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  1. themortalgod

    Should the Daemon Prince be like the Dankhold Troggboss?

    Yeah I agree. Daemon Princes feel so weak in AoS, tho they are decent for the pts cost. Thematically though I would love to see them go up by 100pts or more and get a big boost to represent what a daemon prince actually is lore wise.
  2. So I had been holding off on Slaanesh hoping that their book would be announced at LVO, but with Khorne being announced, who knows how long we will have to wait so I figured I'd come up with a solid new list based on our updates from Wrath and Rapture I can run in the meantime. I'd be grateful on any feedback. Host: Pretenders Realm: Aqshy Exalted Great Daemon of Slaanesh - 440pts - General, Ignax's Scales, Allure of Slaanesh, Supremely Vain Infernal Enrapturess - 120pts Chaos Sorcerer Lord - 160pts Herald on Seeker Chariot - 100pts Herald on Seeker Chariot - 100pts - Mask of Spiteful Beauty 30 Daemonettes - 270pts 30 Daemonettes - 270pts 5 Hellstriders - 100pts - Whips 5 Hellstriders - 100pts - Whips 6 Fiends - 320pts 10 Seekers - 240pts 5 Seekers - 120pts Aethervoid Pendulum - 40pts Battalion: Choir of Torments - 120pts Total: 2500pts I know the exalted is a bit over costed but I have the big Raging Heroes "not" Keeper of Secrets and love the model. I figure Pretenders fits well as the re-roll 1st to hit is amazing for the Nettes and getting two command abilities lets me really double down on making that Exalted strong. My goal is for the Exalted to move with one block of Daemonettes to threaten one area of the board while the another area of the board is threatened by the Choir. Both little groups get escorted by a squad of hellstriders to make them tougher with the -1 to hit banner. Meanwhile, seekers can do their Seekers thing and rip down a flank and lightspeed and just be annoying. Heralds similar role and help farm depravity. Opted for the Pendulum to give the Exalted something to cast since her spell sucks in most situations. I've had good success in the past with her using one of her spell casts to dispell an existing pendulum and then her second cast to recast it in a really nasty position. Thoughts? Feelings? Really appreciate it!
  3. themortalgod

    Behemoth recommendation?

    Depends on your priorities? Are you looking for cool factor? In game performance? Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirsters are amazing in both respects Slaughterbrutes are, in my opinion, even cooler but are weak in game for the pts you pay. An allied Chimera is a sensational value for the pts but the model is mediocre at best.
  4. I'm not. I'm presuming at this point that either this year's GH or next years they will officially state compendium are narrative play only.
  5. I agree, I don't have much hope for a re-release but I'd have been happy with a pts re-balance.
  6. Well, his rules are strong, he is just over-costed like everything else in the TK army. I find against most players I can still hold my own with TKs but sometimes certain mechanics are a hard counter. Though I have won quite a few games from 10 skeleton horsemen getting flying + whip + cogs allowing them to jump on an objective in the backline and take quite a pounding to get off it. I think the army would be just fine if they dropped pts costs by 10% or so across the board.
  7. Yeah, I was running my Tomb Kings which are pretty weak to begin with, taking my sphynxes right out of the game was GG. Big based Necro Knights aren't overly fond of the trees either. (I swear, whenever I really need them to fly I roll that "1" with Settra)
  8. Right, so it would be fair to say a monster with a 5" movement would spend a long time getting through a single wildwood but could do it.
  9. So a tree is say 5" tall so every tree I climb over costs 10" of movement? (5" up, 5" down)
  10. This came up in a game I played today. One of the first times I've played against Slyvanath. The argument was that, as per terrain rules, you cannot actually move the trees on the base and they are effective barriers. As a result, my opponent argued that anything with a base wider than the gap between two trees cannot pass through a wildwood so he promptly lined up 6 bases on wildwoods on turn 1 and confidently was sure all my monsters had to walk all the way around them. (Which took all game) I didn't have any actual evidence to disprove him so I just played it that way, but it felt pretty overpowered. I had 4 behemoths and all 4 were effectively taken out of the game because 6 Wildwood in a row covers most of the board. Is this actually how they are meant to be played? thanks
  11. themortalgod

    Blades of the Blood and...

    The army will be super hero heavy. Like 60-70% of pts but it could work you just may suffer from the BCR problem of not having an amswer to armies that just speed bump you and control space all game.
  12. themortalgod

    Chimera: Worth it?

    hahah well if you want some variation the forge world warpfire dragon is the same pts and statistically does almost the same damage. It basically fills the exact same role.
  13. themortalgod

    Back to Death. Need advice

    I think GHoN is definitely the way to go. You could consider bringing in a Guardian of Souls given how much Nighthaunt you have. His aura is amazing and his spell will make your units even more annoying to kill. He can also be on "Mystic Shield" duty when you have nothing to revive. I'm not a fan of Balewind vortex. It used to be godly but now it is pretty crappy. Morghasts are really cool but they are mega over-costed. Nothing wrong bringing em for the rule of cool but if your goal is overall power then dropping them is a good idea. For the vampires, I really like Orb on the winged guy while Transference is awesome on the VLoZD. A well positioned Orb can be devastating and I find a winged vampire is small and mobile enough to position for it. I'm not a fan of Bane of the Living as it is a pretty small increase in damage output. I would go for the Aura personally or Master of Death.
  14. themortalgod

    Darkoath wishlist

    All of the factions you list have more modern kits than StD. Manticore is fine. Knights still look good. Chariots are good. Marauder Horsemen are still good. Shrine too. Everything else needs to be redone. Warriors look coolish but they are the most static posed models currently in production and are also a very old kit. Imo they are painfully obviously designed to rank up on a 25mm square and are just as in need of a new kit as marauders. So that puts StD at 5 units that are current(ish). 7 if you include Everchosen.
  15. themortalgod

    Darkoath wishlist

    Std arent big, they desperately need a release of models. Currently Std has a small range half full of old finecast stuff and most of the rest are really old plastics.