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  1. In response to the Feedback I've moved to the following concept, instead of mass endless spells, the goal is to rock magic support with a heavy emphasis on big lizards to maximize on using the oldblood command ability to maximize output. Slann - General, Great Rememberer, Celestial Apotheosis, Incandescent Rectrices - 260 Oldblood on Carn - 240 - Ghyrstrike Oldblood on Carn - 240 - Coronal Shield Scar Vet on Carn - 240 10 Saurus Knights - 160 10 Saurus Knights - 160 10 Saurus Knights - 160 10 Skinks - 70 3 Skink Handlers -40 3 Salamanders - 120 Dracothian Tail - 80 Firelance Starhost - 150 Gnashing Jaws - 30 Pendulum - 50 Total: 2000pts I know it won't outperform Thunderquake but be a fun one to run.
  2. Ah, alright back to the drawing board, the whole army idea is wash.
  3. I was under the impression that you couldn't "choose" a mount's melee weapon for magic weapons that require you to "pick a weapon", but an effect that buffs the whole model isn't that? Bummer about the endless spell thing though, 1 slann can't cast enough to effectively flood the opponent with endless spells. (I assume most of the time that will translate to only one endless spell, maybe 2) Probably have to rework the list and drop the whole endless spell concept. thanks
  4. So I've been working on the following list concept lately and wanted to see what everyone thinks. The general idea is to use a deep striking start priest as a vessel to launch a bunch of endless spells deep into the enemy army on turn 1 then let the knights and old blood clean up. Slann Starmaster - 260 - General, Great Rememberer, Celestial Apothesis, Ignax Scales Slann Starmaster - 260 - Stellar Tempest Oldblood on Carnosaur - 240 - Essence of Vulcatrix Skink Starpriest - 80 - Claws of Glory Scar Veteran on Cold One - 100 - Light of Dracothian 10 Saurus Knights - 160 10 Saurus Knights - 160 10 Saurus Knights - 160 10 Skinks - 70 3 Skink Handlers - 40 3 Salamanders - 120 Dracothian Tail - 80 Firelance Starhost - 150 Gnashing Jaws - 30 Palisade - 30 Burning Head - 30 Gravetide - 20 Maelstrom - 10 Total: 2000pts - Buff potential on the Oldblood is really nice. Starpriest's poison buff coupled with popping essence makes for a ton of potential damage - Both Slann casting turn 1 endless spells through the priest will make for a lot of disruption in my opponent's lines. - Deep striking Salamander is great fun. - Tons of bravery debuff tools makes battleshock a big problem for my opponent. I'm tempted to drop the skinks to make space for purple sun but unsure if it is worth it. thoughts?
  5. So post GHB I wanted to finally try and see if I can make Shrieker Host work. It has always been one of the battalions that interested me because so many players lean so heavily on inspiring presence. Came up with this list: The goal is to not to overcommit to depending on my opponent having low bravery while also being able to take advantage of it if they do: Lady Olynder - 220 - Soul Cage Reikenor - 170 - Shademist Guardian of Souls - 140 - Spectral Tether, Beacon of Nagashizzar Knight of Shrouds - 100 - General, Ruler of the Spirit Hosts, Pendant of the Fell Wind Banshee - 80 10 Chainwrasp Horde - 80 10 Chainwrasp Horde - 80 20 Chainrasp Horde - 160 10 Reapers - 160 8 Myrmourn Banshees - 140 4 Myrmourn Banshees - 70 20 Dreadscythe Harridans - 280 10 Dreadscythe Harridans - 160 Shrieker Host - 140 Total: 1980 Opinions? Feedback? Thanks in advance. My main strat will be using the chainrasps to screen or babysit objectives while the harridans act as a hammer. The KoS +1 to hit makes them wonderfully strong. The Reapers and the Banshee will show up in the enemy backline and just be a nuisance while the Myrmourns will help lock down any scary magic. If my opponent has high bravery I'm not too commited to winning in the battleshock phase but against low bravery stuff I will be beastly.
  6. To answer your first question, the reason beasts are so good is that when they are in Slaanesh allegiance they benefit from the same triple strike that daemonettes do. The only difference with beasts is you are paying less points for a more value. When compared to Daemonettes; Ungor, Bestigor, and Gors are all far more efficient when you adjust for points costs. Statistically, Ungor with spears are the absolute best since they are so cheap and re-roll 1s and 2s so have the highest odds of rolling those spicy 6s with their glorious 2" range and small bases. Even Gors are decent now with their points drops though. Also Shaggoths are brilliantly efficient depravity generators since they hit hard and come with built in healing at a cheap pts cost. As for your list. Here re my thoughts: - Shalaxi sucks. Take a third Keeper Instead. - The Enrapturess really isn't very good for her points. You are basically paying 140 for a poor shooting attack and an extra DP per turn. - Hysterical Frenzy is a super weak spell, I'd just bring in more healing instead. Healing is your friend. - Daemonettes are better battleline than warriors. For a few pts more you get way more value and also more bodies to hold objectives. - Hellstriders, same deal.
  7. Bubble wrap everything in worthless brimstone horrors then zap that ****** into the ground after he wrecks your horrors.
  8. Given that compendium armies are now in GHB, I could see them publishing official base sizes for those.
  9. Is there anywhere objectively that speaks to battalions being restricted to the allegiance of the book they are printed in? People in my local meta won't accept anything other than published hard proof. As it stands there is no such restriction printed in the battalions section of the core rules.
  10. As far as I know there are no limitations on battalions to specific allegiances other than the keywords of the units in those battalions. Its the same reason people are running "Hedonites Slaanesh Allegiance Depraved Drove"
  11. One thing that surprised me is that is no FAQ saying "deathless spirits" and deathless minions" is interchangeable. As it stands now, Shroudguard in Legion of Grief gets . 5+ and 6+ save since Shroudguard cancels out "deathless spirits" not "deathless minions"
  12. Right, forgot about that, interesting, so really it is going to Age of FeC now.
  13. I'm pretty surprised at how little Daughters and FeC were impacted. GKoT only going up 20pts isn't going to impact things at all and no changes to DoK points? Seems like the kings of the meta will remain at the top for a long while longer.
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