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  1. Kaleb Daark

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    Safe to say that these are all tricks they've missed big time, especially now that the legion is gathering momentum. The skullcracker was always a pig of a model, but a remastering or re-imagining would be all the awesome.
  2. Kaleb Daark

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    certainly me. I was about to order it the week they pulled it.
  3. Kaleb Daark

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    we need to start pushing FW on their webpage to change the warscroll for skin wolves so they can be marked and get a god keyword. They'd sell these by the bucket load if they did that. In old fantasy they could be marked. TGA Massive.. lets start petitioning!
  4. Kaleb Daark

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    The right attitude have a rep cookie
  5. Kaleb Daark

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    they're good but again FW could have allowed us to mark them, then they would have been amazeballs.
  6. Kaleb Daark

    What if GW made limited edition parody models?

    they used to all the time before they went corporate. On their other model lines there were always comedy names and theme take offs from popular film and TV references of the time. (slambo for instance) and lots of references to staff as well- Mad Mullah Ak'Land's (after Tony Ackland) death commandoes. Nick Lund actually put the face of manager he never got on with on a chaos dwarf cannon he had scultped, which never saw release before he went to work for grenadier. The cannon became known as the ****** cannon, or the Ass Cannon to our American friends. They were the part of the LE range. Wizard with chainsword above Wizard with sub machine gun Dwarf with inferiority complex Sanity clause Space santa Chaos Toilet Inconvenienced dwarf Some of the models you'll recognise as having become part of mainstream model lines in the years following. the Amazon was actually the Amazon Gothique from the cover of a white dwarf, and often reffered to as the kinky chaosette - she came in a blister with the warlock and I have them both still with that original packaging, together with my LE9 thrud. I also still have my power armoured trooper (incorrectly labelled in the link as power armoured marine) and also my LE1 and LE2 space orc and space marine. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Limited_Editions_(Citadel)
  7. Kaleb Daark

    The Rumour Thread

    i'm tending to think the shard is actually more of a malerion elves release with the snippet in the new rulebook. There's a box out in there to do with the elves of the realm of shadows and talks of the elves with horns and tails, and looking at the shard model, he's quite heavily built and pretty draconic in that respect. Interesting stuff.
  8. Kaleb Daark

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    use the hellcannon as an allied chaos dwarf war machine like a dreadquake or magma cannon. Far too nice to consign to the shelf.
  9. Kaleb Daark

    The Rumour Thread

    everything is starting to point to it in the fluff. in 40k Fulgrim is being hailed as due to return very soon as the next primarch. In AoS soul wars novel has a descriptive bit of narrative about a slaanesh chaos lord. The main AoS lore stresses how difficult it is for Malerion, Morathi and the chuckle twins to keep Slaanesh chained and on the maps in the main rulebook his location with respect to his prison is revealed, and although nothing new to us, one can almost imagine that now others of the realms know about it - so only a matter of time before the forces working to free him home in on the beacon so to speak. This hopefully should all roll into a very interesting and exciting time across both systems and my only hope is that it gets the build up that Malign Portents got.
  10. Kaleb Daark

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    I agree, this is typical GW typo. Pester their facebook page till they cave in and put it right. He's listed in the faction on the store page so just go for it.
  11. Kaleb Daark

    The Rumour Thread

    indeed. There's also the strategy and project team. There has to be a business case for whatever they do. This was why they teased the cannonness - she was a toe in the water to see if there was interest beyond nostalgia for the Sisters. It's been the thing also with Tomb Kings and Brets at head office. If they were released, would people actually buy them and what would they do that an existing faction does not. I know that every managers meeting someone throws these two dearly departed factions into the mix again, but the reality is that they have to make money to be written into the story line. There's always the detail that something just isn't right for the current story arc or aesthetic, so it all gets held back till the time is right. We can be sure that the timelines and story arcs are at least a couple of years in advance in the planning stage, for example with the rumour of fulgrim in 40k making a return I think we will see slaanesh finally shake his bonds free. there's lots of slaaneshi raindrops falling in the most recent fluff and art, so I'm sure that's not a million miles away.
  12. Kaleb Daark

    The Rumour Thread

    yes indeed. We will see: a campaign book featuring a full fat battletome within its pages for the Legion of Azgorh The release of the khorne Lord on Dragon The surprise return of every out of production model in the Monstrous compendium remastered and reinvented for the age of sigmar. ... then I woke up and it was morning... 😪
  13. Kaleb Daark

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    I'm sure that's what I was saying with nagash. It's how he sees the perfect order.
  14. Kaleb Daark

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    was he actually be Morr who was the old world's god of death? Nagash slew him in End times and took on his portfolio.