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  1. Glottkins abilities are definitely designed to support horde type armies, which makes for a strange fit within the rotbringers subfaction. Adds a lot more to pestilens/plaguebearer/marauders/beasts of chaos based nurgle than it does to rotbringers.
  2. I'll often take my min-sized screening units as gors for the reasons you state. Another point in favour of the gors is that +1 bravery is not irrelevant on a screening unit. The thing is, even if the 10 pts was completely wasted compared to 60 pt ungor units (its not), 10 pts out of 2000 pts (or even 30 pts out of 2000 pts if you take multiples) is so small that its essentially irrelevant, unless it prevents you from taking something else.
  3. 8 pts per wound would be very competitive for behemoths, particularly ones with built in healing (Ghorgons make better use of the warherd healing, but cygors have the soul-eater healing which is a little more passive). Remember that the baseline for most 10 wound units is 6 pts per wound (60 per 10).
  4. Great deal. Great fit for beasts. Khorne daemon princes (which combines with Shaggoth's hail storm) and Belakor are two other standout ally choices that the Slaves to Darkness battletome provided.
  5. I think Tzeentch is the best use for a single larger block of bullgors, to take the +1 attack agenda while boosted by a fatemaster. Destiny dice to get them into combat.
  6. I have a very hard time justifying a chaos gargant in a world with ghorgons for 10 pts less.
  7. His command ability affects the entire faction, including bonesplitters and greenskinz, which is nice. In essence, the more mixed your army, or the more heavily you lean into greenskinz, the more value he provides compared to alternatives.
  8. Belakor is 6 years older than the plastic daemon prince, and 16 years old. There's been significant scale creep since belakor's release.
  9. They look great. Are those 25mm or 32mm bases? Marauders should be on 25s.
  10. The proper insulting name for the razorgor model is "pumbagor" .
  11. Nurgle Bray shaman at least comes with foul regenerisis as a bonus spell, which is more than they get in any other marked army.
  12. https://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_dkl_fmr_blr_bst_350_000 Be picky and pick up those. If you're patient, Mierce has rolling promotions that can make the purchase much more reasonably priced.
  13. If you don't have Belakor, the subfaction adds a handy command ability for literally no drawback.
  14. There's a reference to Herdstones from Lost and the Damned. They've obviously gotten more mobile over the years.
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