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  1. Does anyone have any interesting lore their army? I’m mostly a narrative player myself and I’ve been playing around with some ideas and themes. Currently mulling over the possibility of Chamon and painting my bake Taurus as a brass bull.
  2. Event only Daemonsmith you say? in the off chance they ever became a legit army I would like it if they nixed the head horns and went a little more Mesopotamian. Not as cartoonish as the original models but something a bit more exotic.
  3. I saw that on a list GW released but I think they look so much cooler on 32mm. They fit 25 a little to perfectly, not a whole lot of room for basing.
  4. It happened for Sisters of Battle. Who the hell saw that one coming?
  5. Swinging it back around to hobby talk... Does anyone put their Dwarfs on 32mm bases?
  6. I think we need to keep a little perspective. Azghor is a specialist army that is essentially a spin off. I always saw Forgeworld products being geared more towards the hobbyist than the gamer. The warsCroll compendium was updated in 2018 so I don’t see why they would make the call to discontinue support. The recent FW announcement on the community seemed to me to be teasing some big news for Age of Sigmar. What that means I have no idea but I have a feeling it will be pretty exciting and I doubt they’ll put the chop on a niche cult army.
  7. I wouldn’t mind seeing some ability to ally with Orcs or Goblins. I feel a void without hobgoblins and black orcs. Having Greenskin allies really makes Chaos Dwarfs feel like the complete antithesis of Dwarfs.
  8. I’ll throw one of my Nighthaunt Bog Haints into the mix.
  9. I was thinking of just using Ungors as Marauder Proxies. Beastmen really fit the AoS aesthetic of Chaos Dwarfs. i wasn’t a huge fan of the models when they were first release way back when but with the move to AoS I think the look really works.
  10. Can Azghor take beasts of chaos as allies? In the Azyr app I’m not seeing them as available.
  11. I’m new to Legion of Azghor, I loved them in WHFB. i can’t help but wonder why they arent a destruction army though. I would love some black orca and hobgoblins.
  12. My benchmark for fantasy tabletop gaming is Mordheim. I like hopeless filth. The great thing about Age of Sigmar is that you can really make it whatever you want. I like the perverted historicity of WHFB but I also quite like the vast freedom of the nine realms.
  13. I don’t want to be a negative Nancy but I think the new death faction might be one of the ugliest they’ve produced. i give credit, of course, to the quality sculpting and originality and I do eye some mighty fine conversion bits.
  14. while I pretty much have a dislike for everything Elven I’m pleased that they’re taking some inspiration from the classic models.
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