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  1. I'm kinda peeved about the confirmed square bases, having re-based most of my collection at this stage at great cost to my time and bank balance. Hopefully GW are more flexible with base size and allow the use of movement trays for people who want to use minis for both systems. For me the major lesson that needs to be learned from 8e is that the number of models required needs to be considered in the pricing. IMO a big part of the reason 8e died wasn't the system itself so much as GW massively inflating the number of core troops needed whilst at the same time pushing the price per mini to 40k levels. It pushed the barrier to entry too high for new players, especially with limited efforts to engage people in small scale gaming.
  2. The flip side of this is that toxic behaviours and gatekeeping can quickly ruin the hobby community in an area. I've seen a handful of "That Guys" quickly devestate a community because when busy people have to make a choice what to do with their free time, not having to deal with anti-social behaviour can be a deciding factor. This in turn means the remaining players are more likely to have to deal with the problem player on any given night rather than a well adjusted person with diverse interests. The negative network externalities quickly lead to downward multipliers which drive people out of hobbies. Happily as the TTRPG community has shown in recent times, the reverse can also be true. Positive examples of diverse, well adjusted groups of players have led to people being more confident and open with their hobby and shown it's fun and accessible for everyone. Perhaps because of the more competitive nature of a lot of clubs and the fact that many people tend to start at public clubs rather than home games, wargaming still lags behind on this front.
  3. Shouldn't that be: "Too long; didn't read?"
  4. This is pretty much my point. Every company screws up from time to time, it's how you respond to it that makes the difference. In my case it was a matter of fact that they didn't fulfil the order, and their records showed it. The basic polite thing to do in that situation is apologise, even if you can't do anything further, not act like the customer is the one in the wrong. They've not lost my custom because of a messed up order, they lost it because they responded like a**hats.
  5. Yeah, that's what really got me about it. A simple apology, maybe some small gesture would have resolved the situation easily. Everyone gets supply chain issues from time to time, it's how you communicate it and handle it that makes the difference. The fact they were instantly defensive and confrontational and wouldn't even apologise meant they've lost my business, that of my club and family. A few thousand euros a year spent with them gone over bad attitude.
  6. I know GW has come in for lot of flack recently, but one thing I've never had any issue with them for is after sales service. A couple of times in the past 20+ years I've had mispacked or mispacked minis from GW, and it's taken seconds to resolve, with them normally going above and beyond. In the past I've had a whole new kit shipped out just for one missing part. Unfortunately this doesn't always seem to stretch to the 3rd party sellers mny of us use for discounts. I recently I had to get in touch with Dark Sphere regarding the contrast paints I pre-order for a birthday gift. Half the order was shipped almost a month late, with two paints never arriving at all. When I contacted Dark Sphere the customer service attitude couldn't have been more different. They were confrontational and just complained about It being GW without lifting a finger to resolve the situation. Turned out they'd cancelled my order without informing me. They couldn't even muster a basic apology. As a result I'll not buying from them again. I'll suck up the price difference and order direct from GW. Any one have any good/bad experiences with GW or other online sellers?
  7. Out of curiosity which primers did you use for your zenithal prime? I've found mechanicus - grey seer works for darker colours but falls down on some of the warmer and paler paints. Planning on trying Zandri-wraithbone soon, but it'd be great to get your input since your results are great!
  8. Given the community has said this about every price increase for at least the last 20+ years, I doubt it'll have much effect. Warhammer is an expensive luxury good, if we don't want to buy more of it we all have existing armies we can play with. I've never seen the oft-predicted mass exodus after a price rise.
  9. Okay, vacation is over and I'm back at my painting desk. With contrast out, I'm going to try and break the back of my backlog in a single month. I'm waiting to pick up all the Contrast Paints when back in the UK (It's about 100€ cheaper with discount retailers and the shoddy exchange rate) so the first half of the month will be assembly and zenithal priming, with a production line of backlog minis to follow: This month I pledge: 80 clanrats 40 grot stabbers 40 freeguild guard (Perry miniatures) 10 daemonettes 5 assorted test minis. 8 Scuttlings 7 Stormcast 1 griffhound 1 daemon prince 5 hellstriders 3 character minis 40 Saurus Warriors 50 Skinks 10 Ungors Tl;dr: That should take me to 300 battle ready minis this month. Time to see if contrast is worth the hype in terms of speed painting. I thought 4 bloodthirsters in a month was bad.
  10. So I didn't get round to making a pledge this month, since I was away on holiday for a month, but I do need to post the (almost) finished minis from last month's pledge. 4 bloodthirsters and Scyla. I'm waiting to do the flames until I get my hands on Contrast paints, which look amazing for wet blending.
  11. I love this basing scheme! How did you achieve it?
  12. As @ManlyMuppet88 says, spruce composition is one factor, achieving dynamic poses whilst minimising mould lines are others. That last point is huge when comparing the newer models to the older ones. I put together some seraphon recently and the mould lines were horrific.
  13. The edge paints are re-formulated versions of the dry paint colours. People were thinning the edge colours to use as layers anyway so GW decided to just give the people what they want.
  14. Short answer - I work with refugees. My best friend and gaming buddy works in paediatric intensive care. Perspective is a wonderful thing when it comes to almost all frustrations in life. Long answer - when I'm playing with the right people, the way the game goes doesn't matter because the principle thing I'm getting is time with these great people who share my hobby and passions. I enjoy being around them and gaming is a great vehicle for that. Win or lose ive got what I came for, which is fun. On the other hand, if I'm spending my hard earned free time playing That Guy, those little gaming frustrations are gonna bubble up because you're already frustrated by the social side of things. This applies regardless of your style of play. Some of the best people I've met in the hobby are hyper competitive players who I thoroughly enjoyed playing even as they tabled me in two turns flat. Likewise as an avowed narrative player, we have more than our fair share of That Guy in the narrative scene. Find the right people to play with and those frustrations disappear.
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