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  1. Quick question.. does morbid vigour from a harbinger stack with blightlords disgustingly resilient? So would roll one special save after the other? Never played it like that but someone asked and now I'm wondering.
  2. Played vs beastmen with my stormfiends this past weekend in two units of 3, and they where devastating... With an arch warlock behind giving them sparks in the shooting phase and the more more spell along with vigor dust injector did crazy amounts of damage... Trhough the game they killed 25 ungor raiders with 1 warp flamer, killed 5 dragon ogres, 2 chimeras and a dragon ogre shagoth with shooting, 1 dragon ogre and 10 bestigors in cc. for the cost of 2 stormfiends killed by 10man bestigor charge. 1 unit had the flamer ratling and shock gauntlets the other doomflayer wind launcher and ratling. Id play them again... and even look into putting them into a unit of 6, they dont even need to be screened as they will do just fine if charged. might even get 3 more for ...9 😮
  3. Wait what... i can have a great unclean one in my pestilens army but not clan rats...???...
  4. so wait... From this FAQ, in general allies dont break the allegiance of an army, Neither do they break allegiance for specific clans (skyre, pestilens etc.) but an army cant ally with it self... So this means that clan pestilens can have plague bearers as battleline but they and any clan army other than verminus cant have clanrats???...
  5. Ended up pretty much building one of each in the end, it really is a pity you cannot take them pickAmix But in the end 6 different stormfiends should give options to try out and play them with some differing styles. All i keep thinking is i want a 3 man 1x Grinder and 2x doomflayer team 😢 and a 3x Ratling or 3x Mortar team, tbh while i think the flamer has its uses its maybe better to use the teams for that suicide charge.
  6. SOooo I am buss building 3 stormfiends, I've already got 3 painted up with ratlings, warpfire and shock gauntlets. Do i do the same again? I'm not sure... Only thing i think im sure on is no drill as the ratling is just better... I am very torn on second warpfire and especially on shock vs flayer... Any recommendations?
  7. Was just looking at the doom wheel, can it run? and if it does, does it go 5d6?
  8. Ive made some for the Realm Artifacts, Legions of Nagash, Night haunt and Beasts of chaos. (see links in first post). Ill probably make some for FEC too as Ive got them as well, but Im on a Skaven kick atm.🐀🐭 I know There are similar card sets made for Nurgle, khorne and Tzeentch from others on the forum.
  9. Hi guys, Like my other uploads for card gaming aids in the MTG style. Arts all GW or google images. There are a couple of duplicate pics in these as Skaven have soooo many cards and i gave up on finding better art images. C&C welcome. Cheers Skaven cards.pdf
  10. I saw mine in the store. The owner wouldnt let me take or open and roll them but they are hard solid plastic
  11. Warpfire throwers look like insane kamikaze missiles... run in close to big unit roll 2 dice per model every 4+ = MW then blow up... very skaveny hahaha. Doomwheels moving 4d6 and with lightning going to 3 + 3+ and being able to supercharge might make them playable Will be very interesting to see what happens with clan rats and storm vermin in a "clan" army.. or how they did it the video doesn't make it super clear. Would be nice if clan rats at least get to be any clan for purposes of determining what is battleline. Then again 3x20 clanrats at 360pts for a 60man battleline tax is hardly prohibitive if even if you want to do pure clan.
  12. If the army general is pestilence you get Nurgle allies lol. But yeah sad that the only way to get alternate battleline is to be pure clans
  13. From the video pts # plague claw 160 warp lightning 180 Jezzails 140 3 clan rats 120-200 20-40 doomwheel 160 Hellpit 220 Arch warlock 160 Claw lord 100 Death master 100 grey seer 120 master moulder 100 Plague priest 80 Skritch 140 bombardier 100 warlock engineer 100 Screaming bell 200 Screech 300 Plague furnace 180 thanqoul 400 Corrupter 260 Deceiver 300 war bringer 260 warp seer 260 doom flayer 60 giant rats 60-200 10-40 gutter runners 60-200 5-20 night runners 80-280 10-40 pack masters 60 3 plague censor 60 5-20 plague monks 70-240 10-40 rat ogres 80 2-8 rat swarms 60 2-8 rattling 80 skyre acolytes 60-320 5-30 storm fiends 260 3-9 Storm vermin 140 10-40 warpfire 70 warpgrinder 80 Only batteline is clan rats and storm vermin in mixed skaven...
  14. yeah if you can make it out. from round about 54min
  15. Review is up by Guerrilla Miniature Games.
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