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What are Slaangor?

Black Waltz

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So if Khorngor* = dogs, Tzaangor = birds, Pestigor = (diseased) goats then what are Slaangor based on? I can't say I've ever seen any artwork for them or even mentions of them in the fluff (AoS or WHFB), even googling them shows nothing or redirects to beastmen. Assuming there is no design precedent for them anywhere, then what do you think they should** be based on; or even better, if anyone is making some marked Beastmen which angle are you taking?

* I know the miniatures for these were 6th edition Bestigor with a bunch of Khorne symbols, they're mentioned in the fluff a few times as being based on dogs.

** Should in a fluff sense, I'm guessing short of a Slaanesh blood bowl team we won't see them released in the short or medium term.

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@Black Waltz I think you can find some example Slaangor in the recent beast of chaos battletome. If I recall correctly they are typically depicted as just lithe, pale versions of your typical beastman gor. Also in that book there is some fluff for the "depraved drove" who are the slaanesh themed beastmen who both covet and hate treasure and riches.

For my own conversion what I did was I took tzaangor bodies (minus tzeentch iconography), gor heads, and some DoK/Slaanesh bits for their weapons.  

-Happy Hunting 

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Khorne gors aren't necessarily dogs thats canigors i think. The prefix before gor just tells you which god they're into (with the exception of tzangors) as for what animal they're based on thats where caprigor canigor and that stuff comes in at least according to the old codices

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The original idea behind god themed Gor comes from the old metal models and realm of chaos books.  The idea being that they have been been gifted daemonic traits by the god they follow, much like their human counterparts.  So rather than thinking of them as specific animal traits its more elements similar to those seen on their daemons.   So yes in Slaanesh's case this would be large claws, tentacles, snakes, elements of both sexes.  Think elements of the new Feinds or Daemonettes on a beastman.  Hence the presence of spawn in the army as they are followers who have been gifted too much.

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think of them as beastmen that have been touched or follow the named god rather than chaos undivided.

In following that god they take on more of the appearance attributes.

In 5th ed they released khornegors and pestigors models.  They never got round to tzaan and slaangor models.

in terms of game play, they are beastmen with your chosen god's keyword as a result of their loyalty to said chaos god.

As it stands, the only faction that's got free beastmen without paying battalion tax is Tzeentch with tzaangors, everyone else needs one of the four battalions in the beasts of chaos book to pull beastmen into their gods keyword-o-sphere.

@elfhead has some lovely conversions:

and for first generation old school cool - Jes Goodwin original Realm of Chaos : Slaves to Darkness chaos beastmen;


I've still got some of these beastmen :)


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1 hour ago, elfhead said:

Thanks for linking my conversions @Kaleb Daark

The legs on my conversions are actually smoothened bloodletter legs with hooves from the gors. Te armour is all sculpted on with green stuff. 

But I think tzaangor bodies with for heads and Some claws might work too. 


Respect. They actually look like the gw plastic.

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