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Gotmork Redfist - An Orruk Saga WAAAGHCRY!

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Respecting the Redfists


   Full of lust for battle, the orruks raised their weapons, beating their armor and shields rhythmically with their choppaz, as they shouted challenging war calls. The Bloodtoofs were ready for another fight! In the midst of the raging sea of green bodies and red armor, the Redfists marched on, disciplined in rank and file, proud to be even better and harder than any other greenskin. They pushed their ironclad mob cheekily next to Uraugh's brutes. As soon as Uraugh noticed this, he turned around and screamed:

   "Back to the back rows! Gits do not belong to the front! "

   "Then you have to go first," retorted Gotmork Redfist, leader of the Redfists.

   Gotmork had proven himself in many battles and the rumor went that he was different than the other Ardboys. What that meant, no one could say for sure. But that did not matter, Uraugh thought to himself. An Ardboy was not a true Ironjaw and only Ironjawz had the right to choose the best fights, he thought. Especially since Uraugh could not tolerate that a small Ardboy acted stupid towards him. He stalked towards Gotmork, scraping his spiked club against his boss claw, creating sparks between them.

   "You want bashin’, huh?" he said with a sneering grin upon his face.

Immediately, a circle formed around the two opponents, but to Uraugh's astonishment, the leader of the Arboys did not pinch his tail, but straightened himself up, teasingly clapping his ax and choppa with an evil smile. Uraugh did not hesitate. His club lurched down from above on Gotmork, which skillfully parried the slash with his cleaver, but the maneuver had been a feint. While Gotmork had warded off the blow, Uraugh grabbed with his bossclaw and tried to fix the other arm of Gotmork.

   However, as it turned out the Ardboy had expected this and the parade, with which he had staved off the attack, served to get some momentum at the same time. His left hand, armed with an ancient choppa, rushed down onto the Brute.

   A blink of an eye later, Uraugh's arm with the Bossclaw lay on the ground, cut clean on the joint. By turning around his own body, Gotmork also released his forearm from the claw's grip and the backhand swing sank his ax into Uraugh's head. As the Redfists lined up back in formation, Gotmork caught the glances of the other Ironjawz. An amused smirk spread across their faces, some even slightly nodding.

   Gotmork knew that he had earned the respect of the Bloodtoofs today, but he was no fool. He would not turn his back on any of these killing machines in the future ...




And with this little narrative intro, I`d like to relaunch my little army project here. I had it running once already, but due to new guidelines of photobucket the pictures simply didn`t show anymore. After finally overcoming this huge annoyance, I decided to give it another go and simply begin with a fresh start. As the Start Collecting Ironjawz box came out, one of them quickly became part of my collection. Instead of using all the models that were in the box, I chose to paint up some of the older models for the Ardboys which lay around my place for almost a decade already. Guilty feelings and curiousity being my drive, motivation caught up with me as I painted the first of them.



The newest member of the Redfists swings his axe with cunning but brutal precision. Although he is the new guy, being part of the Redfists does have value, as it means you`re at least harder than the other Ardboys. Being rather quite Ugtur longs to prove himself in battle and be part of the best WAAAGH!



All of my painted Orruks have an own name, which is painted on the bottom of the base, and a little narrative going along. My intention was to start with a couple of skirmish games and giving the guys some background helped to make the feeling more immersive and strengthen the narrative a bit. Before I painted Ugtur I noticed, that he looked noticeably smaller than the newer Ardboys of plastic. Switching out the head helped to blend him in smoothly with the rest. Another interesting fact came to me as I went on painting the mini. The older models practically paint themselves, as all sections are clearly divided into "Skin", "Red armor", "Black armor", "Cloth" and "Metallics", and have much less additional details on them, like some fur or leatherstraps.

Following the basic paintscheme of the Bloodtoofs also helped speeding up the paintjob a little (and trust me, if I say something like this it means a lot, as I am probably the slowest painter on the planet). Adding some flames on various spots gave the appearance a little extra, while the Bloodtoofs fluff of their Ardboys not using wood or normal skulls, kept the job simply on all the weaponry.


