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  1. The three eyed king is stirring.... and its going to be a good one. colour me optimistic
  2. I must apologise, the event only daemonsmith was the older warhammer fantasy battle offering - the AoS daemonsmith is a warhammer world only model as I understand: complete with big hat.
  3. Never say never. We might see plastic chaos dwarfs, after all, we’ve seen concepts and one offs (or so we thought) become mainstream army reveals. Also they’ve been mentioned in the cannon fluff a few times and in the warcry anthology the iron golems story revolves around a fortress run by a chaos duardin who's description screams daemonsmith. and not forgetting the event only daemonsmith with the aos aesthetic. if they do, i just pray the legion aesthetic will be kept.
  4. I think leave them to get on with it, otherwise you get the cities of sigmar book but for chaos. I'm probably the only one who doesn't like the book as it reads to me like a kneejerk release to silence a big noise that wouldnt go away. i don't want that for slaves, and yes, i totally agree that its a real balancing act with regards to how you handle them, its easy to speculate at this stage and it would be seriously off the mark, but if cities are anything to go by anything that was of an old design like chaos warriors and marauders could be phased out as the old dwarf models were. anything which got a full makover during the 8th edition was an AoS aesthetic hidden in plain sight. but im not trying to be negative here. Its pretty obvious that gw are working hard to really define the nature of what a chaos worshipper is in the mortal realms and so I really want them to get it right. If thats going to take another year or more then so be it, rather than cave to the give us a book clamouring.
  5. it was a heads up from the FLG, they said that big centrepeices were getting cranked up. the thirster is now at 85 pounds, what was he before? has it increased?
  6. A bit late to the party i know but there a price hikes taking effect this week coming and possibly as early as tomorrow. if you’re after a big centrepiece id buy now rather than later, greater daemons being a case in point.
  7. You cant do much more than you already have done sadly. might just be worth you guys considering just not showing up for a while or looking at a new venue or try and find a new group. walking away from a system or hobby should be your choice, not be driven and forced in to it by someone else. next few sessions maybe just sit at home and do hobby. Its still enjoyable clears the mind and means you don't have to look at X. i get the feeling the other players will know why you're not there, and when a few more take up the same stance it gets to a point where the group organiser just has to get rid of the guy.
  8. add everchosen to the chaos category - that's if they don't make everything not god specific everchosen- which is my thought. My gut feeling is darkoath / slaves / warcry tribes will all be grouped under the everchosen battletome in the sense of not pledging themselves wholly to one god - and in the lore at the moment there's a lot of activity around the Varanspire as will be detailed in Warcry.
  9. I suggest we start a fund to pay for and unleash @Jack Armstrong to face off the "That guy" and a film crew to record the event for historic archive purposes. It would be like waking up the winter soldier. Ultimately it would help in the task of bringing back slaanesh as well - tears of sorrow following the taste of defeat which followed the pride and arrogance of being 'that guy'.
  10. if only it was a chaos lord on dragon for the everchosen/darkoath/slaves to darkness.
  11. You might want to hang fire for a bit, War Cry and Everchosen are just around the the corner
  12. yes. But that's the official line from GW when their managers ask about brets and tomb kings. In a word, at this point in time... No.
  13. the more I read what little there is, the more I just think/ hope its going to be set mercenary units. Maybe a combination of dogs of war and regiments of renown of old, with their own lore and background. if that's the case, could I have the disciples of the red redemption or Nightmare legion please GW
  14. I've read the book, and I'm loving the narrative arc. Reading about how the awakened slaanesh has played Malerion at his own game made me smile, as did the details of how he manipulated events to enable him to brake some of his most powerful chains, and how his followers are starting to converge on the shadow realm - which will of course force the release of the malerielves and tecklelves. I can see the stormvault story arc snapping a few more, and subsequent arcs all serving to weaken them in the background. So it got me thinking.... Will Slaanesh breaking his bonds be a major version release for AoS? Aos 3 or 4 perhaps?
  15. I agree about the rules bloat. I'm keeping faith that it's going to be specific mercenary warbands rather than do what you like, and those warbands will hopefully have conditions of who they will NOT sell themselves to.
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