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  1. Ogre and chaos dwarf boxed set. ogres with a separate chaos ogres sprue with god specific enhancements like a six pack for khorngers and perfume bottles and pincers for slaangers and a great big even bigger-rer belly for Plaguegers. Plastic rhinox cavalry in the box with new thunderlord hero. Oh and maggotkin are getting a massive plastic toad dragon - era of the beast innit. You're welcome, you have a nice day now.
  2. look at the cutouts that you can see the gears through - it's all coffee beans and cups of brew and a pair of oval biscuits. The silent people are actually starbucks people, or is that Starkin Khoffeegrinds?
  3. What you mean 40k chaos squats as a concurrent chaos dwarf release? Well, colour me happy.
  4. puking toads - what like the forgeworld plague toads
  5. don't forget Floatae Duardin and Skynniidip Duardin
  6. I know, I totally agree with you both. It's the brets and beasts quandry again. You need someone with vision and also a real love for the faction to dream it forward, not just in models and rules but also in narrative. if you don't then what happens is that they get pidgeon holed and they become a one trick pony with no avenues of escape. That results in the vicious cycle of stagnancy, which leads to reduced sales, and reduced sales leads to lack of development of new stuff for them as all said and done the accountants spreadsheet just shows poor revenue for that faction for X years running and so no point investing in as the "player base" isn't there. It's nothing new, and it's been going on since the days of fantasy. Its what happened to Brets, who just became some knights in armour with a couple of pegasus riders and bloke on a hippogriff. With the whole lady of the lake trope and some non fantastical stuff potential customers would look at them, go meh and overlook them for the new shiny. No sales, no new toys, no new toys, meh. Accountant sees nothing other than dead stock. = no point spending money developing that. But what I suspect is that there was also nobody to just pick the faction up by the scruff and give it the love to turn it up to 11 and reinvent it. And so we have the now. Where GW are at great pains to tell you that the brets are dead, gone for good - there you go.. see their bones at the feet of the flesh eater courts. there's your brets, now stop your whining and clear off. As you can tell, I miss brets. However I do feel that the AoS battletomes have also had some very lazy writing. For me I'd love a battletome to be a big thick coffee table book thick with lore and imagery. The warscrolls and points can go online for the most part, and in that way not rendering the book obsolete but something to treasure, with the warscrolls really being secondary to the book contents, and the book being an evolution of that factions' storyline. In that way, those that have no or little interest in the faction (lore and fluff) past competitive gaming and mechanics can just pay for the scrolls and points as part of their app subscription and not feel that they are paying for content they don't care for, whereas for us who are fluff and lore lovers we can spend out on what we know to be a feast to fill our eyeballs with.
  7. Although not strictly AoS, these two videos are a really interesting insight into the modelling process, and also the thinking about how to approach a miniature design. It also help to clear up a lot of the misinformation about the the Lord Of the Rings franchise, and also some interesting perspectives from the ex employees about how the machine at GW worked when they worked there.
  8. Two heads eh? chaos plumber dragon you say
  9. Silent people are chaos dwarfs.. after all, we’ve kept our little pyromaniac silence and not gone on about them at all. decorum and all that.
  10. They only did it to make the khorne players angry. now, talking of which i wonder if the khorgorath unit will see the light of day in this age of the beast? right at the beginning of aos there was talk if a separate khorgorath kit box that was waiting for the right opportunity for release. sme ogroid myrmidon on roids turned up to 11 style Minotaurs would look the biz, and so very needed to replace what’s currently available… with hooves sir, with hooves… and a taurox would be nice as well… a taurox I tell thee… how much more khorne can you get! Khorne beefy Bloodkin or some such .
  11. I bet he’s not smiling either. teclis’ face on the cover of his book, miserable as sin. oi teclis, why the long face? look at belakor- huge smile look at kragnos- huge smile as he knows hes a beastman really teclis? No smile. Because elf. be happy, don’t be an elf, get an eight pointed star and giggle to yourself.
  12. well only of the hellbound artillery persuasion, after that it's the eight pointed star all the way, oh and the tin cans that thought some stupid watery bint was their salvation. However as the brets found out... better dead than elf. Elfs in whfb - benter than a bent thing on st bentmas day on the year of the bent. I got to eat lots of bacon rolls at warhammer world once, where on a throne of skulls I faced the high smurf allarielle teclis world dragon white lion death star no less than three times, and the hellebron witch elf slab twice. I mean think about it, five of those games in one weekend - my poor ickle khorne WoC just decided to call it a day, and I can confirm that you can get a least two bacon rolls into each of those sittings in relative comfort. I mean.. even the legion couldn't get an ash storm combo off, and that's not very sporting is it.
  13. everything is very tall.. other than that, top darts sir.
  14. Totally agree as goats love a bit of stinky and bulls love a bit if blood greed
  15. A nurgle chaos dragon , none of that inside out dragon mallarky, just some spilled guts with a nurgling grinning through. and an ikkle widdy bale tauro-magma-dragon to tease the upcoming non existent chaos dwarf release.
  16. Elves... always moaning. Whereas we chaos dwarfs.. now we love a bit of life, love, and daemon infused artillery. I mean look at the stinky chaos people, they're covered in flies and they don't sit there whining like an elf, and they have to hold their guts in with old baking trays and belts. Angry chaos people - give them heads and skulls and red paint and they're happy - simple things. They'll even kill each other and smile. Perfumed chaos people - give them a bottle of perfume and a mirror and they'll be your best friend, again hardly any whinging. Arky's mortals - it's carnival every day at the eight points, spider outfits, comedy large weapons, gladiator outfits, cooking pots on their heads and dressing like a dead bird - happy, give them some glass beads and a comedy nest and they're happy and squawky. See, us chaos... we're always happy, and we got a big dragon that looks the nuts even if it is 400 bones. Destruction players... happy, smiley and always happy to show you their teef. Dead blokes - happy, always grinning with a big smile. Golden nuggets - happy - even the miserable ones are happy. Elves... always moaning, Got silly hats ... still moaning Got stupid looking mounts... still moaning and no big 400 bones dragon, just a walking rock with a silly hat... still moaning. Moral of the story is Be happy.. don't be an elf Join the chaos (bound daemon) train, heads by the pile, all with a smile.
  17. Well, you really are a little ray of sunshine aren’t you. Fascinating.
  18. Yup. It says more about society today when you have to reinforce thats its just toy soldiers your making an selling. anyway, did someone say chaos dwarfs?
  19. Man in a tavern looking for adventurers with nothing but a tenuous link for then to follow?
  20. everyone in the battleforces appears to be rather tall. most disconcerting.
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