullreapers being a murderous bunch of crazed elites. They also cost enough to warrant getting to reroll everything against hordes because that is what they are supposed to be taken against. We just got out of the reroll everything from 1.0 it’s a backstep to the power creep that was just being lamented. A -1 rend does nothing to a squad of Sequitors, especially if played right and either in cover or the lantern is pointed at them. And if they aren’t in cover. with reroll saves they go from rerolling 50% of their possible save rolls to 66% or even 75% at -2 rend. They go from having -2 rend giving 33% saved roll average to 48.6%. Sure there are mortal wounds but now it’s just turning into an argument of “Well this can be broken because this is broken too so it balances it all out” This makes Hag Naar Witches reroll 50% of their hit ills on -1 and they now output 75% conversion of rolls to damage. A squad of 30 now consistently deal around 90 wounds a combat even if you debuff them. Its nice to see a reroll that isn’t 1s or failed but throwing it out for everything is stepping into 40k level damages.
  22. Not saying the whole line will be renoved, just the models i quoted because they are no longer sold by GW. Same happened to the skaven half os Spireof Dawn.
  23. I invite you to take the gav bomb against a skaven or fec list. An fec list will fight first and kill more than half your evos before you do anything. A skaven list will screen with rats and mess you up with stormfiends in the counter. Gav bomb alpha strike isnt as good anymore. Thats not to say you couldnt bring a mix of gav bomb and idk ballistas
  24. The keyword "oakenbrow" suggest me 2 things: - in the new battletome there will be "associations" (sorry I don't know the English term) like khorne and fyreslayer - new battletome ready
  25. I dont think there will ever be a time when Azyr is 100% accurate!
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