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  1. Topic question: It probably won't ever be "enough", GW is very heavily implying there will be some sort of card rotation after Nightvault and then we'll have new cards and warbands to replace Shadespire. They'll go the living card game route that way, which is the most profitable way for companies to do card games without completely alienating new players. That said, I'm hoping sets going forward won't have busted cards that require you to buy every set, and it becomes easier for casual players to pick up 1 or 2 warbands + core set and be able to build reasonable decks. They've done a much better job in Nightvault where there aren't crazy cards like Quick Thinker or Great Concussion already. Some standouts but not as much. Passive Warband discussion: This is something that was big in our area for a while, and it dumpsters all over defensive/slow warbands like Skeletons, sorry to say. But once people figured out the best way to mess it up is to force them to act, and started bringing aggro things like Hidden Paths, Faneway Crystal, even Spectral Wings to get in range, passive play decks started getting hurt quite badly. Fast aggro warbands have a much better time against them, such as Magores, Skaven, or now Mollogs.
  2. Hello, I'm purchasing my first airbrush soon. I'm picking up a hood to go with it that came recommended by a friend of mine: https://www.amazon.com/Master-Airbrush-Portable-Optional-Extension/dp/B00B2TESUQ I was told that the hood (and fan therein) should eliminate most if not all the overspray residue, but I still have a couple concerns. My hobby space is in a relatively common area, the loft of my house that's outside the bedrooms. Should I be concerned about fumes or anything like that? I'll be wearing mask and gloves personally, but I don't know if I should take any precautions. Additionally, the hood comes with a tube to process overflow out a window, is that necessary? I saw some videos where people simply put some extra filtration or paper towels on the egress point rather than setting up the hose.
  3. They're kinda not. The lists are strong and versatile but they're rarely hitting podiums for a while now. That has less to do with FEC and more to do with armies that have very strong screening abilities like Daughters, Legions of Nagash, Seraphon, Skaven, now Fyreslayers, and to an extent Tzeentch and Nurgle*. Now, Gav lists can deal with bubble wrap by utilizing two-phase charges and playing more Sequitor heavy, but it still somewhat neuters the list, and I don't think Alpha Strike lists in general are particularly strong in the current meta, including Deepkin Eel Alpha. *I say to an extent because no one is bringing what I would run with Nurgle, which is 90-120 Plaguebearers that just cover the whole board and make everyone sad. Does it take top spot? Maybe not, but it messes up a whole slew of meta lists that can't deal with that many 5+++ bodies, a lot like early 2018 Fyreslayers. But that's a different discussion.
  4. I mean, of course you're entitled to your opinion, but I'm also allowed to feel insulted and defensive when someone tells me I'm a cheesy player when I'm doing absolutely nothing wrong. Feel free to have your opinion but I'm not just going to allow a stab at my character without comment.
  5. There's nothing unethical about playing the game the way it's written, especially when it's intentional. I'm pretty sure there was even a tactica article on Warhammer-Community about this exact thing, so it's something they're aware of and are ok with. The fact that the FAQ directly addresses it and discusses it makes it extra legitimate. Piling in is by far the most finnicky part of the game, and the part of the game that people understand the least. Understanding the rules and using doesn't make you a cheap player. There's no rules lawyering or crazy interpretation of the word "charge", it's laid out quite plainly.
  6. I've been charged by a Terrorgheist who fought twice, it's the same thing on the opponent's turn. Especially nasty with Feast Day, where they can Feeding Frenzy for free once per turn. It does of course completely obliterate whatever it touches. While as I said, you can pile-in trick your way to fighting it before it fights, but jhamslam is correct in that shooting is the proper way to deal with them. Especially if you either drop 3-4 Ballistas or Anvil some Longstrikes. Shooting Stormcast is pretty much the future at this point, unless the meta shifts horribly.
