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  1. Kaleb Daark

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Very nice. i look forward to seeing them painted and pictures from all angles
  2. Kaleb Daark

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    splendid. lets see them then, don't be shy.
  3. Kaleb Daark

    The Rumour Thread

    darkoath can shapeshift into greenskins... cool. Thread closed.
  4. Kaleb Daark

    The Rumour Thread

    not a hope. The only thing that will lure bretonnian players back is bretonnians
  5. Kaleb Daark

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    semantics. a turn of phrase. replace wall of eels with whatever big slab of dirty spam is currently in fashion. carry on
  6. Kaleb Daark

    Darkoath wishlist

    amen to that 😃 I've got over 10k of khorne and I just can't stop adding to it!
  7. Kaleb Daark

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Old school chaos list for giggles I'm looking forward to having this on the table - it should look great, all Khorne and all angry. Chaos lord on Daemonic Mount Aspiring Deathbringer with axe and furnace Bloodsectrator Mr Whippy 30 Chaos Warriors - halberd and runeshields 5 flesh hounds 5 flesh hounds Chaos Warshrine 20 chaos Knights - ensorcelled weapons.
  8. Kaleb Daark

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Indeed you will - and they are hillariously good fun to play with. The footprint when the fall is funny as well.
  9. Kaleb Daark

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    looking that way, and in truth probably the right thing to do. It'll give us enough of a mix to create a wide variety of armies and themes hopefully. In the warqueen novel the darkoath tribe were aligned to tzeentch, but switched their allegience in order to ensure survival - I wonder if this will be a thing with them, or at the least give them the ability to be marked with a god keyword. @GeneralZero , I think @Hounsou83 was saying that all the models currently in resin that the Slaves to Darkness has need new plastic sculpts badly - such as chosen etc. ... ohhhh.... chosen knights would be nice..
  10. Kaleb Daark

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    Plastic chosen would be nice, and getting the hellcannon back would be nice as well.
  11. Kaleb Daark

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    I just don't see them as tragic, but as realising there is a civilisation ther for them to reclaim, a rebirth to greatness. I don't see the ancestors as real spirits per se, more of a channel for a collective emotional desire to venerate and honour the past, and for them whether they realise it or not, there's their magic, they believe that it's an ancestors spirit but in reality it's their stubborn resistance and determination to honour, oath and duty that rune magic latches onto and harnesses. So its not like great uncle Gruntingbag ever lives on as a ghost in a machine or construct, but the will and venerated honour his descendents and bloodline venerate him with infuses into the statue of him or his favourite cave bear and animates in times of greatest need. I suppose a dwarven equivalent to a person with latent telekenesis where it only comes out when they're scared or angry. But they believe it to be their ancestors watching over them, and this alone is enough to give them the grit to carry on.
  12. Kaleb Daark

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    this is true, so very true. Now, personally however, it's also an easy answer for someone like GW to give. But if, just if, despite putting them to the back of the shelves and the webstore with not much fanfare in the hope that people won't buy them - but sales still persist, then your sales figures are saying, this is still liked, it's still popular. In that instance someone should ask the question: "Dwarfs in mountains with heavy armor and axes are not. - so what do we need to do to make them so?" stepping back, you look at the goblins and realise that half your army range already exists, so someone asked the what if question of them. The final release of dwarves during fantasy took a very different aesthetic direction. Ironbreakers and irondrakes are more AoS than fantasy battle, and it's stuff like this, little clues that tell me that these armies are not going to die but the models were styled with something greater in mind. We said the same thing when the chariot, warshrine, wrathmongers and blightkings came out for chaos - all aesthetically AoS models, but at the time looked a bit garish and alien compared to what was around. I'm putting money on anything that came out during end times or the last year of fantasy is here to stay. @Skreech Verminking I fully expect your thanquol and boneripper to return to your rat infested holes very soon
  13. Kaleb Daark

