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  1. Taurox deserves to come back as he was part darmon anyway after chewing the head off a herald of khorne first blow. if valkia is back i teally font see why thry can’t write him in as well- given that khorne keyword beastfellows makes me happy. And they relegated my mammoths to legends in ghb so thry owe me one.
  2. they still appear on the Azyr as available in matched play... phew.
  3. I’ve only just realised after all this time that my mammoths have been sent off to the legends bin. looks like i better make them some warshrine howdahs then...
  4. Ironclad doesn’t know its there, thinks its floating but he’s infact wearing it like a carnival head dress
  5. actually they'll be the sort of race that have lots of teeth in their mouths, very white jetwashed teeth. might be a good bargaining tool when dealing with destruction types... they love a bag of teef.
  6. agreed. They have long ears so will be good for the placement of rings for the overseer chains. Might be a bit fragile on the work front. ... hmmm, night be ok for food though once the Kdaai have crisped then enough,
  7. stop your pointy eared babble ... the floaty dwarfs were mentioned in the post above. We love a bit of floaty dwarfs. ...see, typical high smurfs... give them a shiny new name but they never change. 🤫
  8. be they tin can dawi, Skinny dip dawi, floaty dawy or pyromaniac dawi, unlike the pointy ears we stand together... well, against pointy ears at any rate.
  9. Corrected for you at no charge... we're dour but kind like that. They've got to get past us first... and we don't cave in like the big trousered pointy ears players who were too busy sitting under their cloud of smug.. well, they always have been since day one to be fair.
  10. if it means pointy ears get something else beating them up then hey, diversity rules
  11. Indeed. There’s not even the faintest smell of ancestor spirit or bound daemon of which to speak of. and they even mock the hammerers by making their own substandard copies of the tried and tested war hammer. they can’t make anything normal length can they everything is long and spindly I bet when they eat they have to feed the pointy head on the other side of the table as the cutlery is too long to reach their own mouth. so my plan is this... we bump the other members of the households off and that means they starve to death.
  12. I agree honourable cousins. to take the icon of the mighty Hashut and to put balance it upon a body so tall and thin is a travesty. and if they weren’t thin enough the wear silly tall hats in mockery of our tall hats in an attempt to make them appear even taller and thinner, and then... and then they balance the image of blessed Hashut on top out of laziness. they just can’t accept that you don't get anywhere in this realm without a big hat, and now their lazy sniffing and coughing god tries to join in the fray by giving himself a REALLY big hat. i mean what sort of so called magician doesn’t even bind the souls of daemons into rockets for crying out loud.... which he will do when they hit him as he hides behind his big rock. and talking of which... er... where is our Kdaai Destroyer eh eh?
  13. Just have them as separate models. its a throwback to fantasy battle where the command group was three models, a champion, musician and standard bearer. the different weapon was do you knew straight away and without argument who he was. we don't have a battle standard bearer anymore in AoS so the standard bearer is the only chance we get do create something cool. if you make them one dude you run the risk of a guy with a drum on his back operated by ropes on his feet while trying to walk forward holding up a pole with a bit if washing on it. also if they are both one dude, when he dies both benefits are gone.
  14. The seige gargant from forgeworld used to be able to pull down terrain, and the iron daemon used to be able to crush it. to make it work all they’d have to do is give terrain some stats.
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