So this is it for the beginning, as I slowly fill up the thread with what has been done already. There is five Ardboys in total and a halway finished Warchanter, which I kind of dare to continue at the moment. But I think I`ll go for that guy as soon as I`ve finished the next Ardboy. Can anyone guess what model I use for him by this little teaser?




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On 26.3.2018 at 7:28 PM, AthlorianStoners said:

@DinoTitanedition Cool intro man and lovely painting! 

I have to say though, this was an interesting narrative choice :) 

which skillfully parried the slash with his cleavage”

Thanks, I made "cleaver" out of it :D I`m not a native speaker, so I`m actually practicing the english language this way too. Feel free to correct me at any time, as I`ll improve on my writing this way.


In the meanwhile I`ll try to bring the thread up to date bit by bit, and as I`m already at it, here is the second Ardboy I painted up. It`s a classic model with a bit more modern look due to some upgrades with current edition parts. The helmet is from the plastic box. The shield is from the same box, but I had to cut off the axe he was holding before that. I never really liked "spikey" weapons on metall miniatures, as the tend to be the spots where the paintjob will get damaged most likely. Basically, everything that is kind of pointy.



A good shieldwall is a good way to cut deep into the fray of battle and the Redfists have almost perfectioned this strategy. While the Shieldboyz slowly push forward, the other Ardboys group up behind them, just to spear through in a sudden burst of flailing brutality.



Working on the shield was a superinteresting experience, as I feel that I improved on my ability to paint red extremely with that part. The basecolor i Mechrite Red, which I applied in two thin layers (sorry, I could not resist...) followed by another coat of Mephiston Red. While one color works as a "carrier", the other is the actual intended color.

The first highlight was a 50/50 mix of Mephiston Red and Wild Rider Red. Afterwards another highlight was painted on using pure Wild Rider Red, making sure to leave a bit of the previous color visible.

The next highlight was done by adding a bit of Bronzed Fleshtone, a color from Vallejo Game Colors range and the pendant to late nineties Bronzed Flesh from GW. Into that mix a tiny bit of White was added for the next highlight.

After that there is a choice: either add White once more, or use purely on most of the corners of the model. This might sound a lot, but it`s done in almost the same time as if applying only two highlights, since the spot that has to be painted becomes smaller and smaller. The smoother look in the end is worth it.



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Thanks @LLV! I did experiment a bit in the beginning with other miniatures and actually stripped those of color, because I was never satisfied with the way I painted red before. I had no "recipe" I really liked. Now, I think I`ve found a look that I like and practice the color along with painting up a complete force of Bloodtoofs.



A big mouth and the choppas to back him up, that`s Izgrod. He`s been with the Redfists for a while now and has seen numerous battles. Time has made him posey and the other Redfists rather dislike him for that. Usually Gotmork would`ve just killed the lesser disciplined Orruks, though at the moment Izgrod is too valuable to do so. But as the Redfists numbers will start to grow, his position, and his life, might not be that safe in the future...



This ist the first of the Ardboys from the plastic box that I was actually satisfied with. I noticed, that I did need quite a lot more time, even though he has only a few small spots filled with more detail. It`s incredible what an effect a little fur and a couple of more glyphs have timewise. What was also tempting, was to paint some of the glyphs in a different color, but I tried that with the first test miniature and adding for example gold, gave the miniature a very disturbing look. A lot of colors might work on something like Bonesplitters, but on Ardboys a limited choice helps to support the disciplined feeling they are supposed to have.


