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  1. I should have clarified, I meant in terms of popular entertainment rather than specifically wargames. There's been a glut of new fantasy worlds popping over the past decade; with series such as The Witcher taking fresh looks at the standard tropes while others such as Rat Queens has fun with these archetypes. I feel it's important AoS continues to tread new ground to avoid looking tired in comparison to the worlds created in other mediums.
  2. Keep on pumping out the new factions I say. They help AoS distance itself from fantasy archetypes and find it's own niche in a pretty crowded fantasy market, not to mention how much they energise the fanbase. It also gives GW a chance to mix up the play styles and move away from big blocks of spear wielding infantry. The older armies should be an easy enough fix; as many others have stated a free cities style book could roll in the various order subfactions easily while preventing the allies system being too heavily exploited. Plus there's nothing stopping destruction and Chaos getting similar books (switch "Free Cities" for "Wandering tribes of Destruction" and "Hordes of Chaos") with the same blend of flavour and focus while tossing existing factions a bone.
  3. I know this is going to sound simplistic (because it is), but couldn't you treat the God level figures as emissaries/avatars from a narrative standpoint and cook up some home brew rules for the "real" Nagash, Morathi etc when you fancy mucking about with a 30+ wound colossus. I get the second part only really works in open play but that's the only environment where I'd fancy facing something that powerful.
  4. Black Waltz

    The Rumour Thread

    I brought the mounted sorceress, dreadlord and Lokhir Fellheart on the last made to order run; all metal in blitzer packs. It's doubtful it'll be any different for future made to order runs.
  5. Black Waltz

    The Rumour Thread

    Imprisoning Slaanesh in the first place was quite a bold move so I've got faith we'll see something more interesting than restoration of the status quo 🙂 My hope is we'll see Slaanesh come back soon, I'm too impatient to wait for another two aelven factions to drop first!
  6. Black Waltz

    The Rumour Thread

    I like the idea of Slaanesh's struggle for freedom leading to him/her being torn apart while escaping. That way the status quo is shaken up, we get to keep the invaders/pretenders/seekers factions and it helps create more buzz for the Hysh and Ulgu aelves when all those juicy souls come spilling out... Like a few others I'm guessing 2019's big Chaos release will be Undivided not Slaanesh. Too much Darkoath and Black Legion buzz for both gametypes (especially the rumours about a new Abaddon miniature). As for rumours I see a new Lord Ordinator model is coming out. Considering we've already seen the new Knight of Shrouds model does this mean we could be in for a Fungoid Shaman on giant squig and mounted/alternate build warqueen when the Moonclan and Darkoath books inevitably drop?
  7. Black Waltz

    All Mortals v Mixed v all Daemons

    Just to flip this topic on it's head does anyone have any recommendations for an all daemon army? I'm not that big a fan of some of the mortal minis for chaos (except the Tzeentch range).
  8. Black Waltz

    Interesting colour schemes for Chaos Daemons

    I've been thinking of that or a predominantly white one for doves/swans. Lots of yellows on the horrors for a sort of sickly but radiant feel. Of course that would clash somewhat with presence of any Daemonettes and/or bloodletters which seem a bit more suited to a Judeo-Christian Hell colour scheme...
  9. Black Waltz

    The Fleet of Bones

    Stunning! I love all the little touches; the spirit host chasing the peasant, the sea creatures on the spirit host base and the simplicity of the banshee conversion (2001 spirit host body with deamonette head?).
  10. Black Waltz