  7. Not yet. I've fought other FEC lists - Ghoul Patrol, Blisterskin, and Feast Day, but not Gristlegore. I should have a good practice day vs them in the coming weeks. Gav doesn't need to be the General to use his Command Ability, so keep the Arcanum as-is. You shouldn't need to drop anything if you change the unit sizes as suggested. This is my current Phalanx list. Arcanum on Foot (General, Azyrite Halo) Castellant (Gryph-Feather Charm) Incantor (Stormcaller) Gavriel Sureheart Knight Vexillor (God-forged Blade) 20x Sequitors 5x Sequitors 5x Sequitors 10x Evocators 5x Evocators Cleansing Phalanx 2000/2000 You could drop the Vexillor to beef the unit of Sequitors up to 10, but you kinda want the extra charge distance. If you were insistent on keeping the Arcanum on mount, then you would simply not take the Vexillor and stay 60 points under for an extra Command Point.
  8. Well remember that the Phalanx is a hard cap of 2 units of each, so bringing more Sequitors past 2 units isn't really that valuable. You probably only need one big unit of Evocators, I think overall a unit of 20 Sequitors/5 Sequitors/10 Evos (or 6 mounted)/5 Evos is probably the best bang for your buck, though of course it's quite limited. You may want to invest in Gavriel Sureheart - you're already taking all the things that want to charge early, anyways.
  9. Lord Celestant on Stardrake Castellant Heraldor Incantor Relictor Is a pretty normal core for a Stardrake list. If you're not counting Stardrake as a traditional "Hero", then not many do. My Anvils list runs 4, though the focus isn't on them at all. Stormcast heroes are mostly support pieces, the Stardrake being the main exception (and neither variant is really a uber-monster like Terrorgheists, Zombie Dragons, or Stonehorns). Normally you want to spend a minimal amount on Heroes to get the effects you want. Castellant for large-sized bricks of units, Relictors for buffing/debuffing/teporting, Azyros for attacking reliability, Arcanum to make Sequitors Battleline, etc. We really only have one Hero that's worth spamming (Heraldor) and two that are just a solid take even if you're not building around it (Incantor and Relictor). The rest are pretty specialized.
  10. Rules are rules. Using pile in distance to engage otherwise unengaged models isn't a loophole, it's written in to the core of the game. And if you don't want to die to a Terrorgheist Maw attack hitting you with 12 MWs, then you would do well to use every rule to your advantage. Warhammer's seen actual loopholes, where interactions that weren't supposed to exist end up happening due to bad writing. This isn't unintentional. Yes, it'll attack back, but the hope is that if you hit it hard enough it'll either be dead or crippled enough that you'll at least survive the counterblow. Not much can save you if you completely whiff and deal no significant damage, though.
  11. Yeah the fighter cards are great, I meant the Ploys/Upgrades that they showed off in the previews. Other than Leech Power they're all pretty bad.
  12. Depends on the setup. If the Terrorgheist is next to another unit, say some Horrors, you can charge the Horrors and only tag them with 1 Evocators, and then string the rest of the Evos in a line 3.1" away from the Terrorgheist. Now the TG is not eligible to pile in and attack (so skips the "start of combat phase" modifier for Gristlegore), and you pile in and attack with the Evos. Even though you aren't within 3" of the TG, he's still the closest model, so you pile in towards him and attack. Then you hit him with the MW jazz hands. Alternatively, if you want to play a bit more risky, you can charge one unit and string just one Evocator to be 3.1" away from the TG, and then only pile in .2" and hit him with the jazz hands only while attacking the other unit, though this has the downside of potentially whiffing on the MW roll.
  13. The point of Anvilstrike is to take the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Stormhost and use the specific CA that the Stormhost grants them, which allows a unit to shoot or fight an extra time in your Hero Phase. This can happen 9" away from a Hero, or 18" away from the General. 18" is a big bubble, so you can often Translocate your Longstrikes aggressively and then use the aura from your Incantor to give them the ability to shoot.
  14. Mine is just an Incantor. You're not running any heavy fighty Heroes, so my thought is that the most important thing for generalship is to get that extra range for the CA, and the Incantor is least likely to be hugging a unit that you want to activate extra times, so could use the extra 9" radius. Plus, since I often throw her into hordes to use her Vials, the -1 Bravery is sometimes useful.
  15. Well if they're Gristlegore, they need a Battalion to get Ethereal Amulet, which limits their build quite a bit. Event then, you should pop them in a turn with the Evos if you get into combat, assuming you can pull off a charge that doesn't let them attack first. It's a very position heavy matchup, and like I said the mission will affect it quite a bit.
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