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  1. DinoTitanedition

    The Rumour Thread

    As we are quite liberal on our page, we have the advantage to be able to say and write what we like, without the neccessity of desperate advertisement. The quality of the articles though is dependend on the feedback we get. So yeah, we want people to read the article and feedback that we feel makes us better. So, what exactly feels salty? Without a description of what disturbs you, we aren`t exactly able to extract information that helps us to improve. The way I see it, we had quite a rational approach about our personal experience in Duesseldorf.
  2. DinoTitanedition

    The Rumour Thread

    Well this isn`t exactly a rumour, we`ve been to the Warhammer fest in Düsseldorf and summed it up - so far for AoS the news were a new endless spell and the next setting for Warhammer Underworlds. If you want to take a look, you can do it here - all critics are as usual welcome. https://www.chaosbunker.de/en/2018/08/19/warhammer-fest-europe-2018-part-1/ https://www.chaosbunker.de/en/2018/08/20/warhammer-fest-europe-2018-part-2/
  3. DinoTitanedition

    Help me catch up with the state of the game

    Regarding the playstyle of the newer warbands, we did a couple of articles and reviews on them. Spiteclaw`s Skaven is the current one. Might be a good way for you to catch up, as Dennis did a fairly insightful review: https://www.chaosbunker.de/en/2018/08/09/review-warhammer-underworlds-shadespire-spiteclaws-swarm/
  4. DinoTitanedition

    Gotmork Redfist - An Orruk Saga

    As I´ve mentioned yesterday, here is a tad bit more of commercialising: AOS SKIRMISH REVIEW Now, depending on my boss, we will play a minicampaign and go through all scenarios in sequence, trying to tell our own little story, and as coincidence wants, I'll be the one in command for this, so a part of the Redfists's story will be told in the articles and I will expand this thread for the additional warband. One of the protagonists has already been seen on here, but a better picture was made just recently in the studio. I remember to really enjoy painting this guy, as with Bonesplitters you don`t have to stay overly focused on a certain choice of colors. I probably won`t go for an all out Bonesplitter warband as protagonists, but rather for a feral themed little tribe, including regular Grots, represented by the jockeys of the Spiderfang Grots and some regular spider riders. I might even go so far as to build two additional warbands, one purely focused on Grots, the other on Bonesplitters. This would be maily to spice up the story a bit. The first little Greenskin is finished and I feel it works well to place the jockeys kneeling on the ground. If I`m lucky, I might get the Arachnarok crew from a friend for free. I also have the boss already in the making, but my second daughter has just arrived a couple of days ago, so I`m a little busy being a good dad and husband, supporting my wife where it`s possible. Next up is a piece of terrain. I don`t exactly remember where I got this fence from and gave it a bit more feral flair by adding all kinds of bonesplitterisch stuff onto it. I have another one here and might add some spiders to that one, to visually connect both tribes. Allright, that`s it for now. I still have a Warchanter to finish as well, but the pure size and hard to reach spots are hampering my motivation a bit on that fella. I might still tackle that guy up next, as the protagonists warband would be finishid in it`s core setup by then. "Now go and leave us some comments on Chaosbunker.de" 😉 Cheers Dino
  5. DinoTitanedition

    Age of Sigmar Skirmish - Full Points List

    Hi guys, as I really liked the initital full points list by Rafal, I thought I`d give a bit of appreciation back - the tga-community and the full points list have been mentioned and linked in the latest reviewe from Chaosbunker.com: AOS SKIRMISH REVIEW This is of course a bit of commercialising, but it would still be nice if you could leave us a comment or any kind of feedback via the Bunker's commentary function, as we always thrive to make high quality articles and want to get as good as possible.
  6. DinoTitanedition

    Gotmork Redfist - An Orruk Saga

    Cheers folks! Well, I didn`t do a lot of painting on these guys recently, as I have widened my spectrum of destruction followers a bit and will show more AoS stuff in general here in the upcoming weeks. But worry not, Gotmork Redfist continues to gather his own WAAAGH! at the side of the Bloodtoofs. The Saga of Gotmork Redfist will therefore continue. In the meanwhile I have promised you better pictures as soon as they were made and here they are now! First up is Vorlug. On the original picture I forgot to paint a little piece of metal on the beltstrap of his right shoulder. That has also been corrected: Nobgrod is also on the better side of picture quality now and ready to do some bashin`. I`ve gotta say, I`m especially proud of how the skin turned out on him. The jadegreen look just works damn well with the red and black armor. Last up is da boss himself, Gotmork Redfist, followed by a nice group shot. I have also joined Chaosbunker.de recently and have been writing a couple of occasional articles for them recently, alongside a couple of reviews. Dennis, owner of the site gave a good review of the whole Shadespire stuff and the Malign Sorcery and scenery pack. Would be cool if you`d check it out and maybe leave us a comment. It`s a great motivational driver for us, to get a bit of feedback on the blog directly. MALIGN SORCERY REVIEW SHATTERED DOMINION OBJECTIVES IRONSKULL`S BOYS Allright, enough of my bad commerial attempt...or is it? If you take a look at the page tomorrow, you`ll get a review of the Skirmish expansion. Allright, NOW it`s enough! Of course, I promise I`l deliver some additional pictures tomorrow as well. Cheers everyone!
  7. DinoTitanedition

    Skirmish caught my attention...

