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  1. Here's a little trip to nostalgia land, if you`re as eager as I am 😁 FULL ARTICLE HERE
  2. Same here @Yoshiya, I'm eager to play on that set too, but I've noticed the size difference from the picture and the actual models in the store already as well. Meanwhile I've been continueing with my warband, while Christian is still on his Untamed Beasts. Haven't played against those either yet, which seems like a miracle considering so many people have them. Lords of WarCry - Da Redfists, Part 5 It is possible to make an Orruk with two bashas from the sprue of the Ardboys. I must confess, the clubs have such a wonderfully dull and brutal appearance that I really wanted
  3. WarCry Ravaged Lands Shattered Stormvault With Warcry filling in the fantasy counter-part of Kill Team, Games Workshop supplies the game with their variant of the Killzones called Ravaged Lands. We have covered a couple of those Killzones already on the blog, for example Killzone: Sector Mechanicus and Killzone: Sector Fronteris. And today we cover the first of the Ravaged Lands, the Shattered Stormvault. The new boxes are a bit more expensive than the Killzones, 70 EUR instead of 65 EUR, but still have a solid bargain. You get the Shattered Temple from the Dominion of
  4. With nowadays technologies I beliebe this nothing else but...a rumour. See what I did there? Seriously...if the company still believes it themselves... So, is it a hint towards a new army? In regards of what I just wrote above I believe this to be a testrun. A CAD can be shredded in seconds if the warband proves to be unpopular. If the box will be generally sold well, we will likely see the CADs for more minis go into production. That simple.
  5. Three more to go and the warband will be complete. As I do not have the core box I will also paint up some terrain, in order to build an own board and buildings. Can't wait to do that, as I've painted terrain so rarely. Lords of WarCry - Da Redfists, Part 4 The nice thing about building up a warband is that you have the opportunity to try something new every now and then. With the fourth member of the Redfists I implemented something that I always wanted to try out: I painted Vorlug in a half-sided pattern. Depending on which side you look at the model from, it looks as if it
  6. As usual, you can support as with a click on our blog, or with a like on Facebook 😉 Lords of WarCry - Da Redfists, Part 3 The younger plastic Ardboys have the tendency to have very large surfaces of armor, which can lead to the Space Marine effect. The Space Marine effect? This is the kind of boredom you get when you paint the same color on large areas for a long time. Although the new Ardboys also have many smaller details, such as pelts or protruding leather shreds, the armour retains its somewhat bare plate look. So it takes some time to get to the point where you add a lit
  7. thought about the Cypher Lords too, and I kind of like the Acolytes models better. But I was actually hoping for something that catches a different flair. The box of Acolytes would really make a good warband.
  8. Hi folks! When I looked at the Kairic Acolytes box I kind of felt, that they fit into the setting pretty good lookswise. I wonder why we didn't get some extra cards for them for WarCry. But hey, the community is pretty creative so far. Does anyone use them as stand in for another warband or has made some cards for them yet?
  9. Lords of WarCry - Untamed Beasts, Part 1 Dull drumbeats roar across Jagged Savannah of Ghur, calling the barbarian nomads to arms. Wild warcries mingle with the animalistic roar of the great beasts and are barely distinguishable. It's time to go and prove to Archaon the Everchosen as relentless enough to join his legions. I've got into WarCry, too. I have been skeptical at first, but I could quickly learn a better one at my local dealer with a look in the new box (and in the rule book). The joint project "Lords of WarCry" here at Chaosbunker offers a nice opportunity to
  10. And here is the next refresher on my warband. As far as I know the other participants have started to make pictures of their warbands too, so it'll get a lot more mixed in the upcoming days. As usual, support us by a click on our blog or like us on Facebook 😊 Lords of WarCry - Da Redfists, Part 2 Each Ardboy has its own name (even on the underside of the base) and individual character, but all have the same style of paint scheme. I often paint according to certain "recipes", in order to not forget how I did it and to get a homogenous look. With ordinary orcs I wouldn't
  11. @Fisher KIng that is how I meant it, not with old stuff. I was talking about fully new warband boxes with a look coherent with the game.
  12. I like that @Lior'Lec. I also think that the non Chaos warbands were included later and that the original size of the game was intended to be much smaller. Therefore I'd like to see some additional Chaos warbands including different races as sub faction characters. For example, 2 "enslavers" with 5 Greenskins for each. Something to give them different flair from the other warbands and an own unique style. Even though I like all the stuff in the Grand Alliances, the other non Chaos warbands just don't feel really fitting to me, except for Gloomspite Gitz, who had a reasonable/believable ba
  13. The base size of Ardboys and Brutes is noticably different. Ardboys are visually easy to distinguish: - Two weapons - One big weapon - Carrying a shield - No helmet (boss) If you want to bring them closer to the cards, just give them regular Ardboy helmets. They'll blend in neatly. I really don't see a problem with mixing up helmet or no helmet either. Do it like in any other game. Point at the guy and say "That dude is da boss!".
  14. My guess is, that we're gonna see more Slaves to Darkness in the third Underworld season and a testrun for some new designs of other factions. Initially I thought about Greenskins, but the upcoming Battletome does not look like they will be included there. In my book, they're cut from the range and from the lore. What I could see though is an expansion of warbands for Gloomspite Gitz in the form of Spiderfang. Some folks on foot, seperate Spiderlings and so on would make sense, as they could be used in AoS, Underworlds and with a new warband card in WarCry. The woods theme sems to fit in
  15. Then I'm pretty irritated why you compare them to these two lines to be honest. I have those too and the style of those minis is VERY 90's. No, that's nothing bad, I believe to see a lot of miniatures from GW at the moment that blend current technological possibilities with 90's flair, but neither lines can keep up with the complexity of model structure GW offers. And that is another reason why I believe the older range is dying - they are not on par anymore with the companys indicated product quality. Though what most minis from GW lack currently, is the possibility of indivualisation, e
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