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  1. Matador

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    Great post mate, I love that you were smacking down one of the "new hotness" armies as well. And yeah, how great is that regiment? it even makes the horses scary! LOL. Keep up the good work, going to send a you a message with pics of the 'Great Company Snakes of Doom' when I get home tonight.
  2. I've found two tools invaluable when running shooting armies. -First is a small laser pointer that can quickly display pure LOS, you can find one the size of a cigarette lighter that can be held right at the head of your shooter and it illuminates the target. -Second is a thin rod 48" long with several removable 8" skewers pointing perpendicularly at common needed ranges. The rod allows me to put the range skewer (for example at 20" for xbows) at the base of the target and then move the other end in a sweeping arc over the shooting unit. This quickly picks out which models are in range and which are out of range. These simple tools not only speed up what can be very long shooting phases but also give your soon to be punctured opponent peace of mind that your are playing straight while you shoot him to pieces! (see what I did there? had to give it a shot..). * Hey GW, these babies are copyrighted so make sure to send me some more figs if you start making 'official' ones!
  3. Matador

    Sell Me Your Faction

    Free Peoples. There is no joy like the joy of destroying shiny army of new hottness with 20 year old figs that have a 5" move, a 6 save, and stupid hats. The scars it leaves in your opponent's psych will be like having an extra 500 points the next time you play him . On the downside, it's going to cost you a fortune in paint and carrying cases. 2k armies can easily run to 175-225 figs. LOL
  4. Matador

    Sell Me Your Faction

    Dude! there are only garbage players! There are no such thing as garbage tiers and there are no garbage armies..... Except for Beastclaw Raiders, to poor ****** suck.
  5. Matador

    Sell Me Your Faction

    Like Old feather head always says: Change or be changed!
  6. Matador

    Sell Me Your Faction

    Collegiate Arcane! Rock the battalion and flesh the rest out with some tasty order battline troops (shame they made skinks, lizard army only ) With the new magic rules and options the day for a insane Collegiate army has arrived, if you don't do it I'll have to!
  7. Well, you could tell him how tough he is to play against and ask him if he has any advice on how you could do better, invite him to play a game outside tournaments and have some fun. Do a double header where you each take a turn playing your own army and then the other guy's. Mostly, give the guy a break. People can sense when folks are ganging up on them even it is unsaid. If he is a tough competitor he is going to hunker-down and fight you guys tooth and nail if he feels like you are A) bad mouthing him B) hinting that he is a cheater C)making the fact that he wins a personal attack. Try to remember that many good gamers don't have a lot of social skills paired with high levels of intelligence, so when they get to enjoy some success at something finally arrogance can be a common and understandable response for a socially stunted dude. Many people are arrogant, many are justified in being arrogant, it came be obnoxious buts it's just the way of the world, the key is to engage them on a positive level instead of attacking. Arrogance about success in one endeavor can mask feelings of inadequacy in other areas they struggle. Take the chance to make the guy a friend, or acquaintance or even knowledgeable resource for your gaming community. Otherwise this guy is going to see the only option he has is to win on the board and he will become an even more implacable foe. Also as some folks mentioned, fighting FP is not great mystery. I have encountered a great deal of wringing-of-hands from casual players across the table when facing me with a FP army, because they can't just charge and do what they normally do. Yet the simple fact is that a FP army hasn't gotten anywhere near the top finishers in a tournament in European, American, or Australian in the last two years. That's because the top players know that the FP are as squishy and easy to beat as any other army as long as you observe the basics. Don't charge if they are set up to lend support, work your objectives while those big blocks try to move around, kill their general, whittle the units down a little with spells, shots and ranged abilities and most of their unit buffs drop out, for example xbows only get the double shot with 20 models in the unit, adjust your tactics accordingly swamp them with the new endless spells because the most dangerous FP armies take advantage of their own units in large numbers and can seldom afford much in the way of spellcasters without undercutting their synergies, and remember they have very few leaders models which can be a weakness in many battle-plans. (There are three other big weakness that can gut a FP army but I'm not going to post them on this huge board, because I gotta win somehow! ) Good luck!
  8. Hey Richy, Noz, etc.. This wasn't an attack on SCE players or even SCE, just an acknowledgment that the new book has a great deal of power creep and amazing synergies and enormous selection available in it that suggests that the direction GW is going after the 2.0 reset is different and that until the other new books come out for each faction that the number of competitive options for each army will be more limited as we will have to stick close to the meta options for them if we want to compete. None of that is your fault as SCE players and none of it is an attack on you or suggest that your victories will be undercut. Just that the game is changing and the power levels are jumping. So please refrain from being so defensive guys, there's no need for you to feel that you have to, because it's not an attack, and I can't wait to see how jacked-up with power all of our armies will be by this time next year. Cheers!
  9. Matador

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    Prior to the 'wholly within' change Archers you could snake tail them out to the middle and use them as an excellent trigger anchor unit out in front of a great company. The changes have made that impossible, but I still like the changes. I run the guard with militia weapons as well so all three can threaten range, and pivot the two xbows in concentric horseshoe formations or sting all three out in range, and occaosionally gofor a tight triangle. Think of the changes as you friend because it has removed the tricky threat of getting two units within 3" simultaneously in many ways. The best thing to do is practice moves and positions with terrain and layout by yourself during the week instead of trying to do it in your head or worse yet trying to figure it out on the day, FP really benefits from practice, especially things like moving hordes, measuring distances, removal, etc.. Got to be 3 separate units, learn to use the extra 10 man unit as a screen against fast movers thrown out ahead to set up a counter charge for Greatswords or you can collect all your guard models with the most crouched poses and use them a very-near line stopgap that can trigger either a 'stand and shoot' or 'lend support' response from the unit behind them, keeping in mind that unit behind will need to be a collection of the taller straight standing guard models so they can shoot over. Try to embrace the philosophy that a limitation can be the source of innovation. Hope that helps!
  10. Matador

