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  2. Thanks for the replies all . Thanks especially plastic that was a really informative reply. I mostly play with my brother but we play in a competitive manner in our games so I presume that will carry on on aos . He is waiting on Lumineth but at least I can start building and painting my ogres ready. I've gone mawtribes for now as they are complete force and I can dabble with troll alies . Thanks again
  3. Hi all This month I'll paint 2 Dreadblade Harrows, 10 chainrasps, at least 2 pieces of scenery from the Sigmarite Mausoleum and I will finish my son's Treelord Ancient. As a stretch, i have lots more chainrasps in reserve, as well as the rest of the mausoleum. Let's go!
  4. Trols might get repetetive sooner than Mawtribes. Beautiful sculpts, but not that many. I'd say get Mollog's Mob and the Mantappers and see what you like best. Though the price increase together with the already higher price for newer sets does make Underworld less appealing as a taster.
  5. Haha yes we don't have a lot of endless spells in my meta. So something different.
  6. Is there any rule from 9th edition 40k that could be passed to AoS? I'm reading 8th edition 40k and it has some interesting rules that could be fun to play with in AoS.
  7. Today
  8. Hey guys! I am new to Nighthaunt. I know that they are not terribly competitive right now, but I like the models and want to build at least a 2000p army. I have a list in mind and would be great if you could comment on my points. Here a few thoughts that explain the list a little bit. So my most favourite unit are the Blagegheist Revenants, so I thought a good starting point is the Shroudguard battalion, relatively cheap and lowers the drops. I am not sure if its good playwise to have two units of 20 of them or if units of 10 are just better (if yes, I could go for double Shroudguard battalion?!). I wasnt sure if I go for a Knight Of Shroud on foot or on steed? But went for the one on steed. Then I love the Kurdoss model, so I put him in. A Spirit Torment is mandatory is mandatory in a Nighthaunt army as well as a Gurdian of Souls? so I put them in. Then I had to fill my battleline and I wanted a little bit of a center piece, so I took a Mourngul and as many Chainrasps as possible, unfortunately I dont have enough for a full unit of 40, which is a bit of a waste because of the discount. So I ended up with 30 10 10 , I could also go for 20 20 10 (not sure what is better). Midnight Tome as a good artefact for the GoS, Pendant for more movement when my bladegheists are retreating and charging again. Not sure about the command trait though, nothing is really that good for me here I think?! I am that sure if the Mourngul is really worth his points, so I could instead also go for 10 more chainrasps to fill up to 40, buy a command point (maybe Aetherquartz Brooch then?) and Lady Olynder, because she is really good for 200p, right? Would be 2000p. Also the question if Kurdoss' 180 points are just too much for what he does? But I really like the model!
  9. You've received a really good answer above! But what I would ask if where and in what format are you going to play? Is your aim to play mostly with friends, to go to tournaments, to win tournaments or to go to narrative events? If you are evolving in a mostly for fun or narrative environment, you also have the option of going for the Grand Alliance destruction. And I would have said start with one start collecting or box of trolls, try to paint it, get a game in and see what you like! Building on from that. Have fun!
