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  1. Icebonez, 30 Arrows, Brutal Rukk with 2x30 Spears, Rogue Idol. Surprisingly fast, reasonable killing power, and 180 chump wounds is just hard to shift off of objectives. I want to try Big Waaagh, but losing Warpaint against alpha strikes, the pre-game move, and monster hunting feels like a steep price. Trading early game power for mid/late game power, not sure how much I like it personally.
  2. Everyone seems to be favoring Big Waaagh, but I'm 12-2-1 across 3 tournaments with just straight up Bonesplitterz at the moment. I might try BW at some point, but I don't have any Ironjawz units and I can't see myself playing just Bonesplitterz in it without something like a Mawkrusha or some Pigs to make use of the combination.
  3. Well, it's gotten quite popular in my area haha. I think between the group here that play it, it's at least well known enough to be planned for. I still think it's a fun list!
  4. And now that I'm playing Bonesplitterz for a while, I'm kicking myself for helping popularize it haha, I really don't want to see my old list across the table from me
  5. I've given it some thought. I'm a bit worried about missing Paint save at the start of the game, especially if they do some alpha strike stuff on top of one, but you get to Laugh At Em with the CA right off the bat, as long as they don't pop any Heroes before you can use it. I might try it this weekend. Edit: Just remembered that you would miss out on Monster Hunters with Big Waaagh. While it's not a game breaker, having those chip MWs when charging a monster with Savage Orruks is a big deal, potentially more impactful than just getting better hits (especially if they don't have a MW save like Alarielle, Thundertusks, or Chimeras). Worth thinking about.
  6. The Nagash version of the list is actually quite light on bodies, since the big guy is so expensive. I played the objective game, bogged down one side of the board in Boyz while the Arrows and Idol cleaned up the other side handily. The Spears didn't do basically any damage, but 30-60 Boyz will outnumber 20 Mortek basically whenever. I don't think I win that game in Hero missions like Three Places of Power, Nagash just holds one and Magic-kills the other Heroes. It'd be difficult in Starstrike and Knife as well, but that's like any matchup honestly. I think the Katakros OBR lists are much stronger and I'd struggle more against them, but that's why I'm considering getting more good rend in. Trolls, Big Stabbas, another Idol, or a Mawkrusha (though that one would require switching to Big Waaagh allegiance).
  7. Went 4-1 with this list this weekend. Could have won the lost game if I had make a couple different decisions (and if my dice weren't absolute trash). Beat Khorne (Brass Stampede), BCR (3x Stonehorn), Living City (Wood Aelves + Alarielle and Durthu), and OBR (Petrifex + Nagash). Lost to Slaves (Mortal Despoilers). Overall a great weekend and I now feel much more confident with the army. Thoughts for list updates: I do think I want to add some more good Rend damage. Spear weight of dice is great until you hit something with 3+ armor or similar, and then they just bounce off even with exploding hits. However, that's really only another Idol or some Big Stabbas unless I start hitting Allies. Brutal Rukk feels so impactful for mobility, that even if I go to 30 + 10 Spears instead of 30 + 30, I might want to keep it for the speed. Rogue Idol is really, really solid. I've had him go off by himself and do work, kept him back as a buffing countercharge, and sometimes just put him as the primary deterrent threat that people play around. He's not quite a Stonehorn or VLoZD, but he's about as good as we get for the points. Arrowboyz honestly didn't wow me, but I think I didn't use them very effectively. People mainly avoided their range, and it was hard to get them all into shooting range at the same time. Even when they do, unless you're stacking buffs they tend to bounce off with their Rend0. I feel like I want some ranged threat in the list, but there were not a lot of times I really felt they were truly threatening. I'm fairly torn on Icebone. I'm not making use of the CA obviously, but the Rend is super handy... when it goes off. Is it better than a different artifact for Clan-less? Is it better than preventing Retreats for Bonegrinz? I'm not sure, honestly.
  8. I honestly hadn't thought of that, a super good option. My only issue is that once the Idol boogies down the table, the Warchanter is basically doing nothing if the rest of the force is Bonesplitterz only. If you're Big Waaagh, he's still generating points I guess, and can block reserve stuff, but still not really super impactful.