    I can only second that. As @Templarorator said, quick, easy, low entrance barrier and the possibility to have nice, narrative games. If you are a very laid back player like me, you`ll quickly notice, that the amount of renown will resemble the approximate playtime of your matches. The two things you`ve mentioned though, aren`t in the selection of troops for the death faction. I`d suggest to start with 30 renown. This way you can either have a wight king or a necromancer lead your warband.
  8. DinoTitanedition

    What would "humans" be called under the AoS naming scheme?

    Azyrians, or, since it`s inspired by the north mythology anyways, Aezlings.
  9. DinoTitanedition

    The Great Gnaw- Skaven release?

    Yeah, he`s quite dynamic, but that`s not what I meant In AoS magic shooty shoty and some fance steampunk like equipment seems much more "normal". So the design and overall equipment options could vary depending on what clan paid for their services. Most modern troopbixes do have multiple weapon and head options, so that could be a way to go. Sigh....wishlisting...I`m good at it, ain't I?
  10. DinoTitanedition

    The Great Gnaw- Skaven release?

    Same here. I can see clan Pestilens being a rather unique thing, while I feel the other clans always work together. A Greyseer would most likely hire from various clans to his specific purpose. Verminous is pretty much the "army" of the Skaven. The muscle if you want to call it like that, while Skryre provides all the machinery and so on. You get the idea. Building a theme inside of a Skaven force ain`t too hard. What I could see though, is a more specialised release for Eshin and a changeof name. Their craftsmanship strongly hails from the World that was, so a more modern take on assassination or infiltration is likely.
  11. DinoTitanedition

    Deep Strike has been hit in 40K, when in AoS?

    Why do I get the impression that many folks in the forum want to make a 40K out of AoS? If I wante that, I`d be playing 40K instead of AoS. The chances are bigger that I leave the game again after I`ve just returned to it when it was released. I mean, correct me if I`m wrong, but should both systems not BE different from each other?
  12. DinoTitanedition

    Do Ironjawz Ardboys shields stop mortal wounds?

    I`ve actually forwarded this question on the Games Workshop community site. So far they told me they`d give the question to the rules team, but didn`t no answer since.
  13. DinoTitanedition

    Greenskin Lore Confusion

    In my oppinion the "old" greenskin factions need a new, yet familiar approach to be connected better with the AoS time period. "More civilized" is surely not the right direction, even though the have HAD a kind of civilization and society in the World that was. But "less dumb" and "less clumsy" might be a possibility to shape their character. As Ironjawz embody the raw strength Orruks have, the other greenskins could rely more on their cunning instead, as they aren`t as powerful, making more use of crude machinery, or make better use of their environments. A giant beast that is armed to be a walking keep for example could do, resembling a city that moves from one place to another. Within these walking cities Orruks and Grots could very well maintain their former roles again, like Grots being scouts and spotters, thieves and builders or sneaky assassins, while the Orruks are more blacksmith kind of types, doing the heavier duties being more of the muscle within the society. The leaders of these "city tribes" could be a mix of Orruks and Grots in something like a governing war council or warchiefs, planning out strategic decisions to strengthen the clan or send them out for raids. It would keep a touch of their classic feel, while porting them effectively into the current time fluff. Now, their battlebeasts would have to be different, and their armor should get partly a new vibe, to connect them optically, but I think you get the idea of the picture. That could be tried out in a boxed set, like "Gorkamorka in AoS", to see if the community picks up to that thing.
  14. @Chris Tomlin that`s why people love me Don`t stop yourself. I´m pretty much the same way and I`m slowly starting to see more and more models to a finished army. I told myself THIS TIME YOU`LL PAINT THAT STUFF TO THE BITTER END! and I`m really happy with it so far. At least ONE ARMY that will look good on the table AND in my showcase.
  15. Of course absolutely worth it, because it`s inspirational! Now some meaningful duels could be snapshot in a close up next time By the way... ...they do look good. It is actually the method I use myself to tell if I am satisfied with my paintjob or not, always thriving to find the middle between detailed view and gametable view.