Well, that`s it so far with the part that was done when I started the project last time. Of course, the pics are nicer and everything has a bit more structure, but fear not, you`ll get that I have no clue of what I`m doing in no time :P


At this point I`d like to shout a "Thank you" to Chaosbunker.de

They were so kind to provide me with way better pics than my shaky hands could ever take, especially in combination with the sheitey lighting that I have in my appartment. Next up is a guy with a great axe, that I can give a look at by now:



Allright, see you around folks :)



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Allrighty, I have some pics of the fourth guy that I finished, but they aren`t as good in picture quality as the ones made by Chaosbunker.de

As soon as I`m paying them a visit again, I`ll see to get some better pics and will replace the one here.



If you need some choppin' to be done right Vorlug is the boy for it. Every Orruk loves a good fight, but rarely is there an Ardboy swinging his great axe with such an enthusiasm.



Vorlug was the first guy with a great weapon that I actually managed to finish. I`ve started a couple of other minis before, but was never satisfied and so in a seemingly neverending circle of painting and stripping the mini again, I finally did it! What I like about the result of the paintjob in particular is, that he has kind of has "two complete colors". If you look at him from the left front, he`ll appear to be rather reddish, while being seen from the left back he seems to have mainly black armor. It was a cool effect that I might repeat on some of the other Ardboys or even a Brute, when I get to them. What can also be seen on this pictures is a belt buckle on his raised arm that I forgot to paint silver. In the meanwhile that leftover has been done as well.





I think tomorrow evening I`ll spend a couple of minutes to write something about the last Ardboy I`ve finished so far. I`m really happy with the progress. I have multiple projects of different settings running, to keep up my motivation while painting and to not get bored always painting the same thing, but the Ardboys are really fun to paint currently. Let`s see how long that feeling lasts :D


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Again, it`s just some bad pics with the cam from my mobile, but, as something got finished, it`s time to show it. This guy here was actually converted before the Shadespire game was released. I always want the heads in my army to look alike, or at least the faces. This helps to connect the army, which is why I try to avoid mixing to many different looking head types.



"Stay away from dat Orruk git. Whuat? No, 'e is jus' as bashy as da udder boyz, but I`m tellin' ya git...dis boy smells like 'ell!"




It was kind of cool to paint the crinkles on and see how the effect worked on a "naked" head. Think I`ll do that again some time with a couple of other Orruks, as it helps to break off the look a bit.


Aaaand, I`ve finally played some skirmish again. I`m telling you, I absolutely love the skirmish supplement that was released. It`s exactly the right thing for those elderly hobbyists like me, who cannot spend to much time with painting and playing and all the other cool stuff, so small atmospheric games like this are great to catch up on all facettes of the hobby.

We`ve played a three way match of the first scenario with 30 renown. Extra coolness was added as my friends wife actually didn`t want to play at first. She didn`t warm up until now with miniature gaming, but skirmish seemed to be fun for her. The story was pretty quickly put together from the warbands we were playing.

The Seraphon finally started breeding new Skinks and Sauruses again, in Order to have selfconsious servants, that could take onto tasks of their own. Sadly the breeding process isn`t perfected yet, so they have to be guarded. The descendants protectors face trouble though, as a first small party of Redfists stumbles upon the breeding facility by coincidence...


The secret breeding area of the Seraphon



Captain Laurelius, leader of the protectors...



...and his trustworthy companion, archer lead Elinor



Broxor, first of the Newbloods



The Redfists are closing in, always eager to plunder whatever might seem worthy



The pictures were made by Chefoberboss. If you`re able to understand german, give his YouTube chanel a shot. He does a lot of cool and easy stuff: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChefoberbossM

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Well, as nobody guessed what I was painting on from the first post of the thread, I`m simply gonna lift the secret:





I got to the point where the silver parts have to be painted, so I prepared all the spots by painting them black first. Guys....I`m tellin 'ya....this guy got more spikes on him than a hedgehog on his back...

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@Gorthor21 you`re welcome. I don`t have Grimgore as a model, so I won`t be able to show him, but the old Blackorc boss is in my little miniatures cupboard, so he`ll show up after a while as well.


@Lysandestolpe same goes for the Maw Crusher but I do have some Brutes. They`ll have to wait though, I want to paint up the equivalent of a Getting Started Box first, as they build up quite nicely when playing skirmish campaigns.

