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  1. That’s an epiccc intro for a model haha
  2. Awesome take, hadn’t even considered that. Sounds much better than my idea really haha.
  3. I’m unfamiliar with the character, why would Nagash be him?
  4. Best case scenario for Ogors is they get the Gloomspite treatment, combine them into one book but then expand each with new kits. Plastic Butcher, Hunter, Yhetees and Frost Sabre’s, then expand Firebellies and Maneaters with more units. Thats best case and probably unlikely, but one can dream.
  5. Assuming Pact, Feast and Tithe of Bones are all linked together, I think we can piece some stuff together. The Mawtribes entered into a “Pact of Bones” with someone. Recently, that pact was broken. As a result the Mawtribes are engaging in the Feast of Bones while a recently freed individual who presumably serves Nagash is conducting a Tithe of Bones. Working of that, id say it’s safe to assume that the Mawtribes entered a pact with Sigmar to trap Nagash’s ally, the recently free Mortarch. Since that Mortarch was freed, the Ogors march to war, rallying together to battle this Death character, who in the meantime is out collecting Bones. Going out on a limb, I wonder if the Ogors agreed to shatter their tribes or not marshal together a great force in return for Sigmar getting rid of their Death for.
  6. Yeah that’s similar to my response iirc. I’m hoping they’re more tomb king in theme than in practice, though I’m happy with any new death
  7. Yeah that’s similar to my response iirc. I’m hoping they’re more tomb king in theme than in practice, though I’m happy with any new death
  8. I think each GA could handle multiple expansions, especially now we have consolidated some factions. Order Stormcast Fyreslayers Sylvaneth Seraphon Kharadron Overlords Daughters of Khaine Cities of Sigmar Chaos Blades of Khorne Disciples of Tzeentch Hedonites of Slaanesh Maggotkin of Nurgle Skaven Slaves to Darkness (assumed they’re combined) Death Legions of Nagash Nighthaunt Flesheater Courts Destruction Orruk Warclans Gloomspite Gitz Ogor Mawtribes (assumed they’re combined) Thats ties off all the existing ranges and leaves huge room for expansion. Even adding 5 factions still only equals the 40K codex range.
  9. Can we take complaining about our factions not getting stuff out of the rumor thread? We’ve finally got rumors and teases to discuss. With that in mind, is there a summary of that rumor about the new death faction being constructs?
  10. I’m hoping it’s a new skeletal death faction that incorporates constructs. Should have the old skeleton units available and then builds on that base (think the Nighthaunt release).
  11. There weren’t any BCR stuff shown in the trailer, do we think they’re being combined?
  12. YES!!!! This has me so excited. I own 2000 points of Beastclaw Raiders and if they’re combined in one tome I’d be willing to drop money on at least another 2000.
  13. I wonder if the semantics of “New” Battletome means we could still get updated battletomes.
  14. I think this can only be considered a win for everyone. Creates two new power dynamics for a bunch of factions that haven’t received much love. Gives a greater sense of direction as to where they can expand with other Non-Souped factions while still letting players with legacy armies to play at a competitive level and get excited for their armies. Regarding the topic of humans, this by no means to invalidates future human releases, it actually helps as now they won’t have to content with or step on the toes of a freeguild standalone faction.
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