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  1. themortalgod

    Got the Malignants Start Collecting, need your help now!

    I think you should think about where you want to take the army as you grow. Right now the army feels more nighthaunt than LoN. At 2k you could very well run the throne as an ally in a NH army. Which then leads me to thinking that for now run it is LoN with a transition to NH in mind. Thus id drop the wolves and with your remaining pts go with and Chainrasp hordes as your battle line. That leaves 60pts to spend on spells or a bonus cp.
  2. I'm assuming Arkhan is also an option or was it removed from the sprues? If so I'd say your best bet is Legion of Nagash with Arkhan. Makes the best use of the GG and Morghasts.
  3. themortalgod

    Nighthaunt rules question

    It is important to remember that alternative sculpts would be in production long before rules are written. The lord executioner is rarely seen because he is not good relative to his pts cost. Had he been given a stronger warscroll it is likely the usage for two versions of the model would have been a lot more common. Regardless, though, the decision to produce two executioner models would have been made a long time ago.
  4. themortalgod

    Black coach experiences?

    There are two, one in the nighthaunt book and the old one that is in the legion of nagash book. They are completely different and have different rules and points costs. Yes, you can run the nighthaunt one as an ally in sacrament. As an aside, I don't expect for the Legion of Nagash coach to have a future. It is an old metal model that is about 20 years old that GW doesn't sell anymore. (It is one of, if not the oldest model that has rules currently in the latest edition of its respective army book) I was actually really surprised that it even got printed in LoN, I'd be willing to bet it won't get printed again. (And like all the other old metal models that got rules in LoN, it is not very good on the table for the pts it costs)
  5. themortalgod

    Starting BOC (new to chaos)

    Given that the new book comes out in a week, I wouldn't recommend buying anything until you read it and know all the battalions and allegiance abilities.
  6. themortalgod

    Black coach experiences?

    The Nighthaunt one does the healing.
  7. themortalgod

    Black coach experiences?

    Personally, my plan is to use the old model and do a heavy conversion job to make it suitable as the new black coach on the bigger base, however, mine wont be overhanging nearly as much.
  8. themortalgod

    Maybe silly question

    Chainrasp yes, as they are battleline as their "role" Reapers, no, as they are only battleline in a Nighthaunt army.
  9. themortalgod

    Myrmourn Banshees

    I think lots of people still rock endless spells. You just won't be seeing them on top tables. (other than a few specific ones like Cogs or Chains) But they are super cool and if your goal is to create a fun, casual army, they still are a great addition to a force.
  10. themortalgod

    Black coach experiences?

    I meant so that it could be general and/or given magic items. I love the idea of the coach using the NH command ability to draw other ghosts to it. Cool thematic hero. But alas.
  11. themortalgod

    Myrmourn Banshees

    Few people have because supply has been so low on them until recently. I think they are potentially incredibly powerful. They hit like a truck when buffed and provide a really nasty unbind option for 210pts. Also having the free attempt to obliterate an endless spell without wasting one of our precious casting attempts is also pretty amazing. My only concern is that 4+ to hit coming back to bite you, but say a situation where they unbind a spell, then dispel an endless spell (right before being healed back up to full size) gives you 3 attacks per model. That is ~12 wounds at -2 rend and D3 damage (~20 damage or so to most target) if they have no other buffs. Pretty good for 210pts, esp if you consider they also stopped two spells along the way. Personally, I have 4 of them, but havent played with them yet. I got lucky and found a box in a tiny shop in a small town in the middle of nowhere. I have yet to ever see a box in any of my local hobby stores or GWs in Toronto. They also only recently popped back in stock on the GW webstore.
  12. themortalgod

    Black coach experiences?

    I havent played with it yet but I feel that you need to play around it a bit to make it worth its pts. For example, if you are bringing d3 chainwrasps back with it each turn, that is a big waste. However, if you are bringing back D3 spirit hosts or revenants or other more valuable models the it quickly becomes efficient. One thing that really bugs me is that it didnt get the hero keyword like the legion black coach has. It is just a fancy mounted wraith after all.
  13. Your logic is infallible. Tbh as time goes forward I'm feeling more and more convinced that 2.5k is the new magic number. Especially when I compare it to 40k. A 2k AoS army is far smaller than most 2k 40k armies, yet it is the size of a 2k 40k army that I tend to enjoy most.
  14. themortalgod

    Multitudinous Host list please critique

    Unfortunately, the battalion got nerfed in the last FAQ . Page 97 – Multitudinous Host, Horrors Without Number Change the rules text to: ‘In each of your hero phases, add D3 models to each unit of Pink Horrors and/or Blue Horrors, and add 1 model to each unit of Brimstone Horrors in this battalion. And thus the battalion kinda sucks now. My recommendation would be to go with Changehost or no battalion. For your general, my suggestion is Ethereal amulet and to keep mystic shield on him, that makes him pretty tough against most shooting. Alternatively, Gryph Feather Charm + Incorporeal Form makes for a tough close combat tank. The other item I really like is the Windthief Charm as it allows one of your other heroes to do a rapid reposition once per game which is hugely helpful for getting into a spot where you can spam a bunch of summoning. I think you could probably do with a bit more offensive output. Gaunt summoner does virtually nothing against MSU armies and the Herald's cast odds aren't great. I'd recommend finding room for a Curseling (which is freaking amazing this edition with 30" unbind, he can potentially cast 4 spells per turn). Also, consider dropping the shackles and picking up an endless spell that hits harder such as the pendulum. Consider making the Curseling your general to pick up Arcane Sacrifice. Imo shield of fate is horrible. It de-incentivizes you from using your destiny dice. (plus re-rolling saves in an army of poor saves is not super helpful, plus saving the lives of a couple horrors is kinda meh) Treacherous bond is alternatively an amazing spell. Arcane Suggestion is also pretty good (though unpredictable)
  15. themortalgod

    1500 point Tzeentch army

    Blues are 20 wounds since they also give you 10 wounds of brims when they die.