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  2. So I finally played 2 of the idoneth battletome battle plans and I had a blast, though I have to say it seem very one sided, especially at 1000 points. Incoming tide was a very unique idea for having a force try to stop you, and finding some way to table or run off the other side of the map was fairly fun. The harvest was probably my favorite one though, and can really have some fun narrative play of trying to capture the survivors and the like. It was very fun, but I basically could get a turn 1 charge off and since I went first... yea. It hurt the stormcast s in played against a lot.
  3. The spark does not add a damage on the MW's if I recall, only to the normal hits. @AliKing Rangeltoft is correct, this is illegal unless you make the Warpseer General.
  4. @AliKing just a random thought, but doesn´t the none-general Warpseer break the Eshin Allegiance ?
  5. The fight a 2nd time thing is a command ability, so that works just fine always. The fight first is a command trait and also works, as its simply moving the models normal activation to the start of the combat phase before units are chosen. Worth noting there are (I believe) 3 armies that can do this same exact thing atm. FEC often do it with their big beasts, Khorne can do it with their Bloodthirsters.
  6. Today
  7. Yes, but allies can't count as battleline. Doesn't Hammerhal allegiance allow any order units and adds to bravery? - maybe use that.
  8. Perhaps if the Idoneth actually believed that Mathlann was still a live God, then that belief would become self-fulfilling. As it is, he remains dead because they believe he is dead. Belief can work both ways. I don't think that the main Gods - those that are the embodiment of a Realm - require belief from mortals for their existence, although their strength may wax and wane accordingly.
  9. Or since it's a command thing, is it just the king riding it? Sorry I haven't read / owned the book, but I dealt with a Gristlegore Terrorghiest swinging twice before I could fight, and I just can't believe it's as good as the guy said. For reference. Manfred and Skellies made the charge. He swung first. He spent a CP and swing again, with the mount and all its bites etc. Thanks for the heads up. -TF
  10. So I changed my plans slightly and am going to PaxU instead of Da Boyz since the former will have more activites for my partner to do whilst I do battle. Still have a few boxes to buy before I can get it on the table but I am pretty sure this is what i'll end up bringing. Doubling up on smiths, grimwraths, and casters lets me run either one blob of doom or two smaller squads of Greyfyrd Devastation while a unit of vulkites and the Runefather provide my first-strike capability. TheBuzzardsofGyrforge.pdf
  11. Welcome to TGA. It's a truly friendly, helpful place in which to discuss this great hobby. Working on Troggoths myself at the moment. You may find when the contrast paints come out (soon) that having different coloured squigs may become a bit easier to achieve, but keeping it simple when starting out is sensible. I still have many of my earliest attempts and it's good to look at them now and again, if only to see the progress I've made over the years (not that I'm particularly great now ).
  12. I have the original and honestly I prefer roll up mats. You can get a wider array of mat designs for different tables, they are cheaper, they are flatter and so easier to put terrain on, they are easier to store, and models are less prone to sliding around on a mat. The clip system for the original board is just terrible. It is a royal pain to get the clips in and get the table set up with them. I no longer bother trying to use the clips. I now simply use rolled up non-stick plastic sheets meant to line kitchen cabinet shelves. Put a few of those down on the table and then set the board up on them and it won’t move. The boards are high quality and very durable. I just painted mine and the paint has not worn off through use. I bought some cheap felt and cut it into large squares that I place between the boards when I store it. I don’t dislike playing on the board, but I still prefer mats more in all honesty.
  13. The core rule for when two abilities contradict each other (Gristlegore makes them fight first, Forest Dragon's Soporific Breath makes them fight last) means that on the FEC player's turn his rule would take precedence and he would fight first and on the Wood Aelf player's turn the forest dragon would make him fight last. Whoever is currently taking their turn has their rule take precedence when dealing with a rules contradiction. So charge him with your forest dragon before he charges you if you want Soporific Breath to work (especially if you can get some Wildwood Rangers in there too)! Although with the Sisters of Twilight, their mount ol' Ceithin Har must attempt to charge if able.
  14. Though details are foggy nagash worked with chaos to make sure order lost the All Points
  15. Hey! I'm Ray. I'm out of Chattanooga, Tennessee in the US. I've been procrastinating around with the hobby but finally bearing down and starting. I've started on my Gloomspite Gitz and have 10 Squig Hoppers mid paint. I enjoy forums so I googled popular Warhammer forums and this was one of the top 10. I had aspirations of making a lot of wonderful colored squigs but I think I'm going with a standard theme since this is my first foray into painting. Thanks! Forum is set up very well.