  10. So I’ve been painting around a few random things, and got a whole patch of 20clanrats and 15 converted acolytes painted:
  11. @scrubyandwellsyou speak out of my mind! Can't wait for your follow up post to see if we share some more thoughts on the battletome
  12. Mawtribes is a full army with its own book with a spell lore, tribes, allegiance abilities, the whole 9 yards. Troggoths are a small subset of Gloomspite, with little in the way of rules support beyond their Warscrolls. They are however pretty decent in the sense that their core units are really solid. Neither Battletome has ripped it up competitively. They didn't burst out with the flurry of 5-0s you hope for from a new book. There are a few cases of competitive players doing very, very well...but a whole lot more cases were people haven't done at all well with them. Both armies are definitely cool and a lot of fun. A Stonehorn-heavy Mawtribes list is probably the strongest build from either of these factions and is pretty straightforward to play. They are also a very affordable buy-in, with 3 Start Collectings making a viable army. Mawtribes are a "proper army" in a way that Troggoths aren't really...but with Troggoths, you can always expand into other areas of Gits. On the flipside, you can ally Troggoths into Mawtribes (but not vice versa) so if you did a Mawtribes army, you can have the best of both worlds with a half-dozen Fellwaters or Rockguts in there at 2000 points. If you really can't decide what you like best, I would normally suggest buying 3 Start Collecting Beastclaws and go from there. It's a cheap buy in and a decent army. The fly in the ointment is that the next General's Handbook is not far away, and there's a chance that Stonehorns will get a points hike (entirely unwarranted imo, because it's the rest of the book that needs a lift, but we'll see what happens). So with the caveat of "buyer beware", I would say that Mawtribes, specifically Stonehorn-heavy, is easier to play and will bring a better game to the table. You can add some Troggoths to the army, or expand into the rest of Mawtribes, from there if you choose to. But if you're not in a rush, maybe wait a couple more weeks for the GH first. Hope that helps.
  13. So I’ll be playing a game of aos these weekends. my list looks like this: Allegiance: Skaventide - Mortal Realm: Chamon LEADERS Skarn, engineer of Dooooom!! (120) Warlock Bombardier - General - Command Trait : Deranged Inventor - Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism : More-more-more Warp Power! Snag an gruk (120) Warlock Bombardier - Artefact : Vial of the Fulminator - Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism : More-more-more Warp Power! disciples of Skarn (120) Warlock Bombardier - Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism : More-more-more Warp Power! UNITS Shreeks mighty vermins (200) 40 x Clanrats - Rusty Blade The black furred gnawers of the deep warrens (200) 40 x Clanrats - Rusty Blade The backstabbing backstabbers (200) 40 x Clanrats - Rusty Blade Stalkers of galgatresh (80) 10 x Night Runners The mysterious mystery (80) 10 x Night Runners Skarns miserable experiments (240) 20 x Skryre Acolytes The deathvermins (240) 20 x Skryre Acolytes The wheels of Doom (160) 1 x Doomwheel The Messenger of Dooooooooooom!!! (160) 1 x Doomwheel ENDLESS SPELLS / TERRAIN / COMMAND POINTS Bell of Doom (40) Vermintide (40) TOTAL: 2000/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 0 WOUNDS: 211 LEADERS: 3/6 BATTLELINES: 3 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 2/4 ARTILLERY: 0/4 ARTEFACTS: 1/1 ALLIES: 0/400
  14. Hi all, Just wanted to start sharing some thoughts on our battletome's (extensive) positives, and some issues that stand out (IMO), beginning with the latter. I'll make additions as time allows. Appreciate any thoughts, differing views, etc. In general, as mentioned before, I think our battletome is mostly reflective of the power level we would want for all battletomes. It's a fair book, with reasonably good internal balance. It's not a "tier 1" battletome, and shouldn't be. Issues: 1. Treelord Ancient remaining a 1-cast/unbind wizard. The lack of 2-cast/unbind on TLA really stood out day 1. It remains a problem, even with its point drop to 260. By comparison, e.g.: a. A Grey Seer on Screaming Bell is 240 with 2-cast/unbind, a 5+ FNP (feel no pain)/DPR (damage prevention roll), and a # of other valuable elements that make it a key cog in many Skaventide lists. b. A Verminlord Warbringer is 280, with 2-cast/unbind, 5+ FNP, an excellent spell, solid combat output, etc. c. An