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    It's amazing. Bloody amazing. The blanket +1 to hit and the excellent bravery and standard bonuses are still so good I can't whine about the 10 point increase. Also pretty unforgiving if you take your eye off the ball and leave yourself open. I play it with 2k matches all the time and I'm still finding clever little things I can do with it. 1390 points gets you the full regiment leaving you 600 points to shift about depending on your mood. Run two great companies, one big 20 guard, 30 xbow, 30 xbow. and one small 20 guard, 10 handgunners, 10 guard and move you greatswords up close to pop off a counter charge as well. Keep the two calvary units together and leave the Demi's out in an exposed position as bait to draw in a nice contact trigger on the lend support when you rush a anchor guard unit up. Make sure to take advantage of the xbow great mobility increase from AOS 2.0 when pitching about and make sure to watch your distances. Have fun!
  11. LOL and what was your take away? or were you just looking for some low hanging fruit to bust my chops with?
  12. I have to agree with you there! as a mental exercise I spent 3 days pouring through the book for a young player trying to squeeze least some kind of cheese out of them or edge and got nadda. May just be bad luck, because I don't think GW could made the buffs, battalions, and warscrolls any less complementary to each other by intentional design. In the end BCR are a sad example of model leading game theory no-man's land. Glad I haven't bought any myself.
  13. Well I'd have to say that the Wanderers got the biggest buggering in the GHB18 when it comes to Allegiances, hands down. * Disclaimer: I'm not a bitter Wanderers player. I don't play a Wanderer army but I have always liked them and their abilities, and have often thought about starting one. When I would play against them I could often see some pretty scary options over the course of a match, I would sweat bullets biting my tongue waiting to see if my opponent saw it as well. Simple problem from my point of view was they cost waaay too much, I had hoped their point costs would be brought down in the GHB. That did in fact happen (Thanks GW) but they gutted the allegiance ability and removed the main reason to play them for me. They went from a squishy too expensive army with some really unique potential to a squishy army. Bummer, glad I didn't start buying em though. Otherwise, I don't think most players have really sussed out just how much the armies have been tweaked (that included the designers.. hehe) with the 'wholly within' changes here and there, and the absence of those changes in other places. If nothing else, second edition has filled my limited free time with piles of mental comparisons and recalculations.
  14. I bought the new battletome on Friday and spent the weekend reading it and making notes on all the characters, units, chapters, etc... Now I've never been much of a Stormcast player (used em 4 times) but it's always important to know what your opponent can do and buying the new books is an investment for success when those armies are across the table from you. So my take away? Holy ******! their is so much power creep in just this one thin book that it is going to impact the types of armies and tactics folks are going to have to employ if they want to keep up with their older armies. The sheer number of buffs and synergy build-in is staggering, and left me gobsmacked by the time I had read it all. Don't get me wrong this isn't one of those "whaaaaa! OP!!!!" posts, it's a post about genuine puzzlement. The tack they have taken in this book is in such contrast to the changes made in the core and especially the GHB where we could all see the deliberate effort to balance out lists. The changes in Stormcast set them up as a superior force from a base level before any real meta-tweaking is even taken into account. For other armies to have any hope of keeping up they will have to become exceptionally narrow focused on just one of two tactics and synergies until they receive a new battletome of their own that lifts them to the Stormcast level. Until then, any variation from the pure meta will be toast. Interesting choice on GW's part, not sure what their plan is but this was a shocker.
  15. Matador

    Starting Free Guild Army - 1000 pts List?

    Yeesh, I just wrote a wall of text laying out the specifics of this before accidentally hitting the function keys and wiping it all..... maybe the gods of AOS wished to spare you my extending number crunching blather! So the short and sweet version is: You almost always want to use Guard with Militia weapons because it gives them a ranged attack along with their melee attack. This will more than double their damage output because even beyond shooting phases, every model in the unit can shoot through themselves again, even when the line is tied up in melee. While the opponent is trying to pile in enough to get more units hitting you can keep tight and model drain for the front after attacks and still unload everyone shooting as well. Additionally, I love 40 units but I don't count on them getting there at full force, but that's no sweat because as you know the Guard get a +1 to hit for the 20 models, +2 for 30, and the blanket +1 to hit for the battalion your Guard will be able to shoot 2's or 3's to hit at 14 inches. 14 inches being that sweet spot of getting to peppered the ****** out of them before they can close, or charge (majority) and even then they trigger the sweet death of great company's 'lend support' fire.  And of course these numbers are before we used any command points, items or spells.. These guys can be brutal shooters with very small effort. While the sword and shield are initially tempting, it's a trap because it halfs your potentially damage output and the save bonuses only apply to melee combat, making it hardly worth the trade.  Your giving away over half your possible Damage output for a small save buff that applies to less than half the save you will need to make over the course of a match. Same goes for the Halberd, your giving away over half your possible inciting chances (hits) for a small increase (16-25%) on the back end after you halfed the chances to get there. If the Halberds had the spear's range it would be a closer call. But now? nope. Shield is sweet, no doubt. But Guard are going to die plan and simple and in droves no matter what once they engage. So with the match-view the best outcome is to put out the most buff, command, and spell buffed damage at twice the rate and 14 inch range before that happens because you will only be getting 33% of a 16% payback from the shield. Not a good exchange. Hope that helps, gotta go!