  16. I'd say that the trait only triggers if the unit is destroyed after having its last wounds inflicted by that knights Excelsior unit. Yes it's lackluster, but in terms of khorne, the units that run are still destroyed as they leave the battlefield- the knights, if the last guy runs, haven't actually killed that unit. Does suck lore wise though
  17. Apologize if old question- Jezzails - Used Spark to give plus 1 damage.... rolled unmodified 6’s to Hit or Attack while shooting (3 actually...)... Did I do 6 mortals (3 6’s x 2 MW each) Or if there is true justice in this world, did I actually do 9 ( 3 6’s x 3 MW because the Horny Rat is bestest)?
  18. thanks for the response and as Azamar said 1 trait per battalion. Ill be running the list tomorrow. I have decent mobility so point takings should be okay and i can pack a punch. I hope the liat does well cause it looks so nice on the table
  19. It's cool dude. If you wanna champion your army go for it. His getting two armies, one for fun one for tournaments. Personally I wouldn't lead him down the path of an army that doesn't do well in tournaments. I also think free people are a very cool army and have a lot of potential as far as hobby goes, so I'm not throwing shade at them. Just giving unbiased feedback (I hate daughters).
  20. Okay well if you play Free Peoples with a list entirely built around one single general and having him be your only source of synergy, then I'm not surprised you think they're terrible. Not to mention anyone with some foresight can plan for this obvious weakness. Hell, anyone that stacks their army around one dude is skating on thin ice so hard to say that Free Peoples are an offender. I would agree that Stormcast are better suited to the person's needs, coming from 40k, but Free Peoples are very much a valid choice for what he wants, and something I can give good feedback on, since I actually play them and not Stormcast.
  21. As long as their from the same grand alliance and not part of that firestorm city's factions already, you can ally them in.
  22. Game 4 NZ GT. Knife to the Heart vs Nurgle. Put up a surprisingly good fight. If I had won priority on turn 3 there was a chance to pull it out. But lack of bodies to hold the objective got me in the end.
  23. So! Finally played my first game last night with the few models I have ready. Played 1k against Dispossessed (My opponent said they wanted to take it easy on me) Won't do a full batrep but safe to say that I now understand the Warpseer's power in action, shrugging off a total of 8 wounds over the course of 2 rounds and single handedly taking out a unit of 10 and a hero that started in reserve and deployed behind me. Had some lucky rolls with my single unit of 3 Jezzails, never moved them and managed to deal 8 mortal wounds over 2 rounds of shooting. I failed most of my spellcasting rolls and had the ones I made unbound. Didn't seem to matter because by the time my opponent got the bulk of his forces tied up in my Clanrats, my Stormfiends and Bombardier were flanking around to clean up the rest of his army. With the store closing soon, we mathed out the next movement phase and figured out my opponent couldn't get any of his units onto either of the objectives I was holding so he conceded there. Had a great time and think I'm ready to bring glory to the Great Horned Rat ♥ The point of this post is to go over my list for my store's upcoming escalation league. As far as I know, we're playing without objectives. This is supposed to be a strictly-for-fun league. I'm pretty sure games are going to be a certain number of rounds (5?) and the winner is the player that kills more points worth of models over those rounds or their entire army. We'll play 2 games at each level starting at 1k, then 1.5k, then 2k. For 1k, I'm playing For 1.5k: For 2k: As I said, this is just for fun and my first army so I don't have a lot of wiggle room, but if anyone has any comments or direction to give me to try other things? The league has 17 members so I'm planning on facing a wide variety of factions. I know for a fact there'll be another Skaven player, Beastclaw Raiders, Kharadron Overlords, Deepkin, Seraphon, Stormcast Eternal.
  24. I have the old school one and as it has been flocked so the dice noise isn't an issue for me. I haven't had any problem with paint peeling off and mine is not varnished (the flock may have helped to avoid peeling). Invest in some sheets of bubble wrap. I use three 2' by 2' sheets which I place between two painted sides packed together. I also place every second board in the plastic bags that it came with so even the undersides are not in direct contact when put away. Another recommendation would be some black cloth to put over your table to protect it before you place it down, it can definitely scratch table surfaces (this may help dampen dice noise too). A cloth may allow you to avoid using those pesky clips. They hold the table surface together very well but they make it really a real pain to put together and pack away. You may want to consider dice tray. I was lucky enough to be gifted two beautifully hand made wooden ones with a rubber surface applied to the base followed by a layer of black felt. They really help with the cocked dice. Warhammer TV has some great painting guides on the Shattered Dominion tiles you may wish to check out if you haven't already. Also, they look fantastic.
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