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  1. Is this really a problem for most people? Most third party tournaments don't care, just official GW ones. I imagine that the vast vast vast majority of players never play at a GW event. Personally I haven't been at one in like 20 years. I think for most using altnerative minis is not at all a problem.
  2. I haven't run mine recently, but my general feeling about the Mammoth is that he is decent for his pts but he is simply too big to be practical in game. That 260x210 base just doesn't fit anywhere on the field which means you are perma bogged down climbing over every piece of terrain which more or less stops him from going anywhere because of his slow movement.
  3. Generally speaking, GW has rolled shields into armor saves now. The most obvious example being that all the Saurus with shields lost their shield benefit in the new book but all got +1 save. This is also why I think that the mounted chaos lord enjoys a 3+ save. GW's logic is that he has a 4+ save and the shield brings it up to a 3+. The perk of this though is that you get the bonus whether you model the shield on your model or not.
  4. Personally, I think you'd be better off with one of the other marks. If you need BS immunity at a certain moment, just spend a CP, meanwhile Khorne, Nurgle, or Slaanesh all reflect a significant increase in the offensive output of a unit of marauders. Side note, imo, you are better off summoning marauders over marauder horsemen because the minimum 8 inch charge out of a 9 inch deep strike makes them very attractive to show up and cause havoc on the turn they arrive.
  5. Yeah, like, really, its the most un-thematic Khorne CA ever created, but it is sooooo good. It really should have the Tzeentch CA imo.
  6. For any future readers it is in Oct 2019 That said, the host of Syll is not good. You lose access to both a command trait and artifact table. In my opinion Godseekers make a much better Slaanesh mortal army. In fact, the are far superior at it than a Slaves to Darkness Slaanesh army due to getting twice as many bonus hits for big units. Hedonites of Slaanesh Marauders are one of the most powerful units in the game in terms of raw damage output relative to pts cost. For example, with no other buffs than being in the allegiance and being in a big unit. Hedonite Marauders bring more pain per pt spent than a unit of Frenzied Witch Elves wielding paired blades, they also heavily outperform other Slaanesh units. On top of that the Godseeker bonus means they have a minimum charge range of 9" which is insanely scary. (and this is before factoring in Syll'eske's aura)
  7. It depends on how much you buff. The Khorne aura from the general compared to the Nurgle one has Khorne ahead, but once you start adding in other buffs like this get a bit more muddled, though, I find being able to stack theoretical maximums on a real world game is fairly rare. I've been running the list as all Nurgle since launch but I find the unreliability of the Lances makes them super problematic with Nurgle. (It is worth noting that the Nurgle aura is stronger on units with lots of low damage attacks where as the Khorne aura is stronger in situations of fewer high damage attacks) That said, the biggest factor is I really want that Khorne DP command ability but feel pretty dirty running just a lone Khorne DP thematically speaking. Regardless though, neither army has any true big threats. Marauders are probably our best threat as an army but we don't have anything that is truly scary.
  8. I agree that the army structure does need to be taken into account but I'd still argue it is a relatively fair comparison as a starting point. If a unit is radically out of line in terms of its effectiveness of what it is supposed to be good at then I feel that there is a failure in balance.
  9. When StD first dropped I was initially on the Nurgle bandwagon but have since felt that while Nurgle is super tough, it has a complete lack of significant damage threats so I have been moving towards toying with the idea of Khorne/Nurgle build and was wondering what everyone thinks of it? (Yes I know that dropping the knights to spam more marauders is stronger but I don't particularly want to run a horde army and I love my knight models) Despoilers Daemon Prince - General, Khorne, Radiance of Dark Glory, Ethereal Amulet - 210pts Daemon Prince - Nurgle - 210pts Be'Lakor - Whispers of Chaos - 240pts Chaos Sorcerer Lord - Nurgle, Mask of Darkness - 110pts 40 Chaos Marauders - Khorne, Axe/Shield - 300pts 10 Chaos Knights - Nurgle, Ensorcelled Weapons - 360pts 10 Chaos Knights - Khorne, Lances - 360pts 1 Chaos Warshrine - Nurgle - 170pts Total: 1960pts. Basically the idea is for the Khorne DP, Marauders, and Lance knights to make up a hammer that is (somewhat) protected from counter attacks thanks to the DP's command ability. Meanwhile the Nurgle contingent (Shrine, Nurgle DP, Sorcerer, and Sword Knights) form a tarpit that can bog down threats and hold objectives. I'm 50/50 on Be'lakor, his disruption ability is game altering, but beyond that he hits like a wet noodle and isn't a great caster so may feel like dead-weight in many matches.
