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  1. Khorne Dragon.. What do we reckon? Points increase or points decrease? Staying or going going squat? Forgeworld releasing a separate points sheet for their AoS stuff in general, or is it going legends like everything else they seem to be throwing out? IN fact are they just thinning down everything AoS so that the tab can disappear from their website? what say you lot?
  2. well, you're one up on me as I only got into it in 1st edition. Anyway.. I'll leave you to it. I've got a thirster to stare at.
  3. of old the diametric opposition was Khorne and slannesh / Tzeentch and nurgle. Khorne was about killing as much and as quickly as possible, rage and hate, whereas the dark prince was all about prolonging the suffering, hedonism and pleasure Tzeentch was about rebirth through mutation and change, whereas nurgle was abour rebirth through decay and pestilence. In their own ways, each of the opposing gods were diametrically opposed cheeks off the same backside so to speak.
  4. we he was mud wrestling with another centauroid in one of the art pieces, so not wholly unrealistic. I mean after all... we never saw his old civilisation die out did we, eh, eh? I can see it now... they reveal themselves and ask him why he looks like a beastman now!
  5. I don’t want grey knights to get new stuff, just the whole range overhauled to primaris size so they’re in keeping with their lore and what’s written in novels about them.
  6. Ahh ok, I'm seeing why the reinforcements thing has caused some raised eyebrows, especially with skaven and undead players etc where the big bodies slab was almost a necessity. Interesting times. I'm very interested to see what they pull out of the bag on the warscroll battalion front with respect to an alternative.- if at all. So now, really we need to see the first battle tome of 3rd to drop - to see what the lay of the land is moving forward.
  7. ok, interesting, so for example in Blades of Khorne, the brass stampede can't exist in matched play but I can still take the jugger army, if the lord of khorne is my general, just with no battalion ability ? Also the number of units that can be reinforced - so on the leaked images from GHB, we see that in 2000 points you can have 0-4 reinforced units. So does this mean that I can have 4 units all reinforced a maximum of three times, or I have four reinforcement tokens as it were to sprinkle around, with no more than one unit getting three of them?
  8. Trust me he'll complain when that comes out as well, as basically he wants his old 8th ed back and nothing will do. I will laugh very hard indeed if that ends up having AoS / 40k rules modified for ranks and flanks. Back on topic... Points Increases reinforcing Units I wouldn't be at all surprised if the incongruences between these three items makes itself clear when the GHB lands. Maybe this is the hidden points cost we pay for all the things that we can now do seemingly for free? What if a monster player suddenly has the four monster actions baked in
  9. I know a guy who literally despises AoS because it took over from his beloved fantasy. His biggest gripe... Seriously... new AoS models are too big to put on 20mm and 25mm square bases, so he can't use stuff like the new skeletons in his fantasy vampire counts, and the new character models are too big for 50mm monster bases. Apparently GW are stupid, as they're losing so much money by not supporting the old fantasy, and 9th age and kings of war community. 🤦‍♂️ It's when you listen to stuff like that, that you realise try as you might, you can't teach pork.
  10. This. Players / customers forget that for every designer there is over a hundred thousand users braying for his attention. It's why GW folded up their forum in the ancient past, and it's why they have a marketing department - it's the marketing team that deals with all of this stuff, adn I guarantee you that the design team will have little or no feedback from them once the product is out there. "how did this product do?" "Yea, we got 100k likes on tweetfacegram - it's really popular" ..the accounts department are looking at sales figures, and if the sales of a (new) p
  11. waiting with baited breath to see what happens to the exalted bloodthirster... Unless of course, he's gone, in which case my thirsters will look all of the awesome anyway as I'll always choose the FW model over the plastic my first bloodthirster kit.
  12. something to show your grandkids on their holovids playing virtual AoS , amazed that grandpa actually had to read words instead of having them fed into his neural implant and push planet killer plastic around on dead tree boards. It must have been barbaric back in the old days.
  13. I actually belly laughed at this. It's like being back in fantasy all over again. 8th ed fantasy: "Are you playing elves or empire?" "er... no.." "Oh... my condolences". Also, we all pay homage to Slaanesh in some way as we all happily give the mothership enough money per head to make a third world country weep. Also back to rumours... Have you noticed that the word Slaanesh has the word Slaan in it? Are the seraphon secret agents of chaos hidden in plain sight? * *This rumour has no foundation outside of a tinfoil hat.. but as a conspiracy
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