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  1. @Kilofix might be right, but I've found I don't like that many 125 points fighters from a y band, lol. @Madds thanks a lot! They're from the Hearthguard Berzerkers kit. @exliontamer thanks! Yeah, I follow him too, hadn't realized but it does remind me of his style. @Obeisance I think the best way to distribute is as equal as possible, since there are many missions where dagger or shield come later. I also started putting the Blissful in the dagger, but I realized shield is better since in that way you get to see where your opponent has deployed his dagger before deploying her, so you can react to that. So right now I'm putting a Joyful and three Awakened Ones in the dagger, Blissful and three Awakened Ones in the shield and another Joyful and two Awakened Ones in the hammer.
  2. Took close-ups of the six converted flails and the leader, didn't convert the awakened ones too much as they already are amazing models. @Grontik you can always use more than one chain bit in each model by simply gluing one after another so that they look more lengthy. @Sleboda I literally transport the band in a tupper with bubble wrap and it hasn't broken yet, lol. @GDD the good part is they're very easy to convert into awakened ones. And thanks for the compliment! @Kilofix compare it to the Iron Golems drillmaster who has the same cost: Ascended Ones should be in the 90 to 100 points range, and Joyful Ones in the 120 to 130 one, I still have to experiment how a list without any of them would fare, though I suspect having a couple T4 and plain damage 2 models is probably better.
  3. I converted many flails with some Fyreslayer bits, the photo shows it badly.
  4. @Kilofix @Keith And why is it you find the pole arm better than the flail? Or is it purely because of what comes in the box? Because when I compared the both I saw the flails clearly better, besides looking way cooler.
  5. @Kilofix @Keith I guess you both mean 8 Awakened Ones, not 6? Also, flail always over polearm, right? @Sleboda it's not an ability to rely on, but it can definitely be extremely useful and if you use it most turns once or twice like me it'll inevitably end up helping.
  6. @Sleboda they are deceptively good, yes, probably because they synergize well instead of having plain good models. I only bought a box, converted every ascended one and awakened one with polearm to be awakened ones with flails and asked a friend who was going to play another warband for a joyful one and another flail. I'll probably convert those two models in the near future out of something else when I have some time though. @Brother_Captain two boxes is great if you plan to play narrative campaigns as the warband can grow up to 1300 points. In treasure games I usually find going first is key, so I either spend my wild dice into a simple or if that wouldn't work anyways I turn a triple to a quad to try to one-hit the treasure bearer with the Blissful One. I'm finding the leader to be a really key piece for the Unmade since it can dish out so much damage in needed places thanks to the high movement and damage. Also I didn't have problem with the "glass" part since you can literally protect him with bodies and can move to keep himself safe. I managed for him not to get killed in any of my seven games so far.
  7. Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted in this forum as I haven't been playing much AoS lately, but Warcry has brought me back quite hard. Just wanted to share my experience with Unmade since yesterday there was a "gaming day" in my store to try out Warcry and I played my seven games with them and won them all. First of all the Unmade seem to be in the lower end of the bands at first sight, if you compare the cost and profiles of our band to any other other one you'll easily see it. Iron golems get an awakened one with flail but at T4 for only 5 points more. Almost every band's elite guys are better than the joyous and ascended one, etc etc. If you add that to the fact that we get less options than anyone else with only five warrior cards, it doesn't give a great first impression. However, the Unmade shine because of various sinergies. My list yesterday (and I don't plan to change it so far) was a Blissful One, 2 Joyous Ones and 8 Awakened Ones with Flail. Terrifying Visions, which I've seen criticized above, is one of the best doubles in the game. Working 2/3s of the time is not an issue when you can use it with any member of your band and are only wasting a double. Don't plan too much around it, but it can give you so much breathing room. Spamming guys with flails was a completely unexpected but powerful build. Awakened Ones are really cheap and with range 3 they become a huge pain. Not only that, but because they are so many, you can control the board with them and limit your opponent's movement a lot. Finally, the Blissful One, while certainly expensive, is amazing and a fundamental tool for the Unmade as it can make so much damage thanks to his naturally powerful combat profile and his amazing triple ability. At the end of the day and thinking about it I've realized this band is about board control. You can basically limit your opponent's movement completely thanks to the horde of Awakened Ones combined with Terrifying Visions, which allows to pick off targets with the Blissful One and Joyful Ones without exposing them too much, specially with the earlier with his high movement and the triple. This way of playing is effective for most if not all types of missions, since you can easily control objectives in controlling missions and your opponent needs to kill a lot of models in killing missions, and won me my seven games yesterday. I of course need to play a lot more, but so far I'm happy with the warband, and I'm not regretting having picked them up purely for aesthetics :P. @Keith I don't see myself paying for one when Joyful Ones are only 20 points more with +5 wounds and +1 movement, plus a better (though still bad) unique ability. For me the tactic, as explained above, has been board control with loads of cheap bodies and surgical attacks with few elite ones.