Abhorrant Archregent is 240, with 2-cast/unbind + a CA to summon 130, 170, or 200 points once/game, making it effectively a 110-, 70-, or 40-point equivalent model. Other examples could be given as well (Cities of Sigmar Hallowheart Wizards, Gaunt Summoners at 240/260 that summon 200 points of Horrors, etc.). As one example of the 1-cast impact: A TLA with Regrowth is common, but it has a meaningful built-in spell as well — Awakening the Wood. Since the TLA is 1-cast, though, Regrowth usually takes precedent, so you often won't get to use Awakening the Wood. A 1-cast/unbind TLA exacerbates other issues as well, e.g., it weakens Lords of the Clan battalion builds, which are already on the back foot; and it places greater pressure on keeping a 5W Branchwraith alive with the Spiritsong Stave + Throne of Vines (+ often Balewind Vortex) combo, which gives us a mutli-cast wizard outside of Alarielle. TL:DR — Sylvaneth should have a built-in 2-cast/unbind wizard outside of Alarielle, a 600 point investment. 2. Tree-Revenants still hitting on 4's. 1x5 Tree-Revs at 80 remain valuable for their core utility, e.g.: keeping opponents honest (i.e. not allowing them to leave objs), grabbing an obj (especially late game), and teleporting them in as a key screen/zone. In a 1x5 unit, though, they've always struggled to offer any reliable chip damage in combat. They average ~2.67 damage vs 4+ save (so at times you'll do nothing), or ~3 damage vs 5+ save. (Re: 1x10 for 160 — it's a tough ask in light of how easily they die.) If they were hitting on 3's, however, they'd gain an additional point of total damage on avg via 1x5 in combat. One point of additional damage may not seem like much, but I think it's meaningful, and reasonable. It also makes 1x10 Tree-Revs more attractive as a unit both to take and to actually buff, such as spending a CP (and all CP are precious in Sylvaneth) to give them +1 attack via an Arch-Rev or Harvestboon. One issue is whether 3's to hit would harm the equation of value between 1x5 Spite-Revs at 60 vs 1x5 Tree-Revs at 80. I don't think it would. The 20-point difference between them remains relevant, and 1x5 Spite-Revs would still provide excellent value at 60 points. They're also essential to one of the best (and most utilized) buys in our battletome: 3x5 Spite-Revs + Outcasts battalion at 280 points. Another aspect: 4's to hit feels like a disconnect with the narrative of Tree-Revs. From the battletome: "It is said that their appearance echoes that of the Protectors of ancient days..." They are the warrior caste of the Sylvaneth. They seem synonymous with elite 1W aelven models, like Wildwood Rangers, Sisters of the Watch, Phoenix Guard, Black Guard, and Executioners, all of which hit on 3's. Even Eternal Guard, arguably the most direct comparison, hit on 2's and wound on 3's when not moving (and they shouldn't be moving 😀). More soon...
  15. After grinding through a bunch of Spirit Hosts and Grimghast Reapers, this month I am going to reward myself with some heroes. Got a Guardian Of Souls, a Spirit Of Torment and a Knight Of Shrouds prepped and ready to go. If I get some extra time I hope to start the big ghost Lady herself.
  16. Got my 15 Grimghast Reapers done. Have really enjoyed finally getting through some of my ghosty boys.
  17. Hey everyone, Finally got a good chunk of OBR and I'm ready to start assembling. Hopefully this will be the army that I stick with! *Fun fact I started playing Vampire Counts back in the day, went to Nighthaunt, then FEC. So basically played every Death army ha* So far have the following (all unassembled) Liege-Kavalos Boneshaper Soulmason 40x Mortek guard 6x Stalkers/Immortis Guard 5x Deathriders Harvester Nexus Endless Spells A couple of quick questions before I start assembling and playing. I see in a lot of 2000 point lists people don't use the Liege-Kavalos often. Is the reason for that because we have better options? Is it worth having a 6 man unit of Stalkers/Immortis Guard or stick to 2 groups of 3? Is a heavy Deathrider army viable? Not looking to be super competitive. I enjoy their models a lot Are the endless spells worth taking? I don't see many people use them Is Arkhan and Katakros a must take for higher point games? They seem amazing but I feel like it leaves little room for other units. I believe someone posted it a couple of pages back but I'm shooting for a full 1000 point painted army (just to get my bearings) then I'll expand into more units like the Crawlers and Arkhan. List as follows: Let me know what you think! As always any advice or recommendations is always welcome!
