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  1. )Back on the wagon! This month is going to be a backlog clearing month for me. In priority order: Classic Great Unclean One Three pox leapers Three bile troggoths Khorgorath Classic keeper of secrets Exalted flamer 10 classic horrors Stretch goals: New great unclean one. 3 plague drones NPCs for my d&d campaign
  2. Any head works with a beastman, that's the joy of them. If you want something a bit weird, kronor heads look quite cool.
  3. That's a wonderful paintscheme. If I didn't have so many red 'letters I'd be tempted to go back and redo all of mine that way. What's your recipie for the skin?
  4. Honestly almost every new army release I've encountered since I started playing decades ago has initially been accused of power creep. People work out the counters and new armies come out which counteract particularly tricky combos. Occasionally there's an utterly broken unit or combo but it's much rarer than people make out. It's also generally a lot better these days thanks to the GHB's annual patches. In the old days, we'd still be stuck with un-nerfed Skyfires and Tzaangors at their original points, dominating for a whole edition until a new DoT book came out.
  5. To add to what others have said above, for a warm white I'd start of with rakarth, give it an all over coat of flayed one flesh, followed by blending up through pallid witch flesh then pure white. For a colder white I'd use much the same process but going from celestra to ulthuan grey then on to pure white. Another option is to start with a spray of Corax white (which is closer to ulthuan grey than any other colour) then use a very thin blue or grey wash mixed with medium to add your shading, and blend your highlights back up again.
  6. The reason we stopped seeing the variety in Imperial Guard and probably won't see it in Freeguild is simply down to the differences in production between metal/resin and plastic minis. With metal minis, the initial mould making process is fairly cheap, but the cost of the materials for each mini is high, so you've got a high unit cost. Plastics are the other way round, with the injection mould being hugely expensive, but each unit costing very little to produce after that. These moulds do however last much longer than the old metal moulds. Overall this means you need to sell far more of each unit to make your costs back, but once you do each one is almost pure profit. There's a massive cost to duplicating within a range, and each new release is a much bigger risk financially. That's also why we get so many marines/Stormcast- they're much lower risk for that big initial investment.
  7. For me it depends on how thoroughly you glued them in in the first place. I normally only glued mine with a dab of superglue, so it was easy enough to just pry them loose carefully with a knife. For minis I got second hand which were well and truly stuck down, the best tactic I found was to take off the sides of the base with clippers, file the underside flat and then trim the corners away so that it's a tad smaller than the new base. You can then stick this down and blend it in with some greenstuff, before using the same basing materials as you used originally to hide the join. I did about 200 clanrats this way over a couple of evenings.
  8. I'm gonna hopefully polish off my last couple of bits from Tzaanuary before celebrating cold and flu season with some Nurgly goodness: Core goals: Finish the Glotkin; Great Unclean One; Three Poxleapers; Stretch goals: Gnarlmaw; Three bile troggoths; Three blight drones Super stretch goal: Horticulous
  9. Blades of khorne get an update to be fair. Space marines are overwhelmingly the best selling range they have and a lieutenant release is pretty easy to put together (no real concept work and most of the CAD sculpting is already done.) It's an easy win. Back on topic, AOS is still a very young setting. At a similar point in its life, most ofthe current 40k races didn't exist, the Horus Heresy was an obscure paragraph of text and Guilleman was a talented general who got promoted to Primarch based on performance. The mini-factions for aelves and the like were created at a time when factions mattered a lot less than they do now, but I'd rather GW waited to do a proper job on those factions than simply gave us a quick "this is why your Altdorf army is in AOS." Likewise with minis the extensively fleshed out, fully plastic armies with a big range of kits for 40k and WFB were only something that was only fully realised part way through the previous edition. Before that the selection was much smaller and you had to build most of your elite units out of three monopose metal sculpts which made today's witch aelves seem cheap. I mean my absolute ideal would be an update of the Grand Alliance books to go with legions of Nagash. We could have an Armies of Azyr book which gave updated fluff to the various military orders that make up Sigmar's mortal armies, allowing us to field a unified army of aelves, men and duardin of the free cities with appropriate allegiance abilities. Likewise a proper look at the path to glory for Chaos followers and some new fluff for Ogors, common greenskins and the like. It's a longshot, but it would be great.
  10. Desperately attempting to get my Skyfires for my stretch goal done before the deadline. Discs done, just the riders to polish off.
  11. I think @chord hit the nail on the head. Grand Alliances are terrific for encouraging players to take a dip in a new faction. AOS and 8th ed 40k were supposed to make these new collections the norm, but they've stalled with the importance of allegiance abilities. However, I'd say that in general, most collections are going to be relatively slow grow. Players will tend to stick to their old armies since the barrier to entry for a new army in terms of cost and time is too high. Selling individual kits is therefore going to be easier than whole new armies. The important thing is less to sell someone an entire army but to give them a reason to keep expanding their collection steadily, by adding new strategies, allied options, endless spells etc. The ideal model (outside of those rare customers who can afford to regularly splash on entire new armies) is something like this: Build your core army > Add a kit or two from the new hotness to use as allies due to their cool minis/OP rules > Expand those one or two kits into a new army. The best way for GW to boost this would be to give a boost to Grand Alliance armies and allies.
  12. Because different consumers have different tastes. As a frequent traveller I love ebooks because they mean I can take several books with me at any one time without having to carry them or fit them into my budget flight's luggage allowance. I can also sit and read on my rablet at the back of a really boring lecture without drawing attention. Likewise there's plenty of people out there who really like nice editions of books, in the same way there are people who will buy forge world upgrade kits or spend hundreds of euros on le creuset cookware when you can get something that'll do the same job at ten percent of the price. If as a company you can get people to shell out a premium for something a little fancier, why wouldn't you?
  13. Horribly washed out photo but without any good lighting I had to turn the brightness way up. Anyway, PLEDGE ACHIEVED! Now on to the stretch goals.
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