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  1. I was wondering this too. Tzeentch wizards get Fate Points for casting spells so it's nice to be able to cast even when out of range.
  2. You can email Gwapps@gwplc.com . Gonna be fixed over next couple weeks they say.
  3. Tamurkhan got 40pts cheaper. His movement degrades less. His jaw weapon got worse, no longer causing mortal wounds. The dragon's weapon got more reliable and slightly more attacks. He lost the fun ability to possess enemies (that never happened) and gained the ability to prevent himself from dying and heal D6 wounds if he kills an enemy hero within 3" via D3 mortals. His CA is now a wholly within 28" charge reroll instead of monsters only. -- I can't really see any use for him in a Nurgle list other than a fun centerpiece model. He should kill tar-pits faster at least. The new Tamurkhan alliegiance doesn't seem great. Are charge rerolls that useful to Nurgle?
  4. Skaarac got 60pts cheaper. He's now slighter slower moving, and his main melee attack is less random and more reliable. His missile and main melee attack degrade slightly less with wounds suffered. His spell debuff is now -2 to cast and only applies to enemy casters (nice buff). His bravery debuff is now only -1 but is always active. The range on his death explosion is 3" instead of D6" and now you have to roll a 4+ instead of automatically causing mortals. It doesn't effect friendly units any more. His CA went from run-and-charge to all Khorne monsters in 12" to reroll charge for all Khorne in 12". -- Overall I think these are decent changes but the Burning Blood missile needs some rend considering it's only 1 attack and only 8" range. Even with his ability to heal wounds in combat, he's still pretty fragile for his cost with only a 4+ save, no mortal wound protection and no access to artefacts. I think he'll fit well into Bloodbound lists though.
  5. CHAOS - KHORNE: Flesh hounds on ovals I'm happy with - I've based mine that way already because it makes most sense. It's the normal dog and light cav base size. Karanak on a slightly larger oval seems fine (just annoying for people who already have him based differently). Bloodsecrator: I'm keeping mine on 40mm thank you very much. 32mm doesn't make any sense. Skarbrand: Can't they give us the option of putting him on the 120 oval bloodthirster base OR the 100mm round that he comes with? Skullmaster (bloodletter herald on juggernaut): Seems a bit weird that he gets a round base, considering the 3 other juggernaut-riding units in the army are all on 90mm ovals... Interesting that Tzeentch Screamers get 32mm. Isn't that smaller than their flying base? For gameplay reasons I think a smaller base is better for them, in order to fly over enemies and land behind for their slashing attacks.
  6. Good news from the June 2018 FAQ
  7. How have liberators changed?
  8. Any thoughts on an allied celestial hurricanum for mortal wound output, extra wizard and the hit buff for shooting?
  9. So my planned listed has gone up 90pts... but on the bright side, I get to summon a bloodthirster when 8 units die
  10. Photo from White Dwarf in case anyone missed it: Easy to read on ipad screen but yrmv.
  11. Looks awesome! Can I get on the reserve list for this?
  12. Just out of interest, I was wondering what is the maximum amount of additional rules that can be stacked up on a game of AoS... Here's what I came up with... You could have a Triumph and Treachery battle, using Treachery Points, Treacherous Acts and Secret Objectives rules, where the players are divided into 3 teams of 2 so Coalition of Death rules are also used, including Fog of War and Divine Intervention. All Allegiance Abilities - battle traits, command traits, artefacts, and spell lores - are in use and each army is made up of Warscroll Battalions and Uber-Battalions that confer extra abilities. This is also the final battle of a Firestorm campaign so players have Stratagem Points to use before the game and extra abilities from Strategic Regions that they hold. The rewards rolls have been borrowed from Path to Glory and have been made after each battle, so some units have Champion Rewards or Follower Rewards rules. The board is a Shattered Dominion so each tile has its own rules. All Scenery pieces use their own warscroll rules as well as rolling on the Scenery Table for each piece, and there is a Stronghold (an Infernal Realmfort that also has it's own Warscroll Battalion) held by one team so the effects of Siege Tactics against it need to be rolled before the game. The Scenario is generated using Open War cards for the Map, Objectives and Twist, with Ruse and Sudden Death cards also given to the team with the smallest army, who also get a Triumph reroll. The Realm of Battle (Time of War) is The Realm of Death, which has rules for Realmscape Features, Realmsphere Magic, Realm Commands, and an additional Power of Death roll at the start of every hero phase. This is also Malign Portents game, so Prophecy Points can be generated and used every turn. That's a lot of stuff to remember! Did I miss anything?
  13. You mean the Daemon Prince? It depends on your army allegiance. Your army has to have Tzeentch allegiance to give wizards the extra tzeentch spells.
  14. Maybe a bit hopeful trying to get some use out of this guy... the Beast Unbound rule says roll to see if he causes D3 mortals if without a master “in the charge phase”. Does this mean every charge phase, including the opponent’s, or just your own charge phase?
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