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  1. Anyone seen this silly thing? One drop (only one Hero though), if you get all the Power of Hysh spells off and Lambent Light off through Spellportal, it's something close to 30+ MWs per turn. On most setups, unless they have good unbinds, you're removing whatever Heroes you want top of 1 with barely any counterplay. ...of course, the list basically auto-loses on Places of Power or against anything durable against shooting (Idoneth) or MWs. But it is amusing.
  2. Shielded by Faith is a Command Trait that gives the General a 5+ MW shrug. Plate of Perfect Protection is the new Chamon Artifact that makes the bearer ignore Rend -1. No, it's not as good as Staunch + Ignax, but we lost that, so I'm trying to make do.
  3. I'm considering taking Shielded by Faith over Staunch Defenders on a Stardrake with the loss of Ignax Scales. Plate of Perfect Protection gives the big boss relatively good protection against rend attacks anyways, and the Castellant can still shine a light. Given the amount of MWs being thrown around right now, I don't think you can take a big Hero without some sort of ward save.
  4. My first crack at an updated Anvilstrike Upgraded my Hurricane Raptor unit to more Longstrikes (for more sniping), added a unit of Birds, upgraded one Lib unit to a Judi unit since they basically just sit on objectives anyways. It's the most straightforward use of the points I could think of, but feels fairly solid overall.
  5. Playing around with the Anvil of Apotheosis, I came up with something dumb: 40 DP, or 400 points. That's steep for a 7 wound foot Hero, even if he is on a 3+ ignoring Rend. BUT CONSIDER: 5 shots at Rend-2 Damage 4. He's a Priest, so he can take Translocation. He adds 1 to his prayer rolls, so now Translocation goes off on a 2+, and he gives himself a 6+ shrug. Make your Stormhost Anvils of the Heldenhammer. Now you have a Hero who is teleporting around, using the Anvils CA on himself to fire of 10 face-melting attacks per turn. That's something like 20-24 damage per turn against 4+ units, more against 5+ or worse, more if you get rerolls from an Azyros. You might say "Requizen, you're out of your sleep-deprived mind, he's still 400 points." And you would be right. But consider this: It's ****ing cool.
  6. And the Sentinel Champion doesn't have a bow, which is really stupid for MSU lists. The Stoneguard Champion doesn't really have anything better over his peers, other than the reroll, which doesn't quite make up for the worse profile. I might not even build a champion into the unit. Vanari don't really get a choice, of course, since you want those Wizards.
  7. Yes I have. Turn 1 changes but it's not dead. You either Translocate into range with the Relictor, which is fairly reliable (especially when events do once-per-game charity rerolls) or you set up to get one round in the shooting phase and play defensively. I also sometimes leave them off the board and then drop them for a turn 1 volley. After turn 1, 30" is usually overkill if you position correctly, so it's not that big of a deal. With many missions only having a 18" no mans land now, you can usually set up with something in 24" anyways, even if it's not the primary target. Then try to Translocate. If it fails, shoot something else and play for the next turn, or bank the CA to get your Evocators around more reliably.
  8. So while Vanguard Auxiliary has been on people's minds, I just realized that my most successful Anvilstrike list went down 110 points, and I already had 20 floating. That's... a good amount of extra flexibility. It's an extra Incantator for magic tricks, that's an extra unit of Libs, that's upgrading 2 Lib units to Judis for extra shooting, that's even 9 extra Aetherwings! What is arguably the best Stormcast list already got some pretty reasonable boosts.
  9. Can Syar double up a single unit in the same phase like that? It seems feasible, but I can also see counter-arguments. That said, if it works, that not only makes Syar more viable than I thought, but also helps Teclis out quite a bit against long range early game stuff. What I'd really be curious to know is if the Sanctum fits around Teclis. Being able to put up a quick safeguard that sticks around would be aces for him. Could also look into Pallisade to hide from shooting.
  10. I'm curious about double Monster lists for these guys. Maybe something like: Ymetrica Avalenor Stonemage Cathallar 30 Wardens 20 Sentinels 10 Sentinels 10 Stoneguard Spirit of the Mountain Twinstones 1980/2000 Maybe the Stoneguard are unnecessary with double cows, but it's a first pass. Might try to get a TTS game in.
  11. I'm curious about double Monster lists for these guys. Maybe something like: Ymetrica Avalenor Stonemage Cathallar 30 Wardens 20 Sentinels 10 Sentinels 10 Stoneguard Spirit of the Mountain Twinstones 1980/2000 Maybe the Stoneguard are unnecessary with double cows, but it's a first pass. Might try to get a TTS game in.
  12. While it can chip out MWs, I think this type of list would struggle to get through tougher units, with no Rend. Big Cows, Stoneguard, or MW casters feel needed to punch through things like 3+ save Monsters or Mortek Guard.
  13. Anyone played around with the Anvil of Apotheosis for Bonesplitterz yet? One of my main issues with playing Bonesplitterz prior to this has been access to baseline hard hitting units that didn't require buffs, outside Big Stabbas. This was was somewhat alleviated in the new book with the inclusion of the Rogue Idol into Bonesplitterz, which worked out great. But now, you can make a pretty solid beatstick custom Hero if events allow it, and I think a non-zero amount will. I'm thinking even a Monster Hero alongside a Rogue Idol might be pretty terrifying - there's plenty of solid support spells in our Lore, and that Hero would get Warpaint, Monster Hunter, and Tireless Trackers, making it a great aggressive piece on the board. One could splurge and make it Ethereal with a good save, which would give us a nice independent unit that can swing around and fight things.
  14. Avalenor is better in every way, other than the Rend of the weapon and being 20 points more expensive. I'd only ever run the base Spirit if I was out of Leader slots or desperately needed those 20 points, personally. That might change down the line when points shift, but those are my thoughts currently.
  15. Pst, there are online solutions to playing games if you're really itching for a fix.
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