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  1. The rest of the WD pics of the scenery are up on War of Sigmar https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/3805 Nice looking stuff
  2. The original idea behind god themed Gor comes from the old metal models and realm of chaos books. The idea being that they have been been gifted daemonic traits by the god they follow, much like their human counterparts. So rather than thinking of them as specific animal traits its more elements similar to those seen on their daemons. So yes in Slaanesh's case this would be large claws, tentacles, snakes, elements of both sexes. Think elements of the new Feinds or Daemonettes on a beastman. Hence the presence of spawn in the army as they are followers who have been gifted too much.
  3. Don't think anyone posted this yet, but over on Faeit they are rumoring new AOS terrain coming with Forbidden Power Sigmarite Dias Fallen Statues Shattered Temple http://natfka.blogspot.com/2019/04/leak-new-terrain-coming-spotted-from-us.html
  4. Its from the Warcry trailer. Looks like Darkoath will feature is this skirmish game.
  5. So I posted this on the Legends of the Painty Men thread but thought it should go wider. GW officially produced music only I'm afraid is all that is sanctioned, anything else is Heresy - I got this vinyl back in the day and thought it was amazing, the slip book had loads of classic 40k and realm of chaos artwork. Still have it at my parent somewhere.
  6. going back to music to listen to while playing - GW would only want you listening to their own official record label Gentlemen I present to you D-ROK ...... thought this was the coolest when I was a kid and still have the vinyl
  7. He would fit right in with the elves from Disenchantment Elfo, Weirdo, Superviso, Shocko, Worko, Speako, Leavo.......Zalbo? Also Andrew if you haven't caught it already Matt Berry has some great lines as Prince Merkimer.
  8. Dont think anyone has posted this yet but GW NZ just posted images from White Dwarf and you can see the models for the Goblins. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NZ/White-Dwarf-October-2018-eng looks like 7 goblins (Shaman, fanatic, netter, herder, 3 archers) plus 2 squig Guessing these and Tzeentch will only be a couple of weeks away.
  9. Have to say for those craving more of this amazing madness check out Mr DeWitt in the Power Pals podcast (warning if you think Painty Men is explicit this goes a whole new level) , in particular Show 4 where he explains Warhammer to his fellow hosts. Need to stop listening to these shows at work as I look like a madman giggling to myself. Thank you again John and Andrew for this amazing injection of fun to the hobby. Maybe if I ever get my grey plastic men painted so I'm not a d**k I will challenge you to a game. @John Roy @dewidiot
  10. I personally feel they should/will move away from the generic medieval Europe look and hope they produce much grander fantastical scenery. Most gaming tables are littered with very old world looking pieces, nothing wrong with that and those places should exist in the mortal realms but looking through the new lore and art the realms have so much more to offer.
  11. I was wondering if anyone here has any insight into the oddity that is Black Library releasing their audio books/dramas on Audible? I'm greatly enjoying the fact that they have so much of their catalogue on there now, but find how soon some of the newer releases get put on the service a bit random, specifically on the AOS side. A lot of the 40k and HH stuff gets put up straight after its on BL but there is a bunch of stuff I would love to listen to which hasn't appeared. For example Soul Wars and Nagash - The Undying King have not made an appearance, The Darkness in the Glass is on Coming Soon but strangely The Silver Shard was available straight away. I contacted BL already but never got a response. This sounds a little impatient on my part but really I'm just wondering and would even be willing to buy directly from BL if I knew these titles were not coming to audible but kind of expect them to appear the second I do this. Have to say Audible was a great way to get deeper into AOS fluff and would recommend to all, also been drawn into the Heresy while waiting for more AOS.
  12. Amazing podcast, your explanation of what warhammer is for the uninformed is both spot on and hilarious. Also as a Brit living in LA the Harry Potter accents were much appreciated Keep them coming.
  13. couldn't see this posted yet, but new summer campaign incoming 16th, Jail Break theme: https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/3022
  14. So I noticed all the unit warscrolls shown in the previews say "A unit of .................. has any number of models." This is different from previous warscrolls in that most had a minimum number stated (Liberators 5, skeletons 10...etc.) Now this may just be because they are part of the starter set and we will still see a min/max in the generals handbook. But it does make me wonder if there will be a more granular points system allowing individual models to be added to units.
  15. Just realized why I'm getting a bride theme from this model, the head dress and rose thorns are stylized like Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. This must have been an influence on this range.
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