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  1. That’s true. But I’m sure that aging molds and low sales make it less likely to continue supporting them especially with some unspecified form of support coming for a new edition that may be in a different scale or different visual direction.
  2. This likely has to do with making room for the Old World and cleaning house of any minis that will not be supported or just have low sales.
  3. Oh how I wish this was Warmaster scale terrain.
  4. Blood on the Reik is phenomenal. Lots of inspiration for conversions. im pretty sure they did re-releases of all the Geneviève novels. Drachenfels, Silver Nailes, Geneviève Undead, and Beasts in Velvet all got reprinted with fantastic covers
  5. Has anyone been reading any Black Library books to get in the mood? I was reading the Brunner the Bounty hunter Omnibus when they made the announcement and just jumped into Drachenfels. i highly recommend both.
  6. I know this is an Age of Sigmar forum but is there any chance we’ll get an Ol World sub forum?
  7. I think the fondness for the Old World is more than nostalgia for most people. Sure, I got into Fantasy back in 5th edition but I didn’t really play any games until I found 40k. As much as I love 40k the Fantasy setting is still the one I prefer thematically. i think it’s simply a matter of personal taste. The mythological might and operatic glory of AoS vs the down and dirty Old World. Both have fantastic elements but its all different strokes for different folks. There’s more than enough hobby to go around.
  8. It just occurred to me that contrast paints would make painting Warmaster scale a breeze.
  9. https://www.belloflostsouls.net/2019/11/op-ed-warhammer-the-old-world-should-go-to-15mm.html Interesting article that raises a few good points in favor of 15mm. I don’t see it as likely though as if it was a return to 15mm they wold have just called it Warmaster in the announcement.
  10. On another note I hope we get re-prints of some of the Fantasy lore books like the Witchhunters Handbook, The Life of Sigmar, and Blood on the Reik. They really added to the grounded, historical feel of the old world. i used to have them all and now they’re going for $300 on eBay.
  11. My main hope for the re-release(?) would be to make it entirely distinct from AoS. I want more troops, more cavalry, more cannons and less big monsters and characters.
  12. I don’t see GW or Forgeworld releasing redesigned units from existing mode kits and well supported AoS armies. Maybe some special characters, command units or signature units. the only full releases I think we’ll see will be Tomb Kings, Bretonnia, and Lizardmen and they might even just be re-releases of the old line. Based on nothing but speculation of course.
  13. I for one am thrilled at the announcement. There are infinite questions up in the air at the moment but I think everyone should take a step back and be happy that we are getting new miniatures. It would be crazy, from a business synergy standpoint, for GW to release models that won’t be compatible all around. My hope is that it will be more heavily campaigned and narrative based like The Horus Heresy. I tried hard as heck to love AoS but I just can’t wrap my head around the narrative. The historical flavor mixed with the fantastical of WHFB is much more in my wheelhouse. We can argue all day that Fantasy was a Lord of the Rings derivative but I simply don’t find that to be true in the least.
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