With the Maw Crusah I`m undecided yet. I like the model, but I have no airbrush and painting that thing with the brush only just takes forever on that standard. I`m also toying with another thought...as my army is thematically based rather around 'Ardboys I`ll maybe get an Ork Squiggoth and convert him to be a walking war platform for them.

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More than ten years...TEN YEARS!!! And now I`ve finally painted him!!! It was an absolute joy and I am quite satisfied with the outcome. Yep...I`m gonna stare at this for the rest of the day. And then I`m gonna start another Orruk :P


Gotmork Redfist

The leader of the Redfists is a figure shrouded in secrets. It is said that he was brought to the realms through a magic spell and is actually from a time long forgotten by the Orruks. Although Gotmork does not deny this, he does not care either. Merciless and cunning, he subjugated his own mob within the Bloodtoofs and secretly planst o lead his own WAAAGH! one day. In search of the Choppa of the last WAAAGH! he wants to bring Ragnarorruk, the final WAAAGH!




Again, it`s just some shots with the cam from my mobile, but I will replace or simply repost those as I have some decent pics.

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Thanks @AthlorianStoners! I could apply some chipping, but I`m just a mediocre painter and I kind of want and try the old 'Eavy Metal style, so I`ll keep them clean mostly, with only a few scratches here and there.


I`ve started on the Warchanter a while ago and worked a bit on the red plates, but currently I`m lacking the creative energy this evening. I kind of have to force myself a bit as well as I`d rather paint 'Ardboys at the moment, but with this guy finished I could field a complete Skirmish warband in "painted". It just looks more enjoyable on the field. Then again, I`m eager to find out how my style will work on a rather uneven plate, like the Brutes carry them. Aaaargh!....decisions, decisions....





It was my first of the newer model I was painting on, so I made the dumb mistake to build it completely already. Now it can be quite a pain in the ass to paint...

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Awesome stuff!  A fellow red-armored Ironjawz player is always fun to see.

On 3/30/2018 at 5:53 PM, DinoTitanedition said:

With the Maw Crusah I`m undecided yet. I like the model, but I have no airbrush and painting that thing with the brush only just takes forever on that standard. I`m also toying with another thought...as my army is thematically based rather around 'Ardboys I`ll maybe get an Ork Squiggoth and convert him to be a walking war platform for them.

I painted up my Maw-Krusha with nothing but hand brushing the paint on.  I haven't had the time nor budget nor patience to get a good set up for an airbrush, so I stick with the old fashioned method.  And I will say that it was a pure joy to paint up!  I went with earth-tones for mine, the colors based on a snake native to where I live, and it goes well with my red armored Ironjawz.

Don't be afraid of hand brushing it up!  Be sure to practice up your dry-brushing though :)  I would love to see what your would look like all done.

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@BunkhouseBuster thanks for the motivational words! I`ve gotta admit though, I´m not too big of a fan when it comes to drybrushing. Well, at least when I do that with silver. The pigments just fly everywhere and can mess up other spots of the model easy. Thou, in the case of the Maw-Crusha that would probably be one of the first steps and it wouldn`t have such a strong effect. I have to check the model out first anyway. With such a big figure subassemblies are probably a must. At least I cannot imagine how to paint behind the wings as soon as it is assembled.


I don`t have the room for an airbrush too, but I really want one. Combining the smooth blends of an airbrush combined with regular by hand highlighting can look really good. Infinity miniatures are painted often in a similiar way.

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@Soulsmith well, I play an Ardfist, so I have quite a bunch of them :D But of course, a bit of nostalgia is active as well and the good feeling of painting something up, that was on my shelf for way too long already.


Another factor is, that I always wanted to have something for the eye. Not neccessaryly much, just a small force. Don`t know how to describe it, it just gives a good feeling.

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Cheers folks!


