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  1. I'm going to continue with my fledgling Skaven and Cities of Sigmar armies. Get them to a battle ready state!
  2. Skritt

    Warden King

    Excellent great looking beard
  3. Skaven assault on defenders of the duardin reclaimed section of Karak Eight-Points
  4. King Belgadin Ironhammerson , defending his ancestral hold of Karak Eight-Points, originally in the all points (now eight points). He has managed to capture a portion of the citadel.
  5. Skritt


    Hammerers defending a captured former duardin hold in the 8-points.
  6. Skritt


    Runelord defending a captured former duardin hold in the 8-points.
  7. Also interested to hear. I have just been using bits of terrain from other AOS terrain sets and endless spell, like judgements of khorne.
  8. In the warcry anthology there was that poison river that would be cool to represent. Near the water take fall tests in combat as normal and if you fall in then night night
  9. Great post, inspired to play chosen axed again after some time away from underworlds
  10. That throt art. I remember seeing it for the first time when the throt model game out. Just perfectly skaven
  11. Looks awesome! I too want to do moulder. Are small units of giant rats worth while, missing out on all the unit bonuses? I believe storm fiends are still decent for moulder as they don't break allegiance although sadly cannot benefit from artefacts like the rabbit crown. Odd considering it was thrott who created them
  12. Hello I wish to try out my new painted Caegan lodge dwarves. I had the idea of an objective style deck using the ones posted above as a basis. The deck list is posted below. Is the following board a suitable choice ? For long and horizontal respectively Objectives (12) 119 - Ferocious Charge 124 - Scion of Grimnir 248 - Contained 252 - Defensive Strike 278 - Our Only Way Out 296 - Tactical Supremacy 1-2 297 - Tactical Supremacy 3-4 L24 - Shining Example N310 - Denial N319 - Fired Up N357 - Opening Gambit N374 - Supremacy Gambits (10) 129 - Oathsworn 132 - The Earth Shakes 133 - Treasure-lust 310 - Confused Priorities 329 - Great Concussion 334 - Inspiration Strikes 347 - Quick Thinker 348 - Ready for Action 361 - Spectral Wings N441 - Regal Vision Upgrades (10) 136 - Activated Runes 142 - Grimnir's Fortitude 143 - Grimnir's Speed 373 - A Destiny to Meet 376 - Awakened Weapon 384 - Deathly Fortitude 387 - Flickering Image 416 - Shardcaller 424 - Tethered Spirit N499 - Faneway Crystal
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