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  1. Only a few short years ago the Flesh-eater Courts were virtually unknown in the Westreach, the wholesome and pure energies of Ghyran being anathema to these debased creatures. This changed with the outbreak of civil war in Leynia. As the conflict has escalated, mordants have been drawn from civilisation’s shadow like moths to a flame, glutted by a ready supply of corpse covered battlefields. Nowadays, they are so widely recognised in the strife-ridden kingdom that even children play at being ghoul kings and eating one another in macabre games. While this is undoubtedly a problem of grave concern, neither of the claimants to Leynia’s throne can spare the men to deal with the packs of ghouls that roam the kingdom, and nor will they allow outsiders into their lands to do so for them. In this way the peril grows, and the wise look upon the eaters of the dead with great concern, seeing in them another distressing glimpse of death ascendant… ***** I got around to finishing off the rest of my Flesh-eaters - 3 Horrors and a Ghoul King. I have to say, I don't know how people make entire armies of these models - I was shocked at how little options there are in the Horror/Vargheist kit. Not even any spare heads! But maybe that's just me, I like my models to be unique and can't stand clone syndrome. Anyway, here are the horrors: And their leader, the Ghoul King known as the Pretender of Bones. Believing himself to be the rightful heir to the Leynian throne, this abhorrant is continually puzzled by the fact that no one will support his claim That's all for now. Comments and thoughts always appreciated!
  2. This is one of my favourite plogs on TGA, full of such wonderful conversions and creativity! Not to mention top notch painting Makes me regret not starting a Tomb King army back in the day...
  3. Great stuff! The new nighthaunt look really good in a more solid colour scheme.
  4. The Glade Guard certainly do look impressive all arrayed like that. Your winter scheme is really striking across a whole army! I like the ghost you painted too, feels very cold and icy with the snowy basing.
  5. I've rebased a few knights onto ovals by the first method and it works just fine, the models are plenty stable even without the tabs beneath the base. I don't think the second method would work very well, since you'd have to accommodate the height of the rectangle base due to the tabs, sadly. It's worth the effort though, our knights fit much better on the 60mm ovals. No more bent scabbards or models scraping paint off each other when you try to rank them up!
  6. I love how gritty and realistic your painting style is. Everything just looks so natural, which is an impressive accomplishment with undead! Keep up the great work.
  7. Just dropping the full army list like that is such a tease. Now I want to see all these awesome sounding conversions...
  8. Yikes, a single model painted to this standard is exceptional, an entire army... utterly defies comprehension Must just about be the best painted army I've ever seen!
  9. I'll admit, your post brought a smile to this Bret player's face - such models are a rare treat these days! The damsel's looking great so far, I especially like what you've done with the Stormcast shield. Very mystical and arcane looking. Can't wait to see the rest of the warband
  10. Wonderful post - I love seeing the awesome lore and stories people come up with for their armies, and the background you've come up with for Nacht'Tor and Fendale is excellent. And your interests sound very similar to my own, exploring the opposed forces of life and death, to boot! I look forward to seeing how this develops
  11. Have you thought about doing some conversions to make Tomb King units? The High Elf Chariot in particular looks pretty close to the Tomb King aesthetic - swap the steeds and riders out, add a few skulls and I think they'd look the part. Likewise for infantry you can get great results by using Tomb King shields on the current GW skeletons. Of course you'd need to to a bit of work sourcing various parts if you do things this way - and it might end up being prohibitively expensive - but it's certainly an option to consider.
  12. Davariel

    Warrior Priestess

    Hi @Remus Prime, sorry for the delayed reply - this model is actually an extensive conversion built using a few different kits and plenty of green stuff! The base of it was a Sister of the Thorn torso on Flagellant legs, but it also used bits from the Glade Guard, High Elf Chariot, and Freeguild Archers.
  13. Another update - with not one, but two pieces of finished terrain! I painted an Ophidian Archway - a nicely detailed piece with massive gaps that required a boatload of filling. Well worth the effort, I have to admit. In hindsight I wish I'd picked a more contrasting colour for the metal, but for terrain it's plenty good enough I think: And a pic from the back: The other piece of terrain I painted is a section of palisade wall. One of my many ongoing projects is building a modular fort in this style - I plan to add another 2 wall sections, a gate section, and a set of various corners and towers. Rather than do it all at once I pushed ahead and finished this one piece as something of a proof of concept: A shot of the battlements, with a few minis for scale:
  14. You could use the plastic dark eldar succubus as a base, maybe? Add a pair of wings and give her some dagger arms and I think she'd look the part. Although the model is in a running pose, which might not be what you're looking for.
  15. It's a minor touch but I really, really like how you've used the Osgiliath ruins as basing materials. They give the army such a strong sense of ancient grandeur crumbling away... which of course complements high elves perfectly (perhaps now more than ever with how AoS has treated them ) Looking forward as always to see what you add next!
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