Well, I didn`t do a lot of painting on these guys recently, as I have widened my spectrum of destruction followers a bit and will show more AoS stuff in general here in the upcoming weeks. But worry not, Gotmork Redfist continues to gather his own WAAAGH! at the side of the Bloodtoofs. The Saga of Gotmork Redfist will therefore continue.


In the meanwhile I have promised you better pictures as soon as they were made and here they are now! First up is Vorlug. On the original picture I forgot to paint a little piece of metal on the beltstrap of his right shoulder. That has also been corrected:






Nobgrod is also on the better side of picture quality now and ready to do some bashin`.




I`ve gotta say, I`m especially proud of how the skin turned out on him. The jadegreen look just works damn well with the red and black armor. Last up is da boss himself, Gotmork Redfist, followed by a nice group shot.






I have also joined Chaosbunker.de recently and have been writing a couple of occasional articles for them recently, alongside a couple of reviews. Dennis, owner of the site gave a good review of the whole Shadespire stuff and the Malign Sorcery and scenery pack.

Would be cool if you`d check it out and maybe leave us a comment. It`s a great motivational driver for us, to get a bit of feedback on the blog directly.






Allright, enough of my bad commerial attempt...or is it? If you take a look at the page tomorrow, you`ll get a review of the Skirmish expansion. Allright, NOW it`s enough! Of course, I promise I`l deliver some additional pictures tomorrow as well.


Cheers everyone!

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As I´ve mentioned yesterday, here is a tad bit more of commercialising:


Now, depending on my boss, we will play a minicampaign and go through all scenarios in sequence, trying to tell our own little story, and as coincidence wants, I'll be the one in command for this, so a part of the Redfists's story will be told in the articles and I will expand this thread for the additional warband. One of the protagonists has already been seen on here, but a better picture was made just recently in the studio.





I remember to really enjoy painting this guy, as with Bonesplitters you don`t have to stay overly focused on a certain choice of colors. I probably won`t go for an all out Bonesplitter warband as protagonists, but rather for a feral themed little tribe, including regular Grots, represented by the jockeys of the Spiderfang Grots and some regular spider riders. I might even go so far as to build two additional warbands, one purely focused on Grots, the other on Bonesplitters. This would be maily to spice up the story a bit. The first little Greenskin is finished and I feel it works well to place the jockeys kneeling on the ground. If I`m lucky, I might get the Arachnarok crew from a friend for free.




I also have the boss already in the making, but my second daughter has just arrived a couple of days ago, so I`m a little busy being a good dad and husband, supporting my wife where it`s possible. Next up is a piece of terrain. I don`t exactly remember where I got this fence from and gave it a bit more feral flair by adding all kinds of bonesplitterisch stuff onto it. I have another one here and might add some spiders to that one, to visually connect both tribes.





Allright, that`s it for now. I still have a Warchanter to finish as well, but the pure size and hard to reach spots are hampering my motivation a bit on that fella. I might still tackle that guy up next, as the protagonists warband would be finishid in it`s core setup by then.


"Now go and leave us some comments on Chaosbunker.de" ?




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I`m progressing only slowly, but at the moment I kind of enjoy dwelling a bit in the Skirmish parts of AoS. Yesterday I continued to paint on the Spiderfang Grot, which has stood around halfway finished since the last post. As I was realy displeased with the grip of the blade I repainted it gave the feathers and the spiderhead a bit of paint. The feathers have to be finished some time this week, but the blade I think I`ll only be able to paint at the beginning of Octobre, as I have so many other minis in progress at the same time.




At least I`ve chosen a nice setup for the first 30 renown. This is of course not the most effective one, but I simply liked the overall look and went by that. The Savage Big Boss will lead the warband, while he has a Bonesplitter Henchman and a grunt. The Grots fit in nicely lookswise and I`ll throw a couple more in over time. To have a forseeable end of the project I`ll cap the warband at 50 renown. From that size on the games becomes simply to long to play and I don`t enjoy overly lengthy games.



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