  9. Good to note. I'm curious to try something like the following: Megaboss on Mawkrusha - General, Ironclad, Ignax's Scales, Mean 'Un Wurrgog Prophet - Breath of Gorkamorka Wardokk - Brutal Beast Spirits Wardokk - Kunnin Beast Spirits Arrowboyz x30 Savage Orruks x30 Savage Orruks x30 Savage Boarboyz x5 Savage Boarboyz x5 2000/2000 Effectively just trying to drown and outflank in bodies while the Mawkrusha does his thing. Though I'm not sure if it's worth losing all the Bonesplitterz tools just to get the big punchy boi.
  10. So I'm playing Bonesplitterz recently, but I've been thinking of trying them out as a Big Waaagh (perhaps with a Mawkrusha addition, but still mostly Bonesplitterz). My hesitation comes from the relatively slow early game vs fast enemy armies - having Tireless Trackers for Turn 0 and Warpaint save right off the bat feels quite nice, and Big Waaagh seems to need a bit of Waaagh Point ramp up to get strong. How have you guys found this in action? Do you think it takes a while to get to a "scary" amount of WPoints, or do you find that Turn 1 is fine as long as you build and deploy for it? I know how fast Slaanesh, Ironjawz, Khorne, and even Stormcast can get across the table, not to mention the amount of shooting that can hit you Turn 1 and potentially snipe a General to slow down the point generation.
  11. Dispelling endless spells only happens at the start of the Hero Phase.
  12. There's nothing saying it has to be in a line. If you're any closer than 9" (without Heraldor) you can move 8.99" over then, back 3.1", land, charge more than 3" back and over, and technically there's nothing preventing you from going back and forth over a model with your pile in as far as I know, as long as it finishes closer than it started. Potentially 3d3MW from just moves. That said, I don't know if this type of list really as the muster to make it off middle tables. Chip MW damage used to be super good, but now people are building around massive MW damage and summoning. It sounds like it'll have pretty poor games against good horde armies, who don't care about taking a handful of MWs and will just outscore.
  13. It's due to production and printing schedule. Those books are written many months before they hit the printer, so it's not like they can pivot and fix values as event results make imbalances known. GW doesn't want to go to constantly-updated digital points because they're afraid it'll put a burden on the average player to keep up (tournament players being the minority in their minds, whether true or not). For better or worse, the point values are going to be ~6 months behind the current meta for the forseeable future.
  14. I like the idea, but you either need Aetherwings or a true screen unit. Too many things can walk across the board and charge on turn 1 no problem. Especially with how high drop this army is, the chances of getting ripped to shreds by a KoS or Stonehorn or Eindrinrigger or whatever charge before they shoot is too high. I saw a marked increase in my win % when I switched from 1 unit of Aetherwings to 3 units - they're that good. Honestly it's made me consider that perhaps it's not even the shooting that's strong, but the Birds themselves. Vanguard Justicar can help with drops while still bringing the Birds and shooting, even outside of Anvils multishot. Charge denial is so insanely powerful in a game so reliant on melee damage and mobility in general. Turning off Charges is effectively reducing movement for many units, when they're trying to charge onto an objective or into a better position. Shootcast is competitive. I think the issue is that it's a bit boring and hasn't changed much since 2017 when Aetherstrike Force was first worked on. Various Shootcast lists can easily go 4-1 at an event or even 5-0 depending on draws, and is one of the things many factions fear facing in the meta. I'm getting bored of it since I played Aetherstrike into Anvilstrike for over 2 years and the other 80% of the book is non-competitive. Reasonable external balance, low internal balance. At this point they should just revert Sequitors, Evocators, Gavriel, Ballistas, and the Castellant to previous values. The Gav Bomb list isn't even that scary compared to Slaanesh, FEC, or Skaven.
  15. To that point, do people think it would be truly game-breaking if SCE went full Space Marines and got +1 to existing saves across the board, making it mostly 3+ and Leaders 2+? Perhaps with the removal of Staunch, as that would just be kinda silly.
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