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  1. Quite a lot if increased point on the skaven side ouch... Like the fact they tried to fix FeC with ereta that allows for counter play rather than make everything 100pts more. Gloomspite might turn from solid mid tier to very good after all these point drops too.
  2. Finally got around to finishing my FeC re basing project so thought id take the time to make some cards for the army and share them on here. C&C welcome.
  3. I think a big factor in why there arent many truly competitive battle reports available especially the hand held ones (hate the top down ones myself), are that the players are to busy you know, being competitive gamers. Anyone that has played in a tournament where they wanted to win ,or at least aimed to do well, can tell you there isn't much room for focusing on other things but your and the opponents armies together with the psychology of the opponent. Miniweargaming is for background entertainment while painting, seeing decently painted armies going at it with the familiar sound of rolling dice and wtf moments. Quite enjoy GMG and their lists are decent but they do get some rules wrong which is prob because he plays like 10 games systems on his channel and with only 1-3 AoS reports a month. Doom and Darkness is very good for competitive and insightful at that but doesn't include the production values of above two.
  4. Just thinking wouldn't 40 ungor raiders also benefit from blades emensely? 40 shots rerolling 1s and 2s for 9 odd MW in addition to 13 odd normal wounds at 24"+d6 range which is something nurgle can really use. I now wanna try 30 raiders and 10 centigors lol Something like this: Allegiance: NurgleMortal Realm: UlguLeadersVerminlord Corruptor (260)- General- Artefact: Sword of Judgement - Lore of Virulence: Glorious AfflictionsHarbinger of Decay (160)Festus the Leechlord (140)- Lore of Malignance: Blades of PutrefactionBattleline10 x Putrid Blightkings (320)10 x Putrid Blightkings (320)5 x Putrid Blightkings (160)Units10 x Centigors (160)- Allies30 x Ungor Raiders (240)- Allies40 x Plague Monks (240)- Foetid Blades- 1x Icon of Pestilence- 1x Contagion Banner- 1x Doom Gongs- 1x Bale ChimesTotal: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 400 / 400Wounds: 215
  5. Pretty disappointed in our point drops... doesnt feel like it changes anything and though magoth lords and flies are cheaper they still not worth considering which sucks as they are awesome models. Thing is the vermin lord is still better than bloab and lord of affliction still doesn't have enough damage output for 200pts niether are 2 blightlords 40 pts better than 5 blightkings... was hoping both would drop to 180pts at most. The other units that droped would rather require warcroll rewrites than points adjustments imo.
  6. I do not get the point of your argument on how this pertains to tiers in AoS in a competitive tournament scene... other than a lecture on statistics which tbh i agree with on the integrity of the data... but what is your point though? We are discussing the fictional tier system of little toy soldier fantasy armies with almost infinite combinations of variables when you include the human factor. Do you agree sortof with the order in which these armies fall? if not other than saying stats are made up and points dont matter how do you rank the armies? You must also remember that data isnt based on some backwater basement games, most if not all the tournaments they count are pretty darn big affairs with serious gamers trying to do their best, thus we can also assume they are mostly using the top ends of the book. and yes assume and stats and integrity dont go well together but again it is the only numbers we have.
  7. So just disregard the only real numbers available because it might not be 100% accurate or representative of every meta... Isn't it interesting then how peoples views with no stats correspond roughly with perceived power from the empirical useless data... Im not saying its perfect never did, but to ignore it completely, is folly.
  8. While this is true, one also has too start assuming that after 50-100 games with random people these types of factors are starting to be averaged out, especially when you consider it is a 3 continent spanning data set and not an isolated closed meta of the same 10 players. It is also the only real data available, it doesn't prove much and is definitely not definitive of the state of any isolated meta, but gives an point of reference as to the average strength in a normal tournament setting for armies on average. The only real way you are going t get the "scientific" data you are looking for is if you record the 2 same opponents playing every variation of an army vs every variation of another army in each of the 18 missions at least id wager 20 odd times... this is impossible... Skaven doesnt include any data from before the book and they have almost 80 games on record so could probably go or down up a few % points but should be pretty stable. FeC and fyreslayers is both pre and post tome so does muddy the data. Will be very interesting to see what the new Legion of Grief does for Night Haunt... Just as a side note I'm not involved in any way with the stats i just made a little graph 😜
  9. Skaven are very very good... but they haven't gotten the 60%+ win ratio in more than 70 games. I still think that t2 is very good, it is just that t1 is waaaaaaaaay too good, no army should have win ration over 55% in more than 50 games in a "global" meta.
  10. I took the Honest wargamer stats and made a quick graph of their AOS 2.1 vs AOS2.2 comparison for 6 May 2019 table leaving out the "non army" armies and got to this. One can prob with certainty say Daugters to Idoneth are pretty solidly top tier with win ratios over 60% which is way too high, second tier is probably skaven to Beastmen which might need slight point adjustments, Tier 3 with Bonesplitters to Seraphon who prob need slight point drops, and last tier of armies not even competing, luckily most of them still will get new books but it does show Gloomspite and NH where pretty shafted in their bbooks.
  11. Quick question.. does morbid vigour from a harbinger stack with blightlords disgustingly resilient? So would roll one special save after the other? Never played it like that but someone asked and now I'm wondering.
  12. Played vs beastmen with my stormfiends this past weekend in two units of 3, and they where devastating... With an arch warlock behind giving them sparks in the shooting phase and the more more spell along with vigor dust injector did crazy amounts of damage... Trhough the game they killed 25 ungor raiders with 1 warp flamer, killed 5 dragon ogres, 2 chimeras and a dragon ogre shagoth with shooting, 1 dragon ogre and 10 bestigors in cc. for the cost of 2 stormfiends killed by 10man bestigor charge. 1 unit had the flamer ratling and shock gauntlets the other doomflayer wind launcher and ratling. Id play them again... and even look into putting them into a unit of 6, they dont even need to be screened as they will do just fine if charged. might even get 3 more for ...9 😮
  13. Wait what... i can have a great unclean one in my pestilens army but not clan rats...???...
  14. so wait... From this FAQ, in general allies dont break the allegiance of an army, Neither do they break allegiance for specific clans (skyre, pestilens etc.) but an army cant ally with it self... So this means that clan pestilens can have plague bearers as battleline but they and any clan army other than verminus cant have clanrats???...
  15. Ended up pretty much building one of each in the end, it really is a pity you cannot take them pickAmix But in the end 6 different stormfiends should give options to try out and play them with some differing styles. All i keep thinking is i want a 3 man 1x Grinder and 2x doomflayer team 😢 and a 3x Ratling or 3x Mortar team, tbh while i think the flamer has its uses its maybe better to use the teams for that suicide charge.
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