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  1. It could well have been a condition imposed. Using tax payer money to pay shareholders was never going to go down well. I would also suspect from an analyst point of view this very open and public move would be a good way of boosting your share price in the current market.
  2. sort of. Furlough is a grant as has been said that has conditions attached to it, but it WILL be paid back. The UK gov. have yet to confirm how that payback will happen but it's widely accepted that this will come through taxes when the economy recovers from the pandemic. It's not free money in any way. It's a life support system to try and mitigate having to lay off staff - which is the biggest overhead a company faces, by paying their salaries or a chunk of. However, the longer this goes on means that it's still no guarantee that a job is safe unfortunately. I've been furloughed and now I'm under threat of redundency so it was no guarantee. Its done with the best of intentions, in the hope it will mitigate casualties and it's truly honourable that GW have said you know what... we're good. you can hav ethe cash back. Many cash rich companies won't be that honourable, taking this opportunity to cut heads, people and restructure using the excuse of C-19 as their get out of jail card.
  3. there's an elf who's upset about not being a chaos Dwarf right there. He's even balancing his Hashut mask on top of his pointy hat.
  4. a re-imagining of epi would be amazeballs. I can't see Sons of Behemat being released until the the lumineth release loop is out of the way, however I'm hoping for some community pages to start seeding some lore or content to us in the next couple of weeks to warm us up hopefully. I just want to add that I think Teclis' storm of searing white light thing (probably the sun refelcting off his perfect elf teeth) is very chaos-ist. I mean what has chaos ever done to him? I mean if it wasn't for Arky, he'd still be a coughing spluttering anaemic high smurf, thanks to the big A, he's now a god. And he gets a big hat. I mean... who doesn't like a big hat - its up there with topknots in the warhammer world. Typical elven gratitude for you.
  5. pah... that's humans talk...not when you've kitbashed a dwarf on it.
  6. Its a johan in the giant Imperial giant box. Johan's grandfather to be precise who was a shoemaker and lost two fingers by hitting them with a hammer when he ran away from a giant.
  7. I need to get a move on and start building and painting. All my floaty dwarfs, skinnydip dwarfs, tin can dwarfs and paranoid pyro dwarfs are still in suspended animation!
  8. And thems big hats... And guns... lots of guns... and a love of cattle... the evidence is compelling for sure.
  9. devious.. devious..? nay nay - just misunderstood, a bit paranoid and lovers of a good barbecue.
  10. Model wise I'm sure they'll look Archaon straight in the eye. Really looking forward to this release.
  11. death has been far too long since they got yet another string to their bow so you're probably right. Maybe this lord will the the mighty diorama unbeatable millennia old big fighty lord to the mighty diorama unbeatable millennia old big strategic lord that is Katacodpiece. if this teaser is anything to go by though I'm looking forward to seeing the whole thing,
  12. that's too far left of field to be sensible. it's actually the greatsword from the Warcry Chaos Johan warband... they're not fleeing... any more..
  13. ONE GIANT, TWO MAMMOTHS AND A WARSSHRINE.... who cares if it's not meta - it'll look amazeballs.
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