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  1. You forgot the boar models used on the chariot, which I believe are from 1996 or so.
  2. Loses oracular vision, daemonic power, and aura of chaos compared to a normal sorcerer lord. Makes it not worth it imo.
  3. Worth noting that the mierce chimera is immense, filling out every part of a 120mm round base, so it definitely will not fit on a 120mm oval.
  4. Basically any of the marked hosts can be made 1-2 drops without much difficulty.
  5. Cypher lords are bodies, and -1 to hit on a stick. They also have some shooting (though somehow, worse shooting than iron golems). I don't think they're particularly impressive, but I can see tossing them in when I have a spare slot in a battalion. Unmade are good though...no retreat is really good, and the structure of the unit is such that they don't lose combat ability until the very end. I think nurgle unmade are a very solid option (unlike splintered fang, they benefit from nurgle's bonus damage).
  6. Triple doombull is easy to run now - its only 300 pts! Back then those three bad bulls would fill up 50% of your list.
  7. I loved running triple doombulls in one of the last 8th edition tournaments. It was not amazing, but it was one of those fun lists that could kill a pile and stress out your opponents with every combat round.
  8. Beastlord with Ld9 + BSB reroll was all that was necessary for primal fury. @Popisdead - you just need to work out your brain by describing what "unmodified leadership" was in 8th edition WFB. Also, forget the Wildstalker Brayherd....the better, cheaper and smaller battalion was Furious Brayherd.
  9. In a low point game you should definitely have the doombull at the herdstone punching himself in the face.
  10. In a low point game you should definitely have the doombull at the herdstone punching himself in the face.
  11. Shouldnt the khorne list have 5 bloodthirsters?
  12. The list is ~140 wounds. Not super tough, but not exactly fragile. However, because of how Sons models count as 10+ models until they die, the army is more resilient in terms of objectives than many 160+ wound armies.
  13. Cygors are quite a bit bigger. Base size is much different too (mancrushers are on the same base as dragon ogors), and the cygors stance is much longer.
  14. https://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_blg_bnb_mon_059_000
  15. If you want an army based on Plaguetouched, its great. Remember that you can fill out the 7 nurgle units requirement with additional characters (the non-marked battalions allow only one character). If going in nurgle, you want some knights, 3 battleline, a sorcerer or two, a warshrine, and maybe a karkadrak. You're already at 7-8 units on that list.
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