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  2. full warscrolls available for the new units. aos_skaeths_wild_hunt_en.pdf aos_grashraks_despoilers_en.pdf
  3. Has GW ever confirmed that Ylthari being marked Oakenbow has no game impact? I can still choose, say, Winterleaf and: 1) use Ylthari, 2) get the double attacks on a six for Ylthari? and 3) can Ylthari use the Oakenbow command ability (yield to none)?
  4. That would solve a long standing rumour of a dichotomous light/dark elves army which would turn out to be in fact an army of sun/moon worshipping gobbos.
  5. Today
  6. Yes, use Tempest's Eye allegiance from Season of War: Firestorm instead of Kharadron in order to be able to to include a wizard able to summon Chronomantic Cogs as well.
  7. They‘re elven spirits (if I remember correctly from the lore)
  8. Well, I have to agree that is would make more sense, even for GW, to let the "Stormscasts are our protagonist faction"-thing go and provide suport for different factions, f.e. with SCE not beeing in the next Starterset again etc, like WHB did. Nevertheless I firmly belive that from business point gw really belives a higher margin here as they experiences with Marines in 40k. We will see Well, Seraphon have the range to actually be redone into a great faction by rules alone, maybe including some lore retcons and terrain. New Destruction is something a lot of people waits for, including myself. I like the factions suggested by @Remus Prime at this point.
  9. Gotrek look like, in a KO army, best utilized as a way to scare the enemy from approaching your companies. With him as a sort of countering force, you may need less screening. Sadly he really eats into what you can budget for mobility, so your army is gonna have trouble getting from point A to point B
  10. I have a Tournament next week and I want to use Gotrek with my KO army. Any tips or strategies to follow? Battleplans are Take and Hold (ulgu) and Chained Colossus (Shyish).
  11. I run a Runesmiter on Magmadroth pretty regularly, and he definitely has gas in the engine in certain builds (especially in Forge Brethren with the Shardfist Pelt), but if you are getting three anyhow I'd say get two of the Runesons going because they really do get quite hitty whilst showing off for one another. The Runefather hits hardest of them all, and his 3" reach makes him great for doing some damage from behind the lines, but I rarely find myself using him because I don't play Lords of the Lodge usually.
  12. The Untamed Beast's First Fang's Harpoon Snag allows you to "pull" an enemy toward you. The ability says that the target makes a jumping move toward the First Fang to do this. Since this is worded as a move, does it mean that you can't pull an engaged enemy away? Normally a fighter can't move away when engaged, they must disengage (or move but end closer or as close to an engaged enemy than they started). Does this rule apply to a "forced" type move as well?
  13. flemingmma

    Fighty Nurgle

    Nurgle need a new book
  14. If you're taking slaves to darkness units they can take the tzeentch keyword and come under the grand alliance, if its beasts of chaos they can be weazled into tzeentch as well in certain circumstances
  15. Maybe the Kurnothi being Syvaneth just means that GW is making new models without worry about new armies so they're just throwing them into best fit. I'm kind of hoping for that so maybe those new wolf riding goblins will be Gloomspite GItz.
  16. You have three double casters. One has Master of Magic. (Warpseer, Corruptor, Bell) Is Vortex worth 100pts? At the moment I'm taking.. Geminids, Mirror, Swords and Pendulum. I want to take Vortex, Vermintide, Mirror, Geminids, Pendulum.. no points. Vortex. Win lose or Draw?
  17. GurgleMyNurgle

    Fighty Nurgle

    As a new player whos building twoards thricefold that has me worried! What makes it boring/ hard for new players? Any suggestions to lower the learning curve? I just love the guo models so I gravitated to a list with alot of them.
  18. Yeah man, sounds like you arent worried about making the most efficient list, so go with it. Its different, and it may have some legs to it in your meta. You know that more than us randoms on the internet.
  19. Has anyone had any luck running gotrek with stormcast or is the model count simply too low?
  20. They also don't split, as summoning is in the Tzeentch allegiance and not in their warscroll. This makes them WAY too expensive... What are you looking at taking that ruins your chance at just making a Disciples of Tzeentch list?