    Interesting colour schemes for Chaos Daemons

    Thanks for the detailed response. I can't believe how well purple works on Khrone, I always assumed those colours just belonged to Slaanesh. Great job on the bloodthirster as well, the basing really makes it feel cinematic and works brilliantly with the dynamic pose.
  11. So having last played during 6th edition back in my teens I'm taking the plunge and returning to Warhammer. As I'm just taking baby steps back in I've decided to start collecting the one army I always wanted all those years ago; Chaos Daemons. Thing is, the standard look for each God (red for Khrone, pale skin for slaanesh) seems a little dull and I'm stumped on alternate colour schemes for each of the God's footsoldiers. I've seen a few people going down the deep purple route on the Slaanesh threads which looked striking and was hoping to see a bit more of the same here. TL;DR Has anybody got any cool pictures of chaos daemons they want to share?
  12. Another returning gamer here. Can anyone suggest any reading about the different realms themselves? I know the new rulebook is set to go into a bit of depth (with maps!) but I was hoping to get my teeth into something beforehand, the wikis all seem to be a bit light on fluff.
  13. Black Waltz

    Your Faction Ideas?

    Loads of great ideas here, especially the thought behind the djinn and furnace kings. My two pence; Death Beefing up the soulblight range. In the old vampire counts days there was a great range of stylistic and thematic differences between the different bloodlines, which sadly seem to have died out with just a few vanilla vampires and Carstein special characters remaining. No need to retread old ground though. I remember at the time of the Strigoi's creation the developers saying they looked at a vast number of concepts, including Thugee style death cultists, Voodoo practioners, giant gluttons and humane vampires with a soul (much like Angel or Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire). For two birds with stone you could rope the mortals of Shyish into the faction, to act as thralls thematically and give the vamps something to chew on in game. Just the one kit would probably do for the mortals, as for the aesthetics all I can think is lots of robes and a nihilistic vibe. Probably a bit too similar to the new nighthaunt range though. Order Surely it's a matter of when rather than if for aelves of Hysh. I'd love to see them go down the angelic route with these, by this I mean the old school weird heavenly imagery. Gentle looking brutes with innocent cherub faces, Gemini style shining knights, burning wheels of fire....google "Bayonetta angels" or "orphan final fantasy" for a visual representation of what I've mentioned above. Destruction I really like HiddenElephant's idea of a gargant army. My take on these would be visual similarities to the sky giants and storm titans of dungeons and dragons or Jotuns from Norse mythology; distant relatives of the gargants and holding them in disdain for their brutish ways. Maybe they were quite populous during the birth of the realms, but were hunted down and slain by those who mistook them for gargants or creatures of chaos. To avoid the elite 4/5 model army getting spammed by certain builds you could always chuck in summonable elementals to beef up the numbers (I'm thinking something similar to blue horrors). Great weapons of crystal or obsidian and you have a design that sets them apart from others of their allegiance. As for why they'd fight alongside other creatures of destruction...maybe they just don't care? The sky titans come down from their frozen peaks to crush a mortal city that threatens their existence and a bunch of Orruks just follow them there knowing there'll be a scrap at the end of it. Chaos Slaanesh. Not exactly original....but more focus on sins of excess other than lust (again not exactly original). Maybe as part of his/her escape Slaanesh is torn apart, exisiting no longer as one entity but six lesser Gods that collectively form it's former power. Split them into embodiments of lust, pride, vanity, gluttony, greed and sloth (not sure that one fits actually). Vain, beautiful gladiators as foot troops (like a cross between wardancers and dark eldar wyches). Huge, corpulent monstrosities borne aloft on palanquins borne aloft by slaves hidden under masks of idealised perfection. Some weird mechanics to diversify the Slaanesh range beyond running really fast; another post over on the Chaos discussion board mentioned a giant mirror as terrain and foot troops that allow you to almost teleport to the mirror (almost like the Necron Monolith). I'm thinking design wise something akin to the more flamboyant elemts of Xerxes horde in 300...not just the orgy tent, but the weird execution beast, the exotic beasts with their handlers. Oh and some sort of comeuppance for the former pretenders of Slaanesh (Outcasts of Slaanesh)? Maybe reduced choice in units and slightly lower stats as they feel separated from their God but more willing to ally with other Chaos. I've not thought that one through... Well that was a bit longer than expected but that's what this thread is for I guess!