  8. Congratulations @DantePQ, recognised your army on the community article ! I might be playing something similar as you in the near future as I'm getting Morathi (three spells in 2nd es seems too good to pass up) and also play Hagg Nar around a cauldron. Are you planning on making a tournament battle report as you've made before? I always find them very interesting and I think reading how you won the Throne of Skulls would be even better! Also thanks on pointing out the Gryph Feather Charm, I had been using the Miasmatic Blade on my queen which is basically the same minus the extra inch, duh... And, lastly, after the tournament, would you consider splitting the doomfires into two units for extra flexibility or the chance of dealing 6MW is just too much? I usually end up using them more for mobility than other thing, so I'm not too sure about taking a big unit or two smaller ones...
  9. I must say I'm not finding the SQ command ability as strong as I thought, I rarely get to use it on key units as they usually overkill and are left with nothing in the following hero phase, so it usually goes to weaker units like warlocks or smaller witch units... However I'm still not sure about changing to Bloodwrack Shrine to unlock BS troops, as it would mean separating the Hagg Nar trait from the blood shield and thus making it more difficult for my army to stay within those two (key) buffs. Also today had a major win against kharadron overlords, I was winning in objectives but swiped his army away anyways. He just didn't have the firepower to deal with my Hagg Nar army, the Slaughter Queen on cauldron tanked 36 skyhook shots through the game, plus an admiral assault, and survived with a single wound. My opponent was really annoyed because he said my army isn't bad at anything, I hit harder than him, saved better and was faster... And thinking about it, what is our weakness? With all our buffs DoK are good at everything! What are you guys finding to be our counter?
  10. @Olincay which temple are you playing? I would personally recommend Hagg Nar, but an argument could be made for Khailebron too. Also, since you're taking a battalion, you can take an additional artefact.
  11. @Black_Fortress_Immortal love your scheme, screams "shadow realm" to me much more! On other news I had a 1500 points today against Nurgle and completely shattered my opponent. My opponent was trying out a list consisting of a Lord of Affliction, 3 units of pussigoyle blightlords and 2 units of plague drones and he got turn 1, so I got charged before I could get my buffs up. However Hagg Nar SoS wallpaper took the punch surprisingly well, even though I forgot blood shield (still very new to this army, haven't been able to play due to exams, which I've just finished so should get many more games now). That said I think I'm going to take bucklers on witches and knives on SoS instead of the other way around, so that I can pile in 6" with the SoS when I get charged and still hit over the WE. Still getting amazed about how good this army is, it hits sooo hard and can still take a punch combining bucklers, blood shield, hagg nar and blessing of Khaine.
  12. Your army looks amazing @DantePQ, it was one of the factors that made me decide in favour of purplish tones instead of green, as well as going for NMM instead of true metallics, and I must say I'm quite pleased with the result so far: Still need to do the base, but I like it, will take a while to paint them all though. Also, more game-wise related, with the new way command abilities are going to work are you guys considering the bloodwrack shrine as general for the blood sisters line while keeping the slaughter's queen command ability, or are you going to keep the queen as general to give her the command trait?
  13. Exactly, with how tight DoK lists are and how we can cover everything we need I don't see myself using allies in a near future, specially since Idoneth don't look like they'll be bringing long range, which is the only thing we kind of lack (but still don't need).
  14. Hmmm... I guess adding Witch Aelves to a Slaughter Troupe would indeed be pretty brutal. Still, I would try to add some Blood Sisters to the mix, the sinergy is too obvious to miss. So, I made a bit of Mathhammer with most of the DoK, and decided to share as I thought someone here might find it interesting: The Damage column shows the average damage each unit makes against each possible armour save (does not take into account the 1+ armour, sorry) and the Efficiency column shows the damage divided by the point cost and multiplied by 100 to be easier to compare, so it measures if a unit is worth its points based solely on its damage output. I was actually quite surprised to see the low efficiency of Morathi on it’s Shadow Queen form, considering she’s a beatstick type of monster, though I guess the Iron Heart of Khaine does make her more expensive and isn’t taken into account there, as well as the gaze of Morathi. Also, next up I’m planing to run the maths for buffed units to see which benefit more from each (in hopes of finding the anwser to who should I cast Mindrazor to), so I’m going to do the prayers and the spells, but any request for something else or mixed buffs?
  15. I thought temple nest (or any blood sister heavy army) would be the best for Draichi Ganeth, as MW on a 3+/ 2+ on the champ from crystal touch should be amazing. However I prefer armies more gimmicky than that, as the only trick of that army would be dealing insane damage, and that's why I actually like Hagg Nar a lot, as it makes you be somehow conservative until turn 3 and gives you a surprisingly high durability to units your opponent didn't expect.
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