  21. I’d love to see some new flavour injected into Destruction. Thinking about some destructive archetypes, there are a couple that spring to mind, other than more giants. (I’d love a giant army). Insectoids. Scratching the same itch as Tyranids, a consuming society, possibly a hive mind, although I’d imagine they’d want to keep the two of them similar but different (Stormcast and Spacemarines). Elementals. Something from a realm not so explored, such as Light or Shadow, creatures born of that realm that want to spread their influence irregardless of what anyone else thinks, maybe by consuming magic or raw resources, at odds with the order forces of that realm. Old Machines. Like Horizon Zero Dawn almost, some ancient vault or something opens and a swarm of replicating, consuming crazy old machines made of clockwork or something. The realms are “really old” enough to allow this. Anyway, I think AoS has so many things it could do, and I’m really excited to see what those are.
  22. I have been saying for well over a year that we will see the slaves to darkness book once all the warcry warbands are out. We still have two warbands to go. That will make for 11 new warscrolls for slaves. It would be very strange if gw didn't put out a book that capitalises on this. In terms of releases for next year, I think we will see slaves with a few new models, maybe three or four kits. Mawtribes with a similar number of new kits. Ko and Seraphon with minimal support. New Aelves of some sort and new destruction. We probably won't see our first refresh of a 2.0 book until 2021. That would make for 4 substantial miniature releases in 2020 which is the same as we are getting this year with gits, slaanesh, warcry and bonereapers. As for a new side game we could see a new edition of Warhammer quest at the end of 2020. Pete Foley said in a recent podcast that they want to make quest a thing going forwards. A game every two years, alternating settings seems about right. I think we might see the specialist games studio finally getting round to Mordheim in 2021.
  23. So I've played my third game of Gloomspite, another win (agains stormcast Skyborne Slayer). I'm now more confident in making some analysis about how the army work against various matchup. I find Gloomspite to be an interesting army because they don't seem that strong on paper, but playing them you realize they have a really good toolbox to answer different type of challenge. I think unlike some current top army they really reward good play (after playing Ironjawz for a year it's refreshing) I've played variation of this list so far. It might look a bit random (because that's the model I have) but I realized that gloomspite strenght seem to reside in diversity , making me quite happy at the end of the day. Army identity: I had some problem seizing the army at first, mainly because it contain 4 subfaction and a large amount of units. The Bad Moon seemed like it's not that usefull , plus it's random (my strategy is to start it in my corner and hope for the +1 to cast on turn 2). An overview of the units quickly reveal that the most cost efficient units are Bounder and Troll (both version). With potent magic, it's also obvious that successful army need to rely around spell. Also, while some of our units are quite good we don't get big damage spike (except maybe a big squad of fanatics) like other army. My conclusion was that the army come down to two word: Control and Disruption. Control because we have access to a great variety of model / chaff, decent movement , lots of unit with rearch, and distruption in the form of the loonshrine, the fanatic, the -1 to hit (really crippling in the current meta). For those reason, I think competitive gloomsptie army should start with a fungoid, 40 stabbas, 5 fanatics and Geminid. After that, i think the vast majority of variant (squig, spider or Troll) could have sucess. Here's my opinion so far of the units I tried: Troggboss: He is not cheap but I like him so far. Making the troll battleline is great, and while it's attack are a bit random, he has good resistance and doesn't descale. I think the fact he benefinit from cover and look out sir! is what give him a edge above average. I've tried Gryphfeater charm and Cloak on him. I'm still not settle on a build, but +4 move and flying seem the we to go for my playstyle. His command is ability is good as well, especially on Rockgut and himself. Bounderz: 100 pts for 10 life at 4 up, with good attack, mortal on the charge, decent move, flying. It rank at the top of most cost-efficient units in the game, so it would be foolish to not take some. Troll: With the point decrease, troll have been pushed on par with the best units in the game as well. The get shoot, reach, good hit, resistance. There only weakness is bravery, so i usually keep command available to save model (even wounded once since they can heal). Zarbag and Gitz: At first i inclued them for filling, but I think they'll become a stapple for me. Zarbag +2 to cast is great to cast Geminid early. The gitz give you a really cheap screen / objective holder. For 160 pts it's a pretty good bargain. Loonsmasha: I think it's an auto pick. Striking first is awesome and they can really mess up an opponent turn. If you have CP available it's good to spend 1 for rr1. Sporesplatta: Still unsure about those. They worked fine yesterday, but I need more play with them. They might be autopick against Skaven. Scragnot: He look good but far from underprice. He certainly gain value if he's the general as he give CP and control the moon. But he get bonus to cast, that is a bit lacking in the army. His shooting is also quite decent. I would probably trade him and something else for an Arachnot if I had the model. Giant: Still bad. No real reason to take one except for fun. He is probably not even worth 100 pts, and he cost a whooping 160. For spell I'm currently rotating between Green spite, Itchy nuisance, Hand of gork and Call da Moon. I really liked greentide at first, but having 21 model wholly within 18 can be rough in my army. Nuisance and Hand of gork are good tools that can be either awesome or useless. Squig lure is not really useful for me, and glare is ******. For endless spell Scuttletide look absolutely awesome, will need to try it for sure (fit both the Control and Disruptive theme), in the end i think i'll end up swapping Malevolent move and Scuttletide depending on matchup. Let me know your tought!
