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  2. Intriguing. Two thoughts: 1: Are those units that will continue to exist in the setting (I admittedly haven't paid much attention to the pending Cities of Sigmar release) 2: Interested to see how you have that playing out as it seems entirely in the Skaven's favour as described.
  3. Outside of The verminlords, Skaven are all 5 and 4s . But you may be thinking the bravery test wrong. You total the amount of models slain and then roll a d6. If that number is higher than your bravery that is how many additional models are lost. If you are only killing 1 model at a time then you wouldn’t get mich use out of this ability but aside from demons most units are bravery 6-7 and killing at least 3 gives a 50/50 chance of losing more models.
  4. Both games have done a poor job of handling morale. One of the larger downsides to horde units in both games is supposed to be morale but there are far too many abilities that mitigate/ignore it. Most egregiously a core ability available to all factions. What really makes it a design flaw is that in both games the most horde based factions have more access to these abilities than the more elite armies. This has inversed the intended function and made morale more devastating to elite factions pushing those armies to an MSU playstyle further weakening them by the loss of economies of scale benefits (spells, Warlord Traits, Command Traits) that buff one target getting far more value out of the larger safer investment.
  5. Today
  6. Skarbrand was my first bloodthirster and he’s an absolute boss. Double attack with reapers is insane. If you can keep him wholly within wrathmongers and the bloodsecrator he kills everything lol. I took out 15 evocators and 5 liberators in a double attack once. My biggest issue I’ve found is not that I can’t summon him back but that I can’t give him an artefact. If you play against heavy shooting often this will be a problem.
  7. What do we think the chances are that Hammerhal allegiance abilities retain the Firestorm trait of allowing you to field ANY Order unit (except for Seraphon)? Probably pretty low right? Not that I don't mind that my Swifthawk Agents themed Tempest's Eye army has become a counts-as army (my 15 Reavers will find new life as Dark Riders!), but it would be a nice way to lessen the blow of having your models squated. Of course, if this was the case, Hammerhal allegiance abilities would probably look pretty close to generic Order with maybe a few more things added on.
  8. If you run a murderhost, take a bloodthirster of unfettered fury as one of the two. His command ability lets you pile in and attack from 6”. Then you can run, rather then charge with your +2 from you murderhost, your entire daemon hoard, hounds, bloodletters etc up to between 3 1/2 and 6”. The 16” bubble on the command ability easily gives you room to fit everything. Almost like an army wide first strike. You decide what to pile in first and therefore what will be able to retaliate etc.
  9. I've struggled with the crowboys. The 3 of the 4 games have been very tough. One and only win was due to mission not skill. We used the battle cards. So far the terrian hasn't been in a position to really help as the fighting took place in open due to deployment/objective. I tried to lock the enemy using control zones ( eg you can't move out of 1" if you start/finish a move action within 1") to protect my key birds. Out placed my opponent but didn't matter as his guys where faster and where harder to kill. Same thing happened in the other 3 games. I couldn't stop my opponent from moving nor kill what I needed. Any advice? I love the models but want to feel like I have a chance to win each mission. Thanks in advance.
  10. I read the title of Episode 3 and it felt like watching someone step on a landmine 💀 But in all seriousness I think it's a good series, I've quite enjoyed it.
  11. I didn't realize they had such a series. I'm sure that has gone well with the community lol.
  12. Most people I talk with feel battleshock should be eliminated entirely because its a negative play experience when your models run away, and there are just so many ways to ignore it anyway that its kind of useless.
  13. Made some HUGE changes to the UI. It is way more mobile friendly now!
  14. Yesterday
  15. Too early to call. There have barely been any tournaments and the one I did see report winners had still houseruled their twists a bit. Even then, the campaign mode is an entirely different beast altogether. This forum's userbase also tends to be way reliant on theorycraft, so even after a few months on I'd say its better to just speak with people on your store who run the factions. Or better yet, make a point of playing as/against them yourself.
