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Elfhead getting things painted (update: classic high elves)


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It has been a while since I posted something new. I feel my Cult of Slaanesh army is pretty much done for now and I thought it would be a good idea to paint all those models I have lying around before purchasing something new. I know there are a lot of hobbyists out there who have spent a lot of money on models, but never came around to painting them. This is my attempt to get a large portion of my unpainted or stripped models sitting on the shelf painted. Hopefully I'll get enough done to be able to buy new stuff guilt-free when Slaanesh or ealves will finally be released for AoS.

This thread will mostly be (high) elves, with the occasional model from other ranges. 

To start this thread of with a little irony, I'll first show my Lord of contagion I converted to fit into AoS. I wasn't intending to buy new models, but I simply loved this model and thought it would be fun to try something different. This Nurgle Lord meant a different color scheme from what I usually paint and also enabled me to try some new techniques. I tried to add a lot of texture to the model, with lots of scratches and battle damage to the armour. 

Comments and critique are very much appreciated, as it helps me to improve and stay motivated.




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Thanks @Tommy!

The Nurgle lord got me a nice amount of likes and new folowers on instagram. It seems to me there are a lot more people dedicated to 40k than AoS on Instagram. Posting an AoS-ified 40K mini seems to help to get some interest...

Right now I have a few weeks off from work, so I can spend a lot more time painting than I usually can. I Finally finished my unit of Handmaidens of the everqueen. I got them from 'marktplaats' (literally: marketplace, a dutch site like ebay) for a decent price. They are 5th or even 4th ed. models and I've always wanted to get my hands on them. The spears were pretty tricky to paint in NMM as they have a different shape than most blades I've painted. But I think I worked out pretty well. I wanted to use a more muted palette and I think it worked out pretty well. I also wasn't sure if I should put them on squares (all my old elf models are on squares) or round bases, but in the end I decided I simply like rounds better esthetically. 


E6V7uthl.jpg tHNeGPEl.jpg




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@Tidings I checked if Warseer was back up and it is... I left a comment on your plog over there, nice stuff!

@cb_rex thanks man! the handmaidens were clearly designed to be on squares, they rank up perfectly. But I just really love the look of rounds.

I'm currently working on one of my all time favorite units, the dragon princes of Caledor. They were the unit that got me into the hobby made me want to start High elves. The most recent plastic kit is awesome, they look just like the original artwork in my 5th ed. high elves book.  

I want to paint them using NMM. painting red NMM is proving to be really difficult. highlighting red makes it look very orange or pink. so I figured pure red should pretty much be the lightest color. What do you think? doe sanyone has experience with painting red NMM?



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Thanks man! Regarding red NMM, I've run into the same problems you're describing. I have a hard enough time even highlighting crimson cloaks. NMM is meant to imitate real world lighting on a metal surface. Red metal doesn't exactly exist outside of paint of a coating, and the way it appears metal is by reflecting light which is usually other than red. 

Here are a few examples you could study, the highlights are basically white or tinted bluish like the sky. 




You could use Ulthuan Gray and White to build up highlights, and if it comes out too bright you could try a red glaze to tone it back and tint it red again? Never tried it, just a thought. 

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holiday is over and painting has become sporadic. to add to the maiden guard this is the more recent handmaiden of the everqueen model. I love the oldskool vibe of this model and it fits perfectly with the older models. when painting I always think about how to improve my skills. On this model I painted eyes, something I rarely bother to do. I also wanted her hair to look shiny and as alway I try to improve my NMM skills.






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lovely smooth blending on your stuff, I'm really envious.

Criticism.. it's too good,  there's very little to criticise!

LIke... here's what I like, and I think your comment about red nmm nails it.  You use your eyes and it shows in your painting, where you understand that light and shade isn't one colour but many colours and a colour will react and be affected by the colour next to it.

Once you understand that, and you do, your painting walks up a level without even trying.  I'm really looking forward to seeing more.

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@Davariel Thanks for the comment. This model was one of the first things I bought when I got back into the hobby. It has everything I love about High elves. The sisters of Avelorn should have looked more like her. I toyed around with the idea of copying the handmaidens head and using it with the sisters. maybe someday, if we don't get new elves someday soon...

@Tidings thanks for the love, much appreciated!

@Kaleb Daark thanks for the comment! You don't have to be able to point out a flaw to leave a comment. I also don't think you have to be more skilled to be able to critique someone. I always loved it when people made suggestions and boosted my creativity. A comment also helps to keep me motivated. I've noticed here on TGA the Plogs of starting painters are very popular and filled with great advice to help them advance. That is a beautiful thing, but for me as a more experienced painter I still need the keen eyes of others and the support to boost my motivation.

I finished another model, Korhil. I got this guy for free when I bought the maiden guard. I wasn't really fond of this model, but it has grown on me. I also own the older Korhil model, which I think is better. But this guy was actually really fun and pretty quick to paint. I decided to go for a different color scheme, representing Korhil during the End Times. Korhil dyed his Lion pelt black as a sign of mourning (I think). 

The pic of his back represents the colors better I think...



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It has been over three months since I posted anything. I got married and work was really busy. But now I've got some time to finally paint some of the amazing elves I had lying around. I promised myself not to buy anything new until I empty my backlog or new elves or Slaanesh become available...

I finally got round to painting Teclis. I made some slight alterations to the model. I added a pouch to his belt so he looks a little wider and lengthened his robe. The NMM on him isn't spot on but he looks allright I think.

I also painted Aenur and the mordheim elf mage. On the latter I probably spend a little bit to much but he was really hard to get. Both models were great fun to paint, although the mage is pretty tiny. As I like to challenge myself I decided to try some object source lighting with this model. Let me know what you think, does it work?






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The Mordheim Elf mage is one of the coolest figures to come out of Specialist Games IMO. One can only hope that they perhaps bring it back at some stage, although you're possibly right, he might look a bit small compared to the current Elf range.

And your paint job on those figures are superb, really does them justice.

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Progress is sloooooow... It seems there will finally be an el release, so I need to get a move on with my current project. Iḿ sorry these are just some phone pics. I'm currently working on some 5th edition High elf White lions, using a very natural color palette. The unit will be led by Korhil (5th ed. model).




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@KnaveOfScribes Thanks man! I always enjoy painting elves and i’m having a great time painting my ‘old’ collection. Stuff like the Nurgle lord is great for trying something different. I suspect my cult of slaanesh elves will get some reinforcements with the release of the daughters of Khaine... 


@The Traitor Thanks! I love doing NMM, and it works really well with a more muted color pallette I think. It prevents the model from getting boring, If that makes sense...

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finally finished my white lions! I'm very happy with the muted palette. the class models are stil a lot of fun to paint.

next on my table are a few Nurgle models and then I'll have to see if the Daughters of Khaine have been released. I'm also getting motivated to go back to my Slaaneshi elves, although I'll carefully have to think about the narrative.

hope you like these guys (comments and critique very welcome):



Korhil and Korhil (in End Times colors)





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21 minutes ago, elfhead said:

thanks @Kramer, I think you're right about the two Korhil versions. I didn plan in advance, but the colors and poses of the models really fit the narrative of a young hero and the troubled Korhil we saw in the End times.



Although I love your painting, I think you meant @Double Misfire with this response ;)  

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  • elfhead changed the title to Elfhead getting things painted (update: classic high elves)

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