  18. I'm gonna have to look up these Scourgerunners. Not real sure what they do. I might have to look out for those as many of my friends are playing Cities armies these days....including me but mostly Irondrakes and Steam Tanks. Wow, I looked them up. So cheap! That's a bunch of mortal wound potential from far away. Good thing Beasts can outflank or move really fast and have low drop armies. Low drop count seems to be pretty important these days.
  19. I want more beasties in my army and have been looking at what could be modelled as [beast+handlers]. They’d lack the Scourge Privateer keyword but never mind. Steam-tank: some kind of thick-skinned, fire-breathing monster captured in the Great Parch. Steam cannon and steam gun are its fiery breath. Crushing wheels are it’s claws/maw. Long rifle, repeater handgun and sword/rod are the handlers’ weapons (as crossbows for the firearms, likely). But what kind of beast...some kinda fire-spitting armadillo? I’m not sure how I’d model it! Base it on something from the tyranid range and use a lot of Green Stuff, perhaps. The gyro-flyers could be captured Aqshy flying beasts with riders. What other ideas are there for things to count-as captured beasts?
  20. Yesterday
  21. Honestly? Best way to deal with a gun line with this book is to have as few drops as possible and make sure you get turn 1 with as much speed as possible. Epitome+Chronomatic Cogs is essential when half your army runs & charges. Go Godseekers for a further +1. You’ll have M+3D6+5. Keepers start at 14 so you have an average run & charge of 29” w/the general. Get another with the thermalrider cloak and you have M+2D6+9 for an average of 30”. Then hellstriders put em all into two battalions (Seeker cavalcade and the character one). Two drops, high mobility. That’s how I’d suggest handling a gun line.
  22. I love the idea of the Ironsworn, such an amazing concept and great execution. Kinda tempted to build something similar, but debating how to run it. Wish cities had access to a few more monstrous and odd size things, might go bigger with a Redemptor Dreadnaught or Invictor and run it as a War Hydra? Either way, excellent quality as usual, would love to see the entire painted army in a battle report or something similar.
  23. Hi Folks, its Michael from Doom & Darkness and in this interview, I catch up with Mr Vince Venturella from Warhammer Weekly. Vince has the world’s largest weekly Age of Sigmar talk show, countless invaluable painting guides and tutorials for the aspiring painter. Vince’s YouTube channel has over 40,000 subscribers and I wanted to pick... Continue Reading → The post Interview with Vince Venturella, Warhammer Weekly appeared first on AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar. View the full article
  24. Yeah, I got lucky. I got the Hammerhal box when it came out (decided that over Tempest Eye Dwarves because of Demigryphs and the Hurricanum, though having extra old Empire and liking Liberators over Persecutors also helped...) Would love a Start Collecting Hammerhal with like a Freeguild Guard or Handgunner kit, 3 Demigryphs, and a Griffon. Would be wonderful!
  25. I may have gotten carried away with pinstriping and freehand. They are the brewery's private airforce now.
  26. Getting there. Couple of more layers and details on the body. And hopefully doing the rider, saddle and thundertusk head on the side next month. edit: horrible picture. I’m taking a better one tomorrow.
  27. The epitome is pretty dang good, 9 attacks with the relic 2 other attacks that are 2 damage each it's good, fantastic utility caster, its basic spell helps your whole army too Reroll all 1s to hit vs d3 targets my horrors poured out shots didnt do much but still
  28. I watch the BoC or Sylvaneth ones you post sometimes. timing is an issue so if you felt like pruning to 30-50 minutes that would be appreciated But generally good reports!
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