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  1. no, they're becoming shorter and angrier I'm telt ya.
  2. chaos goat minotaur dwarfs.. awesome!!! Jokes aside, I'd love to say I couldn't see that coming, but its been on the cards for a long time.
  3. I don't like to say anything negative but No. If anyone should get heffalumps it should be the slaves to darkness who had our loverly war mammoth taken away from us by the evil ones. A bigger badderer plastic war mammoth is the least they could do.. age of the beast and all that, and it would work out nice as I'd buy two to flank my chaos lord on huge dragon that also got taken away and needs to come out in plastic. If they do that, I promise never to throw them down the toilet and allow them to kill turtles in the ocean.
  4. Could be a very fashionable chaos dwarf with a daemon crossbow .. just sayin..
  5. Not as thrilled as I’d be- especially if they were a bunch if 8 pointed star pyromaniac loonytunes
  6. Thank you for clearing that up. Up until now I’ve struggled to know the difference of each of the above. apologies for the not rumour / nothing / stirring / false rumour.
  7. Well.. i was in this tavern see, and there was this fella looking for adventurers. He telt me so it must be true. Dude.. its the rumour thread not the news thread.
  8. Next slaves to darkness battletome will have a new chaos dragon model with build options for each if the god specific factions. age if the beast will unleash more dragony goodness (or chaosness) onto the mortal realms.
  9. Given he’s now out of production I can’t see it. knowing them and their well documented in the posts above attention to detail, id say it slipped through the net. much like my 400 quid which they would have had if they’d have given me a last chance to buy heads up. not that I’m sore about it or anything!
  10. Now that is poor. Are we seeing GW returning to the Kirby days of might makes right I wonder.
  11. they could have got a willing subscriber base if they just populated it with all the old fantasy rules and armybooks for a start. leaving the animation aside, you mean to tell me that the amount of printed media they have couldn’t have all been uploaded prior to launch? I know it’s in its birthing period but from what I saw at launch I’d like an early adopter sweetner really. And as has been said, no fullscreen on animations and when disney are charging me not much more, I have some pretty high benchmarks for my 50 pounds. I feel that many of the simple errors could all have been ironed out before launch and it makes them look unnecessarily amateur in their execution sadly. It’s going to be interesting to see how they push this moving forward. It’s bold and also potentially very very arrogant.
  12. they weren't even progressive when they came out - they were modelled on the storm of magic artwork and were rubbish even then. Totally agree about the manticore, and I really hope in this age of beasts we'll finally get to have monsters which we can be proud of by a new sculptor. The current crop of stuff seems rather promising.
  13. Please tell me that the thing on the left is a cheeky tease for a new remastered chimera model ?! ( I know, unlikely) The current manticore and chimera was are absolutely dire, I'd love to see a plastic AoS'd version of the mierce chimera, it's a classic chimera and just plain gorgeous sculpt. however, having the GW chimera budget I butchered mine quite extensively to get it to a more pleasing state but I still can't get over just how bad it is.
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