  24. shinros

    Chapter 2

    It was nice journeying with someone, even though I was carrying Livia’s brother on my back. The young man’s face was buried into my shoulder, he was too exhausted to walk or speak but he was alive that was what counted. As we walked Livia told me of her home called Mastigo, it was a small town, most would consider it a village. But they were one of the many suppliers of food to the Greywater Fastness. Since the grand industrial city ground down most of it’s surrounding plant life they turned to the towns and villages to get the food they needed. But I noticed as she spoke of her home there was a slight weariness in her voice, I could tell she was holding something back. ‘You’re home is in trouble isn’t it?’ The young woman blinked in surprise, she slowly nodded. Yes….Bandits steal our grain, so we can’t meet the Greywater Fastness requests. At the same time we are struggling to feed ourselves. Many within the militia go out and hunt so we could eat but it’s dangerous, especially at night.’ ‘I see, so I assume your brother is part of the militia?’ ‘Indeed he is Sir Vindex.’ ‘But that doesn’t explain why you were with him. Going by your simple garments you aren’t a fighter.’ Livia dipped her head slightly. ‘I was worried…’ ‘Even though I consider your course of action foolish you should be commended Lady Livia. Most would not brave the roads at night.’ I decided to add the honorific to her name, she deserved it. As I called her lady her head came up again, she gave me a weak smile. ‘Adam will reprimand me just like you did.’ ‘Well that means he cares for you deeply.’ Her smile grew slightly wider, the mortal realms were harsh and many lose their families to famine or worse. Perhaps my words will make her consider her actions before she does something rash. I have seen too many young men and women throw their lives away. I was somewhat tired of seeing it. We then continued the rest of the journey to Mastigo in silence it was only as we reached the outskirts I decided to speak up again. ‘So this is it?’ Livia nodded ‘this is it.’ I narrowed my eyes and used my be blessed sight to take in all before more me. The farmsteads were small but I could tell they would yield a decent harvest but what took me by surprise was the fact Mastigo had wooden walls. It was made out of stakes and it was shoddily built, most rural settlements lacked such things which made them an easy target for bandits. ‘I’m impressed that you have wooden walls.’ I said out loud. ‘That’s what everyone says.’ Livia voiced. ‘Really?’ ‘Well...When the Greywater Fastness normally come to trade they comment on the walls and then mock them, they say if we pay them they could improve them but we don’t have the money. I recall one time when we gathered the funds the traders took it and never returned.’ Hearing her say such a thing made me bristle with anger, I suspected the traders looked down upon the rural townspeople. These days chivalry was dead, it was a lost concept to the noblemen and women of Ayzr. They expand relentlessly and exploit the natives who suffered under chaos. It was a common practice, one I hoped to correct one day if I complete my holy mission. Thinking of my quest I asked Livia a question. ‘Do you mind if I ask around your village for information? I assume the patrols should be out at night?’ ‘I don’t see why not.’ Livia answered. ‘After what you did for me and Adam I’m sure everyone will be eager to help you Sir Vindex. Actually, I think the militia will be eager to speak to a knight.’ I became flushed with embarrassment as she mentioned how the militia will be impressed with my status. I personally didn’t think much it and I didn’t like others treating me different because of it. Ushoran said he found my mindset on my status fascinating but I didn’t think much of his compliment. Helping those in need was like breathing to me, such things should be expected of all knights. As I dwelled upon my duty I started to became annoyed, this age of turbulence and chaos was a detriment to everyone. Soon as I found Ushoran I will recommend that we should launch a crusade to convert the mortal realms to the worship of the Golden God. With that thought in mind I smiled at Livia. ‘How about we head to the town? We’re almost there.’ Livia nodded, we walked past the farmsteads and as we passed them I spotted lamps at windows but the illumination from the light clearly displayed the damage covering the storehouses. It was evident to me that Mastigo has been raided constantly. I ground my teeth seeing such a sight, my blood boiled with anger, but I kept it in. Perhaps when I leave Mastigo I will go hunting? Beasts needed to be put down. ‘Are you alright?’ Livia asked. ‘I’m fine.’ My response had a slight edge of my anger, it was hard to contain but Livia didn’t notice it. When we got to the walls, Livia called out and after a few seconds, someone popped out from behind the walls. A man holding a rusted spear smiled at the sight of the young lady but as his eyes shifted to me his face twisted into horror. He started mouthing words, he trembled with fear but that lasted for a few seconds. The young warrior’s terror shifted to a sarcastic smile. ‘Who’s this then?’ the militiaman's gaze drifted back to Livia as he asked the question. ‘Open the gate Edric!’ Livia shouted. Edric’s armour was a mess, it hanged loosely over his tunic and his short brown hair was unkempt. The militiaman picked his nose and flicked the debris away. ‘I don’t know who that one is. The one in the robe. Plus Adam is injured. This...man could be a bandit.’ As he called me a bandit the young lady’s face turned red with anger. ‘He is not a bandit! He saved me and Adam from them!’ Edric frowned. ‘Look, I did you a favour letting you out but for all I know he could have threatened you and injured Adam, Catch my drift? If you wait until Hysh shines over us then perhaps I might let you in?’ ‘I’m not a bandit.’ I said to Edric. When I spoke to the gate guard his attention returned to me, he was smiling and trembling at the same time which was strange. ‘N-Now, I-’ ‘I am a knight of the Geldarai Kingdom, my name is Sir Vindex von Pax. Please let me and Lady Livia into the town. We are weary after treaking a great distance and Adam needs a good bed to rest in.’ Edric started to blink rapidly, he was stammering. ‘O-Okay I will let you in, give me a m-moment.’ The guard dipped back behind the wall, I picked up the sound of boots and then the sound of a ladder grinding on wood. There was whispers, but after a minute the locks on the door were undone. Two men opened the gates wide, as they looked at me their eyes widened but they relaxed after a moment. In the middle of the entrance stood Edric he gestured into the town. ‘Well come in then!’ Livia furrowed her brow, she looked up to me. ‘How did you do that? Edric is pretty stubborn. I thought we would’ve ended up sleeping outside the gates.’ I shrugged. ‘My king always said I had a way with words.’ The young lady was still confused but she didn’t press further in her questioning. We entered the town and as we passed the gates Edric’s men closed them behind us. The gate guard stroked his chin and bore his eyes into me. I frowned at him. ‘Is there something on my face?’ Edric grunted. ‘It’s...nothing. So you are aware I’m putting my neck on the line letting you in like this right?’ Livia rolled her eyes. ‘No one cares Edric, there isn’t even a captain for the militia!’ The guard frowned heavily, the young lady’s words must have wounded the militiaman greatly but I could see he took his job guarding the gate seriously. I didn’t begrudge him at all. I smiled at Edric. ‘Now that we are face to face can I ask you to give Adam a good bed? He was actually attacked by bandits.’ Edric sighed ‘told the fool it was too dangerous at night…’ he gestured to the two men that opened the gates. ‘Take him to the Inn, the bed is on me.’ When the two men approached me I handed off the young man to them, Livia still seemed worried as they took her brother away. ‘Don’t you want to go with them?’ I asked. Livia shook her head. ‘He’ll be fine I just...want to help you Sir Vindix. You mentioned that you are looking for your king yes?’ ‘I did, bu-’ ‘So you’re really a knight then?’ Edric interrupted. Livia glowered at the unkempt young man. ‘Don’t be rude!’ Edric shrugged ‘this one seems pretty nice to me.’ The question from Edric made me chuckle. ‘Indeed I am, don’t worry I’m not like the knights from the grand cities. But to go back to your question Livia I recall that you said I could question the militiamen for information?’ Livia shook her head. ‘Now that I've seen this one again I doubt they will be able to give you any useful information. I think you should talk to Graham. He’s our town priest. Before he came here he was travelling priest who offered succor to those all over the realms. Since you are looking for your missing king he might know something.’ ‘A king!?’ Edric’s eyes were consumed with excitement. ‘L-Let me lead the way. Please!’ I gave Livia a look, she sighed in return. I then smiled at the militiaman. ‘Lead the way then.’ Edric then lead me along with Livia through the town, we passed by wooden houses that seemed to be falling apart. I could pick up the murmur of prayers from open windows and sobbing. All around me I could hear the absence of hope, the beginning of despair. I had a feeling it was more than bandits which was troubling Mastigo. The gate guard then stopped before a church, it was better maintained than the wooden houses but I could tell it’s seen better days. I picked up the sounds of singing from within, but what was capturing my attention was the black miasma surrounding the church. I sniffed the air, that was when I picked up the scent of corruption. I drew my blade which caused Edric to jump. ‘W-What are you doing!?’ ‘Corruption!’ I spat. ‘W-Where?’ Edric was looking around frantically. Livia frowned. ‘What’s the matter Sir Vindix?’ ‘Livia, I think your priest is a heretic. He bows to dark powers.’ The young lady became confused, she grasped her head as if she was in pain. ‘B-But, Graham is a priest of Sigmar, he helped us when...when…’ ‘Keep behind me young lady, Edric get your spear ready.’ To my surprise, Edric turned serious. He gripped his rusted spear with both hands. ‘Aye, I don’t want to believe Graham is a heretic I think it’s best we question him first.’ I didn’t think it would come to that, it was better not to take the risk I was fully committed to slaying the minion of darkness. I approached the Church with Edric, Livia still seemed to be in pain as she followed behind me. When I arrived at the door I kicked it open and strode into the corrupted church. Inside there were seated men and women in the middle of singing a hymn. The priest who wore a white robe and had greying stood in front of an altar. My loud entry caused a wave of silence to sweep through the foul church, eyes became focused upon me. There was confusion amongst the evening service. Many of the townspeople narrowed their eyes at me, wondering who was disrupting a supposed holy gathering. Just for a moment their confusion shifted to horror but like Edric it drifted away. I examined my surroundings, the walls of the church were covered in strips of flesh which were nailed to the walls. The words lining the flesh was written in blood as well. The townspeople were oblivious to the horror around them, the priest must have wove a spell to hide his depravity. I strode down the aisle towards the priest, I needed to kill him to free the innocents under his thrall. ‘Your life ends here heretic!’ Graham furrowed his brow as I shouted at him, he was confused most likely wondering how I saw through his illusion. The heretic shook his head, he then blinked in shock and removed his iron hammer from his belt. ‘Get behind me!’ he shouted to the townspeople. The people did as he ordered, they were confused and I didn’t blame them for following his orders. ‘I will free these people from your vile grasp! You’re a monster for taking their minds!’ I barked. Graham then tore his necklace from his neck which was shaped like a hammer, he held it up towards my direction ‘Back evil creature! In the name of Sigmar!’ the priest roared. Waves of black light erupted from the trinket, as the energy slammed into my body I roared in pain. I snarled and charged forward, the black light scalded my flesh but I didn’t let that deter me. I made an oath to myself that I would end the priest and his corruption. There were screams and shouts from the townspeople as I leapt and bought my blade down upon the priest. The cut was deep, a great amount of life fluid splashed across my face. I instinctively licked my lips and as the blood graced my tongue my teeth-fangs began to itch. The need to tear into the corpse that was now lying upon the floor consumed my mind. But as I looked upon the cowering townspeople I restrained myself, I sheathed my blade and tore Graham’s white robe, revealing his back to all. The heretic’s skin was covered in tattoos, I pointed at the twin-tailed comet on his back. ‘Look everyone! The mark of evil! This man was a worshipper of foul powers!’ The townspeople appeared confused, but Livia and Edric came forward and peered at Graham’s back. The young lady gasped, Edric twisted around vomited. With their reactions, the cowering townspeople also took a look and their reaction was the same. Confusion and shock ran rampant, it got even worse as they looked upon the walls. ‘Please calm down!’ I called. Everyone fell silent, eyes were upon me. ‘I’m a knight of the Geldarai Kingdom, my name is Sir Vindix von Pax! We all have more to do! We have to reveal this information to the rest of the town! There might even be more heretics hiding in the houses!’ All those who were within the church shouted in agreement, seeing them screaming for justice caused my heart to swell with pride. Courage could be found in the strangest places.
  25. Yesterday
  26. The two big gaps with the lore are time and space. What we really need is not just a map of many regions to give us the most important/core regions and how they relate to each other; but also a sense of time. It's actually hard to work out what is happening when in the lore, esp when the Age of Sigmar appears to be roughly several generations old already. In Heart of Winter novella there's a city rebuilt and at least several generations who grew up within the city after the Age of Chaos. That suggests its at least 200ish years since the Age of Sigmar began. Those are big skips in time.
  27. I can tell you right now that they are armies, that need a complete clown general to lose against Gotrek. Tzeench as example will magic hit/spawn garbage around Gotrek to make him move 3" per whole game. In general all of the death armies generals will point at you and laugh if fielding Gotrek
  28. You can have a whole warband from the tempest of souls box rather than the full price soul wars box
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