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    love it. Order is restored to the nerdosphere. In all honesty the game is what we make of it. The GHB gives us a framework to work with, and it's pretty clear that we all see a different agenda as to how things should go and what should be done. However, I do think AoS is in a good place, and we as players along with it. All the while we let the mothership know constructively what we need and want, they'll listen. If we just rant a them they'll close the door. it's what they allways did and the y always will. They want us to keep spending, and in order to keep us spending they worked out that they need to talk to us and listen in return. I'm sure that in time we'll have different ages of the game as we did back in fantasy - hordehammer, herohammer, horsehammer, spellhammer .. kfchammer. and I can't see AoS being any different. BUT, taking the glasshalf full view, we have it for only a year, not four - and that's huge. Sure last years cheese is going to be this years nerf, and last year's I've never lost a game is this years I've never won a game and it's a rubbish now, but we've got a channel to feed everything back and a year to hopefully see changes. We're not seeing retconned storylines anymore with every editions armybook regurgitating the same thing, we're seeing campaigns to move the living world forward and it's the right thing to do in my opinion. That way everyone gets written in and involved. not like how it was. Vigilus, Malign portents etc. just great ways to push the story forward and the GHB tweaks here and there till the next big core rules land. Sure my slaves to darkness are not 'meta' but it's my choice to still play them as opposed to putting wall to wall eels on the table. Sure there's armies I hate playing against, but to be frank - its not the army - it's the way the guy pushing it across the table is with it. You can have a "broken" army and still make the game fun for the guy your facing, or you could be the guy who makes everyone you play resent and hate everyone who shows up with that faction. But that's not the army, it's not GW, it's the player. I'm contemplating sacrosanct chamber at some point and kharadron overlords. Actually if I've got one thing I'd like to see in GHB2019 it would be Forgeworld and GW mothership team talking a bit more. Putting their base sizes in on the FAQ is a start, but it would be nice to see the AoS team helping their FW bredrin out on some of the more mundane housekeeping tasks such as allies tables and the like. I know it's coming across as a bit of a fanboy post but honestly, I did a lot more moaning in fantasy than I've done in AoS and for an old longbeard like me that can only be a good thing.
  14. Kaleb Daark

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    I kind of see the same thing, but not in the sense that they are piloted as such. They just animate when called upon. Hey here's a thing, how about that the disposessed create a statue as a headstone to a tomb, and powerful families might have a bigger monument erected. These are the things that animate when the runes are struck? totally agree. A new anvil of doom scenery item could have a once per battle mighty rune that is the endless spell for them. Instead of rampaging it strikes down all enemy units causing mortal wounds, and perhaps to represent the sucking in of magical energies there could be a mechanic where the longer it goes in the game without being used, or the more endless spells / regular spells dispelled it manages to absorb the more potent the strike is. Perhaps the spectral minions could be summoned in this way as well, or the thing is in itself a realmgate to the dwarf hold that the army marches through to re-inforce the troops.
  15. Kaleb Daark