  16. Odd, Untamed and DoK are really strong here. With the lion being one of the most lethal single target units - with a great stat line, a cheap [Double] bonus attack and a slightly more expensive [Triple] but guaranteed damage ability. The other runners are trash but they are cheap. Similarly for DoK, their melee Medusa leader is an absolute monster while they can still field cheap infantry, and a flyer for treasure stealing.
  17. The rider's arm is holding the top of the squig's head, so it's pretty hard to color match if you were to subassemble. It'd actually be easier to glue the arm on and keep the rest of the rider off.
  18. Well I picked up Dreadfane so those should be interesting.
  19. Given the size of a warcry boad I wouldn’t advise a static board; as @Lior'Lec said it’ll get stale soon. I’d say try building a few rough structures with just cardboard and try fitting mini on/inside/under them so you can see how they interact. Build a few small ruined corners so you can try some techniques out before diving in on bigger buildings. You can get some good results with just foamcore and popsicle sticks ( use them as wooden beams on walls and as planks for walkways / floorboards ). Add a bunch of rubble (cut up sprues etc) to the bases, base black or brown and drybrush some drab colors and it can look quite nice with relatively low effort!
  20. I think it's still too soon for this. Warbands people said were garbage, I played successfully. I read somewhere people were complaining about Nighthaunt STR3 not being able to kill.. so that's going to be my new thing. I think all the warbands can handle depending on the terrain and missions.
  21. Deletion due to battleshock simply feels awful. Now a unit running off and needing a hero to chase after them sounds a lot better. The list I build is largely immune to battleshock, because the mechanic as ruled in AoS is awful.
  22. This is very reminiscent of how undead instability worked in old warhammer fantasy. Once the undead heroes were defeated the rest of the army started to take battleshock type damage every round until they withered away. I remember it being very evocative watching the opponent's force degrade after you finally managed to take out that big nasty hero. On a somewhat related note, miniwargaming has started a "How to fix Age of Sigmar" series. They brushed upon this topic in their "Are hordes too powerful" video. An amusing alternative they proposed was turning inspiring presence into something that just adds a bonus to a units bravery as opposed to making them immune to battleshock. The idea being this would effectively protect more elite units from suffering those feel-bad battleshock losses while still allowing horde type units to get crushed (albeit slightly less so). It was an interesting suggestion!
  23. Hello all. Due to the upcoming Black Library submission period (Details here), I am working on a couple of submissions of my own. One, which I am working on first, is my primary submission. To avoid any plagiarism (Sorry, but it happens!) and due to the fact that it is a 40k story, I will keep that one a secret. But, as for my second one, which I call "City of Branches", I plan to share the writing process. I've attempted (And failed) multiple times to write non-Warhammer fiction, but I just don't have the motivation. I am hoping that by sharing my progress, I might be motivated to follow through. Basically, the idea for this book is that it takes place in my personally made Free City called Twin Oak city. It follows the quest of a Wayfinder, a Waystrider, and a Waywatcher to get rid of the Skaven Infestation that the lower levels of the city are plagued by.
  24. This is a great video guide to the style of painting I am trying.
  25. Forgeworld does put things "sold out" when they are just revamping the mould/out of stock. I've seen things like the Malanthrope go "last chance/sold out" only to be back a while later. It confuses things because it means you can't quite tell if its "gone" or just the mould being remade or the stock run dry. Remembering that moulds for resin are vastly cheaper than those for plastics. UK side the Gigantic Chaos Spawn, Leitpold the Black and Empire Manann's Blades are all sold out. They could be returning and the latter two might just be being renamed for AoS to fit with Free Cities. It's impossible to know unless anyone has a confirmation message from FW (though in my experience the staff answering questions rarely know the actual fate of stock beyond what the store system tells them).
  26. Amazing! I love your color scheme; It really ties all of the diverse models together. I never knew that shadow warriors could look so great in Asrai colors!
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