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  1. It was for someone else Aren73 My quote says I did them.
  2. So yeah I disagree with you pretty heavily. It's a lore for dealing damage, And is something Vampires will use if they don't need to heal a unit that turn. Also remember any time a caster gets a 9+ the spell goes off again. -Blades of Shyish: Easy to Cast Spell that deals 1 mortal wound in a wide area. If the Vamp is in the middle of a large group of enemies units it can be helpful to weaken them. It's just some extra weakening. -Spirit Gale: A spell that depends on who you are fighting. It should be taken based on that. -Soulspike: A pretty useful spell that can hurt combat
  3. I am still unsure why you think Vampire Lords are bad. Or that the lore of Vampires is.
  4. Personally think people are being a bit kneejerky about Soulblight.
  5. I am assuming tons of things are going to go up in points. Given that we are using 5s now.
  6. you should rephrase that, I thought you were talking about Death Riders. having a better Save and damage.
  7. I also think a lot of you guys are over reacting. Also I am expecting a points hike for pretty much all armies.
  8. Don't know what you are talking about we already saw them and Blood Knights are way better.
  9. Don't know what you are talking about we already saw them and Blood Knights are way better.
  10. I would not assume the new armour has a 100% chance of getting past the cursed Skies.
  11. Pretty sure it's Grungni as Be'lakor would be nervous around him.
  12. I highly doubt Flesh Eaters will be rolled into Gravelords.
  13. I never doubted his rules would remain intact. Fantasy and 40k had tons of historical characters that were dead in universe.
  14. I still think he is just dead. also goading the dragon is a common term. It was just referring to Teclis antagonizing Nagash.
  15. Nagash was stated to have found the remnants of their souls and recreated them. If Arkhan's Soul is lost I don't think he can do that.
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