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  1. Hey! who changed the title of my thread dang it! Come on Gaz!!! lol
  2. I appreciate that. The problem is that whether it was a planned tactic or a mistake in production it is a repetition of the Sylvaneth distaste and risks setting a new pattern if GW doesn't see the problem from their customers. And I for one do not relish seeing this done for future products as a customer. By informing GW or our displeasure we are giving them a genuine gesture of goodwill giving them a chance to fix the problems rather then silently ceasing to buy the products. Get it?
  3. No. If they think they can get it by their customers It may become the future pattern for all releases and info management of existing products as opposed to the relatively responsible manner in which they handled the content up until this year. See a pattern that is good: reward the company with purchase and loyalty See a pattern that is bad: inform the company of your displeasure
  4. Customers can make their displeasure known on all fronts and should. And you are fooling yourself if you think that GW disregards the online comments and posts, movements. They are in fact now wedded to the online community as they used it to drive revenue and new releases, new products. Other than white dwarf and dealer outreach it is their only advertisement theater, GW's future business plans depend solely upon it, so you can be certain that several heads watch online quite closely (looking at you Nigel).
  5. Been playing since 92 mate, and tracking the release and announcement patterns for last 4 years. In fact I would not have made the jump to (and large investment into ) AoS if I hadn't seen that GW had adopted better practices and standards with product development, release, and customer service the way they did a few years ago. That's why I'm on this, I didn't post are raise a hew'and holla about Sylvaneth seeing it as an aberration, but with the CoS and Ork battletome distaste we are seeing a new pattern being tested that needs to be rejected before it becomes the accepted practice by GW.
  6. Thanks! no conspiracy mate, you missed the point (by accident?) the announcement timing, the dearth of official news combined with the cull are the concern, especially as they may forewarn us of the new pattern for GW releases on existing (already purchased) products. As to "is pathetic" hehe did you really think I would bite that troll cake? hehe
  7. Once again, if you return something absolutely let them know if it was driven by the release nonsense so they know customers don't like the new pattern and are voting with their money.
  8. Indeed, and I would encourage folks who are holding off on a purchase to at the very least let your hobby store know why, but really the best move is to send an email to GW letting them know what you are holding off buying and why.
  9. Yeah. That's a huge part of the problem, the failures scheduling between divisions (Battletomes, figures) combined with the official radio silence on the issue and release amplify the problem and impact previous customers disproportionately. Bad form all around. Let's let GW know this isn't acceptable to their customers folks, post early and post often on facebook, youtube and take a minute to send an email to GW.
  10. So true, so true. I honestly I don't begrudge them that at all. Merely that they avoid a release being announced with no clear intention followed by a cull that intersects with the product when clearly they are focused on getting a new product like the Bonereapers and Warcry out the door.
  11. This hasn't been the case for several years mate, they adopted a much more nimble and flexible model to drive revenue in 2013 and when done right it's been great..... but when done wrong as in this case and the Sylvaneth it's detrimental, and unless we as customers make out displeasure known it could very well continue.
  12. Exactly. Especially as GW has gone to great lengths to maximize profit from the community engagement business model in the last 4 years, making wholesale changes that impact previous purchases positively and negatively to drive revenue.
  13. Not cross about the preview mate, concerned about the new tactic to announce preview followed by model cull followed by months of silence while competitive scene is tossed about and previous and possible purchases impacted.
  14. Fair enough, then don't announce a product and squat models associate with said product until you are ready..... see? simple. GW needs to show the respect for their customers/partners that they did previously in the AoS product.
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