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  1. Aaaah....page long discussions about points. Feels almost like two years ago. Next thing we need to do is discuss about how bad and unbalanced the rules are. I missed that SO MUCH. Not. 🙃 Anything new about the exciting stuff? WarCry for example? Is it going to replace the Skirmish ruleset? I guess so...that one died down too with the latest GHB.
  2. So they`re actually just living underneath a kind of glas dome? Hunh....that`s interesting....so, other factions cana ctually try to get access without "equiping everone with a breathing device".
  3. You get the point 😉 All I was curious about was, why Idoneth have noses instead of gills or something like that. Didn`t know they didn`t live in the seas right from the beginning.
  4. Why do Idoneth have noses, when they live under water?
  5. Thanks a lot! After what feels like ages (no pun intended) I`ve finally got to continue a bit on the warband. The article is straight from the Bunker, so feel free to leave comments and critics for improvement. WAAAGHcry When I started my skirmish warband in October, this was done on the premise of creating it based on the original rules of Age of Sigmar Skirmish. Since January, AoS Skirmish is now more of an extension of the Generals Handbook and in general, with a new Warhammer Underworlds version and the forthcoming Warcry game, the trend seems to be headed towards smaller skirmish boxed games. I'm usually a big fan of little characterful warbands that I can put together myself. For example, I like the combination of Savage Orruks and Spiderfang Grots because they have a nice tribal look. A firm constelation makes the whole thing a bit stiff though. A Firebelly would visually fit well into the group and eventually it will down to it, because the model looks really awesome. In Warcry, mainly devotees of chaos seem to get at each others throat. Only since the last Adepticon preview warbands of other factions will seemingly join in the fray. For the time being, however, I'll stick to my original plan of two grots, two orruks and a boss. Hm, but material for a "Waaaghcry" would be there - maybe it would be better to dig out another greenskin warband and make it a bit more elite than the Savage Orruks. I'm torn! I like the warband quite well. Since I am a fan of self-contained games and the Warcry box does smile at me, therefore I wonder if I should also paint up a bit of terrain and a few more Orruks. The idea behind it would be to be able to play a self-contained game with the content of a single regimental box, or with small different warbands from it. The inner conflict is huge at this point - should I continue the greenskin project, or should I get involved with Warcry for a new project? Let me know! Until then… Greetings from the Chaosbunker Dino BONUS: And as I started out on tga with this, I`ll leave a little preview here, that can't be seen on the Bunker. Still, a click or/and a like on our FB group helps us keep running 😁
  6. After waiting a bit and testing in a couple of games, my player group decided to go back to the original Skirmish rules and the 1st ed. AoS rules, as they work fairly well together. I have to admit, I was a bit sour with the rules update at the beginning. Not because I think they are bad rules, that isn`t the case, it`s the same reason why I actually didn`t like the AoS 2 ruleset that much - it kind of took away the two big strengths of the game: simplicity and small army/warband sizes. The size of 250 points for example almost doubled the size of my mixed destruction warband. What has been: - Savage Big Boss - Morrboy Boss, Morrboy - Gitmob Grot Boss, Gitmob Grot is now: - Savage Big Boss - Morrboy Boss, Morrboy Musician, Morrboy, Morrboy, Morrboy - Gitmob Grot Boss, Gitmob Grot Musician, Gitmob Grot, Gitmob Grot, Ironguts Grot, Spiderfang Spider Rider I basically just filled up to meet the minimum requirement of 250 points. It`s the same with my Ironjawz warband, where a Warchanter and two Ardboys all of a sudden became a Warchanter and ten Ardboys. Basically the minimum size that we usually played, around 30 renown, has risen to approximately 60 renown. Now don`t get me wrong, that is still fun, it just doesn`t carry the strengths I mentioned anymore. Especially at 30 renown you can be sure that a game will last one hour max (we actually had the feeling, that the amount of renown rougly equaled the amount of playtime in minutes per match). What will definitely follow over time, is a rules PDF where we combine both into one file, the AoS1 rules and Skirmish1. This way we can also leave out what is replaced in the Skirmish book for AoS1 anyway.
