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  1. It is bad when forced to fight last, but in armies that have such mechanics it isn't ubiquitous, other than Turn 3 Idoneth. Gristlegore is only on the one Hero, and you'll shoot him. Slaanesh is only when Heroes do the Locus, and maybe some other mechanics, but overall you should not necessarily be charging combat Heroes who can force you to go last. Gitz have the spell, but that should be able to be shot or outranged, depending on situation. If more and more come out, I might agree, but the things that do activation wars right now can be dodged or shot before they can do their things
  2. I wonder if a Grand Convocation is a reasonable build now, down 40 points between Exorcist and Arcanum dropping in points. Exorcist is still nothing special, but at 120 you could do a lot worse.
  3. I guess it'll depend on points. Even with Skinks in my list, I was often left with 10-30 points before, so I assume those lists won't change overmuch. I did for a while run a 40 Skink unit to be just a wall of screening, back when there was a discount for size. At 280, that's a bit of an ask, but you can literally line up the deployment zone with it, which is something. It's hard to put a price on a unit that you don't care about living, which takes up space and screws up combat activations. They were very worth at 60 points, I don't think 10 points breaks that for small units. I doubt I'd take more than 20 in a list, though.
  4. Nah, Skinks are still good. Brave 10 means they basically always stay, a bit of shooting for chipping off a wound or two, and the retreat instead of fighting is bonkers. Especially if you need to snag a late game objective - move up, charge a unit, run away first, get on objective -> victory.
  5. All the Order ones we can just ally in anyways, and most of the other ones we can ally in equivalents to or better versions of from other Order armies. Our Ally Matrix being "yes" basically makes it moot, unless you specifically want a certain model. And a lot of them we have similar units within SCE units. The only one I could see an argument for would be the Lichemaster Company as an alternative to Skinks - less mobile screens, but more hitty and you get some back per turn with the basic Deathly Invocation. So that's... fine.
  6. Depends. The book spells are nothing special, and the Incantor warscroll spell is... eh. If there's no busted Realm Spell or you're not using Realms, I often just have her end up casting Mystic Shield, and I can see a variety of situations where giving her a 2+ and 12" fly is worth giving that up. But that's just preference, I'm actually just glad there's multiple choices that are all reasonable.
  7. Point bickering aside - Is there any further information about the updated missions? From the GMG video, it looked like the same missions but with different maps, or are there more changes (perhaps to Scorched Earth scoring, etc)?
  8. Hm, I kinda agree with @PrimeElectrid here. Being able to surprise move the Incantor 12" and smash vials on a horde or small hero with a few wound remaining, especially if you don't need to focus on dispels any longer, is a pretty baller move. I don't think I'd specifically make room for it, though, but 30 points left over is not that uncommon, or 40 now that Geminids are up.
  9. Going off of what all the previous updated tomes look like: -Regular Battalions get stripped down, less wacky abilities and more small but still significant things (unlikely that Rukk keeps double shooting) -Mega Battalions become subfactions - Households, Stormhosts, Greatfrays, etc. Bonegrinz, Drakkfoot, Icebone, will all have a unique Battle Trait, Command Ability, Command Trait, and Artifact. -Auras changing to "Wholly Within" -Abilities that proc on 6+ changing to "Unmodified 6" So likely Kunnin Rukk Arrerspam is dead, but lists will encourage more well rounded builds. Likely there will be one Clan that becomes prominent, as there always is. Specifics - who knows? In the meantime, we can just focus on the stuff about GHB19 that we do know. Not a whole lot affects us, other than the ubiquitous stuff like mission changes and new base Command Abilities. However, one thing that I think we can look at are the Mercenary Companies - losing a CP for turn 1 isn't that big of a deal, since if you're running Rukk you already have a free one and if you're not, you're not super reliant on the CA in many cases, and there's some potential things to pick up that can help our army out. -Blacksmoke Battery is the Ironweld Arsenal one, a nice way to shove in some extra good rend shooting and is good conversion fodder -Tenebrous Court can give us a nice big monster, especially since the Mawcrusha didn't come down enough to get allied in (sad). While neither of the mounted Ghoul Kings are as good as they are in FEC allegiance, they're still pretty efficient for their points and can give some nice mobility and punchy threat to the army. Also nice conversion fodder to put an Orruk Warlord on top of one.