  10. Personally I interpret the wording of "and the attack sequence ends" as no additional effects can trigger. You would sequence the triggers in whatever order you want, but whichever occurs first would end the sequence. The additional attacks thing (the example in the faq) is different in that it doesn't end the attack sequence so you can order it before the MW trigger. Attack rolls a 6 -> trigger D6 MW -> end -> never get to 2 MW or Attack rolls a 6 -> trigger 2 MW -> end -> never get to D6 MW compared to Attack rolls a 6 -> trigger additional hit -> initial hit triggers 2 MW -> initial hit ends Perhaps it is my magic the gathering experience polluting my interpretation but in the game if an action causes several abilities to trigger, then those abilities all go on the stack in an order and resolve one at a time. However, if one of those effects prevents another one of those abilities from resolving, it takes precedence. (Not evidence suggesting this is GW's intention, but just what I am drawing in to build my interpretation) Though, even if I am wrong, I am skeptical about the value of an SoJ DP being an effective hero sniper. Most opponents won't let you anywhere near their heroes once they know you have the sword and even if you make it, you still only really have good odds of deleting smaller heroes. Its not like a DP is cheap, you are paying a lot for the fact that he is an aura/utility tool. Using him as a cruise missile makes him a really expensive cruise missile.
  11. I feel they need to come down more than that if their warscroll isn't changing. I think 160 would be about right. If you think about it, Morghasts are basically the same as Tzaangor Enlightened. TE are a flying hammer that costs 160pts for 12 wounds worth of models that move 16". Morghasts also have 12 wounds worth of models and are a flying hammer, though a bit slower of one. If you simulate damage output. Morghasts also have similar damage output to a unit of TE. (higher than the base profile, but lower than when TE get their built-in re-rolls)
  12. I disagree that the sword is as good as it sounds. It is situational and you don't have enough attacks to really make huge use of it. Especially since it would be replacing the 2 mortal wounds the sword already triggers on a 6. Sure it can spike high, but I think in the vast majority of situations you get way more value out of Ethereal Amulet on that beautiful 3+ save. If you put sword of judgment on the sword profile you are looking at ~3 extra MW above what you normally would deal assuming that you are on the charge AND fighting something the sword of judgement triggers on. (heroes/monsters) If you simulate it, the best choice is to have the Sword of Judgement attached to the talons, even though, they have fewer attacks. And yes, even though it does look like a fairly large increase proportionally, it doesn't reflect a radical increase in power. DP don't hit very hard to begin with, with SoJ, they hit a little harder in some situations, but not enough to say 1 shot something powerful. Personally, I see DPs as utility tanks, you bring them for their command ability, aura, and ability to take lots of punches. Thus I optimize to maximize that impact. Side note: I am also a TKs player who has had loads of success with Sword of Judgement on my Tomb Prince, setting him up to trigger the thing on a 4+ with 5 attacks is something spectacular to see. I have 1 shot big monsters with my little 80pt hero before. He makes way better use of it than the DP.
  13. To be fair, the Exalted Chariot doesn't actually exist as a kit. It is just the clever use of two seeker kits. That said, GW could have thrown us a bone by having it use a larger base size in the official base size list. I have 2 of them but never run them because they are so annoying to play with because of all the spikey things hanging over the base and getting caught on everything. I think the main reason it even exists though is to get the Slaanesh warscroll count up without having to make more kits. Slaanesh has radically fewer unit options than the other god specifics chaos factions because GW completely neglected to give us a "mortal" side. (other than the old hellstrider kit). Being able to take a single chariot design and turn it into 6 warscrolls at least made the army feel a bit less empty until you realize that most of those chariot variants are "never take"
  14. Yeah, unfortunately, for whatever reason, GW doesn't want us to use those beautiful models. They have been extremely sub-par ever since AoS launched. Even with the static +1 attack in GHoN they are still vastly over costed for what you get. It actually blew my mind GW actually nerfed Morghasts when they got re-printed in the Bonereaper book. Either they need a massive pts drop or a complete rework. (personally I would prefer the latter as I think that models that big and cool should be really fearsome on the table)
  15. This is true, but just wanted to clarify that, as a general rule, bonus attacks are more valuable if you have fewer attacks to start with while re-rolls are more valuable if you have many attacks. You are correct that for most of our vampire units, the re-roll is more valuable, but I just wanted to point out that re-roll isn't always better. Say, if we simulate blood knights it fully supports your thesis. But, in comparison, if we simulate Morghasts with Halberds both buffs provide almost identical benefit: Finally, if we simulate something with a low number of attacks, say a single zombie in a big unit, the bonus attack is much more valuable.
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