  7. Um...sorry, I`m not a native speaker and am just wondering...what does this mean? ❔
  8. Bloody hell, I haven`t noticed the response!!! Shame upon me! Well...now, I`m not going to any tournaments, but if you`re frequenting Nottingham regularily and if I have the german citizenship before the Brexit, I might make weekendtrip possible. Haven`t been to Warhammerworld ever, so that sound like a plan. Maybe I`d even take a short holiday, for a couple of days, so more than a game of different games is possible. Or even a minicampaign? But then the old Skirmish rules - the campaign feels kind of crisp played in a sequence (or just use the old scenarios with current rules). I also have to get my Blood Bowl team ready then...I always wanted to play in one of those fancy stadiums in Warhammerworld.
  9. Yep, and it`s not that far of a stretch if you look at how much the AoS scene has changed since the original rules (for the better or the worse of course is an individual point of view). That is not correct - batallions in GHB do exactly that. As for an exact sentence encouraging competition, I`ve yet to read a rulebook that mentions this. Not even the games that are promoted as competitive games, like Underworlds, do. Aside of the little off topic strive...if there is folks looking for a Skirmish rulebook as a complete experience, like the last one we had from the company, those days seem to be counted for. After all...at the moment Skirmish players do need an additional rulebook.
  10. I was a bit further with my thoughts already than with the words that my fingers wrote. This is an assumption, gathered by what I have seen on the tabletop so far - faction rules work better, when you stick to one army and do not mix a lot within the Grand Alliance. This seems to be one of the core traits from the GHB. You now pick your warband by choosing from the GHB. It means people with access to the GHB are now the next Skirmish players. As I assumed that they choose mostly from a single faction, I automatically assumed, that the warbands will become less colorful and rather competition focused, as chosen from the pool of the army that is led in a rather competitive sourruoundung/Organised Play. Of course, it might also mean that the next GHB player might hail from the Skirmish domain - but even if not, if the wish to play Skirmish persists, the person is definitely the next buyr for the GHB. Probably a bit of a chaotic chain of thoughts, but I think you get what I mean 😁
  11. It doesen`t even have to be balanced, that`s pretty much always the case if you play a bit more narratively, as telling a good story becomes more important than to simply win. I have a pretty good feeling for this situation, as I did a lot of written Blood Bowl match reports in earlier days. When you try to show the reader something interesting, the game suddenly grows to a whole different dimension. And yeah, going up against a beast from time to time is always fun. I feel that this easier houseruled than a whole book thou 😀
  12. That is right of course, the limited selection, even though it was only plastic models, wasn`t actually hurting the game - it actually helped it. Seeing a couple of more options though is correct as well, and this what I would`ve prefered to see. Not a "take everything" rule, but a bit more thought on what makes a Skirmish book feel more rounded. Making "everything available" is not more thought through than "only the plastic stuff". I played various factions. With Destruction I played a small Ironjawz only warband, not filling up all renown (i usually have around 2 left, but it feels off to throw in a Gobbo or regular Greenskin) and a "Savage" list, with Bonesplitters, an Ogor Grot, a Vanilla Grot and a Spider Rider. My order warband is my favourite mix, as it tells a great story in it`s setup already: Freeguild General on foot, Liberator Prime, Freeguild Guardsman Sargeant, Longbeard Oldguard, Glade Guard Lord`s Bowman (there`s your classic Wood Elves, they`re in the book). The Darkoath Chieftain is in the book too. Pretty awesome bad guy vibe, if you play him as the leader of a horde of Reavers (even though a Blood Stoaker is as stylish and makes the setup a challenging force to play against).
  13. That is an unknown situation to me, as everybody from my circle of players does have the Skirmish rulebook and we played with those renown costs. It simply seemed to make sense, as it also restricted the use of big models which simply destroyed the immersion of a warbands setting. The loss of the characterful warbands setup is what I mourn most at the moment, since it was more likely to see warbands chosen rather from a Grand Alliance in general (okay, this is based upon the impression I get from my player group, so that`s very substantive). As for printing a list of points, this isn`t that uncommon - remember the Blood Angels Codex before it was a Codex? Printed in WD first. As have been many armylists and point values. Personally I don`t see the problem here, as those points could easyly be made available as a free download as well. I feel that an update that way is actually a big step towards fan service instead of an update that has to be bought via WD and the GHB in order to play. But then again...that`s just me.
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