  10. VWing Anvils was something I was poking at before the changes, I think it's not terrible but idk if it's anything more interesting than using Longstrikes.
  11. This feels really fun, if a bit death star ish Geminids are probably still the best general use Endless Spell in the game even at 60 points. I'd take em, especially since Skinks are no longer 60 points
  12. Haha I love Ballista + Ordinator + Hurricanum combo, that's so sick. Not sure it belongs with a Stardrake, though. With the big guy, you want zoning and scoring units since he's mostly just going to be tying up and zoning. I'd drop boyh the Hurricanum and Ordinator, just use the Ballistas as threatening Scions units, and then take bodies of one sort or another. Bumping up the Lib units is nice, but so is something like Skinks or similar.
  13. Ok, ask a Gloomspite Gitz player, or a Khorne player, or a Beasts of Chaos player. They all have pretty much exactly one top competitive build and then a bunch of 2-3/3-2 builds. Ask a Nighthaunt player, who don't even have one of those, or a Nurgle player, who also don't have one. All of those are AoS 2.0 books. They'll all wish they had the abilities and variety of Stormcast. This is the issue with Statistics. It's easy to look at the HWG stats and go "Oh no, we're trash! Call the fire brigade, I'm going to burn my army!", but the truth of the matter is that the statistics are pretty meaningless if you don't actually think about them. Stormcast are extremely overrepresented, which burns that number down a lot. Especially compared to something like DoK, which is heavily tilted towards the side of hardcore players picking up the army, rather than masses of casual players rocking them at mid tables at big events. Additionally, those types of stats only tell you what the current numbers are. It says nothing about potential or variable outcomes. Sometimes, people just don't play an army. And maybe that's because the army is bad, or maybe that's just because they want to play something else. A lot of top tier players who go to events could podium just as easy with Stormcast as they are with whatever they're playing, but this isn't a video game where switching to and from the new meta is just a click away. The sky is not falling. Take a deep breath, and focus on figuring out ways to improve rather than whinging for buffs.
  14. Haha dude no offense but that's a serious lack of perspective. In no world is SCE a C-tier or below army, calling them high-B-tier would already be underselling Stormcast. You know how many actual B- and C-tier armies there are out there? Ones that would kill for multiple 3-2 viable lists in their book, or a single 4-1 or 5-0 potential army? We have multiple lists that are viable to podium with good play. If you're not satisfied with that... I dunno what to tell you, bud. I want you to go to someone who tries to competitively play an actual mid/low tier army like Wanderers, Free Peoples, Ironjawz, BCR, Slaves to Darkness, Nurgle, etc and tell them that Stormcast are too weak and are clearly a mid-tier army. See if they laugh in your face or not.
  15. Anvilstrike is still a heavy hitter list. Gav is basically gone (good riddance). Stardrake more or less still the same (Castellant went up, but Arcanum went down if you were using one), but you likely won't support with Evos anymore, and maybe now with Concussors since they're cheaper or something similar. Ballistas went up, but here's a funny thing: you can now take a Celestial Hurricanum without Wizard for only 300 points. So the 3-4 Ballista + Ordinator + Hurricanum dream is alive and well, ready to rain tears down from all players. Skyborne Slayers is legit now, with Gav more or less out of the picture and Paladins down, you should be able to make something here work. So overall, there's still Anvilstrike, some shooting options, and a solid Alpha Strike build, so largely the same meta but with different pieces. The Sacrosanct TAC list is basically gone (20 Sequitors + 10 Evos + Castellant + Wizards + Ballistas), but that was to be expected. Now Liberators are a reasonable take, so I think there's still a TAC build out there that'll be legit enough.
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