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  1. AthlorianStoners

    The Rumour Thread

    LLV earned the respect and the benefit of the doubt, all the ****** he took pre AoS2 for his rumours means he gets the messiah treatment now.
  2. Epic epic stuff! Makes me kinda sad to see it all finished as I’ve enjoyed this army! could you post up some lotann pics? He looks great
  3. @Roark I feel like Khorne are in a place where if you build a very specific style of list for a competitive scene they can be very good, but in casual play and more well rounded list don’t do as well. theyre the opposite of BCR in that respect I think, who don’t really have much comp value but in a casual game can be very good.
  4. Damn that’s possibly the best army I’ve ever seen. Incredible. Do you have pics of the archaon stardrake conversion you mentioned?
  5. AthlorianStoners

    The Darkwood Court

    Excellent work as always! These is all really incredible
  6. AthlorianStoners

    AoS 2.0 Desctruction Changes

    Anyone know if Forgeworld stuff will see points changes?
  7. AthlorianStoners

    Becca Scott

    Considering the nature of the topic at hand, specifically diversity and being a welcoming hobby, I think it would be fair to uncensor G A Y and leave it to the users good nature and the report function if necessary.
  8. AthlorianStoners

    Becca Scott

    Kinda messed up that’s getting censored.
  9. AthlorianStoners

    Describe your gaming group

    Figured this could be a lighthearted cool post where people describe their gaming groups, how they came about and what kind of games they play. Seeing all the different groups and how they came about could help inspire others to form their own groups or give some exisiting groups new ideas. So talk about your group, let us know the fun stories and gaming ideas you’ve come up with!
  10. AthlorianStoners

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Seriously BCR are no where in as bad a spot as you’re suggesting @blueshirtman. A lot of people love the faction, play with them and win. Regarding potential positive changes, keep in mind we have to wait and see for the new edition to drop. From what we have seen though: - Points Decrease: we don’t know by how much, we could be the biggest beneficiary of points decreasing out of anyone. Again it will be prudent to wait. - Spell Lores: Allied casters can now have the option for more versatility. In comparison to armies who already had magic that isn’t a huge deal, but for us it is quite massive and gives us more tools to use. If you have issues with allies that’s fine, but that’s a personal choice that not I’m not willing to get into here. - LOS: the new LOS will not affect our Thundertusks, making them one of the best hero killers in the new edition. We also have rumoured changes from LLV who has correctly predicted everything for this new edition. One of those in particular, Chargers go first, would be insanely beneficial to us. Other potential changes that we may see once the new edition drops could include: - Warscroll changes: We could see changes to command abilities, unit classification or other general warscroll changes. They’ve said this is the case for many units and have not directly showcased those changes. - Matched Play missions: BCR only really struggle in certain matches play games, so I assume you play matched play, as that would explain your frustration. In open play or pure kill games they decimate. With that being said, the new missions could prove friendly or hostile to BCR armies. There might be one that is absolutely killer for us that lets us auto win. Again patience will be key here. - Command Points: Currently Command Points have been rumoured to be a valuable resource, and we don’t know the full extent of what they can be used for. Waiting to see what exactly we can get with them and how they interact with our faction will be a piece of seeing how we work in the new edition. Everyone’s entitled to feeling however they want, however I would urge you to perhaps recluse yourself a tad from the current conversation. Your discussion is becoming cyclical, and no one can really answer how BCR have been jmproved in the new edition until the new edition drops. So please, excercise some patience and restraint and wait the couple weeks. And hey, if the new edition comes out and you’re still unhappy, I’ll trade you an army for your BCR. I have 2000 pts of FEC and 1000pts of Nighthaunt. I also have 2000 of BCR so I’d love to expand the faction if you don’t want to play them.
  11. AthlorianStoners

    Describe your gaming group

    My group is consists of ten guys who all started around the same time and are of a similar age (late teens/early twenties). We all have between 1-3 armies that fall in the range of 2000 points, +/- 250. Generally one of these armies will be heavily converted customised and is used as our “signature” army. We meet up at least weekly, sometimes twice a week, and play using rough points limits. Matched play missions, narrative missions and our own customs games are all on the table. we usually play a bunch of epic fantasy music in the background to make it scenic, and play at someone’s house on tables we’ve built, either taking turns to play while the others build/paint/watch movies and chat, or we do big team games which are a lot of fun. We have a “scoreboard”, which is the records for everyone’s armies. It’s just a W/L/D type thing, but it’s cool to see progress and also lets us have a quick guide when we’re choosing fun matchups. Sometimes we’ll go equal records armies for a close game, or try test ourselves by taking on one of our higher ranked armies. None of us really use tournament style lists, often just buying one of each thing from the armies range tohave the most diverse force, though there are some more serious lists.
  12. AthlorianStoners

    Army for hobbyist

    Yeah Knights Excelsior would be considered outright bad in another setting or story world.
  13. AthlorianStoners

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    They really aren’t that bad. They might not be tournament level as of yet, but they’re great fun to play at the store or in gaming groups and I win a bunch. Like, if in your experience they don’t win a game, that’s just your personal experience. I win all the time when I use them, and I’m excited for the changes and rumoured changes that are coming for them.
  14. AthlorianStoners

    AoS 2.0 Winners and Losers

    Hopefully BCR for the winners!
  15. AthlorianStoners

    Painting Icy Flesh Eater Courts

    Do you have any pictures of your progress? I have a similar approach but double layer the glaze then white dry brush.
  16. AthlorianStoners

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    That’s reassuring, I’m very close to buying one as I love the sculpt
  17. AthlorianStoners

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I have a feeling BCR will be linked to the charging rules. The other armies that could also be thematically linked there (Khorne and Ironjawz) have already been done so I’d be confident BCR are gonna be soon. @bsharitt I was wondering this as well, regarding Nighthaunt and the mournghul. I hope they don’t have an added keyword or something to cut him out.
  18. AthlorianStoners

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I’d like to know WHEN it actually comes out haha, give me a date pleaseeee i love found the rules teasers to be good fun, and slowly filling in the puzzle of the new edition has been a blast
  19. AthlorianStoners

    The Rumour Thread

    Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast.
  20. Love TGA, love the community and love the vibe of the site! thank you for your hard work!
  21. AthlorianStoners

    Your Faction Ideas?

    I always thought expanding Gorgers could be cool. A faction of Ogors completely succumbed to the magic of Ghur, bestial subhuman brutes who channel Destruction into both magic and their bodies.
  22. AthlorianStoners

    AoS Wish For 2018

    Yeah I’d love to see dwarves for each element. Fire and wind already done, earth and water would be very cool. I dunno how water would work and be unique. Riverfolk perhaps, who use wood and nature to travel atop waters in a tribal style maybe? Amazonian garb and body art, sort of like dwarf Pygmy warriors.
  23. AthlorianStoners

    AoS Wish For 2018

    New BCR stuff, nothing huge mind you but I think these would go down amazingly: - Plastic Hunter and Sabres. Could even make this a Shadespire team. - Huskard on foot who’s a Wizard. - Change Huskard on T-Tusk to be a wizard. - Named Forstlord on stonehorn.
  24. AthlorianStoners

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Damnnnn this looks very cool for FEC. Obviously without seeing anything else there could be other changes, but from what we’ve seen you could very much maximise your list potential. My current list is ABK on ZD T-Gheist 3x Units Of Ghouls 1x Horrors 1x Flayers 2x Ghast Courtiers 1x Varghulf Ghoul Patrol If I relied on using the summoning to bring in the Horrors and Flayers, that frees me up to add another Terrorgheist to my list, or the other Courtiers if I wanted. Very excited for this!