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  1. Kharadron VS Tzeentch box set would be cool, if they're both dropping in February. Recreate the cover of Iron Dragons and release a plastic chaos dragon.
  2. That’s a good point, they’d now have a behemoth, 2 units of chaos beasts and all the warcry sets.
  3. If they use that Formoroid design further I’d love it, awesome model
  4. I wouldn’t be so sure, we know they’re at least getting the Tyrant and replacements for the Hunter and Saber kits via Beastgrave. That could indicate the rumors of all the Finecast being replaced or cut are true. All they’d need then is a Butcher kit and the king speculated/rumored/extremely desire Yhetee-Gorger dual kit.
  5. I wonder if we might see a combined Greenskinz book in the future, fusing Greenskinz, Gitmob Gitz and Grotbag Scuttlers into a future release? Treat it like Moonclan where you update some of the existing models and fill out the slimmer factions.
  6. I mean that’s not really accurate, there’s many new original characters, some of them have multiple books crafted after them.
  7. Was Gorkamorka once trapped in a mountain of Amber? That sound similar to Beastgraves mo.
  8. This and the Ogurs will be instant buy for me. Cannot wait!!!
  9. I can really see these being combined with Wanderers to make a dope faction.
  10. Something I’d love to see is the Forgeworld models given more relevant keywords. Magma dragon to fyreslayers, merwyrm to Idoneth and so in.
  11. At some point every group will have some degree of dissatisfaction. As we’ve progressed those groups have become smaller as more armies have got 2.0 times, but you really can’t satisfy everyone. Over the last two weeks alone, I’ve seen CoS, Orruk and STD fans all complain about no releases and cuts. I’ve seen Gloomspite fans complaining about rules and Idoneth fans complaining about versatility, Seraphon players complaining about being forgotten and half a dozen about how much they hate Stormcast. There were people complaining about how much they hate the Bonereapers and they’re not even out yet. People complaining about no releases, then complaining about the releases. I think that just goes to show nothings going to be perfect, and GW definitely aren’t and will never be. It doesn’t do anyone any good to constantly focus on the negative. Someone earlier in this thread mentioned they have external things going on putting them in a bad space. I’m sure that hobbying could and should be an escape from that. Try focus on the positives and what you can gain, as no ones going to be completely satisfied. Instead of looking at how things aren’t, look at what they are and enjoy that. CoS will be here soon and it will have many many options for exciting new builds and armies. Yes it’s taken a bit of time, but it will come and what’s waiting really done? To those players who received cuts to their armies, it’s unfortunate and could have been handled a number of ways. It was handled how it was and players will just have to accept that. Those factions that were cut have been at risk, at least in my opinion, for a long time. The best thing to do is to decide how you want to move forward so you can ENJOY this hobby as much as possible. Will you try and run your units as counts as? There are many many options available if you go down that route. You can run an exclusive Legends army if you were so inclined. Starting a new army is also there as an option. You can keep your old models as keepsakes, as they are more than just their game value. Or you could trade/sell them, though I think you should always be careful with that option. At the end of the day, people should focus on enjoying this hobby and letting it make them happy. Don’t caught in negativity over a game, it’s not meant for that.
  12. This is honestly getting crazy, people need to calm down with this. The books will be here in a few weeks. I get it’s frustrating when you want something, but it’s really not that bad. You’ve waited years for this book, surely a few more weeks isn’t going to kill anyone.
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