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  1. He's got a really creepy vibe to him. I love it!
  2. These are superb! Am I right in thinking these are Eman and Duncan Louca's sculpts? I'm seriously considering going down the same route. What printer are you using for these?
  3. Part of the issue for the Old World was that it didn't have a single beginner friendly faction that was low initial model count and forgiving to paint and play. First Gen Stormcast definitely filled that role even if with Soul Wars the minis did get a touch more fiddly. High Elves and Empire in contrast were way more fiddly both to model and play, and the huge 40 strong units of 8e just exacerbated that fact. With the Nighthaunt and Necrons GW has been doing a much better job of making the other side in their starter sets beginner friendly, so hopefully this is the model for 3e. The other thing GW makes no bones about is that having a single "favourite child" faction works really well for them as a business model, and has in the past been credited for subsidising al the risks they take with new factions and specialist games. 40k has roughly twenty factions. Let's say for the sake of argument 50% of new releases are for Space Marines (possibly a slight exaggeration) and about 50% of people have Space Marines as their main army (probably an underestimate) with the others evenly split at about 2.5% of each release. That would mean that every two releases, they'd have released something to interest 52.5% of their customer base. If players were evenly split between each faction (5% each) then they'd take 11 releases to exceed that number of customers reached. Even if moving to an even number of releases model tripled the size of the player base it still wouldn't work out so well for them. Given the huge overheads on developing a new range of models, I don't blame GW for falling back on their bankable factions every couple of releases as long as they still do some interesting stuff. With the return of specialist games, all the new factions for AoS, the return of Genestealer Cults, Warcry, Killteam, Blackstone Fortress, Underworlds, giving Thousand Sons and Deathguard their own unique unit rosters etc. I'd actually say GW was in its most creative period I can remember for decades.
  4. Batsmen are as chaos as they come. Their epithet has been the True Children of Chaos from 2nd ed WFB through to 2nd ed AOS. The new lore strongly reinforces this connection. Tzaangor, Slaangor etc are all explicitly still beastmen and the likes of Morghur are explicitly chaotic characters carried over from TWTW. This would be a retcon greater than making Allarielle and the Sylvaneth destruction. Plain white boxes are for mail order only stuff, since they haven't bothered to print new boxes once the WFB stuff ran out for the stuff that was never stocked in stores since the transition.
  5. So, so true. The Oldhammer community too has it's fair share of edition wars, disputes over what is/isn't Warhammer and of course the continued bitterness towards AOS. Meanwhile the mainstream of the hobby with AOS is becoming more and more welcoming and open to all approaches to gaming than WFB ever was.
  6. I'm feeling Nurgle again after last month's work. It'd be good to have both the Fantasy and 40k sides of the project rounded off. So: Core commitments: Horticulous Slimux Convert and paint 5 Chaos Knights 3 Chaos Warriors The Wurmspat Festus Finish off the details on 3 stretch goal characters from last month. Stretch Goals: Rebase 20 Chosen of Nurgle Paint and rebase 7 classic metal characters. Gnarlmaw Much smaller goal this month - 47 minis as opposed to >120, and many of them are just rebasing jobs, but once they're done I'll officially have no unpainted models in my Nurgle collection for the first time in about 20 years.
  7. I got over 120 minis painted last month after really struggling for hobby momentum through 2020. It's the first time an army project of mine has been fully painted in about two decades. I really rediscovered my love for this hobby in the last few weeks and a large part of that is reconnecting with some old friends on Zoom for hang out and paint sessions. I'd been living abroad for three years and moved back to the UK in March 2020 really pumped to see family and friends. We had a long weekend reunion of gaming planned that ultimately got called off, and id really been missing them, but they've been absolute rocks through the pandemic and that first game we play will be all the sweeter.
  8. Just in under the wire with this one, but here's my January pledge finished. About 120 minis total, plus a group shot with my Nurgle daemons from last year.
  9. Late to the party for this, as I missed almost all threads in 2020 (moving countries and jobs during a pandemic will do that!) but this was massively helpful for me in 2019 so here goes: Annual Goals: In each of the last three years I've made progress in the battle Against The Grey. this year my new target will be 10 finished models for each new one I buy. To help stick to this, each month I'm going to mix things up by choosing a half complete project I've had on the backburner to finish. On the first of the month, I'm moving on to another project. This should keep things fresh and stop me getting demotivated by falling too far behind my goals. January Goals: Month 1 is Nurgle. I picked up a bunch of Death Guard stuff at the end of 8e 40k to complement my daemons. I've also got one or two outstanding models to finish for my Rotbringers. By the end of this month at minimum I will finish: 6 Squads of 7 Plague Marines (42 total); 3 Blightlord Terminators 8 Death Guard Characters 49 Poxwalkers Stretch Goals: Kitbash 5 Nurgle Chaos Knights (S2D, not the giant robots) Paint my five prototype Nurgle marked Chaos Warriors Horticulous and Festus Lord of Plagues 3D print a Great unclean One proxy to round out my Threefold Befoulment. As things stand I'm nearly there with the Death Guard. The Poxwalkers are primed and ready for contrast so I'm pretty confident of making it to some of my stretch goals.
  10. Nice work! If you do every model from heroforge it's gonna get pricey real quickly. Are you looking at any independent artists for your STL files. Theres a lot of folks like RavenTwin doing great work on WFB/AoS stuff.
  11. Honestly I think it'd be a shame because it would reduce the uniqueness of people's armies. Maybe it's because I come from an era where taking special characters was a taboo, but I like to play armies with their own unique theme and characters who build a story through game play. When special characters become an auto-include that uniqueness disappears, so it'd be a shame to extend it to regiments. If every skaven player fielded the albino guard as their storm vermin unit for instance along with every special character then every army would feel the same.
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