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  1. So I want to start sylvaneth from scratch and I want to be able to have flexibility in my lists instead of just building one list. How many dryads do i do I need to buy how many tree revenants do I need to buy how many sets of 3 trees
  2. makes sense. In line with most things now. So maybe blocks of 20 are better to keep them within 6”
  3. Is there a change somewhere in the book that now makes a block of 30 dryads easier to kill?
  4. With so many monsters you really need to replace shroud spell (which kinda sucks) with monstrous vigour. Also a chalice would be so good to heal your monsters
  5. Damn. Didn’t even see that. You onto something. My list is basically same as yours but I have a ghast instead of GK and I run ghoul patrol mostly for extra stuff but option to infiltrate ghouls is there. Army literally depends on 3 things: 1) getting spells off - need cart or something else to buff casting 2) CP for feeding frenzy 3) staying in auras. Especially save aura and ZD reroll wound spell aura (goes back to point 1)
  6. Thanks for feedback! I thought I had gotten rid of mentions of mounted kings summoning, I’ll go back and edit. And yes after my first game definitely putting throne forward lol
  7. no, feeding frenzy is not on their warscroll. In fact neither are the BRB ones...needs FAQ
  8. hey guys, wrote up my list and a little thingy on it over on Honestwargamer.com https://thehonestwargamer.com/aos-list-rundowns/gristlegore-monster-mash-new-battletome/
  9. yea I used to be a fan of a big horror unit. Now with the ability to give them fly, that's extra sweet. They definitely seem to have more synergies than flayers. But man thats a lotta points. Especially when you can get a lotta ghouls for that, and fufil battleline without having to take a courtier as general AND, you get horrors and flayers for free basically if summoned
  10. for sure, there's way more synergies for them than with flayers and horrors imo, but tbh, with hitting on 4s and wounding on 4s, no rend, 1 damage, you are going to need all 240+ attacks to get through even a unit of 60 gits. any -1 to hit screws this army up big time. almost nothing in the army hits on better than 4s (except GK)
  11. Learnings from game 1 played against 120 clan rats, 2 warp cannons, 2 warpfire teams (who did like 40 MW lol) and FW lord thingy, grey seer in bell 1) keeping your GKs beside the throne turn 1 to summon really sucks. Put it as far forward as possible. My archregent ended up basically one turn behind on movement to rest of my army. 2) gristlegore is gross. 3) spells are SUPER important to effectiveness of the army. Consider taking plus cast things or running corpse cart? 4) CP super important as well. You should be making lists with max 1900 points. Probably worth running battallion just for CP, relic and low drops as long as tax isn’t high. With 4 CP to start brooch becomes almost mandatory. You are much less scary without CP 5) ghouls are likely too expensive. 10 will not kill anything. 40 however will kill many things especially if fully buffed
  12. Playing this tonight at 9pm EST on stream Archregent gkontg gkonzd ghast 40/10/10 ghouls ghoul patrol chalice maelstrom 3CP tune in if interested http://twitch.tv/canhammer_tv
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