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    There is, of course there is. The disposessed are the duardin without a home as it stands. Why not give them instead of dwarf holds under the mountains give them a mountain that moves. A cogfort but on a massive scale, or alternatively one could argue that with all the magic around those runes are even more powerful than ever, or even rediscovering old ancient duardin kingdoms with dormant realmgates linking them all together - perhaps of old the Dwarf kingdoms were the trading capitals that the kharadron aspire to be, linking all realms, and also providing safety to all therein as chaos and magic struggled to find foothold therein. Maybe they've found or rediscovered a metal or material so pure it is anathema to chaos, and now they seek to mine it again - perhaps it's why their duardin kingdoms fell to the weight of chaos attacks and now lie dormant. Back when Warhammer was born it mentioned a lot about dwarf ancestor statues, maybe this could be a thing. perhaps their endless spell would be a runefather summoning the collective spirits of ancient heroes, not ghosts but drawing on the resolute belief of the duardin themselves in their past to summon a wall of thought, duty and belief given form as a spectral tide of fallen heroes, or even they are just the iron wills and resolute honour of the duardin that his desire to protect and do his duty is so strong that gives up final dying breath to protect his people. His sould goes to grugni, but his breath, his final act of thought and want is pulled into the anvil so that it, and in turn he may be called upon to serve one last time. It could be that the ancient battle furnaces and rune anvils that have sat dormant since time began have always had this power and are now bulging with countless epochs of duardin faith. Maybe this is what separates them from the techno reliant Kharadron and the rune collecting Fireslayers - that they alone still have retained the knowledge and the skill to craft and manipulate runes. They can still read them, unlock them, work them over and above that which the other two newer factions thought possible, Maybe their antithesis to magic isn't a hatred but a siphon. They distrust magic but see that magical energy itself in its raw form is no different to fire, and they seek to siphon it from other magic users (because they have done the hard work of distilling it into a spell) so they can take the raw spellstuff and fashion it into runes. Their runes are how they harness magic. Like the elves and the undead collect souls, the dispossessed collect magic. Magic is the fuel that runes use. maybe they've allied with beasts of the mountain, and in return they provide transport, or perhaps they have constructs which honour these creatures in their forms. I see them as a real anvil of an army, and something which tzeentch in particular would really want to see gone, as potentially they could stop his armies cold as they siphon the raw magic from them, and in direct contrast Khorne would want to corrupt them as the anti magic in his hands would mean his power would magnify to epic proportions - maybe the only thing that stops them is that the mystical metal, or they as a people are infused with an soul or essence that chaos cannot take a hold over, and thus hates even more. - perhaps this is why chaos hates the stormcast even more, as the weaver of fate knows that grugni maybe wiped some of this property onto the stormcast souls themselves and mixed with sigmars celestial energy combined so that they could not be lost to chaos. Perhaps these realmgates also linked them to the world that was before the gates at the poles collapsed and locked the old world off from everything - explaining why the old world dwarfs lost much of their former greatness until it was just myth and legend to them. That could be why they're considered magical antithesis, because by their very nature the dispossessed in any great number would literally suck magic out of anything or anyone that manipulates it nearby if it wasn't contained in a weapon or armour or other physical shackle naturally without even thinking about it or knowing it was going on, and the old world dwarfs lost to isolation wouldn't have had a clue it was going in, and certainly it wouldn't have had the strength it has now, just a penumbra by comparison. Spell casters might find that its gets harder to cast, or spells start fading in their spell books.. Perhaps that's what's awakened them again, the very fact that the soul wars and the avalanche of magic that followed practically jumpstarted this latent dormant power again - imagine that, an endless spell rampaging across the battlefield and starts to get weaker if not disappear and within seconds the Ironbreaker's runes on their armour flare and the anvil of the rune father thrums into life. Maybe it's this re-awakening of duardin latent power, which was even dormant in the old world, has forced other cities with unusually large dispossessed communities to start pushing them out as they have found their magical endeavours disrupted and realise that these dearest of allies have reached a time when they themselves must start forging their own destiny anew and seek their own lands. @JReynoldscould this be a thing in a realm where anything is possible? It would tie in with their hatred of skaven, who perhaps have found a particularly nice lump of warpstone but its encased in this magical metal ore and so is unreachable, or maybe the ore has a greater purpose- a living organism or a gas that finds warpstone and solidifies around it - and in the old world the rats knew this already and the thing they feared most was the stunties working it out for themselves if they ever found the two together? Of course then you have the gloomspite gitz and the troggoths and that luvely fungus filled cave... well, how the hell were they supposed to know it was an ancient kingdom of the stunties? "don't go down there boys, it's too dark for even moon magic to work - it leaves you if you go too far down" In the world that was, the dwarfs werte coming to the end of their age, now perhaps darker, more resolute, grittier, the dispossessed realise finally that for them it is the beginning of a new great age of rediscovery. The fireslayers would recognise that through helping their cousins they would gain in their bid to restore their god, and the kharadron would always be up for the thought of the profit to be made from a skyport at every duardin kingdom's peak - a mountain kingdom inside and out. er.. sorry about that... I've rambled a bit. what I'm trying to say is maybe there is still a place for Disposessed And now like the pointy ears we have potentially three flavours of them - which is great. (oh an a fourth if you count the Legion )